Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2200


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However, for someone who has a trillion-level experience to graduate, this is just a small matter.

It is conservatively estimated that this kind of incident will have to happen more than ten or twenty times.

It’s normal for Arthur not to be a teammate. This guy likes to be silly, but he’s a bit guarded.

For the first time to perform a task together, it is unrealistic to directly become a teammate.

Way Lord? Achievement is a miracle, failure is a daily life.

In any case, the ruined town on the vast plain has turned into a strange and magnificent botanical garden, always making everyone happy.

The breeze blows, and the cloak behind Luke and Wei Lord flutters.

The residents of the small town who fled after the protective shield was destroyed in the distance looked at the beautiful “Flower City” with mixed feelings.

Although the scenery is very beautiful, it can’t be used as a meal. The houses in the small town are even more unrecognizable, and it must be impossible to live in.

But they at least escaped this great change, and they were much luckier than those in the same city who died earlier under the hands of demons.

Luke noticed the expressions of these people.

In the home next door, he and Tony set up a special aid Foundation early. It seems that this can be done here too?

People like Wei Lord will be subconsciously suspicious if they are friendly to him.

But to do something good to help others, it’s easier to brush the favorability from the side.

For ordinary poor people, Luke is doing it, and others are doing it, so the impression score will naturally be much lower.

This kind of rescue for the loss of the superpower war might still scratch Wei Lord.

However, a few years have passed since the Superman War, and the day of destruction a few months ago did not cause much damage to the city. Luke did not have the right opportunity to do so.

Feeling that everyone is in a relaxed mood, he immediately whispered, “This scenery is beautiful, but Russia It shouldn’t be let those people live here.”

Everyone was stunned and turned to look.

Luke: “Although this was caused by a wasteland wolf, the ordinary person It shouldn’t be known, did you say that anyone planted it on us?”

Everyone just thinks about superhuman treatment, and they can guess the answer.

Wei Lord’s heart moved slightly, he didn’t want to become a Superman himself.

Although he is not a law-abiding citizen in Gotham City, his targets are gangs and villains anyway, and ordinary persons are rarely affected.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

Luke: “Establish an Aid Foundation, which will be responsible for future clean-up work, and help the affected civilians in life, medical care, and employment.”

The minibus can only look for examples from his side: “Like unemployment relief?”

Luke shook his head: “That’s raising lazy pigs. We can solve the worries that may be caused by the war, and we can’t manage the rest. Life is always our own business, and we can’t live our life by others.”

Wei Lord agrees with this point: “Okay, let’s go back and discuss it.”

Luke nodded, but his face turned to Diana: “Big rich woman, do you have a share too?”

War Goddess gave him a blank look, but agreed: “Okay.”

Arthur scratched his head: “I have no money, but you can call me if you have something.”

Luke nodded: “You have money to contribute, but you don’t have money to contribute. You are doing a good job in saving people in the sea. Don’t care about it. Victor doesn’t need to pay. His internet technology is more useful to us than money. Big.”

The Justice League was just established, and it hasn’t started to do this yet.

But Luke has been engaged in online public opinion guidance in his hometown next door for several decades, and he is very familiar with this process.

Victor doesn’t use a keyboard to surf the Internet, and his brain is able to support the tens of thousands of water soldiers. It is really simple to maintain the reputation of the Justice League.

As the saying goes, the silent are always the majority.

Therefore, as long as the channels of attention of the most extreme opponents can be suppressed and the voices of supporters amplified, online public opinion will never appear one-sided.

If you can’t fall back on one side, then you are not qualified to force the Justice League to give the public an explanation.

Superman was forced so badly before, to a large extent that he didn’t think about it, or was unwilling to do such things.

Otherwise, you can go into the sea or the ground casually, and use your perspective to find some lost treasure, and it won’t take one night to become a billionaire.

But Luke does not have high moral requirements. Regardless of others or himself, as long as he does not harm the innocent.

What is the manipulation of public opinion? If he does not manipulate, capital groups will also manipulate.

Or they will inculcate consumerism and let the bottom have fun in time, regardless of the future.

Or create contradictions between men and women, and provoke patriarchy and feminist rights.

In fact, a wealthy woman with a net worth of hundreds of millions in front of a hundred thousand men, who has the right? The first brother in the United States accepts campaign donations. Is it because women donated it?

In the same sentence, the overwhelming majority problem in the world can ultimately be attributed to economic problems, or benefits and resources.

Most ordinary people are blushing with quarrels, and what they struggle for is actually the target thrown by the upper echelons of the United States to attract “firepower.”

For example, because a husband can’t make money, he doesn’t love her if he doesn’t buy luxury goods or luxury products for his wife, and he doesn’t deserve to love her.

Most people at the bottom didn’t want to understand when luxury and light luxury goods became a manifestation of “love”.

Diamond’s “Diamond is forever” advertisement is a collection of such manipulations.

Pack the worthless things into the equivalent of “love”, and then…sell them for a big price.

Other luxury products and light luxury products are similar operations.

The fact that the rich have enough money to waste does not affect their lives, it is just a life adjustment.

The ordinary lower-level people think that by purchasing these items, they can “like” a rich person, but never thought that the premise of a rich person is always to have money, not to use luxury goods.

Turning economic pressures into contradictions between men and women and marital problems, how many people will ponder the root causes of class consolidation and exploitation?

In any case, it is easier to beat and scold your spouse than to attack the upper class.

Therefore, the guidance that Luke has done is more or less to lead people to goodness, to promote positive energy, and to do it with a clear conscience.

The minibus raised his hand weakly on the side: “Then what can I do?”

A few days ago, he was a super innocent little brother, at best he would “push” bad guys and just run away.

Luke said to this new teammate, who is a bit like the combination of the younger brother Joseph and the reserve Big Uncle son Pietro. He has very good senses. He smiled and patted his head: “Don’t worry. Just follow me. Remorse for wasting years, and not ashamed of attempt nothing and accomplish nothing.”

Wei Lord frowned: “This…is Nikolai Ostrovsky’s words?”

Lumou, the socialist successor in his previous life, shrugged: “At least this sentence makes sense, and isn’t it appropriate to say it here?”

Well, it was indeed the homeland of Nikolai Ostrovsky more than thirty years ago.

The minibus classmate looked confused: “What kind of driver is this Oscar famous?”

Luke: “Don’t care about this, the point is that his sentence is not at all wrong.”

Minibus classmate nodded: “Yes.”

Luke patted his head again: “Come on, I am optimistic about you.”

Seeing this situation, Wei Lord became a little suspicious again: This guy was soaking in War Goddess, and at the same time wooing the child of the minibus, um, Victor seemed to be very interested in helping the Foundation.

No, I must increase my participation and investment in this Foundation! He immediately made a decision in the heart.

Wei Lord actually knows very well that it is this act of helping the innocent that is more likely to give people a sense of identity and satisfaction than to fight crimes and fight crimes.

Why do many big bosses separate themselves from the group on the surface, do not hold any positions, and instead make a high-profile appearance in the promotion of charity activities?

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