Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 496

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When all influence came to the Dragon river for reinforcement and gathering, in the Rogue shop, early in the morning, Su Ping got out of the cultivation of Secret Realm, his eyes with deep tiredness and bloodshot eyes.

Over the night, he fought for more than ten days!

Fighting in the Secret Realm for 2 consecutive nights, Su Ping feels that his fighting ability is more than twice as strong as before, and then meets other Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast, he can easily kill instantly!

In the battle strength of the subordinate king, there is no threat to Su Ping!

It’s just that Su Ping regrets that Little Skeleton is still asleep for more than ten days, and he failed to wake up to recover, but the blood cocoon on his body has shrunk a lot and seems to be almost absorbed.

Back in the store, Su Ping thought of the situation outside the first time.

He quickly tidied up his state, adjusted his mentality, and continued to fight and kill in the cultivation of Secret Realm. He was almost numb, and his body had a sense of instinctive want to slaughter.

After opening the store door, Su Ping saw few customers outside today.

Only 7 or 8 people are old faces.

There is also Xu Kuang’s elder sister, Xu Yingxue.

Thinking of the current situation of the Dragon river, Su Ping did not have much surprise. Many people have already taken refuge or are preparing for war.

Some roads are wide and related, and they have even found a way out and left the Dragon river.

There are people who are willing to stay, but there are a few after all! Most of the people left are just because there is nowhere to go, there is no escape route!

“Boss Su, I heard there are 5 King beasts this time. Can you still deal with it?”

The old customer standing at the forefront is a coal mine boss and a Battle pet master. He is in his 40s and is only a Rank-4 Battle pet master. It really ranks at 10:1 with age.

Because he didn’t mix up on the battle companion road, he had no choice but to inherit his family business and become a coal boss.

His coal mine was outside the base city. In the previous beast tide, he had laid off all his workers. Now the coal mine is occupied by Demonic beast. He can only return to the base city to stay. Today he came to Su Ping shop To cultivate pet beast is just a incidental thing, mainly because I am idle and panicked, and want to explore Su Ping’s tone.

Su Ping remembers the old customer’s name, Liu Shufen.

“I will stay here whether I can deal with it or not,” Su Ping said.

Dealing with 5 King beasts, he didn’t take it too seriously, the key is Paramita King beast!

However, looking at the appearance of Liu Shufen, it is obviously not quite clear the terrifying of Paramita King beast. This is also normal. He hasn’t even heard it before. This kind of news is only known by some Titled.

Ordinary person has limited access to news.

You can only see more if you stand tall, otherwise you can only peep at the tip of the iceberg and then blindly suspect.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Liu Shufen was slightly stunned, and the tension in his eyes was slightly relaxed. The people who lined up behind him also heard Su Ping’s words, all showing surprise.

In fact, when they saw Su Ping open the door, they had some surprises and surprises.

In the previous Dragon River live broadcast, they knew that Su Ping beheaded King beast and repelled the previous beast tide.

Now that Su Ping is still on the Dragon river, it shows that the Dragon river still has hope!

“It’s the Boss Su I admire. It’s really courageous!” Someone gave thumbs up to Su Ping and admired his face.

“Boss Su, can I fight with you too?” The teenager standing in the third place was full of blood and blood.

Su Ping glanced at it. He was a battle companion student, not very young, but also had a Rank-4 cultivation base, which was equivalent to the realm of Liu Shufen in his 40s.

“You are still young, and good cultivation is what you are.” Su Ping said: “This time, when the sky falls, there will be us to carry it. When we fall in the future, it will be your turn. Now let’s cultivate well.”

“Boss Su is right.”

“Boy, come on!”

A few people beside him were also nodded. Some people expressed their appreciation for this boy’s courage and encouraged him.

When the boy heard Su Ping’s words, his fighting spirit and blood were burning in his eyes, and he remembered these words deeply in his mind.

This time, they carry.

Next time, change him!

Among the crowd, Xu Yingxue had heard several words of Su Ping, and had several points of deepness in his eyes. If he didn’t look at the cultivation base, the appearance of Su Ping was just a teenager!

Facing such a catastrophe, Su Ping has to stand up!

Xu Yingxue has a very difficult feeling in her heart. This feeling is like the cute academic advisor who tirelessly taught her when she graduated.

It’s like in wasteland, facing the Captain who protects her from back to back.

She slightly took a deep breath and did not speak.

Su Ping didn’t talk much, greeted a few of them to enter the store and gave them reception and nurturing.

“Or Professional training?”

When Xu Yingxue arrived, Su Ping asked.

Xu Yingxue nodded, said: “This time, I will also join the war!”

She had a bit of hesitation about joining the war before, but after coming here and seeing Su Ping, she strengthened this belief and idea.

She is also a Pioneer, who is also a member of the Dragon river system. When the battle comes, she will be requisitioned. However, she has the means and contacts to avoid requisition!

