Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 499

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Er Gou flew at full speed. After ten minutes, he came to the outer wall on the west side of the nearest base city.

On the outer wall, rows of soldiers stood, filling the aisles of the outer wall.

Various shells and missiles have been erected on the outer wall of the base city, and there are 2 ultra-long-range voltage sniper guns. After recharging, they can directly bomb the ordinary Rank-9 Demonic beast!

However, each charge requires a 3 minute interval, which is one of the ultimate weapons of the base city defense.

Among these fighters, Su Ping saw Zhou Family’s flags in addition to those of the Dragon Costume fighters of the Dragon River government. Dark brown flags fluttered everywhere, and the words on the Zhou Zhou also appeared majestic!

Su Ping thought induction, quickly found a few familiar breaths in it, including Zhou Family patriarch, Zhuo Tianlin, in addition to several Zhou Family Titled, are the elders of Zhou Family.


Su Ping flew directly past.

Seeing Su Ping and the Divine Dragon at his feet, the soldiers on the outer wall were shocked. The appearance of this Divine Dragon is too unique. They have never seen it on the pet beast. Unknown pet beast of illustrated book!

Zhuo Tianlin recognized Su Ping and his pet beast, a little surprised, didn’t expect Su Ping will come suddenly, but he just received a newsletter from Xie Jinshui, knowing that the beast tide is coming, see Su Ping coming at this moment There was no accident here, so I flew up immediately.

“Boss Su.”

“Zhou patriarch, are the other families guarding each other?” Su Ping asked directly.

“I’m not quite clear. Old Xie hasn’t arranged it yet. This beast tide came too suddenly. Our Zhou Family is close to the west, so I will lead the person over first.” Zhuo Tianlin said.

Speaking of beast tide, his face also became dignified, and more in his eyes was determined.

Once the battle begins, the corpses are everywhere!

He is already mentally prepared.

Su Ping glanced at him and said, “I sent you a newsletter on the road before, you are busy, do you have a way to contact Qin patriarch, I just got a batch of pet beast in my shop, I am ready to sell it to you.”

“Pet beast?”

Zhuo Tianlin startled, eyes suddenly brightened.

Last time Su Ping sold 2 heads of Rank-9 extreme pet beast, he failed to grab it. This time Su Ping came to find them, there is always a chance to buy one!

“I’ll give it a try. In other words, Boss Su, in fact, our other Titleds of Zhou Family also have a position. If you don’t have a lot of pet beast, we can buy all of Zhou Family, and the price can be opened as you like!” Zhuo Tianlin said quickly.

Su Ping shook his head: “This pet beast, I am going to sell it to you, let you come to guard the base city, if you Zhou Family is responsible for one side, it is enough to buy one.”

Zhuo Tianlin was a little lost, but also knew that the situation was special at the moment, Su Ping directly found them for sale, saying that it was for sale, and most of them were given to them to let them help to guard the base.

“Okay, let me inform them first.” Zhuo Tianlin dispelled the thought and said.

Su Ping nodded.

Zhuo Tianlin picked up the communication and was about to dial it. Suddenly his communication rang and he glanced at it, surprisedly said: “It’s Old Xie’s.”

“Old Xie?”

“Xiao Zhou, hurry to the city hall. I have given the evacuation to handle it. You come here immediately. I also called Old Qin. They quickly discussed how to defend.” Xie Jinshui’s voice was very loud Said in a hurry.

Zhuo Tianlin startled, facial expression grave, said: “I am understood, I will come soon!”

After talking, I hung up the newsletter and said to Su Ping in front of me: “Boss Su, just Old Xie asked us to go to a meeting to discuss the defense. Do you want to go together?”


Su Ping immediately nodded and said, “Then you come up.”

Zhuo Tianlin glanced at the Divine Dragon under his feet. He was very impressed with the unknown pet beast that was not in this illustration. He was out of Su Ping summon in the previous beast tide, rampaged and slaughtered in 4 places in the beast tide, although There is no breath of King beast, but it seems not inferior to King beast!

