Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 916

916. Chapter 916

    Chapter 916

    “From that date. The last generation ended with a new cycle. The legendary silence extinguished the three emperors and the Dawn, and disappeared in that big silence that had been detonated earlier.”

    In the dark underground, the candles light up the giant walls.

    Long hair women in black uniforms turn around from the giant mythology walls, looking to many soldiers behind them.

    “Since then, the circle has been revived, the demons have crossed, and humankind has left fire in the last place of origin, and then the seeds of civilization will be resurrected by new gods. Until today.”


    burning candles in the basement are shaking.

    Girls wear their hats lightly.

    “And now, it is the day I wait for human race to launch the general attack.”

    A pair of strong eyes staring at her, looking at her.

    “To regain the glory of the ancient day of human race!”


    She pulled out giant sword, raised up high.


    “Bless the Holy Spirit!” Everybody screams.

    The morale of many soldiers peaked at this moment.

    Only no one noticed that a woman in a military uniform had been able to explain the burden.

    The so-called post-silence cycle is rekindling, but it’s just a long myth that’s all.

    She found this miracle this time, and then quick witted in an emergency, combining this myth with a wall painting here, as an inspiration for morale.

    I didn’t think it was an accident.

    “Now, go on! I’m going to see Monster General’s head in Matsuko and the city before the sun rises!”


    With countless drinks of resignation, women continue to move towards the established direction with a crowd of soldiers leaving behind the ground.

    The dark underground monuments have once again restored their original tranquillity.

    And that crushed old wall painting began to fall into darkness after losing the light of the candle.

    Time has passed slowly for a long time.

    I don’t know how many years have passed.

    On the ground of the monuments, dust is accumulating, the tornado on the wall is deepening and light yellow on the wall is becoming ashamed.



    At the entrance of the underground monuments, the blocked giant stones are gradually being diverted.

    “Ah, there’s a underground monument here!” Some voices come from outside. That’s exactly different from the woman who’s been here before.

    And then a while of excavations hit peng peng on the rocks.

    Ding dong, after digging all sorts of digging, quickly, the giant stones slowly rolled away, together with a clean light, coming in from outside.

    Fresh air flows quickly into the remains, blowing up thick ashes on the ground.

    After a long cough.

    “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Don’t rush!

    “Tsk tsk, it seems we have a real discovery this time! This is near the battlefield that erupted thousands of years ago, saying something good might be found.” An urgent man is far away.

    Soon, again, the stones were removed directly, a team of men and women in archaeological clothing, handled tools, head searcher hats, and cautiously walked in.

    Soon, the various detectors have been moved in, a white, pale old man, to the end of the giant wall, looking at this historic wall painting.

    “Unbelievable! There’s still a huge wall painting so complete here!”

    He was exposed to shocking stretches with gloves and touched the great walls in front of him.

    “More than 3,000 years ago, the Mother of the Earth, Akast, led the humankind to fight demons and set up the King’s kingdom, once held an oath congregation in a temple. Is that it?”

    Older people are looking very warm and constantly at great walls.

    An inch, a little bit, he’s greedy as if he had to put his eyes in this giant painting.

    “Look at this wonderful painting, the mythology on top of it, seems to be a war in too ancient times.” Old people have given glasses and carefully identified them.

    “This way, professor, we got the information right!” A glass woman with a tail on her tail is approaching me, Sydney.

    “Find the myth that this is recorded?” Oldman swiftly looks to his own students.

    “It is the story of the Great Light Holy Divine’s repression of the silence of the Triangular Spirit, which is a very ancient myth that has been tested for a long time than the myth of the gods to spread the fire of civilization. It was recorded in the creative literature, which was given more than 3,000 years ago.”

    Girl students are simple.

    “It’s not too bad!” The old professor, who showed up the color. “Though the demons and so on are legend only, look at so much detail on this wall. It’s like life. Look at the face of this bright God, and he’s on top of the tattoo, the tattoo. You can see it when you’re bigger! This is incredible!”

    Listen to him, the rest of Scholar has been hearing this.

    There were two white haired old man of his age who took a big mirror and looked at the walls after another. The Times of Downtown spread their sighs.

    “No more! It’s really hard!”

    “This is a detailed process! There’s no way to distinguish what kind of standards are!”

    “Did the instrument test come out? How many years ago did this look?”

    “There has been results, and the immediate sampling shows that the remains here should be built. A hundred and thirty years ago?”

    “en? No way! How could it be just a hundred and thirty years ago?” A few old professors are in trouble.

    “The instrument shows that this is the way it looks old, but from the physical radiological level, it’s really over a hundred and thirty years!”

    Fat staff members responsible for the use of instruments do not resist.

    A bunch of people look at me at you, and I feel like I’m being bullied.

    If it’s just over a hundred and thirty years, what about these things here, these walls, doesn’t it mean this place is completely or later fabricated?

    “Forget it!” A bunch of old professors are boring. The desperate walks out of the legacy.

    At least before the new forensic reports are monitored, they won’t come back here again.

    Only the first old professor was the female student. Some scepticism is staring at that giant wall painting.

    I don’t know why she always felt the contents of this wall, a little too detailed.

    Too much detail.


    people leave, even Teacher is disappointed to put the lens down and shake his head off.

    The woman thought about it, but with a special postprint, she went down the mysterious picture of that big light in the walls. And then be careful with the fold.

    She’s going to take it back and check it out, see where it comes from, what myth.

    The archaeological team slowly withdrew.

    This monumental basement is gradually forgotten again and no one comes in.

    When a woman returns, the maps are searched carefully, and unfortunately no place has been found.

    A lot of years later.

    She was married, old and old, and daughters under her knees, and some of them got this tabulated picture, seeing her beautiful mystery, who was also a jewellery designer.

    So she put the picture back on a crystal jade plate she designed. Give it to your own daughter as a gift.

    (This chapter is over)

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