Her previous hesitation was whether to escape!

But now, she suddenly felt that it was no big deal to fight for her hometown.

Since all dare to be born, why not die again? !

“You also want to join the war?” Su Ping glanced at her and thought that the Pioneer would be requisitioned during the war, not too surprised, nodded said: “Then you have to be careful, don’t let Xu Kuang back, Without elder sister, don’t let me lose a fat sheep customer.”

Xu Yingxue smiled and smiled a bit freely: “No, although I am not as good as you, but those Demonic beast want to kill me, it is not so easy!”

If she wasn’t familiar with Su Ping, her old lady would claim to be out.

Su Ping seemed to make up her mind when she saw that she didn’t say anything, only nodded.

After accepting Xu Yingxue’s pet beast and receiving the money, Su Ping asked them to go back to stay and wait for it later in the afternoon.

After sending away Xu Yingxue, not long afterwards, there was a roaring sound outside the Su Ping store. Su Ping’s thoughts moved, and he felt a familiar breath. It was Blade Venerable.

“Boss Su, here I come.”

With a laughed sound, Blade Venerable stepped into the shop.

Su Ping saw that he was really coming, his eyes fluctuated a little, and he approached: “It’s just right, I still want to ask you, are you familiar with Paramita?”

“This, I haven’t had much contact with it, and didn’t expect to meet it one day, so I didn’t ask, otherwise,” Blade Venerable wanted to say, otherwise, if I asked the old man, I would definitely know some things. After all, the original Legendary is always old, and its status in the tower is not low, and he always knows something they don’t know.

Su Ping was sorry to hear that.

“Anyway, since I plan to stay here, I’m done!” Blade Venerable said with a smile.

Su Ping thought the same thing, and couldn’t help laughing.

“How is the situation now? Before I came to see the outside of the base, there seemed to be a lot of other reinforcements. Sure enough, the kind and righteous people are still the majority.” Blade Venerable said with a smile.

Su Ping shook his head and said: “Our mayor went to the peak tower to move the rescuers. If we can bring some Legendary over, the situation should be much better.”

If there are a few Legendary, Su Ping feels that it is no problem to cooperate with himself and basically hold the Dragon river firmly.

Even if Paramita is very strong, with the cooperation of several Legendary, he can attack from the side, using Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast and Er Gou to play some role.

Even if Paramita could not be killed, it would be fine to leave.

These Demonic beasts are also brain-powered and will run away when they encounter difficult bones.

After all, Dragon river is no different from other base cities. For Demonic beast, it’s nothing more than a dish that’s all.

Blade Venerable relaxed, said: “That’s good, I hope that the Seniors in the Peak Tower can have a few more. I heard that there are more than 20 Legendary members in the Peak Tower. This is not counting those who guard the Abyss cave. Legendary, if you can come to 7-8, Dragon river will be saved!”

Su Ping was shocked.

There are so many Legendary in Peak Tower?

More than 20 Legendary?

You know, the Asian continent is on the surface, which is 2 Legendary.

Could it be that the rest of Legendary is from the other 3 continents?

Blade Venerable was surprised to see Su Ping, faintly smiled and said: “The Legendary in the Asiatic Region of the Pagoda is not only two, but the rest of Legendary, there is no operating force in the Asiatic Region that’s all, their parents, children My loved ones, such as loved ones, have long perished with the years. After all, Legendary can live for more than 2 years!”

“If you add some medicine ingredients, it will last longer!”

“These Legendary have nothing to worry about, nor have the idea of ​​operating forces, so they stay in the cultivation of the peak tower and do not go out, so they don’t know who.”

Su Ping suddenly.

It turned out to be the case.

Sure enough, only by standing high can you know more and see more.

However, I think of the Northern King that I met in the previous league and the words of the other party.

Su Ping has some doubts, isn’t it about guarding the Abyss cave, and there is a shortage of manpower, there are more than 20 Legendary. Even if the Abyss cave was turbulent and a few died, it should be able to fill it right away, can’t be considered urgent. ?

Is it because of the turbulence in the Abyss cave that caused dozens of dead Legendary guards?

Thinking of this, Su Ping’s heart sighed slightly.

If more than a dozen Legendary dies at once, it is indeed very serious.

After all, it is not easy to give birth to a Legendary, which is said to be a Legendary in 100 years!

On a continent, more than a dozen people were born in 1000 years. Of course, occasionally in the golden age, in the short within 100 years, several legendary births were born, and there have been such prime times. At this prime time, the entire continent land The number of Demonic beast activities on the website will be suppressed.

As Su Ping thought, suddenly, there was a guest outside the door.

With a few winds falling, Su Ping sensed several Titled breaths and looked with Blade Venerable, only to see 3 Titled silhouettes walking into the store.

“Have seen Inverse King.”

The old man headed, saw Su Ping quickly arched his hand.

Su Ping saw this old man and felt familiar.

