Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2143


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Luke smiled and extended the hand and waved, motioned her to step back, first turned on the sound insulation measures on the ground floor and the upper floor, and then opened the windows.


The little person is as agile as a small fish, coming in from the window, crossing the kitchen counter, and landing on the ground.

She lifted her head, and her little red mouth was already wide open: “aaa~mu~”

Luke just stuffed the steamed and heat-preserving siu mai in her mouth and decisively blocked it to prevent it from making a chirp chirp twitter twitter noise like a bird seeking food.

On the other side, Robert stood outside and did not come in, but beckons with the hand signaled him to go out.

Luke drove the little girl to the table and put a large stack of steamer baskets in front of her: “Okay, Cindy, I made your favorite siu mai, shrimp dumplings, char siu buns, egg yolk buns, and yam buns. Chicken porridge, fish porridge, eat slowly, remember to divide half of the gold nuggets.”

Cindy was nodded again and again. He had already picked up two pairs of chopsticks in both hands, opened the bow from left to right, and held himself in one hand, and held the gold nugget in the other.

One person and one dog launched a fierce and fierce attack against the hot food in the steamer.

Patting her little head pettingly, Luke picked up two cages of pork buns and walked out the door.

Place the steamer on the small table and sit in the rocking chair on the porch. He picked up a bun and stuffed it into his mouth: “What is so mysterious?”

Robert unceremoniously stuffed two in his mouth, chewed a few bites, swallowed it whole, and temporarily suppressed the gluttons.

Then, he lowered his head and moved closer, and his voice sounded like a small dragon suit in the spy movie: “You and Selena are sleeping together, what about Ginny?”

Luke turned his head in surprise: “You, are you free to care about my personal affairs?”

Robert is not angry at all. After all, he hasn’t interfered or interfered with Luke’s affairs a long time ago, whether public or private.

He picked up another bun: “Catherine the past few days keeps talking in my ears, what can I do? Your chairman…Tsk, don’t be afraid that she will turn you back into a pauper! “

Luke calmly swallowed the fully chewed buns in his mouth, and then calmly answered Robert’s question: “I’m not afraid, she doesn’t have the courage.”

Robert raised his eyebrows: “You have a back hand? It won’t be the female bodyguard called, huh Angel?”

Lao Luo is okay, even Angel can see something unusual about himself. Luke, this is really a bit surprised.

Unfortunately, this guess has gone to the outer planet.

The person Angel recognized in his heart is V, and has nothing to do with Luke’s deity.

For Luke, Angel is most likely to be shocked by his…technique? Or endurance?

Her eyes are specific to words, probably donkeys or livestock, anyway, it is impossible to be obsessed with Luke deity.

In the cognition of this female man, the deity’s body and demeanor is a sissy.

The reason why he didn’t taunt Luke face to face is because she had seen his “brilliant record” as a police detective.

A little police detective who killed hundreds of gangsters and gang members, and even assisted Iron Man and Batman, is it really a bitch?

This is of course impossible.

The deep friendship with Ginny made Angel dissatisfied with someone’s behavior in two boats.

But Ginny bluntly said, “If he is just me, I will be exhausted by him”.

Although there is a large part of this saying is cracking a joke, Angel has to admit that it does make sense.

Furthermore, every time she meets Luke, she is undecided to take action.

In this situation, her attitude towards Luke is rather weird, and it is not uncommon to see the clues of the old Silver Coin like the “Gray Rabbit”.

As for Robert’s worries are purely redundant.

Even though Luke never used pheromone manipulation to forcefully distort his own perception, the 200 times the physique of ordinary people is not at all Robert can imagine.

As a result of the accumulation of various resources and abilities of Luke, Robert, the “rotten wood”, is now only 5 times the average physique, not just in name only, but also in reality.

Fortunately, Catherine is basically not thinking about fighting for power, otherwise she, who is also 5 times physique, can laugh at Robert for a lifetime.

Except for his wife who can’t beat, Robert can’t beat anyone in the family.

Of course, this kind of fighting scum can’t understand Luke, who is 40 times more powerful than him, why he has the courage to find a few girlfriends.

Because for Luke, even a hundred ordinary women cannot weaken his battle strength-provided that the time consumption is not considered.

He and Ginny, Elena, and Max really got together because of affection.

It’s just that this relationship is not love, but more like friendship.

But some great men have said that there is no pure friendship between men and women.

Luke just added a little more intimate relationship to this impure friendship.

If this were not the case, the chairman of Ginny would be impossible to “sit and watch” his long-term “shared lease” with Selena, and Elena would never never ask his female friends questions.

Ginny himself had no trust in marriage because his father deliberately concealed the birth of a third child when Mother was critically ill.

Now there is a “partner” who can be absolutely trusted, Pan Liang Tiaoshun has strong professional skills, and she has no intention of looking for any “true love”.

There are so many men who want to find “true love” with her these years, but it is a pity that these “true loves” are either greedy for her money or for her rights.

The people who greet her are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, which is too realistic.

The painter Elena has the typical sensibility of an artist.

From at first, what Luke attracted her was the mysterious and contradictory traits. She would rather keep this expectation than to turn him into a typical ordinary boyfriend.

Max? Sorry, the boyfriend of this G-level cake chef has always been the man named “Chris Evans”.

Actually, this boss is just a certain Avatar of Luke.

Therefore, there is no intersection between the murderous cake master and Luke’s circle, and even Selena does not know her existence.

Robert, a double-aged (old + honest) man, of course, is not aware of the inside story of Luke’s play.

Seeing Luke shaking his head, he still couldn’t help but remind: “Sandra also asked, when are you and Selena going to have a child, how do you think I should answer?”

Luke finally no longer calmed down his face, but rolled the eyes sincerely: “She and Marino are killing them again. Are six children not enough for them to worry about?”

“People like children more, what can be done.” Robert shrugged: “Don’t change the subject, or how do you solve this problem?”

He can’t help it.

As a man and Luke’s elder, he actually doesn’t care how many girlfriends Luke has.

But being caught between his wife and “mother-in-law”, two women with obvious tendencies, he got a headache.

The wife is the biggest, but Ginny has been pleased by various methods.

Under compensation, she naturally prefers Ginny.

Catherine impossible told Luke to kick Selena off, but he didn’t want him to kick Ginny off.

The choice of “I want it all” is not unacceptable to her who has always been in the role of Luke mother.

But Sandra can only stand with her daughter Selena, without any compromise.


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