Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 494

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“Boss Su, can you speak in one step?”

“Borrow one?”

Xie Jinshui nodded, reached out to invite Su Ping to the window next to him, and placed a soundproofing Formulation.

Seeing that he was so serious about his affairs, Su Ping was also somewhat dignified, and the 4 or 5 word name of each and everyone appeared in his mind…

“Boss Su, I just got the latest news. The demonic beasts that I drove away from before seem to be showing signs of resurgence, and I worry that they will come again to violate them!” Xie Jinshui said solemnly, all the information he had obtained before, Su Su To share, today’s Su Ping is the first battle strength of the Dragon river. If there is a huge beast tide coming over, you still have to rely on Su Ping.

Su Ping was stunned and relaxed: “That’s it? If there is another violation, kill it again, the mayor need not worry.”

Seeing Su Ping’s so calm reaction, Xie Jinshui’s mouth moved slightly, and his heart was both happy and sad.

With strength, speaking is tough enough!

He only secretly sighed that he failed to perceive the path of promotion to Legendary. He has been stuck in the Titled Limit. For more than 100 years, it is just an opportunity!

If he can become Legendary, why should he rely on others?

Why need to be nervous because of a beast tide like now?

Secretly shook the head, Xie Jinshui put away these thoughts and said to Su Ping: “Boss Su, this kindness, I will remember Xie Jinshui!”

Although Su Ping is willing to shoot, he does not at all treat this as as it should be by rights.

In the guard battle of the base city, powerhouses such as Su Ping, including Five Great Families and other Titled, are willing to help, Xie Jinshui is regarded as their sentiment!

Speaking of which Su Ping and Five Great Families, both Dragon River people, deserve to shoot, but Xie Jinshui knows that participating in the war will damage their interests, it is risky, and only the 100 surnames of honest and timid will be closed. Morality, because the 100 surnames are so poor that there is only one morality to manage.

Trying to use these ethics to restrain these high grades is obviously unrealistic and only counterproductive. This is reality.

Whether it is Su Ping or Five Great Families, or other Titled, these people who are able to help can still jump to other base cities to make a living. Although they may not be comfortable with the Dragon river, this is a matter of choice.

Choice and choice are human instincts.

What Xie Jinshui can do is to make their balance lean towards the Dragon river through their attitudes and the treatment given.

“This is what I should do, and I am also from Dragon River.” Su Ping said, he didn’t think so much about Xie Jinshui, thanks and so on, he didn’t need it, he didn’t play for Xie Jinshui, just for his own Hometown, for his parents, for the customers who come to his shop.

In order to control the neighbors who once called him “Little Su”, and the delicious noodle restaurant on the street…

Too much, this is Su Ping’s home.

It is where he came to this World and opened his eyes.

It is where his parents and his life grew up.

If he has the ability to guard, he will never let this collapse!

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Xie Jinshui took a deep look at Su Ping. He had such extraordinary battle strength, but for a “simple” person like Su Ping, he didn’t see much. He thought of Su Ping’s life. I have the most detailed information in my hand, including the hospital where I was born and the name of the doctor who gave birth.

Perhaps this is the cuteness of a 19-year-old boy.

Thank you!

Xie Jinshui still said something in the bottom of her heart, but didn’t say it again. Some kindness was difficult to say because it was too heavy!

No more staying, after saying goodbye to Su Ping, Xie Jinshui turned and hurried away, leaving from the passage beside the banquet hall.

Watching Xie Jinshui leave, Su Ping thought for a while, and turned back to the previous table. He looked at Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong and said, “Are you full, ready to go back when you are full.”


As soon as Zhong Lingtong spoke, he burped and quickly covered his mouth. Looking towards Su Ping, Xiaoyuan blushed.

“You can really eat…” Su Ping’s mouth twitched slightly.

Seeing that they were full, Su Ping immediately found Mother who was surrounded by some noble ladies. Seeing that she seemed unable to cope, she told her about going home early.

Li Qingru hearing this readily agrees that although these people are very polite to her and all follow her words, she feels that they are not a world person but just greet each other.

When several ladies saw Su Ping, they all called Su Titled respectfully.

They don’t know Su Ping’s Titled, so it’s rude to call it that way.

