Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 918

918. Chapter 918

    Chapter 918

    “Don’t be afraid. I heard your wish, and your will was extremely strong, even if it didn’t mean to help me.

    So, your wish, I got it. ”

    That sound is ringing again, and this time Pedro heard it very well, it was not from the outside, but from the bottom of his heart.

    That’s what she was surprised about.

    Eighteen years of life has been the only societal viewpoint, and this world has never heard of what the hell demon actually showed up.

    In such a gun, the city, the physically invincible world of no one’s enemies, suddenly came out of a voice that was ringing deep in its heart.

    This scientific phenomenon breaks down, for a moment, the only thing that she has plagued for 18 years.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Pei Yu is excited and scared, but fear hides a glimpse of expectations.

    “Me?” Lin Sheng hid in the crystal plates, and saw the little girl lose ones head out of fear.

    He’s been asleep too long.

    Long time he hasn’t known how many years have passed.

    Even though he was able to take control of the time, now, everything he had sealed himself into a purely conservative light and then hidden in the true sea of the universe.

    He can’t do anything.

    Before his dissolution, his ability was only a little weak.

    当然,既然他清醒过来了,那么只要解封,Lin Sheng 随时能找回自己曾经的小部分力量。

    With this power as a seed, he will soon be able to regain it.

    But when I first met with the silence, the sudden stolen white light, he had not yet understood who actually did it.

    That beam of light is a big silence.

    He knows very well.

    Just whether they or they are silent, they have the ability to predict the time of great silence. That means there are two possibilities.

    One: Who dares to interfere with their sense of silence?

    Two: Who deliberately stimulates interference and lets the big silence go out in advance.

    These two possibilities, whoever, are definitely behind the screen, and the Lord keeps the shadow behind, counting everything.

    Lin Sheng represents the light of the holy and brightest, and the silence of the three extremes of the universe, respectively. Red, blue, black.

    Both sides have terrorist forces that go far beyond all other forces.

    And those who dared to count on everything, since they were not afraid to take the lead until the end, it would probably be far less powerful than he and the silence.

    所以,尽管恢复了意识,但Lin Sheng 并不打算直接露面,而是打算悄悄查探一二,确定幕后主使到底是谁,再做决定。

    In addition, the great silence destroyed countless universe and, similarly, countless authenticity, and he needed time to recover.

    “What the hell are you doing?” At this point, come back to his senses, Lin Sheng, listen to the noise outside of Pei Jade.

    He’s dumb.

    He should indeed thank the girl, who had a special desire to speed up consciousness recovery.

    Otherwise, he will be able to wake up naturally for at least a few years.

    “I… You call me White light.” Lin Sheng picked up a name.

    “White light.” Pedro felt that each other’s attitude seemed rather moderate and did not seem to be detrimental to her.

    After a while, she waited for her emotions to stabilize and found Lin Sheng gone.

    “You… Are you still there?” She cautiously’s screaming in her heart.

    “What do you want to say?” Lin Sheng is willing to replied, and he’s feeling how much remains.

    Big silence is not that good. The silence is gone.

    He is also because the spirit is too dispersed, and there are parts of it that are hidden in places that are not covered by the sunlight of silence that will survive.

    The light of the great silence seems to be because it was detonated in advance, so the area of destruction was not as comprehensive as expected and left behind a number of dead corners.

    He relied on these dead corners and left some real spirit to recover.

    “You… Can you really help me skinny?” Pedron cautiously asked.

    “It’s simple. But your body is somewhat special, plus in order not to attract outside attention, you need to slow down a process of change.” Lin Sheng answered.

    And when his heart moves, he has to pass on to each other a legal door to exercise the flesh.

    It’s just that he’s just ready to act, start to feel outside energy, then take a little bit of detail, and suddenly he’s nervous.

In the

    outside environment, there is no energy factor that he can feel.

    Spirit, French, elements, souls, etc. All kinds and sorts of energy factors, not here.

    There is nothing in space except a little thin air. Clean as if there were no energy factors at first.

    “What’s going on?” Pedro Sheng was gone, and she was in a hurry, but she was so hard to see her only hope of being skinny.

    If that’s what it wants to be suddenly gone, she might really be crazy.

    “Nothing.” Lin Sheng went back to God, and made a little sense, extending beyond the crystal plates.

    Intangible awareness continues to feel the environment outside the world.

    Even as he had felt before, there was no energy.

    “Forget it, even without basic energy, life itself has blood and soul. That’s it.”

    His heart quickly screened out a large number of French doors dealing with energy factors. Then segregate the parts of it, which only purify blood and soul, as a single category.

    This is a very important thing, because he needs to have a specific picture, whether the universe alone has no energy factor or all of it is gone.

    And the most distressing thing about Lin Sheng is that, although he’s still in position, he can’t feel the magic space anymore.

    Soon, he chose one of the simplest doors, which was dedicated to Refining Qi blood, and the food was made up of cultivation technique of his own blood.

    This cultivation technique was originally the first section of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit Army, a new man, a basic physical operation.

    If it works, it is extremely highly skilled to increase the dynamism of the whole cell, half lifespan and awareness response capacity.

    Fertilizer is just a collateral.

    It’s called full moon practice, and its ultimate effect may be far less than the rest of the legal doors that are tough to pervert, but it has one of the greatest advantages.

    That’s universal suitability.

    It’s because it’s simple, it’s because it’s normal.

    So it has more resilience than others. It’s easy to use all the universe under the Holy Spirit Palace.

    That’s the real reason Lin Sheng passed this French door to Pedro.

    He’s hiding on Little Brat now, not to say that he wakes up his grace, is himself, and it takes a short time to adapt to the search for this newborn universe.

    “Listen carefully, this French door is called the whole month, practicing Great Accomplishment, and you will be able to get more sense than normal people, and immunization against disease. Your lifespan can even get a little extension.”

    “What about fertilizer reduction!” Pedro doesn’t forget the key points.

    “Of course you can. This is just a collateral effect.” Lin Sheng is also the top man who guards countless universe, even if the situation is now forced to hide itself and not to deceive a little girl’s feelings.

    (This chapter is over)

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