Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2138


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Surprise and surprise, Director Sai himself has done a little psychological construction for himself: even if you suddenly become a big muscular man, I won’t get distracted, I promise!

And Luke took a look at his own deity’s measurements. The attributes all exceeded 140 for the first time (there had always been Avatars before), and took a deep breath.

Strength broke out 100%

He immediately felt the Strength contained in the depths of the body, gushing out like a volcanic eruption, filling the whole body with hong long long ground.

140attribute is 14 times for ordinary people, and the actual coefficient is increased by 14 times, which is 200 times for ordinary people.

Strength broke out 100%, and the actual effect doubled again, reaching an astonishing level of 400 times for ordinary people.

The ordinary person needs a little training to master the correct punching posture, and it is normal to hit a value above 100kg in the punch strength test.

This also means that Luke can hit 50 tons of powerful punches at will.

With the strength emission skill of the physical master, this figure can easily exceed 70 tons.

More importantly, after the intermediate evolution and integration of physical abilities, the output of this Strength is completely normalized.

Although it may not be as good as Steve’s “fighting all day”, it is conservatively estimated that it can last a few hours.

Selena, who was approaching quietly, suddenly lost her mind, even if she had done psychological construction just now.

However, 100% of Luke’s image has changed dramatically at this moment.

His height suddenly swelled to more than 2.5 meters, but his body shape was not at all, and he became the bucket shape of the green fat Thanos.

The inner nano armor changes to dark yellow, keeping the same color as the half-body armor.

The tight clothes of the combat form are attached to the body, fully demonstrating the inverted triangle figure of Luke’s waist and muscle dolphin.

This is a body that can meet women’s requirements for a perfect male “body shape”, and it also exudes yellow rays of light, just like the eighteen bronze people in the Shaolin Temple who have been opened.

Sucking~ Director Sai swallowed subconsciously: watching this in broad daylight is really exciting!

Luke noticed Selena’s sudden pause, but was not surprised at all.

Remind that it was because of suspicion that she couldn’t stand it. Now she has gone a little bit of God, and this is still within his tolerance.

Actually, by 2023, Luke’s all-around attributes will only reach 120, and only a Level 3 Avatar with 40 attributes will be able to entangle Thanos.

At this moment, Avatar is recalled, and 100% of all attribute 140 deities have exploded, and their physical fitness is basically the same as Thanos.

However, Thanos is not Luke.

He may be extraordinary natural talent, born with divine force, and proficient in battle skills, which can be regarded as the universe version of Xiang Yu or Lu Bu. The storytelling must have a description of “unworthy courage”.

Luke is an external protective body, a super-powered scoring machine.

Especially the elementary simulation + muscle control, you can quickly learn any fighting technique, practice one day than others for one month.

And Luke has waited for these two supporting capabilities for almost ten years.

Obviously, Thanos does not take at all 300 years to cultivation fighting skills.

Therefore, when Luke “made up” Strength’s shortcomings, Thanos instantly suffered a big loss.

Luke easily blasted the shelter in front of him with a fist, and drew his two-headed giant knife upward with a palm. Thanos looked in astonishment, but his chest was already open.

Iron Fist’s half-length armor slammed heavily on his golden armor, and the armor that had been indestructible creaked like a temporary wailing.

What’s even more frightening is that Thanos is not at all being knocked into flight.

The strength of Luke’s impact was unloaded, knocking Thanos back, and smashing a big hole in the grass.

If there is no collision, there is no buffer space and no reaction time.

The tyrant with a pain in his chest was too late to get up. Luke’s huge body was pressed on him, his fists, elbows and knees were uninterrupted, and the strikes were on his face, ribs, and crotch.

Thanos’ sturdy body showed amazing agility.

Although he hasn’t been beaten on the ground for a long time, when he was a child on Titan, the compatriots who called him monster have done this kind of thing.

So, he was actually familiar with this feeling, but he didn’t think of that’s all for a long time.

At this moment, Thanos once again felt the humiliation of being beaten up as a teenager. The difference was that Luke’s fists and feet were more vicious and fierce than those of his compatriots.

Selena, who is lurking here, is a little dumbfounded: Soul is pale, how can I intervene?

Two giants with a height of three meters were tumbling and fighting on the ground. Within 100 meters, the soil, turf, and trees flew around, and there were endless pits.

If this is a sneak attack, then even Luke will be beaten?

Luke was extremely excited.

An enemy that is evenly matched is really not easy to find.

An enemy that allows him to use a lot of hole cards is even harder to find.

Like Malakis, it’s purely a “props stream”, and it’s pitifully weak.

Domam, Hela, and the like, their existence is cheating. If you want to kill them, you have to destroy their “dimensional space”.

Only an enemy like Thanos can compete with Luke in a fair and just manner.

Although Thanos is in a situation of being besieged at any time, and the attack is too impatient, but Luke has consumed Thanos’ fleet with his ability, and it is normal for him to occupy a bit of geographical advantage.

Even so, Luke thought Thanos, who was better at stand-up combat, showed strong resilience in the entanglement on the ground at this moment.

The two-headed giant knife that is not suitable for ground entanglement was abandoned by him at first. Thanos’ sturdy body rolled and twisted, and it felt like a fat green man possessed by a monkey-both flexible and savage.

Every second, the two of them were beaten dozens of times by each other’s fists, elbows and knees.

The golden armor of Thanos was sagging and shattering rapidly, but Luke’s Iron Fist half-armor only dimmed for a moment, and regained its brightness.

In this entangled battle of mutual harm, Thanos is at a significant disadvantage.

He also noticed that the Iron Fist half-armor actually resembled a personal protective shield.

If you want to break it, you can use point to break surface only if you hit a certain point of the half-armor continuously with all your strength. This is the same as breaking the battleship shield.

Kan Thanos found sadly that he couldn’t do it.

Since this Earth figure transformed like that Hulk, Strength has not lost to him anymore, and his technique has unimaginablely overwhelmed him.

At the beginning, Thanos played Hulk on the Asgard immigration ship, and it was easy to see every attack intention of Hulk. There was no difference between beating Hulk and his son.

Now, Luke’s technique in turn suppressed Thanos.

Then what Hulk was like at that time, and now Thanos is almost beaten.

This is not seize every opportunity, but a real strength gap.

Thanksgiving, who has experienced countless battles, knows very well that if he can’t win surprisingly quickly, then don’t say winning, but you can’t run away if you want to run.

The thought turned, he suddenly lowered his head and used his helmet to forcibly withstand Luke’s continuous face.

At the same time, he twisted his thick waist, and his pillar-like legs pinched Luke’s waist to complete the lock.

The free left hand snapped into the right hand, hooping Luke’s right arm.

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