Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 2201


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Luke didn’t know that Lord Wei was susceptible again, and would not care if he knew it.

This is Wei Lord’s daily life.

Besides, Luke is not a superman, he doesn’t have such high self-demand.

He’s not Wei Lord either, and he doesn’t feel such a strong sense of anxiety.

Manipulating public opinion is a bit dark, but it is only for self-protection.

A chivalrous spirit can make oneself stronger, but not by fair means or foul.

So, what “God” doesn’t bother to do, he can do it.

What “man” has no time to do, he has time to do it.

The “brand operations” that DC superheroes are too lazy to do, don’t have time to do, don’t have money and resources to do, let him do it.

Most “operation plans” have backups in the Armored Smart Program, which can be used with slight adjustments to local conditions.

Anyway, human nature is not fundamentally different from Marvel’s home next door or DC here.

The key to the “operational plan” is not the gimmick and flattery that many people think, but the practical application of human psychology.

This is why the Internet celebrities and celebrities have accidents after the Internet era, and even afterwards, people often have an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Because most of them are “products” launched according to a type of operation model.

There are modes of operation, as are crisis public relations, and they are also specifically aimed at human psychology, especially social psychology, and more specifically, the practical application of group psychology.

As long as the operation is done well, it will not be difficult for the public opinion to be blinded.

Speaking of which, DC, the “genuine” Justice League, is much easier to form than Luke’s hometown next door.

A superman who is almost invincible in the universe is enough to protect himself.

Although Lord Wei has a “suspected” plan to kill Superman, it will take time.

Then, Diana of “Alliance One Flower”.

Able to fight and resist. There are no shortcomings in mind, emotional intelligence, and psychological quality. He is also charming and heroic.

Men knelt almost all when they saw her, and women should at least kneel half way too—however, they could have a relationship with women’s self-improvement.

Wei Lord will not say much, he has already made GCPD all his own, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the fame of being a man is an indispensable part of the overall image of the team.

The rest… well, let’s do some housework.

It’s not to look at the face, it is that they have too little experience and lack the foundation to become a “team giant”.

For the simplest example, Superman floating from the sky is like Spiritual God, Wei Lord is flying high on the top of the building cloak, War Goddess dual-wielding sword and shield are ready to attack, the scene is full of “aura” “.

People at a lower level don’t have the guts to question them.

But if you think about Arthur’s stupid face chuckled, or the minibus eyeballs and scratching his head, or Victor…well, let’s forget it, you will be questioned that it is not human.

This situation will only increase the rate of (horse fleas) from the onlookers.

So the Big Three are very good “three facades”. When replaced by a Korean idol team, they are responsible for the lead singer, face value, and dancing, which are enough to meet more than 80% of the expectations.

For such a small team with ready-made resources, Luke wants to “operate” much easier than starting from scratch in the next home.

As his “operation plan” advances, the probability of team members being cheated by others will only get lower and lower.

After a few years, even if someone can kill a certain superhero, including Superman, Luke will be able to bring the dead to the altar and be admired by others.

The enemy will be beaten into a cesspit and will never turn over.

At that time, it was not about who wanted to deal with the Justice League, but about whom the Justice League wanted to deal with.

More importantly, after such a “team image” is put into operation, Luke does not have to hesitate to act both internally and externally.

As long as there is no fanfare, do some things.

If the merits are not worth the mistakes, it is such is human nature.

As long as we do a lot of good things, a little mistake in other “crime fighting” matters is nothing.

Luke’s selfish calculations crackled in his heart, and he glanced at his new teammate on the side with a smile, almost elated.

While the teammates are still enjoying the joy of victory and the satisfaction of saving, they completely didn’t expect that even the “role positioning” has been arranged by someone.


The finishing work after the war was carried out by Luke and supervised by Wei Lord.

The rest… well, they have to take Wei Lord’s Ray Fighter back.

Mainly the “remains” and “relics” of wasteland wolves, which must not be collected at all.

This thing can only be destroyed after taking it back for research.

Direct destruction is impossible, and Luke does not worry about ordinary destruction methods.

Maybe the resurrection magic of the wolf in wasteland, the planet is reborn outside.

So he took the head of the wasteland wolf as a trophy, and threw it into the storage space as experimental material after changing hands.

The mother box is still handled by the old rules.

Arthur took the box of Atlantis back to the Temple of the Sea, Diana took the box of Amazon back to Paradise Island, by the way, took away the double-horned helmet of the wasteland wolf, and took it back instead of the corpse to comfort those killed by it. Amazon warrior heroic spirit.

The human box is kept by Wei Lord, which was proposed by Luke on his own initiative.

Because as early as when the mother box was touched, the system warned that the item may attract the perception of unknowable existence, and the storage space is not accepted.

Obviously, this thing has similar attributes to the infinite gems in my hometown.

For example, behind the Eye of Agomoto, there is the shadow of Weishandi on the ancient line. The Strength gem was used as a weapon by the Heavenly God group a long time ago. The dark elves with ether particles are even the most frustrated.

From the unintentional words of the wasteland wolf, you can hear that the mother box has a “shangjia” in it. The sand sculpture of the wasteland wolf may be the “godson” of the “shangjia”-similar to Wei Zhongxian Liu Jin collects those godsons to work.

When the Russian officials arrived, only the “flower city” and the wreckage of demons were left.

There are too many things, and multiple tests did not find any danger, Luke left it to the processing authorities.

After the Foundation was established, the first donation should be aimed at this.

In any case, it is the Justice League who smashed these monsters with more than hundreds of thousands into pieces, and it is reasonable to give some “cleaning fees”.


Two days later, the joy of victory in the war has faded.

The minibus stayed at the base and worked with Luke to improve his uniform.

This is troublesome.

Not everything can be held by him to fight, otherwise the wasteland wolf won’t have to be beaten to death—the minibus takes Diana’s long sword and hits it on the neck, and it will be done in 0.001 second.

Currently, the materials of this uniform are the result of many experiments he has done.

The uniform designed by Luke for Pietro is not much stronger, and it can’t be compared with the standard armor of the team members.

Energy and weapons are second, the key is that the protection performance is not enough.

If the minibus can wear the nano armor to maintain its original mobility, it will not be beaten into a cripple by a stray bullet.

From this, we can see that what he lacks most is protection.

Luke is not very demanding. It is good to be able to protect against ordinary attacks, lest the minibus will risk the mortal danger to participate in the battle in a slightly fierce battle.

This is not in line with his usual “safety first” principle.

Just as the minibus put on a simple experimental uniform made of new synthetic materials and was about to run, Luke received a message on his mobile phone.

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