Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 495

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“I also hope… this is fake.”

Xie Jinshui opened his mouth slightly, and saw the fear that was hard to conceal on their faces. Finally, they were speechless. These five people are the leaders of the Great Family.


Any Titled will tremble when they hear these two words, just because the deterrent force is too terrifying!

“Paramita King?” Su Ping looked at them suspiciously.

He noticed that Qin Duhuang, who had always been indifferent, had fear on his face at the moment, and he couldn’t help but feel dull.

Several people heard Su Ping’s words and came back to his senses from the domination of the two words of fear. When they saw Su Ping, the fear in their hearts dissipated a little bit, but it was still covered with haze.

“Boss Su doesn’t know?”

Mu Beihai saw Su Ping’s doubtful expression, and was a little stunned. This is a thing commonly known by Titled rank, but looking at Su Ping’s expression, it is not like to be faked.

Su Ping shook his head.

Xie Jinshui was slightly silent and said to Su Ping: “Boss Su, have you heard of Four Great Heavenly Kings?”

Four Great Heavenly Kings?

Su Ping was surprised, slightly nodded: “I know, is it Liu, Zhang, Guo and Li?”

Xie Jinshui: “…”

“Although I don’t know what Boss Su is talking about, but the Four Great Heavenly Kings I am talking about is not this, it is our 4th strongest King beast on Earth!”

Xie Jinshui said solemnly: “They are Paramita, Seven Sins, Abyss, Virtuous Evil!”

“The strongest King beast?” Su Ping’s eyes narrowed, could it be Destiny Realm’s King beast?


Zhuo Tianlin next to him took the conversation, and his eyes showed deep fear: “These 4 are the strongest 4 kings listed in the peak tower! Even if Legendary encounters alone, he has to escape!”

“4 King is headed by Virtuous Evil, is the strongest king!”

“But Virtuous Evil’s whereabouts are cryptic, missing all year round, rarely causing disasters, unlike the other three, and occasionally come out to be active. Before several decades, Seven Sins, one of the 3 kings, approached a base city, then The base city was razed to the ground overnight, and two Legendary mates went to chase and failed to keep it.”

“The 4 kings are not only terrifying but also very cunning, far more brutal than the average King beast!”

Hearing Zhuo Tianlin’s words, several other people were a little silent, feeling heavy.

Su Ping’s eyes also became serious, and he wasn’t in a mood to joke.

The 2 Legendary partners are difficult to kill. Earth’s strongest King beast is very likely to be Destiny Realm. If not, it is at least Void Cave realm King beast!

Now the Bloodline awakening of Little Skeleton is not over yet. The strongest battle strength around Su Ping is the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast just released by Nurturing, but it is also only Vast Sea realm Peak, and I have not stepped into Void Cave realm. To Void Cave realm King beast, it is not enough to watch!

“In the 4 kings, Paramita is the weakest, but even the weakest Paramita has killed 3 Legendary!” Qin Duhuang’s complexion is gloomy.

The air pressure in the Conference Hall subsided again.

If it’s just the ordinary King beast, they can still count on Su Ping, but even Legendary can kill it, and Su Ping alone may not be able to stop it!

Liu Tianzong and Zhuo Tianlin’s eyes flickered and they didn’t know what they were thinking about.

If the Dragon river can’t keep it, it’s best for their families to withdraw in time.

Perhaps doing so would betray the entire Dragon river, but at least keep their own clansman.

Xie Jinshui looked up and saw the gloomy and complex eyes of Qin Duhuang and Mu Beihai. His mood was getting lower and lower. He only summoned them to come with Su Ping. He knew that once the news came out, it would inevitably cause great panic. The news of 5 King beasts alone is enough to cause confusion among the 100 surnames, not to mention the presence of 4 King grade’Paramita’.

It’s just that it’s useless for him to hide the news. When the war starts, they will know it.

What he decided to tell them was to let them have an early choice. It was better than suddenly knowing during the battle, and then running away in a panic.

Moreover, he is willing to come up with this news, but also to express his sincerity.

Although desperate in his heart, he still hopes that Su Ping and Old Qin, their Five Great Families, will be able to stay and help him through this difficulty!

No one can abandon the Dragon river, but Xie Jinshui cannot!

