Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2198


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Between Luke and Wei Lord, there is a weird “sense of harmony”.

After a hello, the two not at all divided the work verbally, but they tacitly took charge of one of the arms of the wasteland wolf-Lu Zuo Wei, and continued to step on it.

After only a few steps, these two rhythm masters actually have a rhythm. They follow the cycle of stepping on the left hand → stepping on the face → stepping on the right hand → stepping on the face.

With such a distribution, the attack of the two people is more time-saving and labor-saving, and both stretched out one hand to put the other side to borrow force, and stepped down to make it easy.

As a result, Arthur had no chance to “make up” at all, and could only be “aaaaaah” depressed, and the steel fork in his hand was raised and lowered like garlic, and kept between the waist and thighs of the wasteland wolf. The ground “pu chi” and “pu chi”.

War Goddess aside was depressed.

She only chopped off a pair of wasteland wolf’s calves, and found that she had completely lost her position, she could only turn her face to the side with a helpless expression, observing the movement of the wasteland wolf.

The scene in front of me was three men beating the sand sculpture boss like a street gangster.

If you change Luke to her point of view, you will definitely feel very familiar-the God of Cooking in a certain movie was beaten by the Eighteen Bronze Men in this way.

Being boringly holding a sword and shield to alert for a moment, War Goddess finally couldn’t help it.

Squatting down at the scene of the pit that turned into a deep pit, she yelled to the three men who were busy one minute below: “Hey, let me kill it! You guys go on like this, I’ll even Its head can’t be found anywhere.”

Two of the three men stopped and looked up.

Luke is the only one who keeps stepping on wasteland. The wolf’s head has been deflated a lot: “Just cut it. This guy has a really hard head. It’s not that easy to die.”

Diana rolled the eyes: “Are you trying to turn its head into cheese?”

be that as it may, she had already jumped down, stood at the position that Lord Wei gave up, and motioned to Luke on the opposite side.

Seeing that he took two steps back, the Divine Item long sword swung down and slashed at the neck of the wasteland wolf.

Well, it should be okay. Probably… Isn’t it where the neck should be? She was also a little uncertain.

It is true that Luke and Wei Lord stepped a bit hard just now, and the ground was trampled out of a ten-meter deep pit. Diana felt that the head and neck of the wasteland wolf were about to fuse together.

Looking at the wasteland wolf that seemed to be dead, suddenly raised a hand, grabbed the Divine Item long sword, and made a vague roar: “I will become a new god, I can’t die!”

In the faint crunch, long sword began to break through the metal glove on the palm of his hand and cut into it.

Wasteland wolves show their tenacious side as a boss, and are determined not to let go.

Luke, who had stopped thinking carefully and was about to let War Goddess revenge himself, walked quietly behind Diana: “What, do you still want to rescue it?”

Hearing this, everyone present was stunned.

Then…Pu chi!

Luke retracted his hand against the tail section of the long sword hilt, expressing his expression: “It seems that you don’t need it anymore.”


Just now, Luke suddenly stretched out his hand to press the tail section of the long sword hilt, and kicked the right hand of the long sword in the wasteland.

The wasteland wolf of Final Struggle looked at the long sword and suddenly speeded down. Like a guillotine, he slanted across his neck and cut his entire head off.

In the two small slits that can barely be seen, its eyes are wide, and it looks like it’s dead.

Luke to ones hearts content saw the killing prompt in the system, and wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere. The minibus appeared next to several people with a scream: “Victor has encountered trouble, he can’t take it down alone. Open the mother box.”

When he said this, his eyes were on War Goddess.

To separate the mother box requires a strong Strength and a strong enough body, otherwise the energy leakage during the split can easily kill nearby people.

In contrast, Minibus feels that Diana fits the “Strength” requirement.

Luke grabbed him: “Take me over.”

The minibus has become accustomed to listening to Luke’s instructions in the past two days. Before his brain reacted, his body moved honestly.


The two appeared beside Victor.

Victor heard the noise and quickly said without looking back: “In seventeen seconds, the energy cycle will collapse. Then someone must help me to open it.”

Luke stood opposite him and moved his hands: “Synchronize data and show the simulated splitting process.”

Victor did it right away, but still gave him a worried look: “Are you sure, can withstand the energy leakage after the mother box is split?”

Luke watched the split motion simulated by the silhouette on the virtual light screen, moved his neck, and made a crunch of bones: “It’s not a big problem if you can’t die.”

Victor remembered the white light he gave the minibus to heal his wounds quickly, and suddenly he suddenly said: “Okay, Strength…you should be able to do this with the armor?”

Luke: “The maximum power should not be worse than Diana.”

“Should?” Victor is suspicious, but now there is no time to delay: “Well, note that I will count down three times and say “start”, then you will go all out.”

“OK.” Luke replied briefly, because the conversation between the two was very fast, and there were only about five seconds left at this moment.

Victor lowered his head again and focused on the mother box in front of his hands: “Attention, 3, 2, 1, start!”

Luke inserted both hands into the sparkling white light group like lightning, and the mother box suddenly split into three at this moment.

But the three boxes in a row are not at all separated, and there are strong energy beams entangled with each other.

This is the problem Luke needs to solve.

He without the slightest hesitation, according to the predetermined position, press his hands on the boxes on both sides.

The huge energy was passed into within the body, and Luke remembered it in his mind: Well, it smells a bit like wheat, with a little floral fragrance.

The energy taste of the mother box is okay, but the trouble is that the resistance between the boxes is quite large.

Even if he went all out, the distance between the three boxes of the incarnation humanoid hydraulic machine did not expand much, let alone a complete separation.

An anxious expression appeared on Victor’s face: “It must be faster, at most ten seconds, it will recover and reintegrate.”

What he didn’t say is that after the mother box is re-fused, it may be stimulated to complete the transformation of the earth faster.

Luke not at all is anxious, thinking quickly, and thinks that he can use the annihilation energy to try.

After all, the most powerful attribute of annihilation energy is annihilation and blockade.

Those villains who can regenerate with spell or other energy will stop self-healing for a short time after being cut.

Perhaps, it is also useful for this mother box full of Life Aura?

Thinking so, both of his hands burst out at the same time with two transparent blades of annihilation.

The blade of annihilation, which has always been no stronghold one cannot overcome, is cut on the white energy beam between the three boxes, but it is cut on the thick leather like a normal blade.

Although I can cut, it feels very difficult.

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