Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2194


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No matter how Lord Wei suspects this suspected “super fan” guy, at this moment Luke can provide strong fire support for the operation but let him sighed in relief.

Resolve the immediate trouble before you can slowly plan for others. Wei Lord is such a pragmatic person.

As the Batmobile drew closer, the battle outside the tower surprised him even more.

Luke’s firepower accessories were made out very early.

In fact, after the nanometer outer armor technology matures, the ability to arbitrarily change its shape and structure allows it to integrate multiple functions.

The external accessories lose most of their usefulness.

But after coming over, Luke re-read the Old Antique technology that has been retired for more than ten years.

Nano armor can be retracted freely, body protection body, flying attack will make Wei Lord very afraid, if coupled with multi-weapon system integration, Wei Lord is afraid that he can’t sleep.

So Luke does not want to expose top technology too quickly if it is not necessary.

Accessories are high-tech, but they can’t be carried with you (at least, Lord Wei thinks you can’t) is a big problem.

Even if it can be airdropped, there is an obvious opportunity to interrupt the process.

This is much easier to deal with than the offensive and defensive one, which can be both near and far, and can be switched at will.

Secondly, the separate energy source and the shoulder gunner gun of the fire support accessories do increase the output frequency, and it can also be used in multiple modes.

At this moment, Luke not only fires freely on the shoulders of the energy machine cannons, but also the two hand cannon high-energy ion beams and concussive air cannons on the outside of his hands. , They are not given a chance to rush into the tower in a spurt of energy.

In the eyes of Lord Wei, who was approaching quickly, Luke was a shining spot.

Pale blue and orange, beams and balls, all kinds of energy bombs weave in the air a gorgeous and cruel battlefield of flesh and blood—of course, it’s all the flesh and blood of demons.

At this moment, it has been twenty seconds since the other team members rushed into the tower, but only a few dozen of the massive demons returned by Steppenwolf Summon passed Luke’s fire blockade.

It is incredible that Luke can do this with one enemy at least one thousand.

Moreover, Wei Lord can feel that Luke has a lot of energy.

Those demons who sneak in are not incapable of getting rid of them. They just want to contain a larger number of demons behind, so that no time is wasted.

There is nothing wrong with this choice of Luke.

It’s better to let a small amount of a fish that escaped the net in a short period of time than to let the demons accumulate enough and influx in one fell swoop.

The Batmobile came fast as lightning, and Luke was slightly sighed in relief.

It is still annoying to face so many demons alone.

There is a Wei Lord who checks and fills in the gap. As long as it doesn’t leak hundreds of them at once, Batman with two guns in his hand doesn’t care about this little scum.

The two did not have a conversation, but Luke consciously helped Wei Lord open a part of the passage and let the Batmobile rush in.

Then Wei Lord flew away and rushed directly in through the hole Diana had split, without staying outside for a second.

But the Batmobile controlled by Steward began to circle the tower continuously, and the two vehicle-mounted machine guns also reduced the firing frequency, only for those scattered magic guns that Luke had missed.

This is mainly because of ammunition.

The Batmobile is not an armored vehicle like a box with a square head. The ammunition is relatively weak. It has already consumed more than half of it when it rushes in. At this moment, it can only be assisted.

Luke was not disappointed. Instead, he had spare time to take a look at the hall below from where the tower broke.

Inside Steppenwolf and Justice League are sparking, entering a white-hot stage.


The four Diana rushed in, instead of following the law of the movie “Before the War”, but directly started.

The tactics were discussed within two hours of flying here.

Specifically how to play solo, there are not many requirements.

But who will attack who will assist, who will be in charge of which piece, and how to make up for the mistakes are all agreed in advance.

Including Luke and Lord Wei to block the demons, it is also a planned situation-there are too many demons, and they must be separated from the leader Steppenwolf to facilitate the Justice League’s siege.

In this project, Luke and Wei Lord both emphasized a “time” issue.

There must be a certain level of demons to hold them together.

At this time, Diana and the others must quickly defeat them, and even kill steppenwolves.

Once you keep it for a long time, mistakes will only be a matter of time.

It’s hard to say who besieged whom.

Therefore, Diana swung his sword and shield to stiff Steppenwolf, and Arthur’s five-stranded steel fork slammed it from the other side without hesitation.

The minibus didn’t do anything.

This guy is too weak, he is the first to touch Steppenwolf, maybe he will be killed by the other party using some special method.

For example, Luke, through the Spirit guy in his hometown next door, Pietro, experimented with the capture version of the Mind Force Strike, and the dismembered version of the Net of Annihilation.

After the spirit attribute exceeds 100, he can set up these two “traps” around his body as long as he prepares in advance.

Speed ​​is not only a weapon for the opponent, but also a weapon for the opponent to “suicide”.

Use colorless pure thought power to form a string, and the annihilation energy becomes a filament. Unless the attacker is Spirit proficient, or has special skills in crisis premonition, it is inevitable that he will be killed by the thought power and annihilation energy. occur.

This situation can be imagined as an F1 track. A thin wire with super cutting power is set on the route. How many racers can avoid it?

Furthermore, Pietro has a precedent for being hit by a steel pipe. The minibus only hit a stray bullet last night, which fully proves that their speed is not invincible.

Once there was a pause, the speed on the street was beyond imagination.

Therefore, the minibus can only serve as the Agility stream assassin, and by the way, he plays as a substitute and is only responsible for shooting at critical moments.

And Victor is the only one who can interfere with the mother box and create an opportunity for its separation.

At this moment, Diana and Arthur are the only two candidates to besiege Steppenwolves.

The Steppenwolf who was bombed with the protective shield had a bad temper. The giant axe danced in his hand, bringing out patches of red rays of light, which hit the sword, shield and steel fork continuously.

But after being irritated, Arthur and Diana couldn’t stand it a bit after bursting out with all their strength.

Giant axe cuts down with a powerful force, Diana and Arthur can still support, but from time to time they are slashed and smashed into huge pits in the bottom hall.

Luke won a little time, not at all, let the two take down Steppenwolves.

The minibus just pushed dozens of monsters away, making them smashed into mosaics on the wall.

Compared to killing people, killing demons is a good start-at least the green serous burst from demons is completely unlike human beings.

The disadvantage is that there are a lot of splashes on the uniform, which emits a disgusting smell, which makes the minibus have the urge to retching.

The arrival of Wei Lord finally changed the situation.

Cloak slipped into him, adjusted the route slightly in midair, and shot a rapid fire at the steppenwolf from the side.

The steppe wolves who had forced Diana back was covered by a pale blue light beam.

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