He is the mayor here. What is mayor is the leader who protects a city!

As long as he still has a breath, he will never leave here!

“Mayor, the message has several points of credibility?” Su Ping looked towards Xie Jinshui. Although he knew that Xie Jinshui was willing to share this panic-prone message, most of it was most likely, but he still wanted to ask.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Xie Jinshui glanced at him, and then swept to the Qin Duhuang 5 people with a certain hopeful look, and then a little silence before saying: “There are photos taken on the ground monitoring, although they are a little vague, But after analyzing it by computer, the message is basically…80% is true.”

The hopes of Qin Duhuang, Mu Beihai and the others were shattered, revealing despair.


This is obviously a euphemism, there are photos, basically it is a matter of iron and nails!

Plus 5 King beast!

In addition to monsters like’Paramita’, who else can drive 5 King beast listeners? !

Su Ping was also slightly silent. After a while, he slowly stood up and said, “Mayor.”

Xie Jinshui looked towards him, his heart tight.

Su Ping said slowly: “I don’t say anything else, but I Su Ping will never leave the Dragon river half a step!”

Qin Duhuang and the others and Xie Jinshui were both stunned.

Seeing the serious and determined expression of this teenager, Xie Jinshui suddenly had wet eyes, and there was a feeling of hot sand blowing into his eyes.

Qin Duhuang and the others next to him all changed their faces.

After a while, Zhuo Tianlin suddenly said, “We, Zhou Family, are willing to coexist and die on the Dragon river!”

Several people looked towards him. At this moment, Zhuo Tianlin’s expression was extremely serious and solemn, and there was no joking at all. They shook their hearts. In this brief moment, they knew that Zhuo Tianlin was serious.

Saying this is by no means to please Su Ping, nor to please Xie Jinshui.

After all, in front of a monster like’Paramita’, with five King beasts, it doesn’t make sense to please Su Ping.

He really wants to stay!

Qin Duhuang was silent for a while, and suddenly lightly sighed, saying, “My Qin Family has been on the Dragon river for 100 years. My father and my grandson are all people on the Dragon river…”

His eyes gradually sharpened: “Since life is a Dragon River person, after death, it is also the soul of Dragon River! I Qin Family, never back!”

Hearing his sonorous words, Mu Beihai opened his mouth slightly, and finally clenched the teeth, saying: “We Mu Family is here!”

“My Ye Family, I never know what a concession is!”

“Since everyone is staying, we Liu Family will not hide as cowards, saying Old Xie, our news here, have you spread it, did anyone come to reinforce, have you informed the peak tower?”

Hearing Liu Tianzong’s words, several people looked towards Xie Jinshui, and the eyes were bright when they mentioned the peak tower.

Xie Jinshui slightly nodded, said: “I have sent out the news, as for whether there is any reinforcement… not understood, I will go to the peak tower personally, the news was just obtained today, the current outside the base city The situation, the animal tide is still gathering, is monitoring King beast into various wasteland, mobilizing Demonic beast inside, estimate the official charge time, it will be one or two days, I go to the peak tower, it is too late!”


“If you can invite some Legendary from the Peak Tower, and then cooperate with Boss Su, plus the female Legendary in the Boss Su store, this Paramita will come to invade our Dragon river, and you have to weigh it!”


Hearing Xie Jinshui’s words, several people faintly saw a glimmer of hope.

It may not be possible for a battle!

Although Paramita is strong, its data and record are far inferior to the Virtuous Evil of the 4th King. If it is Virtuous Evil, they really can only run, it is tantamount to throwing an egg at a rock, even half The Peak Tower may not be able to hunt Virtuous Evil!

After all, the peak tower is not without encirclement. Virtuous Evil once sacrificed 7-8 Legendary. You know, it was the combined attack of Legendary, and it was killed 7-8. Finally, Virtuous Evil escaped, but I wonder how terrible Virtuous Evil’s power is. There is the difference between Heaven and Earth with Paramita, who hunted three Legendary alone.

“Since you are willing to join hands with the Dragon river, I don’t have much to say. This kindness, I will remember Xie Jinshui!”

Xie Jinshui stood up, glanced at 5 people including Su Ping and Qin Duhuang, and then bowed deeply.

