Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2192


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Wei Lord was taken aback, and immediately communicated with Nano Inner Armor’s intelligent program.

Soon, two groups of black semi-liquid extended from the gap in his Battle Armor, continuously changing multiple shapes on his legs.

Finally, it was finally stabilized on the side slightly above the thigh, forming two suction holsters.

You can get it when you want to use it. When you don’t want to use it, just stick it to the holster and the nano holster will automatically fix the gun.

Wei Lord likes it a little bit, but he is a little speechless: I would wear it more if I knew it.

He is highly suspicious, and he has never passed through this nano inner armor.

Even the housekeeper’s set was sealed in a fully sealed box, and it was only taken out for analysis and inspection.

After all, this thing is only a preliminary test, and it is found that it possesses extremely mature combat intelligence.

Of course, this is not artificial intelligence, but a program for feedback and adjustment of combat habits is sealed, which can well collect users’ combat habits.

Moreover, it also has strong data communication capabilities, so it can send out the collected intelligence at hand.

Wei Lord, such a cautious person, how dare to wear this thing to fight.

Only the strength of the wasteland wolf fight today, he barely gave Luke a little trust, and put on this dusty Nano inner armor.

Of course, this was also deliberate by Luke.

The Nano Inner Armor for both master and servant is the only permission locked by the Spirit feature.

In addition to leaving the highest self-destruct command, others cannot add and export any original programs internally.

Anyway, this kind of Nano Inner Armor has been tested by thousands of daoist. After 20 years, it has become an extremely mature product, and there is no need for others to change anything.

Wei Lord has the ability. If you make a new one by yourself, it doesn’t matter to Luke.

In this way, only the master and the servant can use the two inner armors, and they can’t even mix them.

At the same time, other people can’t activate the inner armor while holding the inner armor, which is not much different from a brick.

Either the master and the servant are experimenting with themselves and restore the Nei A smart program a little bit, or they can only watch and eat.

There is no psychological pressure on Luke. Sending Wei Lord for nothing will only exchange greater suspicion, so let him work hard to solve it.

The fruits of my hard work are always particularly sweet.

While experiencing the convenience of Nano Inner Armor, Wei Lord also looked at the two energy pistols by the way, and it was easy to see 2000 displayed on a LCD screen: “This is… energy?”

The red-to-green icon that is obviously enlarged gradually is too obvious.

Luke un’ed: “300 rounds per minute in standard rapid fire mode, 2000 rounds can be fired. High explosive or penetration mode fire rate is one round per second, you can fire about 200 times.”

Way Lord:…Are you a gun or a machine gun? Or just a howitzer?

The firing rate of 300 rounds is not amazing, but the projectile capacity of 2000 rounds is what the vehicle can withstand.

In fact, the rate of fire can also reach 600-800 rounds per minute for automatic pistols and micro-shooting.

This is not difficult at all, but considering the reality, the gun company specifically reduces the rate of fire for accuracy and practicality, otherwise it will only take one or two seconds to pull the trigger and 30 rounds.

Similar class machine guns also mainly require its firepower continuity. Machine guns with a capacity of 2000 rounds are basically used on vehicles.

But Luke suddenly remembered something, and he took off two small strips from the holster beside his leg and threw it over: “This energy magazine is basically the same as the ordinary pistol loading and unloading magazine, and it has two thousand rounds.”

Way Lord: …well, this is the rhythm that makes me a machine gunner.

Wei Lord, who had the weakest battle strength, made up for the lack of firepower, and the action finally began.

The attack of the Ray fighter just now? Don’t ask, ask is temptation.

The entire group quickly rushed down from the hillside. Wei Lord ran the slowest, so he just spread out his cloak and glide.

Diana leaped up, holding the long sword high in her hand, and slammed it down.

The faint red light emerged on the outline of the sword body, the light blue protective cover and the blood vessels-like veins all over it were unresistible, and a fiery red scar appeared in an instant, spreading more than ten meters to both sides.

In a moment, they started to repair quickly.

Everyone in the Justice League has filed in, leaving this protection behind.

Wei Lord gliding, the route suddenly deflected: “I’m here to attract the demon, you attack the core tower.”

Everyone glanced at each other as they ran, but Diana said, “Listen to my command.”

Luke has no comments.

In this kind of beheading operation, it is normal for the main player Diana to be the commander.

Besides, there is not much room for command. It’s probably the process of “rush in → find the wasteland wolf → hack it”.

On the other side, Lord Wei has contacted the butler: “Alfred, you can start broadcasting.”

Housekeeper: “But you didn’t open the war chariot to go in.”

Wei Lord: “The Nano Inner Armor has an external amplifier system, just connect the data channel.”

The housekeeper looked at the extra link request on the screen, agreed directly, and then played the specially synthesized audio file, and pushed the sound to the maximum: “The annual golden song starts playing, you can enjoy it.”

On the other side, Wei Lord just thought, and the inner armor spread out from the gap between the shoulders and the neck, forming a multi-speaker external accessory on the left and right outwards, and a strange howling sound came out from it, far away Spread out.

A large number of locust-like demons just discovered that the Justice League had entered and were about to rush over. Suddenly, a strange howling came from their ears, making them feel irritable and uncomfortable.

In the sound of roar, a piece of like magic rushed towards Wei Lord.

Already moved to the side, the team members who were moving almost parallel saw this scene.

The densely packed demons can directly faint the dense phobia.

Arthur couldn’t help but said: “The bat head won’t be squeezed to death, right?”

The minibus shuddered all over, and I couldn’t imagine the feeling of being squeezed in between this pile of insects. It was disgusting.

next moment, rain-like energy bombs gushed out of the gliding Wei Lord’s hands.

Compared with gunpowder, the energy gun with almost no recoil will not affect his glide.

With nearly 10,000 rounds of ammunition, he doesn’t have to worry about firepower continuity, so why endure it? Of course, it is most cost-effective to use the advantages of long-range attacks first.

Densely packed demons were hit by such high-speed shooting.

Although the formidable power of the energy bombs in the normal rapid fire mode is not an advantage, it is already deadly for them in flight.

At the moment of being injured, the demon that lost his balance and smashed into the ground was like a dumpling, crackle and fell to the ground.

These are considered good luck.

The more bad luck is the demon rushing in the front. One of them blocked the eyes of four or five energy bullets, and splashed with a large amount of dark green slurry like a leaking bottle, and fell on the ground and turned into a tuft. Mosaic.

Diana originally wanted to rescue Wei Lord depending on the situation. Who knows that Wei Lord with two guns is really a gods block then kill gods posture, and there is no possibility of being squeezed to death.

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