Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 497

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The old man was helpless at the sight of Zhong Lingtong.

After all, a lot of words, in front of Su Ping, he also showed sorry.

Staying on the Dragon river, this is a self-excavating tomb. He doesn’t know what Su Ping thinks. This is Paramita, Peak King in King beast. Don’t say Su Ping is Inverse King. Even if Legendary is coming, it’s useless. !

“In this case, the old man will stay, I hope to apply a little force.” said the old man.

He said this to stay and look after Zhong Lingtong.

When the city was in trouble, he couldn’t control that many. Even if Su Ping was offended, he would have to force Zhong Lingtong away.

With Zhong Lingtong’s innate talent, even if there is no Su Ping, it is appropriate to change to individual Teacher teaching and become a Grand master. This is the seedling of their Zhong Family, and they cannot accompany Su Ping so capriciously.

Su Ping didn’t say anything about the old man’s words. At this moment, his communicator suddenly sounded. Su Ping looked at the number and it was actually Mayor Xie Jinshui.

“Mayor, where are you?”

Su Ping answered immediately.

“I’m back.” Xie Jinshui’s voice was calm.

Su Ping surprised, so fast?

Departed last night, can you return today?

“How many Legendary were you invited?” Su Ping asked quickly.

Xie Jinshui was silent for a moment, and said, “Boss Su, are you convenient to come here now? I want to hold a meeting. Some things are better said in person.”

Su Ping was slightly stunned, and suddenly felt Xie Jinshui’s tone was not right, and he felt a little uneasy in his heart.

“Okay, I will go.”

Su Ping said immediately.

When the communication hung up, Su Ping glanced at Blade Venerable and three Zhong Family old man, and said, “I’m in a hurry, go out first, you can sit casually.”

Blade Venerable glanced at him. Su Ping was not soundproofed. He also heard the newsletter. His brow furrowed slightly and said, “Okay, be careful yourself.”

“Although Boss Su is busy, you don’t have to look at us.” Zhong Family old man said quickly.

Su Ping nodded, leave the shop immediately.

Out of the door, Su Ping saw that in the facade across the street, Qin Duhuang and Liu Tianzong also came out of the store. The two people were surprised when they saw Su Ping.

“Boss Su, Old Xie has just returned.”

“Well, he just contacted me and told me to go there.”

“Yeah, I was about to go too. I asked him to invite some Legendary back. He didn’t say it.” Qin Duhuang frowns saying.

Liu Tianzong forced a smile and said next to him: “This Old Guy, don’t you want to surprise us?”

Su Ping and Qin Duhuang didn’t smile, and found this statement not interesting at all.

At this moment, they are not in a mood to joke, especially on such a big thing.

Old Xie’s reaction is really strange.

This made them think involuntarily of a bad possibility.

I hope it won’t be true!


Soon, inside the city hall.

Conference Hall.

In addition to Su Ping and Qin Duhuang, Liu Tianzong who came with them, Mu Beihai and Zhuo Tianlin and the others also arrived. They were working in other places. As soon as they heard the news of Xie Jinshui’s return, they hurried over. .

In the Conference Hall, they are still a few of them.

“Old Xie, what’s the matter, don’t say nothing!” Ye Family patriarch was grumpy and unable to bear anxiously said.

Qin Duhuang looked at Xie Jinshui, who said nothing, and the complexion became ugly, and said, “Old Xie, what is the situation, you say something, don’t you, Legendary over the peak tower, don’t come over?”

Other people saw Xie Jinshui, they all thought this way. At this moment, they heard Qin Duhuang say their Worriedly out, all complex slightly changed, staring at Xie Jinshui closely.

Hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, Xie Jinshui’s body seemed to shake slightly. He was silent for a few moments and slowly lifted the head, but it was an expression that was difficult to describe.

Full of fatigue, disappointment, despair, pain, guilt, etc.

Seeing this face, everyone’s heart sank.

“Peak Tower said… The frontline Abyss cave is in a hurry, they can’t free up people to help.” Xie Jinshui spoke slowly, but his voice was terrifying in a hoarse voice.

Qin Duhuang and the others face instantly changes.

Can’t free up staff?

“A Legendary didn’t come?!” Zhuo Tianlin unable to bear glared, shocked, and angry, and said: “The Peak Tower doesn’t mean, there are dozens of Legendary, usually other base cities encounter King Beast grade disaster, You can ask Legendary in Dongfeng Tower to help, why can’t this time?!”

