Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 917

917. Chapter 917

    Chapter 917

    50 years later…

    The landscape is wide and blue on the sea.

    A giant cruise of Ora’s international fabrication is slowing down the sun, and under golden’s sunlight, comforting its pure and immense body.

    On the cruise deck, the passengers in small groups depend on the starboard, looking at the vast ocean, and the early moon, all together, talking to each other.

    Pei Yu is careful with a skirt, fat, overweight body with a white dress.

    She was looking at the sea wind, walking to an empty starboard, relying on a ship that was shorter than her, then lightly relaxed, and claiming the beauty of the surface of the sea out there.

    She suddenly felt a little cold and hit a slut, stretching her hand and grabbing a black Crystal plate in her chest.

    That’s a precious jewelry from her grandmother. While the use of Black Crystal is not much expensive, the meaning of the material and other jewellery are completely different.

    And she likes the complex mysterious stripes on the crystal plates. According to grandmother, this flower is still a residue on a strange wall painting that she found when she was young and followed Teacher archaeological monuments.

    Unfortunately, the wall behind it seems to be blurred, lost colour and crushed because of corrosion of air water.

    Pei Yu is not interested in mythology, but she likes that picture on her own, Jade plate, which has always allowed her to calm down quickly in times of distress.

    Just like right now, right now.

    She is about to go to a High-Level Government on the Atlantic coast, where she has no family, and all depends on herself.

    Parents can also provide financial support only at home.


    the economic conditions in the family were common, and in the distant shores, everything was consumed and everything needed money.

    And when you think of it here, Pei Yu’s heart is as calm as it keeps up on the surface.

    She shakes the crystal plates in her hand, feels cool and hard on the top, and she’s a little more comfortable.

    “Hey, fat girl! How come a man is hiding here?” On the back of the boat a familiar girl’s voice.

    It’s Song Hui, and she goes to the same class as she goes to the coast to stay in school.

    Pei Yu has adapted his heart, spreading a warm smile on his face, turning around looking for people.

    The Sung Rain’s body is connected, with red coats and jeans, lengthy legs and pretty little ass curtains showing up, with more than 10 years old, painting sophisticated makeup, with beautiful green jewellery nails on your ears and white skin colors.

    Even if Pei Yu was a girl, sometimes looking at her own companion, he would feel lost.

    She would always think, if she was as beautiful as the Sung Rain, how good it should be.

    Unfortunately, her body seems to be someplace unbalanced, eating anything fat, even drinking water.

    And there’s a lot of sticks and slugs on your face. It also led her friends, almost not to take her as a girl.

    Song Hui can be her friend, and it’s also because she helped in an accident. A man who retreated a haunted man was given friendship to each other.

    In addition to lifting the Sung Rain, she followed a tall boy with an eyebrowing show.

    This guy’s called Kung Fei, and she’s a friend.

    It’s the iron guy who can pull her to the men’s bathroom together.

    There was a pepper piss, wanted to go to the toilet, and the result was that the most recent toilet was being repaired, the glorious offer to put her in the hat and put her in the men’s toilet.

    She’s wearing her hat, and no one can see her sex…

    The attack brought Pei Jade to a complete and cold heart, and all of his body and body were involved in a free fight.

    “Are you guys, why are you up so early today?” Pedro laughs and asks.

    “Isn’t it coming right now? It says there’s two hours to get to Wilson. I’ll buy you a big meal!

    Pei Yu was hit by peng peng, and she had no idea, compared to her, that good friend Song’s rain was blowing bubbles, and that was impossible to withstand a single blow.

    Her strength was also among the men who had been trained together in the course.

    “Forget it. Life is not familiar. I thought I’d go to school to report, find a dormitory.”

    “Me too, my school and you are not in a place where you can switch right away, and it’s a lot of trouble.”

    “Well, then… Then we’ll report each other first. Fat chick, Yao Yao, remember Anne coming down and contacting me right now, and I’m calling you all to remember?” Song Rain warned repeatedly.

    “Got it.”


    Two of them were unarmed laughed.

    Pei Yu was smiling on her face, but looking at good friends laughing like flowers, beautiful little faces, and her heart always flourishes out of the acid she can’t say.

    In the previous school, she was always helping Song Rain to block the handsome boys who pursued her. It didn’t feel much at that time. But until her own childhood sweethearts’ good friends, the glory, too, became interesting to Song Hui and asked her to help lead the line.

    At that time, she realized that she always wanted her to eat less when she was a kid.

    Yes, she’s been in love with her friends.

    Too bad… Ever since the day the glory told her to help her chase Song’s rain. She’s completely desperate about men’s hearts.

    Then, from that day on, she swore that life alone would never be married!

    After three people had a little chat, Song Hui hit a debt and went back to bed.

    Kung Fei Yigerly has followed the past, and even if this goes back, it can’t be separated from Song’s rain.

    A face’s standard licking dogs’ gestures.

    This makes Pei Yu’s heart even more useless.

    She’s holding the crystal plates in front of her chest. The emotional changes are extremely complex.

    “Forget it. You’ll be a man in your life.” Anyway, I’m so ugly, and no one’s willing to marry me. ”She’s once again convinced of her faith.

    Lower head looked at the crystal plates in her hand, and she had a lot of sorrow in her heart.

    “Seems to be the only one you’ll be with me since then.”

    In this brutal world, fat unimportant, as long as ugly, ugly as well as unimportant, as long as there’s talent.

    If there is no talent, it should be a little family-friendly.

    But if Lian Family doesn’t have a background, then it’s true…

    Pei Yu knew she was ugly, he was fat, his family was normal, she wasn’t talented, she just hit people, but she knew she was a good girl.

    She can be a friend, knife piercing both sides, a promise that can always be upheld and never abandoned.

    She felt that two hundred and sixty kilos were actually not fat, but fat, and she had more weight on muscles.

    And she has only four bowls of meals and five eggs per meal, and the meal has been reduced a lot. But I don’t know why, it’s still thin.

    “If anyone can help me lose weight, I’ll never regret working extremely hard forever!”

    I don’t know why, Pei Yu, when I think of the silly thing that shines after Song’s rain, there’s no fire in my heart.

    She held the crystal plates and couldn’t bear to roar at the bottom of her heart.

    “Is that what you want?”

    Suddenly, a voice suddenly rings in her heart.

    “What?” Pei Yu is shaking, touching around the right eye, nearby, two followers chasing the kids and the rest of ten meters.


    That voice? Where the hell did you come from?

    She doesn’t have to play a cold, does she?

    (This chapter is over)

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