Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 912

912. Chapter 912

    Chapter 912


    one after another Saint Light’s body conquered planet, slowly shifting around huge stars.

    Many of the great demons belonging to the Holy Spirit Army Department, powerhouse, are leading a patrol fleet that routinely tours the edge of this core galaxy.

    One of the large interstellar fleets is completely different from one of the spaceship and the spaceship of the Star Air Force.

    The battleship is surrounded by a continuously shifting dark red circle around each and everyone, and there’s a group of white light dancing around.

    As the fleet conducts routine patrols.


    Far from space, a path of deep blue phantom.

    Hundreds of thousands of deep blue phantom, slowing down from ambiguity to clarity, seems to be opening tens of thousands of blue windows.

    “What is that? Space jumping windows?”

    During the communications channel of the patrol fleet, questioning signals were sent.

    “I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a big jump application lately.”

    “No, so it’s an enemy?”

    “The enemy? Are you kidding me? All military departments may have enemies, even if they are from the Star Air Force, there may be incursions, except for us.”

    “And… Saint Light, give us some enemies. The last enemy is too bad to eat, too many bones!”

    “Then you eat the most!”

    “He has recently been mentally ill, and he has to eat a little more to fill up.”

    “Shit! You’re almost three times more than me! Eat it! Sooner or later!”


    newsletter channel sends a pleasant smile.

    As people laugh, that big jump window finally completed the jumping process and gradually became virtual.

    Shua, shua shua Shua!

    The brakes, the big ice blue prototype, suddenly jumped out of the jump window, screamed for a while, pointing towards a fleet that was patrolling.

    “Then… What is that?”


    People in the communication channel recognized the blue creature that flew out.

    The ice blue longstanding creature, close to it, is a giant dragon that’s enough to have them battleship for nearly half a long time!

    “It’s a dragon! Oh, my God… Saint Light’s up there!”

    “Now… What do we do?”

    “What… What do we do?”

    “Rob! No more hurry, no more food!”

    There’s a roar in the Times Channel.

    A bunch of patrols battleship tears off disguise, and these black guys are not battleship at all, but each and everyone Saint Light’s corpses lie in space swimming and pretend to be battleship.

    The battleship engine of that time, actually, was too hungry to cause the body’s intestine…

    The brake was a big battleship, transformed into a giant corpse pointing towards a rewarded ice blue giant dragon.

    As for the bigger blue jump windows that have emerged more distant, they’re overwhelmed.

    You know, Saint Light’s corpse out of patrol is a weak man who can’t eat on her mother’s planet.


    hardest job was arranged because they couldn’t beat the morons of Mother Star.

    If it’s full, who’s willing to run so cold in space for swimming patrols? Isn’t that stupid?

    A bunch of ice dragons have just flew close, and are preparing to spit off those little lives in battleship.

    And then they saw the crowd of battleship that they thought was going to change quickly after it came near, each and everyone stretched their hands and feet, and the former servant came to them.

    That giant man’s face, full of desire for food and anxiety.

    In a moment, Saint Light’s body and the Ice Dragons’ two groups, fiercely, were together, and you were among me, and I was among you.

    The giant corpses caught two pieces, one on their neck, two on their ears and a few on their waist plates.

    It’s a little too early for ancient giant to look around.

    “Eat! Eat! When the mother’s freaks come, they won’t have our share! Quickly!

    Handsome magic whispers in the channel.

    Some Saint Light’s corpses are imminent, and chewing doesn’t chew. Then the Dragon didn’t die, tore the body out of their stomach, came out, and was caught in the mouth by other bodies.

    The demons that were broken out of their bellies suddenly shined on Saint Light, and the wounds were restored as early as they were, and then roasted to the rest of the ice dragon.

    It’s been a mess. Good war turned into a cafeteria to rob yellow.

    When Ice Dragons first approached, they lost tens of thousands of members, and the pre-war battle, which was full of confidence, quickly turned into a major failure.

    The frozen dragon, who just came to the wind, was quickly terrified and escaped.

    The fleet just turned around and was hit by another refrigerator who escaped from Mother Star.

    On both sides, 100 thousand Ice Dragons have been launched, and only 2,000 are left. The heart of the Dayton is more warlord, the leader of the Ice Dragon King says no, the first one to jump into the window himself.

    The rest of the ice dragon follow closely from behind, and the warlord fled without much commencing fighting.


    leader of the St. Light corpse patrol fleet, Grand Devil Minos, was questioned by the Department of General Forces.

    “What? Did you get attacked?”

    “No, no! We didn’t get attacked! Yes, yes! Now? We just ate a little wild, and then we’re ready to continue patrolling, aren’t we done today?”


    are two ice dragons in the hands of Minus, and by the way, your mouth bites a dragon, and it feels like it’s just, it’s delicious, it’s not much better.

    “It says that when an attack is in place, it is immediately reported and cannot be delayed.” The voices in the channel are serious.

    “You know, we’re on patrol right now, and we’re not lazy!” Big Devil Minus has a peng peng on his chest.

    Since the first Saint Light demon breakthrough Legendary, the Saint Light demons in the back have also begun to grow rapidly.

    The new god Saint Force contains a large number of powerful spiritual capabilities, particularly the terrorist bloodline, that allow Saint Light’s corpses to exercise their own strong fleshy body identity.

    Over the years that followed, the bigger the heads of Saint Light’s corpses and the more sophisticated recipes they eat. Stronger and stronger.

    Because they’re not allowed to eat people, so they’re starting to go crazy and try all kinds of things that can eat.

    With the terrorist capacity of the gods Saint Force, the demons of Saint Light have nothing to eat.

    Their bodyblowing is generally rapid, and the final soda spaceship does not create, and it’s spaceship when it comes to laying on a layer of spaceship’s paint, wearing a few steel plates, laying down into space.

    This is a raid check by the General Military Department above.

    In general, Saint Light’s corpses don’t even wear steel plates, they’re all naked, and they don’t need to spend it in space anyway.

    Because in their growing size, clothes are too costly, too expensive, and it’s probably not gonna be able to wear them, not to leave money to buy them.

    Big Devil Minos broke the communication and looked at the ice dragon in his hand, and then all around.

    There’s only a few ice dragons left in everyone’s hands, and look away, and those dinosaurs are starting to jump and run, and he’s in a hurry.

    “Quickly! Ship turnover! The engine is open, it’s full of speed. It’s swimming and swimming freely! Come on!

    And then a bunch of Saint Light’s devil’s crazy movtowards the Ice Dragon Army again.

    In space, a raid in exchange for possible tragedies elsewhere, is so tigers head, snakes tail shutdown.

    (This chapter is over)

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