Su Ping nodded, leading Mother and Tang Ruyan 2 together, left from the banquet hall and returned home early.

On the other side of the banquet, Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin, Mu Beihai and the others got together.

Although they were chatting with each other, some of their attention was always on Su Ping. At this moment, Su Ping left early, all eyes flashed, but his face remained silent.

Since the main guests have left, it doesn’t make much sense to stay there.

“It’s not too early, there is still something in my house, go back first.” Liu Tianzong got up and said the first, after smiling at Qin Duhuang and the others, he turned away with the clan elders around him.

Zhuo Tianlin and Mu Beihai also got up and left.

Soon, only Qin Family was left on the table.

“Shu Hai, what’s going on in the league, you don’t want to disclose it to others for now. These guys don’t know about Inverse King Su yet. Let them talk in the dark first.” Qin Duhuang handed out a soundproofing Formation, Say to Qin Shuhai around you.

Qin Shuhai froze, saying, “Why?”

At the beginning of the conversation, other people intended to test his words, but he saw the glance that the Old Master gave him, and did not answer directly. It was just asking at the moment.

“You have been floating outside for so many years, why is there so no threshold, if they know this, Boss Su will have a higher status in their hearts, they will be more polite to Boss Su, then, in comparison, Our attitude cannot be highlighted. How can this make Boss Su have a better impression of our Qin Family?” Qin Duhuang shook his head helplessly and immediately said angrily.

Qin Shuhai is dumb, didn’t expect this can be plot against.

But think about it, it is really a brainstorming thing to have a good relationship with Su Ping.

Su Ping has the ability to kill Legendary now. If they become Legendary in the future, their Qin Family and Su Ping’s friendly relationship alone will enable them to promote their Qin Family status. No one dares in all aspects of family operations. To embarrass them and even provoke others, others may not dare to retaliate!

“I understood.”

Qin Shuhai said.

Qin Duhuang was nodded, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he sighed and sighed a little, saying: “Beheaded Legendary, singled out all the Titled in the league. If you don’t listen to you, I dare not believe it, no wonder you come back at the same time, and he only I went back one day, and I thought he came back deliberately. Didn’t expect to end the league in such a domineering way.”

Qin Shuhai smiled bitterly, don’t say you don’t dare to believe it anymore, all I saw was dreaming!

“The genius of the Inverse King class has not appeared for how many years.”

Qin Duhuang shook the head, which was both sigh, has several points of envy, and a sense of powerlessness. This feeling of powerlessness was the same as when he faced King beast before, almost unable to keep Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast. , Let him have a kind of old feeling.

“If those Titled know, Boss Su is actually not 20 years old this year, I think it must be crazy.” Qin Shuhai is also said with a bitter smile.

Their Qin Family has long investigated Su Ping’s identity data. Although the information in this data is similar to the current Su Ping, there are some places that hide the information that Su Ping has become stronger, but at least the age is not wrong.

In the data, there are photos of Su Ping through childhood, photos of students from elementary school to junior high school, and the strange and strange selfies left by Su Ping himself. These photos can see the outline of his current appearance. I grew up all the way.

So age is absolutely real.

Qin Duhuang’s mouth twitched a little, and suddenly he didn’t want to talk about it again. He said: “You said that Northern King also appeared in the league. Putting it that way, the special reward of this league should be used specifically as bait. Just happened to catch this family of Qing Family Old Ancestor, but unfortunately it just came out, and was killed before jumping a few times, as I had guessed before, there are some old guys who have to shame no. Avoiding the service, deliberately hiding the cultivation base!”

Qin Shuhai said: “Old Master, you said that Northern King came to fish them. Is it really related to the Abyss cave? I heard some rumors before that said that the Demonic beast riot on the side of the Abyss cave has sacrificed 2 and 3 Legendary to suppress it. Go on.”

“I guess so.”

Qin Duhuang’s eyes flickered slightly: “Abyss cave appears turbulent, we have a Dragon beast attack here again, I just watched the news, and there are 2 base cities. It seems that there are also signs of being surrounded by the demonic beast. , These things happen at the same time, something unusual, we have to be prepared.”

Qin Shuhai complexion slightly changed.

