Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2142


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The dawn is coming, and the breeze is slow.

The thin white gauze curtain floated slightly, and the wisps of morning light belonging to Shakford playfully penetrated through the changing gaps, bringing faint light to the quiet room.

At six o’clock in the morning, the precise biological clock began to work.

Selena slowly opened her eyes, drwsily yawned, and habitually touched her hand to the side.

There are not at all people.

But her keen sense of touch on her body surface can still detect a little residual temperature, which proves that there was a person lying there half an hour ago.

This discovery caused her to open her yawning mouth wider-anyway, someone had no chance to laugh at it as a crocodile kiss.

After rubbing her cheek, Selena always feels a little sour.

Well, it must be a psychological effect.

With her current physique and the powerful effect of evolutionary ability, it is impossible to take a knife and sleep again. Any injury is left, and muscle fatigue is even more impossible.

Thinking about this, Selena still squinted her eyes and walked into the bathroom like sleepwalking, first took out the electric toothbrush she had ordered by Luke and stuffed it into her mouth.

Feeling the toothpaste’s rich and refreshing mint-flavored foam from the toothbrush that kept shaking in her mouth, she went to the shower and turned on the faucet to let the hot water spill from her head.

The slightly higher water temperature gradually awakened her body from her deep sleep, and Selena’s squinted eyes finally opened completely, restoring the spirit of spirit.

Squeezing out a lot of shower gel, she looked at the white and greasy semi-liquid in the palm of her hand, she couldn’t help thinking of something, she gave a bit of disgust, and then she couldn’t help but vomit: “That guy shouldn’t be a shower The dew bottle is refined, right?”

Thinking of this, Selena couldn’t help laughing with puff puff puff muffled laughter. She didn’t forget to squeeze the bottle of shower gel a few times, and muttered bitterly: “Squeeze clean, squeeze clean, squeeze all clean.” /p>


Twenty minutes ago, Luke took a shower in the bathroom on the ground floor of the farm villa. The weak shock wave swept his body and shook all the drops of water.

One point on the necklace type nano device on the neck, the nano inner armor is activated and quickly covers him, turning into a white vest and sports pants.

Walking into the kitchen, he started making today’s breakfast.

Gold Nugget slowly paused the Yellow Storm TV episode on the phone, got up from the rocking chair on the porch, drwsily squeezed the open door to the kitchen door.

Luke doesn’t know how to use his head. He has already tossed the golden spear fish burger made in his hand.

The burger showed no signs of separation in the air, and fell steadily into the dog’s mouth.

The dog head drowsily got down and began to chew slowly.

Luke finally turned his head and glanced at it: “What’s the matter, I’m still angry with Selena?”

The dog’s head didn’t say a word, just tilted his head a bit.

Luke looked at its small black beans eyes that sneaked over, a little speechless, and after a while he was patient: “Isn’t it impossible? We don’t know you can split and multiply.”

The dog’s head remained silent, maintaining that aggrieved expression.

Luke is angry and funny, put down the ingredients in his hand, walked up to it, and rubbed his dog’s head angrily: “Okay, I will increase your energy supply by 50% every day, the deal?”

The dog’s eyes lit up, and he stretched out his dog’s paw to give a high-five with his hand.

Luke soothed the dog’s head, washed his hands and cooked again, and from time to time he threw a little quick product to give him a toothpaste.

The problem with Gold Nugget and Selena appeared on the night after that battle.

During Selena’s awakening process, it absorbed too much evolutionary energy and entered into self-division uncontrollably.

In the symbiote, this is reproduction, commonly known as…child.

Why is the symbiote most interested in Life One, self-healing energy, and evolutionary energy? Because it will promote their evolution.

But after evolving to maturity, division and reproduction will become a high probability event.

What’s more troublesome is that Selena’s evolutionary ability is very special.

The “child” split from the dog’s head received too much evolutionary energy and was directly “bound” to Selena at birth.

This “child” is a special symbiosis. It has no self-awareness and is completely part of Selena.

But it also has most of the characteristics of symbiosis, such as-not sharing a symbiosis goal with the same kind.

No matter how close the gold nugget is to Selena, it is still a relatively normal symbiosis, so it is “squeezed out” from her within the body and can no longer coexist with her.

This is a huge blow to the dog’s head.

What’s even more depressing is that Selena is not to blame for this. Who made her evolve and eat it too!

It can’t control itself, and Selena’s awakening is a small probability event, and it can’t be controlled.

In the end, it was the “child” that robbed it of its own territory, which is even more unreasonable.

Furthermore, its real best symbiosis goal has always been the sword, and the sword will always follow Selena.

strictly speaking, this accidental “childbirth incident” only deprived the dog of the two boats.

This made it gloomy and listless during the long vacation, and ran alone on the porch in a daze at night.

Because Selena no longer needs its evening symbiosis to help absorb evolutionary energy, and its “child” has been working on this energy converter for 24 hours.

As for the creaking of the second floor floor every night, it has nothing to do with its current mood.

Now with Luke’s promise, the gold nugget feels better.

50 is not the point. The point is that the Great Demon King allowed it to co-exist, but it just replaced its second “boat” from Selena with him.

In this house, Luke ≈Selena, so the symbiosis Luke ≈Selena symbiosis. Then it is still the closest member of this family.

Luke also feels that 50% is not the point. The point is that half means incompleteness, and the word 50 sounds like a lot.

Well, this is by no means bullying a dog’s head with bad math.

One person and one dog negotiated a result that was satisfactory to each other, and they all settled down and focused on doing what they should do-Luke focused on doing it, and the dog focused on eating.

In this harmonious and peaceful atmosphere, two figures, one big and one small, ran from outside several hundred meters.

When they climbed up a small soil slope, they saw the lights of the kitchen outside the villa more than a hundred meters.

The little figure cheered: “wohoo~Luke really got up, dad, hurry up, I’m going to have breakfast.”

The face of the big figure showed helplessness: “Baby, Luke everyday all will get up on time at six o’clock. This is the “top secret message” you told me.”

The little one cares about her father’s concealed complaints, her heart has already flown to her Old Brother table.

Luke made the best breakfast! She murmured in her heart, and immediately confessed: Sorry, mother, I don’t mean you didn’t cook well, but Luke did better.

The distance more than a hundred meters is less than ten seconds under the feet of two people.

Running to the villa, the little person already impatient came to the kitchen window, put his chubby face on the glass, and squeezed out a happy “flat” face: “Luke Luke.”

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