“Old Xie!”

“What are you doing!”

Qin Duhuang quickly reached out to support him.

“Yeah, we are all voluntary, but it’s not in your old Xie’s face that you can’t bow to us.”

“Old Xie, you are older than me, I won’t accept this gift!”

Zhuo Tianlin and Mu Beihai both said.

Xie Jinshui’s eyes were slightly red, and he seemed to be overflowing with tears, but as he took a deep breath and pressed it down again, his face changed, said solemnly: “Everyone, I will go to the Peak Tower tonight, and you will do well. Prepare for something, wait for me to come back and discuss.”

“it is good.”

Several were nodded.

The meeting ended in such a hurry. After leaving the Conference Hall, Xie Jinshui directly drove the Rank-9 flying bird mount, left the Dragon river overnight, and moved to the peak tower to rescue the soldiers.

When the base city is attacked, the Peak Tower is obliged to help, so Xie Jinshui can go directly to the Peak Tower for help.

“I’m also looking for my Old Friend.” Qin Duhuang also turned to leave.

Mu Beihai glanced at him, “Aren’t you afraid of pitting your old friends, this time… Although there is hope, it may not really be able to hold it!”

He didn’t say a word, even if he could hold it, but if he fights, who knows if he will die?

Maybe the Dragon river is still there, but the people who participated in the war have already died outside the city.

War is about to bleed!

Qin Duhuang didn’t turn his head, only said: “If they don’t want to come, I won’t force it. On the contrary, I hope they don’t come here to drown the muddy water. However, since the Dragon river is difficult, I will try my best Ability to fight for as much hope as possible!”

After speaking, he left.

“This Old Guy…” Mu Beihai glanced at him, but said nothing.

“I won’t call, and I don’t have any friends.” Liu Tianzong shook his head said with a bitter smile.

Zhuo Tianlin glanced at him, “It’s such a bad mix, so you’re so sorry to say.”

“Screw you.”

“You two birds of a feather, don’t bury it.” Ye Family patriarch glanced at them.

After a few people said a few words, they were not in the mood to say more and left.

Su Ping didn’t wait much, just left.

Back in the shop, Su Ping thought of Blade Venerable and immediately dialed his communication.

“Boss Su?”

Seeing Su Ping contacting him again, Blade Venerable was a little surprised.

Su Ping opened the door and said: “Dragon river is in trouble, the beast tide that was previously repelled has to return in a swirl of dust, this time there are 5 King beasts, and a silhouette of Paramita is also detected, you can come to Dragon river to help ?”

Blade Venerable froze.

He heard Su Ping say it in one breath. When he heard the last, his pupil fiercely shrunk fiercely and lost his voice: “Paramita?!”


“Is Paramita among the 4 kings?”



There was silence in the communication.

Blade Venerable seems to be digesting the news, and Su Ping didn’t urge it. He waited quietly. He didn’t force it. After all, Blade Venerable didn’t owe him anything.

“Is this news true, then you Dragon river… What are you going to do?” Blade Venerable unable to bear asked after the silence.

Su Ping’s eyes were sharp, and he said, “Stop! Keep to the end!”

Blade Venerable is silent again.


In front of Paramita, it is really dead!

“I’m going!” Blade Venerable said.

His words were very simple, and he seemed determined to speak with determination.

Su Ping was stunned, didn’t expect that he would promise to be so refreshing, and he could hear that decisive heart.

“Really? You want it, this time, I may not be sure!” Su Ping said.

He is really not sure. He still doesn’t know anything about the strength of Paramita. Like Old Qin, they don’t know much. These 4 King beasts are all in a dozen years, or several decades before they are active in human sites. Once, each time it caused huge damage, and no one knew their true strength.

Blade Venerable heard Su Ping’s words and couldn’t help laughing, saying: “I know, but I will go, if you are going to die, I hope, I can save some lives.”

In front of Paramita, if Su Ping said he was sure, that would be a hell!

Who can be sure to play 4 Demonic beast?

He came, not at Su Ping, but at the people on the Dragon River!

The life of each and everyone!

Since Dragon River decided to die, he only hoped that he could help some people, even if he could reduce the casualties by a few hundred and a few thousand!