“I just left Old Xie, and before I left, I seemed to say something to Boss Su, and Boss Su also left. I guess what happened.” Qin Duhuang glanced at the place where Su Ping had been, thinking about it, and immediately Get up and say: “Let’s go, let’s go back. I’ll find Old Xie and see what happened.”

Qin Shuhai nodded.


After leaving the banquet, a dedicated car will return Su Ping and the others.

Su Ping first arranged for Mother to take a rest. Zhong Lingtong and Tang Ruyan also sent them to their staff dormitory. Then Su Ping went back to the store alone, turned on the lights, closed the door, and glanced at the empty store. A sense of loneliness after a lively hustle and bustle, but he felt quite comfortable.

Came to the pet beast room and saw Joanna sitting in the fostering seat cultivation.

“Aren’t you bored staying here all day long?”

“So, can I leave the store?”


“What did you say?”


Ignoring Joanna, Su Ping summed out the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou and summoned them into the Fostering seat next to them to stay and cultivate spirituality.

At the same time, Su Ping turned over the palm, take out the innate talent stone obtained from League of Kings!

Seeing this gray stone, Su Ping suddenly discovered that he didn’t know how to use it.

After thinking for a while, he took out the newsletter and contacted Blade Venerable.

“Boss Su?”

Received a communication from Su Ping in the middle of the night, Blade Venerable was a little surprised and surprised.

Su Ping also didn’t expect that one dozen could get through. You must know that if Blade Venerable is in another base city, his communication can’t be reached.

“Are you on the Dragon river?” Su Ping asked in surprise.

Blade Venerable said with a smile: “No, I’m still in the Dao Foundation city. Boss Su rushed back to suppress the beast tide. It should have been calmed down now. Boss Su is out. This beast tide dares to invade your Dragon river. It is courting death.”

Blade Venerable has no worries about the beast tide.

Although the Dragon River is only a second-class base city, Su Ping now appears as a murderer, even if it is invaded by King beast, it can still be repelled. Defensive power can be comparable to the 2th base city.

“The beast tide has been resolved. If you are in the Dao Foundation city, how can I contact you directly?” Su Ping wondered.

Blade Venerable said with a smile: “My communication number is a continent-level special number. In any base city in the Asian region, you can contact me unless I am on another continent.”

Su Ping was stunned, didn’t expect there is such a thing. Sure enough, the famous Titled still has some benefits. Qin Shuhai does not have this, otherwise he can contact him in the base city of Holy Light.

“How can I get this number? Can I get one?” Su Ping said with some emotion. If he has this number, he can always contact Su Lingyue. After all, people are far away from the sky. Although the Vice Principal is taking care of it, but In the end, I was worried.

“Of course, Boss Su is an Inverse King that is hard to come by in 100 years. If you want, I will say hello to Asialink, and they will take the initiative to find you.” Blade Venerable said with a smile.

“Many thanks.” Su Ping nodded, then asked: “I am looking for you to ask about innate talent stone, do you know how to use this?”

Blade Venerable suddenly, no wonder Su Ping will contact him in the rare midnight.

“This is simple, as long as the innate talent stone touches the star force, it will turn into psychic energy. You can let your battle companion absorb directly with the star force.” Blade Venerable said with a smile.

Su Ping is a little speechless, didn’t expect is that simple.

“Understood, thanks.” Su Ping said.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping looked at the innate talent stone in his hand and thought about it.

He called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in the Fostering seat and threw the innate talent stone to it.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast subconsciously opened his mouth consciously, and then gulu swallowed it.

Su Ping, dumb, how does this feel like feeding a dog?

“This is not food, use your energy to refining.” Su Ping quickly preached.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast blinked his eyes, and then the energy surged all over his body. Soon, a gray of rays of light suddenly appeared on his body, similar to the rays of light on the previous innate talent stone.

The rays of light covered the surface of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, flashing dimly.

Su Ping looked at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast curiously.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast raised his head, it seemed that there was something unpeepable on the top of the shop, its pupils kept shrinking, as if it was unbearable, and the flames of purgatory were drifting, like a strong wind, including breathing, became heavy. .

After a few minutes, the breath on his body gradually stabilized, and a pair of dragon eyes returned to their original appearance. He lifted his paw and gently scratched his head, looking suspiciously at Su Ping.

