Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2135


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Earth coalition forces also got Luke’s “doing it” to send news that the four people are safe and Thanos is missing.

They immediately stepped up their efforts and aggressively attacked Thanos forces on the battlefield, striving to find the signs of Thanos as soon as possible.

Thor and Wade have no one to worry about for the time being. These two people are a god with skin is rough and flesh is thick, and the other is Xiaoqiang who is hard to die.

Knight and Big Dipper are okay with the two girls, so these two big men are even more impossible.

Besides, Thor, who can summon the Storm Axe at any time, is just a trivial matter to take a personal space flight. It is impossible to stay in space and eat ashes.

After learning Selena’s intermediate evolution, Knight and Big Dipper Avatars recovered their mobility in less than one minute.

Aware that Selena was still in a state of rapid ascension after awakening, he didn’t alarm her, but just replaced the two Avatars with brand new Battle Armor.

Skye, who was in a coma under the high temperature, was directly stuffed into the second space to enjoy the one-stop service of dormancy recovery and beauty of the medical robot.

The contribution she made in this battle is huge enough, and half of the credit for the destruction of Thanos should be counted towards her.

Thanos did speculate that they might conduct a beheading operation, but Skye used the shock wave to open the back door on the battleship, he absolutely didn’t expect.

This ability is a very small chance event. Skye has never used the shock wave ability to fight on Earth. Thanos’ eyeliner on Earth will not count a civilian into the justice league’s battle strength. .

If you blatantly invade the battleship, Thanos detects some of the strength of the team members in advance, and can completely overwhelm them with miscellaneous soldiers.

It can only be said that this raid is to accumulate many advantages, and finally can let Thanos flee in embarrassment.

Faced with Selena, who is still holding her arm around her, the benefits of Nano Battle Armor are once again revealed.

Selena doesn’t notice the semi-liquid covering process.

After the replacement, the new Battle Armor softly activated the thrusters, stopping the acceleration of the three people into outer space.

At this moment, over a hundred kilometers away from Wakanda, the deity of Luke in a temporary shelter suddenly moved in his heart and turned his head and looked towards behind him: “It’s all here, there is no need to hide, right? Lord Thanos.”

all around is still quiet, as if mocking him suspiciously.

Luke stood up slowly, turned to face the original back direction: “I said, don’t hide.”

When the words were exited, a circle of shallow golden light curtains that seemed to be nothing spread all around.

When sweeping through a thicket of trees at a distance of 100 meters, the huge silhouette of Thanos appeared.

His big purple face has a surprised look in his eyes: “You actually mastered the application of divine force. Did the Asgard Prince teach it?”

At this moment, Luke is using Knight’s face.

Anyway, the Avatar, who has entered Thanos’s car, can become a “prototype” at any time.

Knight said it was a prototype, then he was.

Originally, the Batman in the New York Battle used the “Remote Control Battle Armor” to send peace weapons, and now it is not unusual to use the prototype to do the Golden Cicada shelling again.

But it was the Big Dipper Avatar who used the Credits field in battleship just now, and Thanos will only raise this question.

At this moment, the appearance of the universe overlord does not appear to be embarrassed.

The siege of the battleship hall only added some minor damage to his Battle Armor. The right hand infinite glove, the left hand double-headed giant knife is complete, it is not like a super boss who fled the battleship in a hurry.

Luke smiled indifferently: “Guess…huh?”

When he answered, Thanos raised his right hand and a bright purple beam of light blasted.

There is no doubt that this is an authentic raid.

Even if Luke was completely unprepared by Thanos’s hand operation-it was the first time that he saw such a disgraceful Director Thanos!

But, that’s all.

As a black gun professional, the person who stabbed the little Prince in the back is most prepared for a surprise attack by others.

He raised his hand, and the light golden Credits was in front of him.

The two strands of Strength collided, not at all too much movement, but entangled and annihilated each other.

The purple beam of light couldn’t break the Credits’ thought power for a while, let alone hurt the Luke deity behind it.

Delaying time will only make Luke, who is fighting on the mainland, wait until a large number of reinforcements arrive.

At that time, Thanos will enjoy today’s second siege.

So he didn’t play stubbing output. He raised his hand, and the two-headed giant knife spun rapidly, drawing an arc in the air, and flew towards Luke from the side.

At the same time, his huge figure strode forward.

Luke laughed, his figure floated and then backed away, a little faster than Thanos.

Thanos heart startled: How is this possible!

Strength gems can play some of their characteristics under the control of infinite gloves.

It can have an explosion effect, but also can use a similar “lock” ability.

He is using “lock” now, and the locked Luke should be stuck by the purple beam of light and cannot be dodged significantly.

Backing up is of course also a kind of dodge.

Luke’s heart is lying down again, madly calling the game director: What Divine Immortal ability are you! It’s cheating.

Just now, when Thanos used the Strength gem to “stick” him, Luke was also ready to recall and activate Avatar.

This move was used by Thanos during the battle in the battleship hall.

But because the team has too many powerful attacking hands, he sticks to one person, and the other three will take the opportunity to beat him.

The ratio of double fists to eight hands is 1:4 anyway, after sticking to a person, he wants one left hand to hit the team with six arms.

Moreover, the purple beam of light emitted by the Strength gem is not a soft whip. Impossible allows him to twist at will, and his movement speed will be reduced.

When being besieged by multiple powerful enemies, he “destroyed” one hand and reduced his movement speed, just like courting death.

At this moment, there is only Luke in front of Thanos.

And through the mysterious connection between the infinite gems, he knew that the gem of time was on Luke.

So as long as you kill Luke, he can get the space gem.

The Thanos, who has infinite gloves, can directly teleport away from Earth at any time once he gets the space gem, which is equivalent to standing in an invincible place.

Earth has more superheroes and fleets, it is meaningless.

All Thanos needs to do is to patiently wait for an opportunity to send to Earth to take away the time gems in the hands of the new Paragon mage.

This idea is fine, but Selena’s newly awakened evolutionary ability has become a very subtle “variable.”

Luke just learned this ability, and at the moment he resisted the purple beam of light, he felt a very strange feeling: how did the energy beam from the Strength gem in front of me feel… so delicious?

Almost subconsciously, he drove the Credits shield to leak a little bit of purple energy, and the body took a natural breath.

Suck! A feeling like eating spicy noodles emerged in Luke’s mind.

Immediately, he reacted immediately: Damn, what I “eat” just now is… the energy of the Strength gem? Emmm~ It’s so niang!

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