Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 911

911. Chapter 911 War

    Chapter 911 War

    A huge unidentified universe.


    center of the universe, an unprecedented giant star, is burning. Release endless light and heat.

    This star accounts for almost one third of the entire universe.

    Time is twisted by it, space is broken by it.

    Its temperature is tens of times higher than that of general stars, and it has almost exceeded the range that can be measured.

    Just look at it, it’ll burn the ashes from the heart to the soul.

    Where it’s so hot, there shouldn’t be any creatures.

    But at this time, on this golden star, there is a silhouette slowly on the boiling golden flame ocean.

    He walks on the sea, looks calm, he wears ordinary leisure, he even carries ear on his neck, which seems to be nothing different from the young people of the age of twenty in general.

    Such a young man, who dressed as a normal man, stepped on the surface of the stars, which were as high as 100,000 degrees, and did not make any sense or change at all.

    And he walked along the flame sea, and did not stop.

    In a gradual manner, the flame ocean in the front slight into a broad road.

    The road was built with the white jade of the fluorescent and has been extended to the depths of the stars.

    “Red. You shouldn’t have come back.” A great idea slows down into men’s minds.

    Red whale paused, keep your legs moving.

    Along with the white jade platform phase, he stepped up moving towards the depth of the flame ocean.

    Time space has lost meaning in the extinct red flame.

    Red whales don’t stop, keep moving.

    The surrounding flame oceans seem to be upheld by intangible forces and form a tunnel to the bottom of the archer, allowing the white jade platform phase to continue down.


    hot light, the burning light, is sufficient to destroy the light of all things, and the endless flow from all directions.

    Red whales continue to move forward, and the walls of the flame corridor, from scarlet red, gradually turned into gold, and then became pure golden.


    Whoa, whoa.

    golden fire sea was slowly separated and there was a huge golden great hall before him.

    good hall has golden Rune all over the walls.


    the air there is a lowly whisper, as if there are countless voices that are reciting the scriptures.

    best hall, sitting at the top of a giant, pure golden.

    The giant was wrapped up with a golden scarf. Eight arms were extended to all around, each with a different type of item.

    Those item items are simple white jade rounds, or special pencils with huge pens, and the same golden light corps that keep screaming. And the books write mysterious scriptures golden blossoms, etc.

    “The whale king. I brought bad news.” Red whale standby, stop stepping, look forward to that big giant.

    “Before the big silence, I know.” golden giants slowed down and watched red whales.

    “What do you mean?” Red whales ask.

    “I’ll let Midda go, go with you.” The giant whale King calmly said.

    “Maida?” Red Wild Little Brunnodded. “So… My divine gods have begun to test the light of this generation.”

    “Is it light?” The giant has a slight silence.

    Then he stretched his hand, and a golden stamp in his arm came out of the air and landed in front of the red whale.

    “Go on, I believe you, as it was a few years ago.”

    The red whale reaches the stamp, weighs nodded, turns around moving towards great hall.



    The giant human face of the black mud, the extreme whale of the great flames, the countless blue unicorpsed giants.

    In the city, all the buildings that had previously blocked the road were easily torn apart by three monster giant forces.

    Three giant dead people surrounded Lin Sheng in the right direction.

    “It’s just a test.” Red whale calmly said, “Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy God, you’ve ruined countless years of constant balance and cycle. Big silence is about to advance. It’s all made by you alone.”

    “So?” Lin Sheng looked for him, this so-called big guy who stayed in the crowd, didn’t expect to get into such a big fight.

    That’s what makes him a little unexpected.

    “So,” Red whale faces reveal a strange smile, “so kill you as a god to declare war coming.”

    “War?” Lin Sheng is different.

    “Yes, war. I waited for three poles, from now on, to officially declare war against the Holy Spirit Palace.

    And you, it’s a war note! “

    The red whales are steep, and the giant whales in the fire are spreading.


    The giant flame whale came out of Fireball, fiercely moved to the bottom of the earth.



    location of the red whale station was crushed by giant flame whales in the instant.

    The flames are like floods, and all directions are blown out.

    When large fires rush towards Lin Sheng, a gap is automatically separated, as if there was no flame that would come close to this ordinary horizontal presence.



    unicoronary giants from nowhere are also resilient, sharply stabbed, gravely hit on the gay face.

    The other side also ripped two giant fiercely into a bunch of pieces of building blocks under a forced status.

    From the beginning to the end, Lin Sheng was just standing in his place, without a bullet, just smiling.

    Two brilliant golden butterflies slowed from a distance and stopped on his shoulder, as if they were watching the tremendous drama before him.

    Red whales are being suppressed by their own flame whales and cannot speak in a short time.

    Lin Sheng slightly shook the head, lazy, and it is clear to each other that its three forces are sufficient to suppress the divine divine.

    Unfortunately, they overestimated themselves and underestimated Lin Sheng.

    “Interesting battle.” Lin Sheng, hand by hand, opens the doors of clean transmission automatically.

    He picked up his shoulder’s golden butterflies and put it on his own. Then he walked into the portal and turned his eyes away.

    The red whale was haunted by the flame whale, and it was not yet ready to react.

    The steep of that golden fly is twinkling. A path of immense white light, which is invisible, explodes from it.

    Oh, my God!

    In that brake, countless white light erupted from a point of view, and then the archer spreads rapidly around the perimeter.

    the rays of light brakes crossed the building, the city, the dead, the river of the mountains, the plain sea.

    The whole planet, less than a few seconds, was swept through purely white light waves, all of which were scanned.

    The unicorn giant disappeared.

    Flame whales disappear.

    Black mud faces are gone too.

    The Red whale divine is also completely gone.

    On top of the ruins of countless buildings, only one golden butterfly slowed the wings and moved towards the sky slowed down.

    On the wings of butterflies, four black grey beauty stones are slowly flowing.


    There was a sudden slide of white light in space, and after White light, butterflies were completely missing and no traces were found.

    (This chapter is over)

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