Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2197


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Hundreds of lines of fire quickly approached the battlefield, and suddenly decelerated and dispersed at an altitude of several kilometers.

Even so, five seconds later, there was a rain of energy bullets hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Just now Luke and Wei Lord used firepower accessories, and what they produced was just a line, but the energy bombs fired by these hundreds of huge shadows were a net.

What the vigilant demons do not at all?

The skirmish tactics of spreading the gaps were crushed by Luke in a more crude way of increasing firepower points.

The group of floating forts dropped from a height of several ten thousand meters fully demonstrated the correct way to open the fire fortress.

There is no high-speed movement ability, only large energy and ammunition, and densely packed muzzle.

They are positioned as disposable items. They do not consider dodge issues at all, but only want to output the maximum firepower in the shortest time and create the maximum damage.

It’s really hard to hit mosquitoes with cannons, but under the cover of the artillery fire clusters, overflow killing can burn mosquitoes to ashes.

The demonic group with more than 10,000 people is this “mosquito”.

High-explosive ammunition completely ignores energy consumption, and the boom~ boom~ explodes in a space below 1000 meters.

In this way, hundreds of floating turrets that distribute firepower in a unified calculation are rapidly rising from low to high, “layer by layer”.

The explosion formed by the sky full of energy bombs made the lose one’s head out of fear no other way to escape, so they could only rush to the sky in vain.

Break out of the firepower coverage area and destroy the turret group can all start with this action, which is the simplest choice.

Stepper wolf complexion greatly changed: “Idiot, run out.”

It is also a leader who has experienced a long war, how can it not be seen that this is a fire trap.

But the sky was full of artillery fire, and the demons rushing upward were obviously impossible to hear the curse.

So when they rushed to the floating fort and began to wreak havoc on the weapons on the fort, huge groups of white light shone in the dim high altitude.

The demons who gathered near the floating fort like locusts did not have time to roar in the huge white light group that burst, they began to melt in horror, and finally turned into a piece of gray, and then was surging by the turbulent white light Take it farther.

From the high-altitude speed drop of the floating turret, to the coverage of artillery fire, to the 70% self-destruction of the turret, the whole process is less than one minute.

The sky above the small city has been densely packed, and there are only a few hundred monsters that are annoying to watch.

In order to avoid accidentally injuring the Justice League teammates, the fort group bypassed several hundred meters near the tower without bombarding them.

These lucky guys escaped the first tribulation, but the second purge followed.

The second-tier turret, which deliberately opened a distance from the first-tier turret of Self-destruction, only waited a few seconds after the most violent explosion, and then began to descend at a constant speed.

After the rain of high explosive bombs, the rain of ordinary rapid-fire bombs began to wash the ground, killing the remaining little scum soldiers one by one.

By the way, we will make up for all the monsters that were injured but have not died before, to ensure that all monsters die without a whole corpse.

The Steppenwolf slowly lowered his head ugly complexion, and no longer had the posture of “everything under control”.

At this moment, Luke, Lord Wei, Diana, and Arthur are like those campus bullies in American movies who bully children, they are surrounded by a cross position.

In the process of the destruction of the previous demonic army, it tried to escape, but was blocked by the Justice League in turn, just like the weak being surrounded and pushed in turn.

Last night this guy was holding an axe and showing off to War Goddess that “it was stained with your sister’s blood”. It felt like a black comedy.

Before the replacement, Steppenwolves could also “strategic retreat” under the protection of the demon.

At this moment, the sky is a group of floating forts that dominate the field. It’s fine to stand here. Once it leaves a certain area where the Justice League is located, it will definitely wash its faces.

What else can the new general without an army do? It is also desperate.

The four members of the Justice League didn’t mean to talk nonsense with this guy. It was still War Goddess Diana who opened the group with a roar of war and cut out the first sword of “push boss”.

There was no demonic harassment this time. Two-tempo master Luke and Wei Lord also joined the battle group, and Steppenwolves immediately felt the difference.

Only after blocking Diana’s sword, Wei Lord kicked her face with an 80-yard super iron foot.

The protection of the Wei Lord with the accessories is not enough, but the accessories are so big, the impact force is 10 tons.

The Steppenwolf can’t adapt to the rhythm change of the difference between Heaven and Earth at all, and is instantly trampled on the ground, smashing into a big hole.

The next situation… can only be said that there is no beauty or style at all.

It’s not terrible to fall to the ground, but the terrible thing is to lose the center of gravity, or control over the course of the battle.

Luke moved at the moment and stepped on Wei Lord’s “footprint”.

His foot speed is much faster than that of Lord Wei, and he even thoughtfully made up a foot in the right hand of Steppenwolf holding giant axe, preventing it from swinging giant axe.

Arthur also rushed up with the steel fork, but could not find the upper body of Steppenwolf under the cover of the firepower accessories.

But he has raised his hand, he has to do something?

In desperation, he can only use his hands to make full strength, shouting loudly: “Ahhhh!”

Pu chi!

“Ahhhh ~” The stepper wolves made a louder scream. Not everyone can resist the “dishes” of barbecued pork and bird eggs.

Diana was swung back a few steps by giant axe. At this moment, only one third Steppenwolf could be seen-especially two calves.

However, thinking that this guy used her sister’s death to show off last night, she didn’t want to pay attention to it.

With a wave of the Divine Item long sword, the Wasteland Wolf screamed more sternly, still struggling desperately.

Because of its small exposed area and the principle of maximum damage, Diana’s sword specially found a suitable position, slashed it horizontally, and chopped off its two legs from the knees.

Wei Lord succeeded in a surprise attack, and according to past habits, he used his strength to fly more than ten meters.

At this moment, he turned around and saw that the Steppenwolf was completely unrecognizable, screaming on the ground with disabilities.

What’s more speechless is that Luke is much more cunning than him. He didn’t take advantage of the force to retreat in a hit. Instead, he stood on the side of Steppenwolf’s upper body, stomping on DuangDuangDuang like a pile driver with his big feet.

His violent stepping and skills, most of them are aimed at the upper limbs of Steppenwolves, and he is determined not to give it a chance to strike back.

If it weren’t for this, Steppenwolf wouldn’t even be able to scream at this moment.

It seems that he noticed Wei Lord’s gaze, and he immediately greeted him: “What are you doing in a daze? Come together.”

Wei Lord:……

Silence is just words, but there is no delay in action.

Wei Lord turned around, and then the ion thruster floated back to the extremely crowded “battle circle”, the position was just face to face with Luke-no way, this was the only remaining offensive space.

With the addition of this giant, Steppenwolf immediately couldn’t even make a scream.

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