It has ended?

Su Ping thought about it and prepared to try the effect: “How much is 1000-7?”


Purgatory Candle Dragon beast looked at him blankly.

Su Ping couldn’t help but shook her head slightly.

He used the appraisal technique to check the attribute of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

The battle strength actually changed, not the previous 10.5, but 10.9!

Increased by 0.4!

Su Ping immediately jumped to the skill bar and glanced at it quickly, and suddenly found that it appeared to be a skill and it was Legendary skill!

Song of Purgotory!

Su Ping glanced at it for 2 times, this seems to be a dragon sound technique.

“One innate talent stone for a Legendary skill, it’s not bad.” Su Ping was a little happy. I heard before that when this innate talent stone is used, it has a half probability of success and a half probability of failure. It is the same as useless. The situation in front of us is obviously successful.

It didn’t cost him a run in vain, a battle.

“Not bad.”

Su Ping satisfies the stout thighs of the Pats Purgatory Candle Dragon beast with satisfaction, and then takes it to the Testing Room to try this skill.

After a few minutes, coming out of the Testing Room, Su Ping was more satisfied. This Song of Purgotory’s formidable power is quite powerful, and it is a very powerful skill.

“Go back.” Su Ping asked Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to return to the Fostering seat and continue to warm up.

After the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast entered the Fostering seat, Su Ping turned over the pet beast space in the shop. Because of his departure, Joanna could not receive Professional training for him, and the normal cultivation was handed over to Shadow Clone. He will do tonight It can be easier.

Bring up the incubation list, Su Ping search in incubation Secret Realm.

The Secret Realm of the old Dragon King was recorded here. Su Ping doesn’t know the other 2 Secret Realm in the sub-continent area. Whether there is any record is also recorded here.

After searching for a long time, the number of these Secret Realm cultivation sites is very large. Su Ping looked at it for ten lines and looked for ten or more minutes. His eyes were a little flowery, but he still didn’t find the same name, and there was no pull bar next to the list. Su Ping did not Know how long it will take to find out.

Think of the Training plane in the system, covering the ancient times, the powerhouses that were born in countless years, and the Secret Realm they left behind, it is estimated that it is scary to death.

Su Ping shook his head, only temporarily. After all, these Secret Realm’s name records, and the official names of the Asian land area, may not be the same, so to find a needle in a haystack, hope is slim.

After thinking about it, Su Ping randomly selected a low rank Secret Realm like the old Dragon King Secret Realm. The highest battle strength cap is King beast.

However, King Beast of Destiny Realm is still an irresistible existence for Su Ping. Even with the life-saving hidden treasure given by the old Dragon King, there is no way to fight it.

At this time, Su Ping did not bring the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast into them. They have little effect on cultivation in such a low rank Training plane, it is better to stay in the Fostering seat to cultivate.

In the Training plane, Su Ping mainly wanted to borrow the different Time Flow Speed ​​to let Little Skeleton complete the awakening earlier.

Secret Realm is cultivated here, a deep red sea of ​​blood, with corpses everywhere.

Soon after Su Ping appeared, he encountered Spirit Beast, which was drilled from the bones and the sea of ​​blood, both of which were Rank-8 and Rank-9. Su Ping was also polite, and broke into star force directly.

In addition to Subduing Devil Divine Fist, he also learned some combat skills from other Heavenly Gods in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds. At this moment, in close combat, he took turns to play and gradually became more proficient.

In an instant, the night passed.

It was one night outside. In the nurturing world, Su Ping spent more than ten days and also killed more than ten days. I feel that the whole person has become more keen.

After returning to the store, as usual, Su Ping adjusted his mind and opened the store for business.

Today’s customers are very hot.

After yesterday’s full Dragon River live broadcast, everyone knew Su Ping, and Rogue’s fame reached unprecedented prosperity!

Outside the store are a few long dragon teams.

“Boss Su, you defeated the beast tide. Is this true?”

“Me, can I have a signature, I am your lotus root fan!”

“Boss Su, I’m here to replace my son. Thank you. Thank you for avenging my son!”

Among these customers, some were curious and some came to join in the excitement, and one of them was an old man who came to thank Su Ping.