“Are they also afraid of Paramita!?”

Hearing the angry voice of Zhuo Tianlin, the people next to them all opened their mouths slightly, they also wanted to ask, but Zhuo Tianlin had already spoken for them.

Mu Beihai’s complexion is gloomy, saying, “Old Xie, what’s going on, the base city’s annual tax on the peak tower, that many money, they are obliged to help us, and they really need them now, why didn’t they come, Don’t even a Legendary move?”

Qin Duhuang’s mood is the same as Zhuo Tianlin, staring at Xie Jinshui at the moment, saying: “Old Xie, you know what is happening now, if the Legendary of the Peak Tower does not come, what is the difference between our Dragon river and waiting for death? Although I am Old Qin is willing to sacrifice for the Dragon river, but the unnecessary sacrifice is too stupid!”

“Yes.” Ye Family patriarch also opened the mouth and said: “They don’t want to come, why?”

“Old Xie, is your attitude bad?” Liu Tianzong frowns saying.

When Xie Jinshui heard Liu Tianzong’s words, his dark eyes turned slightly and looked at him, his mouth trembling slightly, saying, “Attitude? Hehe, I kneel down for them, each and everyone kneel down! You said me ‘S attitude is good or not, I don’t know how to ask anymore, it’s not a request, but a pleading!”

Liu Tianzong was stunned, Qin Duhuang and the others were all stunned.

Your majesty?

Although Xie Jinshui is not Legendary, it is after all the Titled Limit!

And it is the mayor, who actually kneels? !

Even when I met Legendary, Titled was in awe, but it just bowed and saluted!

Kneel, this is beyond the treatment of Legendary!

Su Ping was also cold-faced, almost imagining the appearance of Xie Jinshui kneeling and begging.

“Why is that? Is it the Abyss cave? I heard that there were several Legendary and Old Xie sacrificed over the Abyss cave. How many Legendary did you see in the peak tower?” Qin Duhuang said tightly knit.

Xie Jinshui is silent.

After a while, he slowly said: “I rushed to the Pagoda last night and reported all the things. They asked me to wait, and I waited there… After waiting for 2 hours, they said that the people above See me, then I went, and then I saw Legendary, who was in charge of the tower.”

“I said things, they said that now Abyss cave needs Legendary guarding, let us solve it, or let Paramita have not attacked, let us evacuate quickly, I said, the population of the Dragon river, not just say evacuation If you can move out, you will need someone to escort you to move out. I asked them to send a Legendary to help us move out, but I didn’t agree.”

“Later, I went to find some Legendary who had been to the Dragon river and had a relationship with the Dragon river.”

“I found several, but they all refused.”

“I looked everywhere in the peak tower and found a dozen Legendary, but none of them agreed…”

Xie Jinshui was silent for a moment, looked towards Qin Duhuang and Su Ping and the others, and said, “I see it, they are also afraid, because they are coming to help and encounter Paramita.”

Qin Duhuang and the others were stunned.

Su Ping was also stunned, but soon cold light flashed in his eyes.

“I remember a Legendary named Northern King. Have you ever seen it?” Su Ping asked.

Xie Jinshui was slightly stunned. It seemed that didn’t expect Su Ping would know Legendary so early, he was slightly nodded, “I saw him, and I also found him, but he said that there are other tasks in his body and it is not convenient to come over.”

Su Ping is silent.

He felt a anger burning in his head.

Several other people also came back to his senses, Zhuo Tianlin unable to bear said: “You said you asked a dozen Legendary? If they all come, are you afraid of Paramita? They just come and run for a while, back and forth One day’s effort is not there, showing strength is enough to destroy the beast tide gathered outside, why not come?”

“Isn’t it saying that Legendary is in desperate need of Legendary to sit in the Abyss cave? Why do you still meet a dozen Legendary in the peak tower?” Qin Duhuang was puzzled. He had previously received news from Ainss cave from Qin Shuhai. Legendary guarded so much that even League of Kings became bait.

As a result, at the peak tower headquarters, can you actually see a dozen Legendary?

Xie Jinshui glanced at him, then Zhuo Tianlin and Mu Beihai and the others with an angry expression on his face, a bitter smile on his face.

He has been to the Pagoda in person and has seen the situation there, so he knows more than others.

There was still a lot of words that he didn’t say, because it didn’t make sense.