“it is good.”

Promised, Zhuo Tianlin came to the back of this pet beast.

Er Gou was slightly dissatisfied and grunted.

Su Ping ignored Er Gou’s dissatisfaction and immediately told her to let it turn away.


After half an hour.

2 people came to the city hall.

Qin Duhuang and Mu Beihai and the others have all arrived. Sitting in the Conference Hall, they all have heavy faces, especially Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong. The two people have black faces, which are extremely ugly.

They are ready to move away!

But the animal tide came too fast, they could only choose to move away from a small group of clansman, mainly women and elites in the elders, as for others, they could only stay on the Dragon river and were forced to fight!

“You are here.” Xie Jinshui sat on the main seat and saw Su Ping and Zhuo Tianlin coming, immediately nodded.

When Su Ping was on his way, he gave Su Ping newsletter and invited him to come.

“Now everyone is here, Old Xie, how to arrange?” Qin Duhuang said immediately.

Xie Jinshui clicked on the conference table, and a virtual map immediately appeared on the desktop of the entire conference table. This is the entire map of the Dragon river.

4 4 The base city of Fangfang, the outer wall is a square!

In the area near the outer wall, there are wilderness, vegetable and fruit farmers and other planting areas, and some factory areas. The personnel are sparse, and the closer to the center of the base, the denser and denser the buildings.

“In the base city all around, there are radar detectors and ground motion sensors inside and outside. If there is a Demonic beast attacking from the ground, it will be detected, and there are melt layer and electric water layer at the bottom of the underground. If the Demonic beast is from the ground If you come over, you will get back if you touch these two layers of defense.”

Xie Jinshui said quickly: “So, we only need to guard against land and air raids!”

All the basements of the base city have a melt layer and an electric water layer. Those A-Rank base cities and other protective layers are all built using the skills of pet beast. They are specifically designed to prevent intrusions from the underground to the base city. Inside the pet beast.

Usually the base city is attacked and invaded directly from land and air.

“From the perspective of the detected beast tide, it is mainly based on the ground Demonic beast, there are fewer Demonic beasts with flying ability, the attack of Flying Monster Beast can be handed over to our military department, there are air-to-air missiles and sniper artillery, enough Annihilation, the rest of a fish that escaped the net is given to the family’s Titled.”

“Yes.” Qin Duhuang nodded.

“Our base city, these 4 faces…” Xie Jinshui’s face became serious and dignified, palms stroking on the map, said: “The news from the front line, the place with the largest number of herds, is on the east side , There is also the place with the most A-Rank wasteland. On the east side, I and Old Qin will guard. Old Qin, what do you think?”

Qin Duhuang complexion slightly changed, but soon said: “No problem!”

Everyone glanced at him. The east was the most difficult to defend. Although the city government Titled led by Xie Jinshui guarded it together, they still faced great pressure.

“Secondly, there are a lot of beasts in the north, and there are silhouettes of King beast in the north. On the north, who of you are willing to guard?” Xie Jinshui looked around the others, but did not look at Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced at Xie Jinshui and found that he was excluded from the meeting and was not included in the battle.

He is slightly frowned and does not understand what Xie Jinshui means.

“We Ye Family can!”

Waiting for a moment, when no one spoke, Ye Family patriarch said suddenly.

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Mu Beihai.

Mu Beihai felt his gaze, his face pale, but not at all spoke.

“it is good.”

Xie Jinshui nodded: “The North will hand over to your Ye Family. I will call on all influences who come to the reinforcements later and select some stronger ones from the north to send you to the North to help you Ye Family.”

“En.” Ye Family patriarch nodded.

“This west side, close to your Zhou Family, how about you Zhou Family?”

