Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 498

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Su Ping was reluctant to leave, not only because of the shop’s reasons, the shop could not move out, but also because, he really didn’t want to see the Dragon River fall!

Maybe you can live in other base cities.

But the feeling of each base city is different, just like he went to the base city of holy light, where it is very prosperous, and the streets are very clean, but it does not make him feel nostalgic.

Home is unique and irreplaceable!

“Boss Su, why?” Xie Jinshui also had some difficulty understanding Su Ping’s words. The Tower did not dare to come over from Legendary, but still insist on it?

Is it worth it?

“Do you need a reason?” Su Ping said.

Several people looked at him staring blankly.

Need a reason?

Isn’t it necessary? !

They felt that Su Ping was crazy, but the expression of this teenager, at this moment, was unprecedentedly serious and calm.

Would you rather die than stay?

Everyone is silent.

“Since Boss Su is willing to stay, someone in Zhou is willing to accompany me!” In the silence, Zhuo Tianlin suddenly opened the mouth and said, he took a deep breath and his eyes were determined.

This said, several people looked at him in surprise.

No one expected that Zhou Family had such a bold spirit!

Is it on Su Ping’s face?

However, without the help of the peak tower, even if you want to please Su Ping, in front of this major event, it is unnecessary!

This is to bury the entire Zhou Family together with Su Ping and Dragon river!

Everyone looked towards Zhuo Tianlin and immediately saw something else from the man’s face, which was by no means a compliment and laughter in the past.

Qin Duhuang was slightly silent, suddenly shook his head and smiled, said: “We Qin Family is in the Dragon river for 100 years, from my ancestors in the Dragon river, in the mausoleum here, and the bones they buried… true To go, the old man is really reluctant, we Qin Family will stay, but some women and children and juniors will still send out the city and leave a seed of hope.”

Seeing the faint smile on the old man’s face, the others shrank slightly.

Zhuo Tianlin also smiled, pats Qin Duhuang’s shoulders, “Old Qin, this time, let’s compare it and see who killed the demonic beast. Zhou has long wanted to talk to you about this old fox. “

Qin Duhuang didn’t mind his move, but also smiled: “I am willing to accompany you, but you are still young, I won’t release water!”

“Haha!” Zhuo Tianlin laughed.

“You…” Mu Beihai looked at them stupefiedly and said to you unable to bear: “Are you mad? Boss Su has Legendary protection. If you really want to go, you can go at any time. You stay, just those King beasts. , You will be able to kill you, not to mention that Paramita will shoot at any time!”

Qin Duhuang glanced at him and smiled slightly: “Maybe it is crazy, Boss Su is willing to stay, and we are willing to accompany him and go crazy!”

“What a crazy thing!”

The Ye Family patriarch next to him suddenly opened, the complex color on his face dissipated, and laughed, saying: “I am proud of my normally, feel that our Ye Family is the most sturdy family, didn’t expect the crisis is coming, but it is Tianlin is the most kind, frankly. I used to look down on you, but today, you Zhou Family, I am willing to admit that we are opponents of our Ye Family!”

“Go to you, Ye Family, I haven’t put it in my eyes. Although our Zhou Family is ranked fifth, in our eyes, only the old Qin Family!” Zhuo Tianlin said ill-humoredly.

Qin Duhuang smiled slightly.

“Crazy!” Mu Beihai looked at Ye Family patriarch who was also willing to stay, his face filled with anger, looking at their three people’s expression of laughter, the more angry he was: “You know what the consequences of leaving, there will be no more of you in the world Three Great Families! In the face of such a huge battle, is it worth it?!”

“It’s not worth it. You only know it when you do it.” Qin Duhuang looked at him and said, “We Qin Family is the first Great Family of Dragon river! Mentioned Dragon river, everyone outside knows that Dragon river has Qin Family!”

“Even if we have to go, our Qin Family is the last one to go!”

Mu Beihai looked at him angrily, but he faced Qin Duhuang’s calm and decisive gaze. He clenched his fists and fiercely threw a punch.

“I don’t care how crazy you are, anyway Mu Family will not accompany you!” He gritted his teeth.

After he finished talking, he glanced at Su Ping and said, “Boss Su, it’s not that I don’t give you a face, I hope you can understand!”

Su Ping’s face didn’t change, saying: “You worry too much, you want to move away or stay, it has nothing to do with me, and I won’t have any opinion about you!

I’m staying, it’s just my own personal wishes, I won’t use this to ask you, you are all Great Family, there is such a big family business, if I were you, I might also leave, so you don’t have to think What is embarrassing. “

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Mu Beihai relaxed, and then glanced at Qin Duhuang 3 people, said nothing more.

Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin expression were as usual, not too unexpected. They didn’t stay because of Su Ping. Although Su Ping chose to stay and gave them some touch, they made their choices from the heart, even Su Ping also has to go, and they are willing to stay!

