Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2141


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After a moment of silence, everyone’s expressions returned to normal.

Everyone knows that Thanos killed Loki, Heimdall, and the 300,000 Asgardians.

Of course, Loki died beautifully, but Heimdall and the people of Asgard are indeed innocent, and Thor is justified in venting so.

Besides cutting off Thanos’ head, it is indeed a very efficient “confirmation” method.

Whip the corpse or something…For an alien who wants to kill at least half of the Earth’s people, who wants to keep “human rights” for him?

People are not human (human).

After the onlookers finished watching, everyone dispersed.

Seriously Steve, Rod, Bucky and the others said they would participate in the final finishing work.

The two dead blades have been beaten to death by Ursa Minor and the preparation members, and they are not given a chance to escape.

The “old people” like the Avengers and the Bat Squad are so capable, and the elite little bosses have basically been robbed.

Dead Blade Couple is the only “big gift package” left-500 for a single, 1000 Credits for the couple.

Compared with the task of receiving and delivering goods within the team, which has started with a minimum of 2 points, this is undoubtedly an astronomical figure, a huge “bonus” that can not be earned by expressing for several years.

The two dead blades shouted their willingness to surrender before they died, which made the Ursa Minor members who besieged them hesitate for a moment.

But Frank just said coldly on the main combat channel: “If surrender is useful, what do we want the Justice League to do?”

As a result, the couple, who were full of blood debts, were beaten into a human form and died on the spot.

Later, Tony spoke and asked the Earth coalition to keep Thanos’ ground forces and air forces willing to land and surrender.

Of course, the young and the young are not in the heart of Holy Mother. He just gave an opinion about this behavior: “The equipment in their hands should be able to sell a lot of Credits. This is the top configuration in the universe.”

Everyone is stunned.

“Furthermore, I remember that after the surrender, war criminals can be executed with the most heinous crimes? Well, this should not be under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, so we will set up an interstellar court to try it.” Tony Yoyo Naturally added follow-up measures.

Sure enough, it’s a black-hearted capitalist who sucks the bones and sucks the marrow and eats nothing! Everyone slandered.

The reason is obvious.

The Justice League started with broken bones at every turn of the criminals on Earth. Can these interstellar “war criminals” return to the universe completely?

Don’t crack a joke anymore, Tony Ken Dark Knight will not be willing.

The young and old here are accepting surrender, and they are obviously greedy.

A little bit of Thanos and Wakanda’s vibrating equipment will not flow out.

What Earth needs is not to take the old path of aliens, but to take a new path based on its own reality.

Furthermore, if the European and American countries get too advanced technology, the capital group still doesn’t know how to exploit the bottom people.

After Luke took the Thanos body into the storage space and kept it as experimental material, Selena raised her right hand-on the back of that hand, four gems were shining brightly.

She asked boringly: “How to deal with these broken things?”

“Stay with me first, discuss with Tony and Strange to see which horn is thrown.” Luke gave her an angry look, took out several top shielding devices, and put four gems in it. .

be that as it may, but he has to deal with space gems and strength gems by himself.

Strength gems have an overwhelming attack power and can easily destroy Earth regardless of the consequences.

The space gems are first-class support. After mastering them, they can walk around the universe, and they can’t catch them.

Luke doesn’t want to show up another cosmic spaceman holding the Strength gem, nor does he want to face an extreme warfare enemy holding the Space gem.

Reality, heart, and soul gems are also very strong, but he and Tony have some restraint methods, not as unreasonable as these two gems.

Taking four gems into the Battle Armor storage box, Luke and Selena walked out of the woods.

Watching quietly at the vast prairie in front of him for a long time, he exhales one breath saying: “It’s finally over.”

Selena was surprised: “Did you say this a few minutes late?”

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