Hearing Blade Venerable’s words, Su Ping felt a touch in his heart, and at this moment he suddenly felt the mood of Xie Jinshui.

“Thank you!”

Su Ping is authentic.

Blade Venerable chuckled and said, “Is there anything to thank, does Boss Su treat me like a human being?”

Su Ping also smiled.

“When you come, I will give you a small gift when this battle is over,” Su Ping said.

Blade Venerable was interested, “Oh? What is it?”

“For the time being confidential.” Su Ping said with a smile.

Blade Venerable laughed and did not ask again.

Waiting to hang up Blade Venerable’s communication, Su Ping called Lin Ziqing again, who was looking for materials for him.

When I learned that the Dragon River had Paramita infested, Lin Ziqing’s communication immediately seemed to be disturbed by radio waves. Not long after I heard a signal that was not very good, I hung up.

Su Ping didn’t care.

He knows that using a strong enough star force can interfere with communication.

It is understandable that others do not want to take risks.

Su Ping contacted several people one after another, only the Han Yuxiang who was far away from the True Martial school. Su Ping did not contact him to keep him in the True Martial school to take care of Su Lingyue. At the same time, he was afraid that he would not come. It was passed to her and made her worry. If she came back deliberately because of this, it would be even more chaotic.

In the end, Su Ping contacted Tang Family and Xie Qiange organized by Starry Sky.

Although it was an injustice before, it was also regarded as the Peak power that Su Ping knew.

Hearing Su Ping’s invitation, Tang Mingqing of Tang Family was a little dumbfounded. He doubted whether Su Ping was confused. They were enemies before!

Actually begging them?

However, thinking of Su Ping’s performance in the League of Kings, Tang Mingqing did not directly decline, only said that it would be reported to patriarch, and then he would send Su Ping news again.

On the other side, Xie Qiange was shocked to receive Su Ping’s newsletter, especially Su Ping actually asked them to help with Starry Sky organization, which is even more amazing.

When hearing the news from Paramita, Xie Qiange refused without thinking.

Just kidding, their Starry Sky organization has been in service since the leader of Legendary and fell into the Abyss cave. Now it is already a bit difficult to maintain this first organization. How can you sacrifice extra manpower to help Su Ping?

Even more how, they still had a holiday before, although Su Ping’s performance in the league was beyond his imagination, but one yard to one yard.

Su Ping’s reply to Xie Qiange was not too unexpected, and nothing was lost. After contacting them one by one, he continued to return to the previous elementary cultivation of Secret Realm, exercise in it, and also to speed up the Time Flow Speed ​​here. Little Skeleton’s Bloodline awakened, striving to wake up before the battle.

time flies.

The news of Dragon river quickly spread to all parties.

Although the people of other base cities may not notice, the upper circles of some other base cities are well-informed and have heard about the Dragon river.

5 heads of King beast!

Paramita appeared!

No matter what the news is, it’s enough.

Some base cities immediately shut down the underground train to the Dragon river.

On the 2nd day, silhouettes suddenly appeared outside the base city and came to the Dragon river.

The soldiers nervously stationed on the outer wall of the base city were all surprised. When they saw the people coming over, they found that they were all high rank Battle pet masters, and there was no lack of Titled riding the Rank-9 mount.

“I heard that Dragon River is in trouble, so we came to help!”

“Brothers, give us a random place, our flame adventure group, will advance and retreat with you!”

Some are individual individuals, and some are adventurous groups in other base cities.

Among them is the long-established Titled rank, who came to help.

This scene made the soldiers stationed on the outer wall of the base city excited and tearful.

Dragon river is not alone!

Humans are not alone! !

The entire Dragon river has entered an emergency preparation state. The children and women who had previously come out of the refuge are again arranged in the refuge.

Some elderly people even voluntarily withdrew from their positions, willing to stay outside, let the children hide in the refuge, and said to give some hope to the young and the future.

In the face of disaster and despair, beauty is everywhere.

Only darkness can reflect light!

Everywhere in the base city, large houses were vacated for all influence who came to the reinforcements. Headed by Qin Duhuang, Five Great Families used their wealth and resources to prepare a large number of combat supplies, which were provided free of charge. Reinforcement forces to all parties, as well as government forces.

At this moment, everyone is contributing, and 10000 people are united!

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