That’s right, maybe it will die.

And it is throwing an egg at a rock!

But here is the Dragon river!

After leaving here, they went to another place, and it felt uninteresting.

That is not their “home”!

However, they will not leave everyone in the family, just leave a part of the battle strength, after all, really want to stay, but it is genocide!

“Sorry, we Liu Family has no more battle strength, leaving the battle.” Liu Tianzong also spoke, apologizing.

Everyone glanced at him and said nothing.

This is voluntary, and people who want to leave can’t stop them.

Xie Jinshui has been silent.

When everyone had finished speaking and looked towards him when they had nothing to say, Xie Jinshui was still silent.

“Old Xie, what are your plans?” Qin Duhuang frowned.

Xie Jinshui slowly lifts the head, looked at them, and then looked at Su Ping, and finally whispered: “My idea is, move away.”

Qin Duhuang and the others froze.

Xie Jinshui’s face was deeply distressed, and he lowered his head and said, “Sorry, as a mayor, I can’t let everyone stay. In such a suspenseless battle, I hope to move away from some people, especially They are women and children. They can survive in other base cities, and they can pass on the Bloodline of our Dragon river. As for myself… I will stay and accompany you to fight to the last moment!”

Several people are complexion slightly changed.

Qin Duhuang took a deep breath and said: “Old Xie, you don’t have to say sorry to us, your approach is right.”

“Yes, the Bloodline of the Dragon river can’t be broken!”

“Even if the Dragon river is destroyed, no matter how many years later, someone will remember that there is a city called Dragon river!”

After hearing a few words, Xie Jinshui said painfully: “I’m sorry, I’m not a qualified mayor. If, if I can invite Legendary of the Pagoda, it won’t be like this. If I can say more, let them come……”

“Old Xie, don’t think about it, it has nothing to do with you, this is the fate of the Dragon river.” Qin Duhuang pats his shoulder, sighing lightly.

Zhuo Tianlin also said: “Yes, it is better to ask for yourself, even if Legendary does not come, I have never fought King beast, this time I can be addicted!”

Ye Family patriarch glanced at him, and didn’t expect this Zhou Family patriarch, with a temperament and temperament, which was somewhat similar to him.

This made him more comfortable with the latter. He felt that some actions against Zhou Family were not appropriate, and he knew more about Liu Family and Mu Family.

Mu Beihai looked ugly and said to Xie Jinshui: “Old Xie, it’s useless to say that now. Since we are moving away, let’s hurry and discuss how to move away. If it’s too late, once the Demonic beast is surrounded, think about it. Not going!”

“Yes.” Liu Tianzong is also nodded.

Xie Jinshui took a deep breath, nodded: “Yes, it’s time to seize the time. I had a plan before, and I will tell you my thoughts.”

“it is good.”

Soon, Xie Jinshui talked about the evacuation arrangements. Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong had some ideas and added them in. Qin Family, Zhou Family and Ye Family who were willing to stay also had people who wanted to evacuate. Some old and weak women in the family are useless to stay, they have to move away, leaving a hope for the family.

There are money hidden treasure and so on.

Su Ping listened while they were discussing, and was also thinking about other things.

After the negotiation was over, everyone would have to disperse. The five patriarchs had their own tasks to complete, and Su Ping and Xie Jinshui did not give Su Ping any instructions. Since Su Ping chose to stay, this move away, It has nothing to do with Su Ping, nor will he ask Su Ping to help people evacuate again.


Go back to the store.

Su Ping brought up the shop panel and looked at the energy above. Previously, Nurturing 3 pet beasts consumed 3,000,000, and later sold 2 of them, and returned some books, plus the energy that was later earned, now it is more than 700 10000.

If you earn another 3,000,000, you can upgrade the store.

However, even if you upgrade the store, you will not be able to solve the current dilemma.

“I can let Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast, guard one side, Er Gou guard another side, I guard another side, the remaining party, hand over to Qin Family and Zhou Family, but if there is King beast there, they are also difficult to guard , And there are 5 King beasts at this time, there must be an outer wall, and 2 King beasts will be encountered!”

“Moreover, there are Paramita who can shoot at any time. Paramita’s words can only be dealt with by me.”

“If I deal with Paramita, they have to face other King beasts.”

Su Ping thought quickly in his mind, and finally clenched the teeth and walked into the Nurturing room.

With 7,000,000 energy, Su Ping intends to be all Nurturing!

If Nurturing can produce a few King beasts, the hope of perseverance will greatly increase. The only trouble to be dealt with is the King of Paramita.

In the Testing Room, the ground and all around are all vast Starry Sky, and no boundary can be seen.

Su Ping is like walking in Starry Sky, with the Nurturing dry well ahead.


After making the decision, Su Ping did not have heartache, and started Nurturing directly.