“No problem.” Zhuo Tianlin promised directly that he hadn’t robbed the north before, not because he was afraid, but that Zhou Family had already deployed soldiers on the west side, and he didn’t want to relocate in the past, which would delay his energy. Running around, it’s a bit stupid, it’s better to save energy.

“On the south, Demonic beast has the fewest trace groups, but it should not be underestimated. Are you Mu Family and Liu Family willing to guard?” Xie Jinshui looked towards Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong.

Both of them want to move out of the family, and are forced to stay at this moment, and give them the best defensive side, which is probably within their acceptance.

“No problem.” Mu Beihai nodded.

Liu Tianzong is also nodded.

“Okay, that’s it, so you will prepare it later.” Xie Jinshui nodded said.

Su Ping asked, “Mayor, what about me?”

Everyone else looked towards Su Ping.

Xie Jinshui hearing this looked deeply Su Ping, said: “Boss Su, you can reinforce any side, but my row for you, I hope you do not rush to guard any side, I hope you stay in the base city!”

“You are the strongest battle strength of our Dragon river. If the King Paramita appears, you can only hand it to you! I know, this is too demanding for you, too difficult for you, so if you don’t feel If you are an enemy, you can evacuate at any time. I allow you to leave the battlefield at any time, not a deserter!”

Su Ping froze.

Xie Jinshui hadn’t ordered him before. Didn’t expect to use him as a first aid.

Wherever Paramita appears, he will go.

Moreover, you can leave the battlefield at any time!

The others all looked at Xie Jinshui, and then looked at Su Ping again. They didn’t say anything. Even if Su Ping retreated without a fight, if they really wanted to go, they couldn’t blame anything.

Facing a monster like Paramita, Su Ping is willing to stay, it is already a great courage and friendship!

“I am understood.” Su Ping nodded.

This arrangement is indeed reasonable. If he goes to any base city, once Paramita appears on the other side, it is estimated that he will break through the base city in an instant!

It will be too late when he rushes from one side of the base city to the other!

“Mayor, I have a plan, I don’t know if you can lure Paramita, if I can, I have a lore, even if Paramita goes, it will definitely die!” Su Ping said suddenly.

If Paramita can be brought into the scope of the store, the power of the system can directly wipe out Paramita!

Su Ping is very confident in the system!

After all, she claims to be able to kill even the devil, not to mention trifling Paramita.

“Land of lore?”

As soon as this remark came out, Xie Jinshui, Qin Duhuang and the others were both stunned and looked at Su Ping in surprise.

Su Ping’s tone is too great.

Even Paramita must die?

What level of lore is this?

“Is there such a place?” Xie Jinshui asked.

Su Ping is seriously nodded, “Trust me, no matter what level of King beast, you can kill, even beyond the existence of King beast, it will kill the same!”

Several people were shocked by Su Ping’s words.

Everyone didn’t expect, Su Ping still holds this power.

How many cards are there for this boy, so horrible!

There was hope in Xie Jinshui’s eyes, but soon, his eyes dimmed again, bitterly saying: “Even if there is such a place, but we can’t lead Paramita, no instrument can detect Paramita’s whereabouts, otherwise, these years The peak tower has already used the instrument to catch these 4 king beasts.”

Su Ping is also frowned.

I can’t find Paramita, I can only wait for it to appear, which is very passive!

“In this way, I can only wait for it to appear. I find it, and then lead it into the base city by fighting, but I don’t know if it will succeed.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

In his heart, there is no way. After all, in addition to the strong strength of the Demonic beast, which is called the 4th king, most of it is also an extremely cunning ominous beast.

Otherwise, impossible for so many years, have not been captured and killed by the peak tower.

“It’s a pity.” Qin Duhuang is also secretly sighed, there is such a lore, but it is too difficult to lure Paramita, they don’t even know the trace of Paramita, nor do they know when Paramita will appear and will appear in Where, this Paramita is not a Low rank Demonic beast, you can easily step into the trap by lure.

If it were so easy to get trapped, it would have been tempted by the tower to use traps.