At this time, Zhong Lingtong, who was standing next to the shop, suddenly trot over and said in surprise: “Big grandfather!”

Su Ping immediately recalled that this is Zhong Family’s Titled.

The old man next to him was the one who sent him and Zhong Lingtong back to the Dragon river.

“I’ve seen Inverse King.” The two Titled also hurriedly saluted.

Su Ping in the league, their Zhong Family has known, there is their Zhong Family’s Titled on the spot, see Su Ping at this moment, are very respectful and polite.

Su Ping is not only a Peak Training master, but also an Inverse King!

The identity of Inverse King is even higher than that of Peak Training master!

Inverse King is both a title and a realm.

Realm that is higher than the Titled Limit, second only to Legendary!

“Inverse King?”

Tang Ruyan next to him heard this title, stunned, and looked at Su Ping in amazement.

Su Ping questioned the three of them: “What are you guys?”

He remembered that he didn’t send them invitations, did they volunteer to help?

The headed old man’s gaze withdrew from Zhong Lingtong’s doting, and cupped the hands to Blade Venerable next to Su Ping. It was a hello. Then he went back to Su Ping and said: “We heard that the Dragon river is difficult, and there is Paramita. , I don’t know if the message is true or false?”

Su Ping nodded: “80% is true.”

The old man expected this, but his face changed, and he immediately asked, “What does Inverse King mean?”

“Stay on the Dragon river and spend the difficult time together.”


The old man and the two people next to him looked at Su Ping in a daze, and didn’t expect Su Ping to stay.


The old man looked awkward and said, “Inverse King, you can go anywhere with your strength and identity. Why should you stay so risky?”

Su Ping raised an eyebrow: “Aren’t you here to help?”

The old man was stunned, realizing that Su Ping had misunderstood, and immediately wanted to deny it, but thought of Su Ping’s attitude, he suddenly withdrew his words back, and he said with a bitter smile: “We came here on this trip because I was worried about Inverse King The safety of this child thought that Inverse King was leaving and he came to pick you up.”

Su Ping suddenly understood.

It turned out that I heard the news, worried about the safety of Zhong Lingtong, and specially came to pick up my granddaughter.

“Since I’m here to pick up Xiaotong, then come pick it up, I don’t have to.” Su Ping said.

The old man saw that Su Ping’s attitude turned cold, and quickly said: “Inverse King, we Zhong Family is such a good seed, you know, and this child stays here, can’t help much, since Inverse King intends to stick to the Dragon river. Naturally, our Zhong Family will not leave like this. So, the two of them stayed here to help Inverse King to guard the Dragon river. I will take her back first, and then go back to Zhong Family and bring some people over. .”

Hearing his words, Su Ping saw the sincerity in his eyes, and then his face eased, slightly nodded, saying: “You don’t have to call people anymore. It’s enough to have this kind of intention. It’s also troublesome to call people over, and you It has not been easy for Zhong Family to operate for many years, leaving two of them is enough.”

The 2 next to Titled, his face changed slightly, but he didn’t speak.

Su Ping is Zhong Lingtong’s Teacher and Inverse King, which is rarer than Legendary. Now Dragon River is in trouble. It is Su Ping’s hometown. They should help. Take this opportunity to draw closer to Su Ping. If it is not Paramita who is attacking It is really scary, they will not come to pick up people, but will directly send troops to reinforce them.

“No, I won’t leave!”

At this moment, Zhong Lingtong spoke, and heard that the grandfather was coming to take her away, her face became a little anxious and said, “Teacher is here, I am here, I will not go back!”

old man complexion slightly changed, glanced at her angrily, he took the risk of possibly offending Su Ping to pick her up, if she didn’t go back, 10000 if something happened here, their Zhong Family’s efforts would be in vain.

And once Zhong Lingtong had an accident, the line between them and Su Ping was also calculated.

Zhong Lingtong is the middle link!

“Tong’er, obedient!” the old man whispered, wanting to scold, but with Su Ping in front of him, he didn’t dare to show too obvious.

Zhong Lingtong stared at him directly, his eyes determined, and said: “Big grandfather, you don’t need to say more, I will stay by the Teacher. The Teacher hasn’t taught me nurturing skills. I haven’t finished apprenticeship. I won’t go!”

old man’s face changed.

Not only didn’t expect this child’s attitude will be so determined, but didn’t expect, she came here these days, Su Ping actually did not teach her nurturing skills, why?

He did not dare to ask, but was angry in his heart.

“Are you really going?”

“Don’t go!”

The old man’s face was black, and he didn’t say anything.

Su Ping glanced at Zhong Lingtong and saw that her little round face was full of resoluteness. She was also a little surprised. Didn’t expect this Little Brat is so persistent, they didn’t get along for a few days.

Su Ping didn’t say anything, but stayed in the shop anyway, even if Paramita really broke the Dragon river, she couldn’t hurt her.

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