He is an adult and a mayor. He has experienced a lot and has seen a lot. He has seen countless beauty and countless ugliness, so he understands and can understand at once.

But get it, it’s pointless.

It just feels more painful.

“They are at least one thing right.” Xie Jinshui said in a low voice, “I called you over, just want to tell you about this matter. If the Legendary of the Pagoda does not come, it is really difficult for us to keep it, It’s an impossible thing, so I plan to help everyone move away.”

Everyone was shocked.

Seeing Xie Jinshui’s gradually calm expression and serious eyes, everyone knows that before they came, Xie Jinshui was mostly in a difficult ideological struggle.

“Moving away…” Ye Family patriarch’s face was ugly: “The subway channel of our other base city to our Dragon river has been closed. How do we move out? Moreover, our population of Dragon river has more than 2 and 1000. What is this concept? , Even if the traffic is smooth, it is not an easy task to want to withdraw all.”

Mu Beihai looked calmly and thought quickly, saying: “I think we can contact the surrounding base cities and open underground train passages. In addition, we don’t have to move out completely, leaving some old and weak and sick and some suffering from incurable diseases. , Be a bait here, and remove the rest!”

Su Ping startled.

A few people next to it were complexion slightly changed and glanced at Mu Beihai.

This is very cold and cruel!

Leave some people as bait to attract the attention of the beast tide?

In front of the animal tide, the bait is the dish!

It is specially left for the animal tide to eat, maybe the animal tide is full, there will be no motivation to chase other people!

From an absolutely rational point of view, this is indeed a solution, but it is too cruel!

Who doesn’t want to live?

Who is willing to stay and become the food of Demonic beast?

Zhuo Tianlin and Qin Duhuang are silent. They are both high grade. They know that this decision is cruel, but in this case, there are not many things to choose from.

War is cruel, and cruelty is forced under war.

When the Tigers catch up, they don’t need to run faster than the Tigers, they only need to run faster than their companions. This is survival!

Survival itself is a survival of the fittest, a cruel and cruel thing.

Now it is them who can decide the life and death of the following people.

Xie Jinshui’s eyes shrank slightly. When Mu Beihai was like a devil, his first reaction was anger, but when he wanted to be angry, the anger quickly disappeared, and he couldn’t swear out because he knew, wanted If all move away, it is impossible!

Once facing the Demonic beast, the beast tide will only chase more fiercely!

The Dragon River people 4 will only die more if they run away. After all, outside the base city, they are wilderness. The distance from other base cities can meet the Demonic beast at any time, except for some strong Battle. The pet master, who has the ability to survive in the wild, can protect himself. The rest of the ordinary commoner will die if he encounters a demonic beast!

There was a silence in the Conference Hall.

Mu Beihai saw the expressions of everyone and knew that he had made this choice too coldly. He didn’t say anything. The matter was up to now. If he had to go, he would also be happy. If they moved away anyway, their Mu Family children could all leave. Dragon river, the ones left behind are just ordinary person that’s all who have no power, no power and no background.

In this silence, Xie Jinshui saw Su Ping saying nothing, and seemed to be thinking about something. He asked, “Boss Su, what do you mean?”

Hearing what he said, everyone else was slightly stunned, so I thought of Su Ping.

It’s just that Su Ping’s appearance is too young. In discussing this heavy matter, they subconsciously ignored Su Ping. Although Su Ping strength is strong enough, it is only strength, which does not mean strength control and decision vision of those with high grades. .

Su Ping glanced at them and said, “If you really want to move away, I won’t keep you, but I… won’t leave.”

Several people are dumbfounded.

They stared slightly and looked at Su Ping, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech: Do you know what you are talking about? !

Don’t go?

Do you really want to die hard with Paramita?

If, as they had hoped for, there were a few Legendary in the Pagoda, they still had hope, but now the Pagoda does not even have a Legendary, is it theirs?

Although Su Ping is very strong, there is Legendary in Su Ping store, but with Su Ping, it is only one and a half!

And this time there are 5 King beast!

Maybe Su Ping can kill 5 King beasts, but what if these 5 King beasts are attacked separately?

Su Ping is a person after all, plus Legendary in his shop, he can only guard the 2 directions of the base city, who can keep the other directions?

Once it is broken, it is the enemy in the stomach and back. At that time, the base city that Su Ping is guarding, even if it is unscathed, what use is it, the home is stolen!

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