Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 910

910. Chapter 910 War 1

    Chapter 910 War 1

    Too early, very blue.

    The snowflowers fall. The sky is a blanket blue with cold blue.


    earth is spreading glaciers, each and everyone ice blue’s huge sand leak, as if it had been on the earth for years.

    The sand leaks have broken white sand, slowing down.

    Between a white glacier, the blue slows down the glacier and climbs further.

    He’s gasping for breath, and he seems tired.

    There is no air, no gas, even every step, and there is a strong pressure on it.

    Anything here, the density is amazing.

    Even a snowflower flowing in the sky can crush a continental shelf lightly.


    earth of glacier formation, the gravity generated, is more than the black hole, and there is no way to escape from it.

    Or, from outside, this is the equivalent of black holes.

    The blue step climbed along the largest ice mountain, slowly and firmly approaching.

    “What are you doing back?” Suddenly, a huge blurred message, drilling into his mind from all around the iceberg.

    “This is already half-sealed status, and if re-export is reopened, there can be no way to leave completely.”

    Blue slightly smiled.

    “I’m here to save you.”

    “Save us?” That message is confusing.

    “Yeah, you wait for a big disaster to be unknown, and I get a message, and I can’t tell you long enough. It is also feared that the number of people sent will not be sufficient to influence the mother’s judgement.

    So you can only get out of the horse yourself. ”Blue Lane.

    “boast shamelessly!”

    Time, the whole glacier starts to shake.

    A glacier in front of him wandered out the surface of the snow floor and showed the huge ice layer down with strong transparency.

    Under that mountain like ice, a huge Dongfang Long, full of pure blue, is being sealed.

    More than that, one of the ice mountains around here has wiped out his coat, all of which reveals the huge blue dragon that exists in the body.

    A giant blue dragon, like sculptures, flatters and blue light in the iceberg.

    These ice dragon bodies have countless very careful flower tattoos, such as each and everyone’s ancient language symbols, which conceal special energy resonance.

    The blue does not stop, but continues to move forward.

    He walked through a blue dragon in a glacier, crossed a giant snow crack on one after another, and risky walked from the edge to the bottom of the big sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces.

    Finally, come to a deepest ice Snow Mountain cliff.

    At the end of the cliff, a blurred silhouette stood silent in the snow and waited for him.

    “You brought a bad message. It’s about silence, right?”

    He slowly turned around and showed the truth.

    He was indifferent, with white robes of Unseen Rune. There was a round blue light behind it, like a needle to move all directions.

    Blue steps approached, and 100 meters were stopped at a distance from each other.

    “Long time no see, Lord patriarch.”

    “I hope that you will give a reasonable explanation to the people who sleep in my family.” That man’s voice is calm, and there’s densely packed in the light behind him, and there’s a slight fluctuation in his face.


    face in the light is much smaller than he itself, a very large number, a lot of faces are written in smaller Rune, and all Rune even concealed to form flowers similar to those in the script. In the light of the light.

    “patriarch has no idea. Since the last big silence, there has been a new major change in the space today…” The blue sound has been low, slowing down the narrative.

    The wind is getting bigger, slowing down the cover of the dialogue between the two. Together with this cliff, the two are hidden under a thick snow, and no longer visible.



    The ancient universe is beneath the horizon.

    It’s a dark mud like soil.

    This mud could have accepted the glorious original light. But since the birth of the universe, their rays of light have been inhibited by the universe.

    So, the light disappeared.

    The countless will to survive in the dark mud is gradually breeding resentment, suffering and abhorrent.

    They aspire to rays of light, but only when the universe is destroyed, the universe will not be able to meet the gaps in the gap, and a slice of rays of light leaked from it will shine to them.

    Every time they fight for that rays of light, they’re going crazy.

    So the will here is to be happy with destruction Universe, and when the universe devastates, it’s their exciting big party when it leaks out of the original time.

    Dark mud deep, a dark world.

    Grey slowly, between weeds with red eyes on a leaf, slowly moving.

    There was a wave of wind blowing, and there was no intertwined grass around it, and no countless red eyeballs were blown up and shaken.

    The eyes of all grass leaves keep staring at him with evil and greedy eyes.

    The ashes have long been used to these things and ignore them.

    He stepped on the weed, moved towards the intended direction.

    I don’t know how long it took, nor how far it went.

    Everything around is dark, the only thing you can see is weed eyes under your feet.

    A gradual, gray suddenly seems to feel something, rise up, move towards the right direction.

    He’s got countless similar red eyes blinking and going to go.

    “Welcome to you, my dearest child.” Thousands of black clouds are gradually coming together before him, cohesing, soon becoming a woman who is human, and the second half is a big woman of fog.

    With love and gentness on the face of the woman, the great arms will gently embrace ashes.

    In comparison with ashes, she’s enough to have more than 10 metres tall, her skin is white, and she’s wearing a black dress. Beautiful and brilliant.

    The curtains on the women’s body, the curtains, the curtains, the invisibility of some kind of evil charm.

    “Gray, you’re my most proud child. This time, there must be something to say,” Woman, softly, put grey in the palm, low head staring.

    “The Merciful Mother.” Gray bowed down and kept quiet.

    “Big silence, maybe a little sooner.”

    “Oh.” Girl’s little eyebrows, “Big silence? You want me to move, slow down the silence?”

    “Exactly.” Grey has no accident to guess.

    According to each other’s realm and power, the change in silence is certainly what she can feel.

    “Since you want to invite clansman to move, then it’s up to you yourself to persuade clansman personally.” Mother said with a slight smile.

    Grey silent, slow down nodded.

    “I get it.”

    “Good. That’s my good boy… Now, come in.”

    The Queen smiled and slowed the big mouth with ashes.


    bigger her mouth, the clearer it can be seen from outside, with countless blooded eyes on her mouth.


    densely packed tens of thousands of eyes turned, blinked and looked for ashes outside.

    Gray stopped, slowed down, stepped in the air, walked into the throat of the Queen, followed her throat, throat and went to the deepest depths.

    (This chapter is over)

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