Hearing the old man’s words, the shop became quieter.

In the post-war celebrations, people also thought of the heroes who died in battle.

For a time, many people cast their solemn and respectful eyes on the old man.

Su Ping also didn’t expect that there will be such a situation, and quickly lifted up the old man.


The morning is not over yet and the store is full.

After having lunch, I chatted with Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong in the afternoon about the cultivation. Su Ping got back to Demi-God’s Fallen grounds and continued to cultivate.

time flies.

In an instant, 3 days passed.

In these 3 days, the business in Su Ping was full.

At the same time, in the city hall, Xie Jinshui’s face is dignified day by day. The information from the investigation ahead is not optimistic!

Demonic beast is indeed gathering!

And there is a tendency to form a super-large beast tide!

Not only that, there are King beasts appearing inside, and this time, there is more than one!

He only hoped at the moment that the other King beast life reactions detected were just passing by.

On the afternoon of 3rd day, suddenly a piece of information came, Xie Jinshui froze, and sat in a chair for a long time before came back to his senses.

He immediately thought of asking for help.

When he picked up the communicator, the palm of the Titled Limit was shaking.

That night.

Su Ping, Qin Duhuang and the others invited by the mayor gathered in the highest conference hall of the city hall.

“Old Xie, call us all, is it the situation before, is it bad again?” Qin Duhuang saw Xie Jinshui sitting in silence, complexion slightly changed, and suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen one day, the other side’s temple, It’s actually a bit white!

This made him feel uneasy and unknown.

The Zhuo Tianlin and Mu Beihai beside him also looked at each other with dignity.

In the past three days, their respective families have also sent people to investigate the situation outside the base city. The animal tide is gathering and the scale is very large. This point, even if Xie Jinshui does not tell them, there is no way to hide it!

The beast tide is coming again!

However, at this time, they were not too nervous. They thought that Su Ping the past few days were in the base city, and they were quite confident.

You know, in addition to Su Ping, in the Su Ping store, there is a Legendary too!

Coupled with Su Ping, a guy who can kill King beast, Dragon River’s defensive and disaster resistance ability is completely comparable to A-Rank base city!

Su Ping sat casually in a position and looked at Xie Jinshui without saying a word. Somewhat surprised. Could it be that there was more than one King beast this time?

“Old Xie, what the hell are you talking about, call us all, and don’t talk!” Ye Family patriarch was anxious and spoke straight, seeing the dumb Xie Jinshui, unable to bear shouted.

Xie Jinshui raised his head slightly, glanced at him, then moved his eyes and saw Su Ping not far away.

His eyes condensed a little bit, and also recovered some anger, whispering: “Calling you all, and not intending to hide from you, this time the Monster Beast Group gathered outside the base city, not only King beast, And the number detected so far… no less than 5!”


Hearing this, Qin Duhuang and Ye Family patriarch and the others who had just spoken were eyes shrank.

5 heads of King beast? !

Just kidding!

One King beast attack is already considered a catastrophe. Five King beasts… this is enough to overturn any base city!

How can these King beasts gather so much, and they are all in the broken place of the Dragon river? !

Su Ping was also surprised. Didn’t expect 5 of them so much, frowning. 5 King beast If there is a joint attack, there must be a leader in it. There may be King Beast of Void Cave realm!

Seeing the startling reactions of several people, Xie Jinshui’s mouth slightly touched, his eyes fixed on Su Ping, only Su Ping’s battle strength reached King grade.

Seeing the surprise in Su Ping’s eyes at this moment, Xie Jinshui felt that the bridge at the bottom of his heart was on the verge of collapse, and it seemed to split a little. His voice was hoarse and said: “In addition to these 5 King beasts…Some people have found the suspected [Paramita] Heavenly King Trail.”


There was silence in the Conference Hall.

Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin and the others, with their mouths open, looked at Xie Jinshui with horror and shock like a ghost.


Su Ping was stunned, seeing the reaction of several of them, he also had several points of not good hunch.

“Old, Old Xie, are you talking about the truth, is it fake, is it deceiving?” Liu Tianzong’s voice trembled, and the speech was somewhat incoherent.

The others are rolling their throats, seeming to be out of breath, staring at Xie Jinshui.

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