Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2139


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Luke’s reaction was quick, and his right arm immediately resembled a python, twisting and pulling out, not giving Thanos a chance to completely lock up.

In this kind of close combat, the danger of being locked up is too great.

Although he has a lot of life-saving capabilities, he doesn’t want to give Thanos a chance.

He has a hole card, but Thanos may not have it.

But the determined Thanos moves faster.

The fierce rays of light appeared in the pair of squinted eyes. He thoughts move. When the bayonet on the infinite glove was loosened, the fingers of his left hand hooked, and the Strength gem fell on the palm of his left hand.

Unlimited gem energy rushed into the body, Thanos a groan, but his left hand was tightly clenched, and a fist hit Luke’s back.

The purple flame enveloped Thanos and Luke at the same time, and violent energy ripples exploded in their entangled bodies, flying out to both sides.

Luke understood everything instantly, and he whispered that Xiaoba Ba was cunning, but his body continued to fly uncontrollably.

The Iron Fist half-armor shattered under the unlimited energy input of the Strength gem, and could no longer provide protection.

The purple flame continues to enter within the body, destroying his body frantically.

If the purple beam of light emitted by the Infinite Gloves is spicy noodles, which gives Luke the feeling of eating “gourmet”, then he is more like a fat beef falling into a hot pot with the flames at this time-the whole person is fast It’s boiled to be spicy.

However, the crazy stacking super powers of the body system once again played a miraculous effect.

The kraft sugar ability offsets most of the pain, the evolution ability quickly sends the influx of violent energy out of the body, and the healing ability keeps repairing the body that has been hit hard.

The only thing that can’t be restored is the Iron Fist half-armor.

Consistent with Thanos’ speculation, after a violent blow that exceeded the limit, all the energy of Luke within the body was used for control and repair, temporarily unable to be transferred out to form protection.

Luke suffered such a severe damage, but Thanos is not much better.

His body, who was also subjected to the Strength gem, lost control in a short time.

But he immediately used the infinite glove to control and remove part of the energy that poured into the body within the body, giving the body a little breathing opportunity, and took the opportunity to place the Strength gem in the left palm of the glove on the groove of the right hand.

The matching Divine Item naturally attracts the Strength gem back to the groove, and the energy runaway ends.

Thanos just raised his head slightly and looked at Luke, who was flying back against him. With a thought, the right hand Reality Gem was activated.

A mound swelled up and let him crash into it.

In the splash of mud and weeds, Thanos’ silhouette disappeared into the ground.

Luke, who is gradually recovering, feels: “Watch him.”

Of course this was for Selena, and he believed she was waiting for this opportunity.

When the voice exited, Luke started to force his body to fall, and immediately his feet were on the ground.

There was a rumbling on the ground, and a big crater burst out, and his silhouette hurriedly moved forward to the right-this is the direction of Thanos just given by Selena.

On the virtual light screen, the big red dot representing Thanos is moving away quickly.

Two seconds later, there was a loud bang, and the ground trembled and cracked.

The sturdy body of Thanos was blown out from the ground, along with Selena, who had withdrawn from her invisibility in the purple flames.

Director Mie used reality gems to stealth underground, and was overtaken by Selena, who was waiting for her.

The body was wounded and he was in a depressed state and had to activate the gem Strength. As a result, the two naturally exploded from the ground together.

Selena, who has acquired the ability to evolve, resists the purple flame stubbornly, and even can’t help but exude saliva.

As the Owner of the original ability and a gourmet machine with no emotions, she feels more deeply about this “spicy” energy.

Of course, the strength of food will only make her harder, dragging her tightly on Thanos’ arms, trying to prevent him from using the Strength gem again.

But her Strength is not as powerful as Thanos after all.

Director Mie’s forehead burst with purple tendons, and his left hand slowly approached the Strength gem on the glove.

Luke approaching quickly only felt that a strong prediction of death had come suddenly, making the heartbeat beat slightly faster.

Thanos looked terrifying, but his attention was on Luke who was approaching.

By now, Director Mi has felt that he is hard to avoid calamity this time.

Selena procrastinated at this critical moment, cutting off his last and best vitality.

Luke’s cheating-like resilience will soon return to Peak, and Thanos’ physical injury will improve within a few days.

He is already at a disadvantage. Not only does he have to face Selena, a specialized interceptor, but also the Earth superheroes who will soon be around, and even the Earth coalition forces.

The time has been lost, the geographical advantage is not there, and Renhe is also with Luke on the opposite side. No matter how hard it is for Thanos to find a chance to win.

But… he is Thanos, the overlord who slaughters the universe and is rampant.

If he is doomed to fail, then he will die happily-by the way, bringing the enemy who forced himself into the desperate situation, it will be more perfect.

No one can kill him, only himself can kill him.

Just now, the unlimited hit of the Strength gem made Thanos sure that Luke could not withstand the violent energy.

This time, he will not let go of Luke and Strength gems anymore. He wants to watch Luke with his own eyes scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under the Strength gems.

If Luke can be seen to die first, Thanos will further inspire the Strength gem.

Luke is the enemy, and so is Earth.

Since the defeat is here, let Earth follow the funeral! Thanos thought so, the irritability, anger, humiliation, and unwillingness in his heart fade away, leaving only the indifferent meaning of death.

Starting from choosing to save the universe, Thanos is actually mentally prepared to die under the enemy’s hands.

Death on Earth is unexpected, but it is reasonable.

As he said, all these are not personal grievances, but their goals are different.

Thanos didn’t know that he was facing an enemy with death prediction, and even a Spirit type superpower.

Such obvious changes in emotions, such violent death predictions, and the left hand that is about to fall on the Strength gem, fully exposed Thanos’ intentions.

It’s not that Thanos was not cautious. In such a fierce battle, he was impossible to believe that Luke could detect the enemy’s thoughts instantly.

After all, it took less than five seconds after the two were exploded and Luke pounced.

So, in Thanos’ indifferent and dead eyes, Luke’s figure suddenly slowed down, very professionally showing a smile that was sure to win, and the last blow, waving his fists, hitting Thanos’ head.

At the same time, he used Spirit fluctuations to pass directly to Selena a single thought: “Snatch gems.”

Selena stretched the arm entangled in Thanos’s right hand almost conditioned, and at the same time, the Nano Battle Armor on the palm was covered with infinite gloves and the four gems on the back of the hand.

Thanos, who was attracted by Luke’s flamboyant performance, subconsciously relaxed her attention to Selena. Who made her always act like an auxiliary player.

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