The raws were pulled (real-time) from:

However, this also has the advantage that as long as there is a good thing to swallow, then he can upgrade indefinitely, without fear of breakthrough and cultivation deviation.


Having said that, there is another new term now, and that is swallow points.


“Swallow points, what is swallow points?” Ye Xuan asked strangely in his mind.


The polyspirit pill he just took is worth a million dollars and two silvers. It is very precious. However, this is a point. How useful is this point?


“Swallow points can be exchanged for martial art, Bloodline, divine armament, treasure, etc…”


Not waiting for Ye Xuan to ask, there is a list in my mind. He took a closer look and found that 5th Grade martial art only needs a little swallow points.


“Tiger Roar boxing, falling legs, 霹雳Sword Art…”


Ye Xuan couldn’t help but mutter, what he sees now is 5th Grade martial art, each of which is worth XillionXth Grade martial art of two silver.


“System, how do swallow points come?” asked Ye Xuan.


“Host devours some precious things and gets swallow points.”


Hearing this, Ye Xuan eyes was also a bright light, only when he swallowed a polyspirit pill worth one million silver and then got a swallow points.


If he replaces this swallow points with the Cultural Technique, then teaches them out, makes a big profit, and then buys the spice pill to upgrade, isn’t it invincible?


But the next moment, he remembered one thing.


5th Grade Cleaning Technique Although precious, but some people can afford it, in Cloudmerge City, besides the four major Clan, who can take out a few hundred thousand coins at a time?




Ye Xuan shook his head in disappointment, but at this moment, his eyes suddenly became brighter, because swallow points can be exchanged for the Cultural Technique, as well as medicinal pill, divine armament treasure and so on.


Among them, a column called Bloodline attracted the attention of Ye Xuan.


“Beast King Bloodline, top-level Bloodline, can make the beasts surrender, greatly enhance the physical strength…”


“Bloodline, top-level Bloodline, can absorb the growth of other people’s blood, but Incarnation bats can be used for the first time…”


“Moonlight Werewolf Bloodline, top-level Bloodline, greatly enhances the physical strength, can be Incarnation Werewolf, bathing moonlight will enhance Ability…”


“Deep Sea Blood Dragonline, top-level Bloodline, greatly enhances physical strength, can be Incarnation Flood Dragon…”


“Golden Titan Bloodline, top-level Bloodline, which greatly enhances the physical strength, can be Incarnation Titan…”




Seeing these Bloodline, Ye Xuan is also shocked to say nothing, but above these top-level Bloodline, there are more High Level Divine Rank Bloodline, such as Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillon Bird, Black Tortoise, Kirin. .


In addition, he also saw War God Bloodline, the Devil King Bloodline, the Great Principle Golden Immortal Bloodline, etc., at least thousands. When Ye Xuan saw the price after these Bloodline, the eyes were spent, and he only saw a lot of zeros.


He didn’t dare to look again and hurry to the Basic Level Bloodline.


“Wind Chaser Panther Bloodline, speed up the run, Low Level Bloodline…”


“Hundred Beast Bloodline, enhances physical strength, with the power of Hundred Beast, Low Level Bloodline…”


“Hundred Flower Bloodline, enhances resilience, Hundred Poisons Immunity, Low Level Bloodline…”


There are also a lot of Low Level Bloodlines, but Ye Xuan can’t even buy one because he only has a little swallow points.


“It seems that it is much better to swallow something…”


Ye Xuan has some regrets in mind. These Bloodlines are extremely not bad. If he owns the Hundred Beast Bloodline now, he might be able to blow a wall out with a punch.


The Hundred Flower Bloodline is also not bad, Hundred Poisons Immunity, and will not be afraid of others poisoning in the future.


When Ye Xuan thought about how to upgrade, suddenly, there was a Dao shade that opened the door of the yard and walked in.


It should be said that Liu Er didn’t come back so soon, but this is indeed Liu Er. However, Liu Er is a bit wrong.


“young master ……”


After Liu Er entered the door, he also intentionally tightened his clothes and whispered a word.


Ye Xuan knows Liu Er soon, but I can see some clues.


Liu Er, seems to have just cried.


Moreover, Liu Er is still dirty, and there are some slight injuries on his body. This is obviously being beaten.


Immediately, Ye Xuan stepped up and grabbed Liu Er, saying: “Liu Er, what happened, who bullied you?”


“No… No, it was Liu Er who was not careful when he just entered the door…” Liu Er hurriedly shook his head.


“Nonsense, tell me, who hurts you?” Ye Xuan eyes, slamming Liu Er’s collar directly, and sure enough, there are some scratches on the shoulders, which seem to be caught by women’s nails.


How could he possibly believe in the ghosts of Liu Er, the obvious scratches on the latter, will not always be stone scratches?


He is also very angry because he treats Liu Er as a younger sister, his younger sister is being bullied, how can he calm down?


“Liu Er, tell me!” Ye Xuan’s expression was cold.


Liu Er, who just cried, also felt the scream of Ye Xuan, but she recalled the passage that had just passed, and the tears suddenly came out and directly plunged into the arms of Ye Xuan.


“Liu Er just went out and wanted to pick a piece of cloth for the young master and make a piece of clothes. Who knows that Chen Mei was on the way, she said that the young master is a waste, and Liu Er is just a gas…” Liu Er flow Said with tears.


“And then?” Ye Xuan’s face is getting colder and colder.


“Then, then she hit me, shred my cloth, and threw my clothes on the street…” Liu Er said arrogantly.




Hearing this, Ye Xuan’s complexion has already sunk to the bottom, and immediately asked: “This Chen Mei is so courageous, who is she?”


Liu Er wiped her tears. “She is the maid of Chen family young master Chen Song…”


Chen Song ?


For this person, Ye Xuan has some impressions, Chen Song is two years older than him, realm is Martial path 4th layer middle stage, and is also the number one.


“This Chen Song was there at the time?” Ye Xuan asked again.


Liu Er nodded gently: “When Chen Mei hit me, he was eating in the drunken fairy house. Fortunately, the city guards passed by, otherwise…”


“Okay, I know.” Ye Xuan resisted the anger in his heart and gently stroked Liu Er’s hair.


There are four top Clans in Cloudmerge City, in addition to Ye Family and Lin Family, as well as the Chen family and the Wu family of City Lord Mansion.


This Chen family’s Strength is also not to be underestimated, but even so, Ye Xuan will find this scene back.


“young master, you don’t go, you are…”


Liu Er is a little worried, but he hasn’t finished, Ye Xuan is stroking her hair, saying: “Nothing, young master I have now recovered Strength, and the cultivation base is even deeper.”


“Ah? Young master your dantian…” Liu Er shocked and widened the eyes.


“Well, it has been fixed, Liu Er, you stay at home, the young master goes back.” Ye Xuan said, just left.


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