Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2193


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Especially at the end of the Wei Lord’s gliding and falling into the urban complex, it is even more like a fish back in water.

Wei Lord is a professional in urban street fighting.

Cooperate with hook cable and cloak, use an energy pistol alternately with left and right hands, which can also open up the forward path during vertical jump and gliding.

Once surrounded by a large number of monsters, he will use the powerful auxiliary power system to run his legs close to the ground, freeing up his hands to use a combination of high-explosive, armor-piercing, and rapid-fire guns to force open the channel.

Diana just paid attention for a moment, then turned her head back, looked towards the several hundred meters tall tower formed like a rocky tree root not far away: “Push this tower away, the protective cover will definitely be affected. His fighter planes outside can come in handy.”

Without a protective cover, the fighter plane and the bat war chariot transported inside can form a ground-air coordinated firepower, and cooperate with Wei Lord to kill the monsters.

The housekeeper’s driving skills are too old, remote control driving is commonplace, and fighters are the same.

Everyone determined their goal and rushed to the bottom of the tower.

There are still some monsters remaining here. Although the expression is irritable, they are not attracted by the noise made by Lord Wei.

When they saw everyone, they immediately swooped in. The number of hundreds of them is still amazing.

Luke said: “Everyone keep going, I will solve them.”

The words came out, and two shoulder cannons sounded biubiubiu.

Compared with ordinary bullets, energy bombs greatly improve the performance of fire support accessories.

The two shoulder guns each have two alternate reactor functions, and there is no pressure for rapid fire, high explosive, and armor penetration.

The rhythm of Wei Lord’s double guns is just light rain, but the double shoulder guns are howling wind and torrential rain.

The auxiliary shooting program marked the flying monsters one by one, without aiming at a single target at all, and directly covering the route with firepower.

The flying magic group seemed to hit a wall of light and rain, and the crackle burst into the sky.

No one can enter within 100 meters of the crowd, and in the end even the demon that just emerged from the tower was blown up.

Everyone, including Diana, has a little confidence in this mission.

Based on the performance of Wei Lord and Luke, it is unlikely that the demons with an absolute advantage will besiege them, causing the ants to kill the elephants.

Furthermore, facing a powerful opponent like the wasteland wolf, if you are slightly delayed by the demon, the offense and defense may be different.

Temporarily empty the close-range monsters, Luke switched the two shoulder guns to armor piercing and high explosive modes respectively.

In the continuous muffled sound of pēng pēng pēng pēng, several huge light balls flew out and fell to the height of 2/3 of the tower.

The tower here is already relatively slender, with a diameter of more than ten meters.

More than ten rounds of armor-piercing + high-explosive energy bombs fell here, forcibly exploded a big gap.

Under the impact of the high-explosive bomb, the remaining part finally could not be supported, and ka-cha cracked.

Luke is the second round of armor piercing + high explosive strikes on this crack, completely shattered and barely maintained the balance.

The upper half of the tower over 100 meters fell down diagonally like this, and Luke deliberately controlled the strikes angle to make it fall in the opposite position of the Justice League.

As the tower fell, the protective shield that had spread from its top was unsustainable and quickly disappeared.

The War Goddess Spirit at the forefront vigorously vibrated, taking the lead, and blasting a big hole at the top of the tower with a sword, leading everyone in.

The angry roar of the wasteland wolf sounded: “You idiots, come back to me.”

While being beaten and running by Wei Lord, he was led to the figure stopped by the sky-like monster a few kilometers away, and all turned around and turned back to the tower.

Wei Lord frowned.

The demons chased him to fight, and he was really not dangerous.

But the demonic group wants to run, and his ignition power is also impossible to stop.

“Alfred, control the fighter plane and try to intercept part of it. Oh, remember to drop my car.” He commanded, running towards the tower and sweeping with two guns.

The housekeeper’s voice is still calm and unhurried: “Your car is entering, and the fighter air-burst missile is ready to launch.”

In less than five seconds, the fighter plane that had just launched into the sky shot dozens of white lines, and burst out 100 meters away from the tower, bursting into the light of Heavenly Fire.

The demon-like group that was returning to guard was caught off guard. The demon-like group within the explosion range was blown up, and the demon-like group that was unable to evade in the subsequent rushed into the flames and was swept away by the violent air current.

The aggressive response is a pause.

Wei Lord jumped onto the galloping Batmobile, but didn’t get in. Instead, he extended a hook with nano inner armor and hung it on the side of the car with his feet.

The firepower of the dual energy guns is really easy to use, and it will be wasted when sitting in, so the driving of the Batmobile is still left to the housekeeper.

Anyway, the elderly are very energetic recently, and there is not much problem with two-line operation.

More importantly, he found a problem and said: “Alfred, let the fighter be fully fired and output automatically. You help me control the Batmobile.”

The housekeeper over there sits in front of the 120-degree circular screen, and pulls away the second remote control system on the side. After inputting the automatic attack command for the fighter, he turns around: “Our air-burst missiles are similar. The devil’s lethality is not enough. Most of them are only slightly wounded and still maintain their mobility.”

In the words of the housekeeper, the demon-like creatures who had just been bombarded by the explosion climbed up from the ground, and many flapped their wings and continued to fly to the tower, and some with damaged wings began to run.

In general, the air burst firepower of the fighter jets just now produced about 30% of the effective damage.

This is only the part of the demons affected by the explosion, which can kill up to 5% of the total number of demons.

And that group is already all the air-burst missiles on the fighter plane, it’s no use trying to kill another 5%.

The toughness of the demon is still somewhat beyond expectations.

Originally, Wei Lord thought that the explosion would at least damage most of the magic-like wings in the area. As a result, the transparent wings looked a bit like a dragonfly but were not afraid of high temperatures.

Most of those injured and unable to fly are due to the violent impact when landing.

The task of attracting monsters was only half completed. The teammates rushed into the tower, but they were also under siege.

Now Wei Lord must rush over and cope with the next hard fight with everyone.

Wei Lord’s double gun biubiubiu opened the way on the Batmobile, and the two machine guns on the Batmobile swept back the monsters chasing in the air. I only hope that his teammates can withstand it.

Luke opened fire just now, he was entangled with a large group of monsters, and he didn’t notice the dominance of Luke’s fire support accessories.

At this moment, he faced the tower and saw a large rain of light burst out in front of the Wuyangyang Demon.

The sound of si si when the energy projectile fired quickly, and the bang bang in the high-explosive mode were mixed together, and a large number of monsters were shot down several dozen meters away from the high platform.

Wei Lord couldn’t help muttering: “holyshxt!”

Based on intuition, he estimated that the rate of fire of this energy projectile was more than twice that of an energy pistol.

This is not to mention that the high-explosive mode will greatly reduce the rate of fire.

That firepower support accessory is so fierce? Wei Lord couldn’t help but recalled seeing the muzzles on both sides of Luke’s shoulders just now, surprise mixed with joy.

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