Soon, light appeared on Chaos Spirit Pond.


Not long afterwards, with the interweaving of Chaos Spirit Qi, complex energy patterns appeared, and a roar came from inside!

The roar was so bright, full of murderous aura, that made Su Ping’s eyes shine.

It’s adulthood!

I saw a giant shadow rising from the Chaos Spirit Pond, and finally suspended in the Spirit Pond. It was a bizarre Demonic beast carrying wings and a body like a scorpion, and this Demonic beast’s breath was King beast!

“Congratulations to the host, Nurturing out of the Middle Ages, Storm Poison Crab King!”

The system sounds.

Su Ping immediately glanced at this King beast’s attribute, with some joy in her heart, this King beast’s battle strength has 16.5!

Better than the current Er Gou!

Er Gou is only around 14.

Su Ping immediately took it to the pet beast space of the store, and then began to continue Nurturing.

Soon, the second pet beast appeared. With the cry of Demonic beast, it was another adult Demonic beast! But this time I was not so lucky, just Rank-2 extreme pet.

Su Ping did not hesitate to continue nurturing.

3rd, 4th…

In an instant, 7,000,000 energy and Su Ping are all exhausted!

I have nurtured 7 times in a row and got 7 pet beasts. Of these 7 animals, only 2 are Rank-9 extreme pets. The remaining 5 are King beast!

This time’s luck just broke the watch, much stronger than last time.

It’s just that Su Ping regrets that of the five King beasts, only one is Void Cave realm King beast, and it is also an adult Peak period. The remaining four King beasts, one is only in the pet stage, and the current battle strength is barely comparable. Rank-5 pet beast, and the other 4, the battle strength is 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 12 o’clock.

The one with the highest battle strength is the Storm Poison Scorpion King.

3 It’s not as good as the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast from Su Ping before Nurturing.

“7 times, I haven’t been able to Nurturing out Destiny Realm King beast.” Su Ping was a little disappointed. Destiny Realm’s King beast is also King beast! In the rules of the system, there is a probability that Nurturing comes out!

If Nurturing can produce an adult King beast of Destiny Realm, Su Ping feels that even if he encounters Paramita, he can still fight. After all, Paramita is the strongest and only King beast. At most, Destiny Realm King beast is enough to match.

“However, if Nurturing produced Destiny Realm King beast, I can’t use it, and now I haven’t written the slave contract. The King beast of Void Cave realm must be Legendary to be able to control it. The Titled Limit is difficult to control. Will be backlashed.”

Su Ping brows tightly knit.

If the Peak Tower came to Legendary, the Void Cave realm King beast he Nurturing produced, he wouldn’t mind selling it to each other.

Unfortunately, none of Legendary came.

The Dragon river is now in a situation without Legendary!

This leads to this Void Cave realm King beast, although battle strength is currently the strongest pet beast on hand, he can not find a master to control!


With infinite regret in his heart, Su Ping can only sighed then said, he included these pet beasts, except for the Void Cave realm King beast, the rest were included in the sale of pet beast in the store.

Just after leaving the Testing room, Su Ping was going to call Qin Duhuang and the others to come over, but his communicator rang first.

A look at the communication number is from Xie Jinshui.

Su Ping is connected immediately.


“Boss Su, no good!”

Xie Jinshui’s voice was full of anxiety and urgency, saying: “Just got the information, those Demonic beasts gathered in wasteland have already moved towards the base! Now the evacuated people haven’t had time to gather, wait for the gathering, it is estimated that the beast The tide has also come to an end. Now I can only select some evacuees who have been screened out before, and it is estimated that only a very small number of people, Boss Su, can be evacuated!”

Su Ping startled, didn’t expect animal tide wants to come to come.

He sank at the thought of the evacuees still assembled.

“I will join the war at any time, you may continue to move away, mayor, how much can you move away,” Su Ping said.

Hearing Su Ping saying this, Xie Jinshui immediately said: “Okay, you pay attention to it at any time.” After he finished speaking, he hurried to hang up without waiting for Su Ping to reply.

After finishing the communication, Su Ping immediately contacted Qin Duhuang.

As a result, a beep sounded during communication, indicating that communication was in progress.

Su Ping complexion slightly changed, and immediately rushed out of the store, but I saw the patriarch of Five Great Families in the building across the street. I thought of the evacuation plan mentioned in the previous meeting. I knew they were all assisting Xie Jinshui and were moving away. Some women and children and juniors in their respective families.


Zhong Lingtong saw a trace of anxiety on Su Ping’s face, unable to bear a little nervous.

For the first time, she saw Su Ping so eager.

Su Ping didn’t tell her much, let Tang Ruyan take care of her, don’t leave the store, then summon out Er Gou, let it perform dragon shape, and turn it into a Grand Expanse True Dragon.

Su Ping jumped on its back and let it go to the outer wall of the base city.

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