“Let’s do this for the time being. Time is pressing, and the battle will change 10000 times at that time. I will contact you at any time. We will first establish a communication group. If something happens, I will send you a group message directly, which is also convenient for contact. “Xie Jinshui said.

Several were nodded.

Each took out the communicator and quickly added them together.

Just as the meeting was about to end, Su Ping said: “Qin patriarch, Zhou patriarch, and Ye patriarch. You three come to my shop quickly. I have a few pet beasts to sell. You can also come to Patriarch Liu and Patriarch Liu. “

Called Mu Family and Liu Family, Su Ping is to sell them 2 Rank-9 extreme pets to help them add battle strength, so that they can’t even hold the south.

After all, this time there are 5 King beasts. If they go to the south, their 2 Great Family may not be able to hold it!

“Pet beast?”

Hearing Su Ping’s words, apart from Zhuo Tianlin, Qin Duhuang and the others are all bright eyes.

Xie Jinshui thought of the last Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast, but also a bit greedy, saying: “Boss Su, can I buy one?”

“You… next time.” Su Ping is a little embarrassed. This time he can sell only five. After all, the King Beast of the Void Cave realm is sold to them, and they can’t sign a contract.

The other king beast, still in its infancy, is useless.

The rest can be sold with 3 King beasts and 2 Rank-9s.

Su Ping chose to sell to Five Great Families instead of Xie Jinshui, considering that he was the mayor, he had to coordinate the overall situation while defending, command the entire field, and participate in the battle second.

Xie Jinshui smiled bitterly and could only give up.

A Rank-9 extreme pet beast, although he is also greedy, but also in such a situation, he can not play a qualitative role. For the gloomy future of the Dragon river, he does not have much regret and regret. Dragon river is the most important.

Su Ping glanced at Xie Jinshui and said nothing. I thought that if Nurturing had King beast next time, he would sell you a good one.

For Old Xie, Su Ping is still very recognized, is a good mayor!

“Many thanks Boss Su.” Mu Beihai didn’t expect Su Ping and he was willing to sell it to him. They Mu Family had chosen to move away.

Su Ping slightly nodded, said: “If you don’t say much, please follow me to my shop.”

“Good.” Qin Duhuang slightly nodded.

Xie Jinshui got up and said: “You go first, I will first go to those forces who come to reinforce and tell them the situation and strategic layout.”

“it is good.”

Several people are nodded.

The meeting broke up immediately, except Xie Jinshui, everyone followed Su Ping back to the pet beast shop in slum area.

Just arrived in the store, Su Ping let Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin, Ye Family patriarch 3 people stand in front, Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong line up to stand behind.

Seeing Su Ping’s allocation, everyone was a little puzzled, but didn’t say anything.

The rules of lining up in Su Ping’s store, they understand, but they just think Su Ping seems to have some obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There are only a few of them left now, what team are there.

And looking at the meaning of this queue, it is clear that Qin Duhuang is the first to choose.

You are Boss, you are in charge. Which pet beast do you want to sell to Old Qin? Isn’t it a sentence? As for the queue?

Although vomiting, everyone did not say anything, just Su Suping is obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong are also somewhat helpless. It seems that they can only pick the rest. Sure enough, the choice they made made Su Ping have some opinions on them.

“Come out!”

When they stand up, Su Ping directly summons out the pet beasts on the shop sale list.


Roar! !

Roaring sounds, low breathing sounds appeared one after another, one after another huge mountain-like silhouette crashed to the ground, the huge silhouette instantly packed the entire street, across the street, the houses bought by Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin and the others were put under pressure Collapse, the volume is too huge!

But at the moment, Qin Duhuang and the others did not bother to pay attention to the houses they bought.

King beast’s breath filled the audience.


Qin Duhuang and Zhuo Tianlin and the others were all wide-eyed, with their hairs erected, and each and everyone looked at this scene with shock in their faces.

King…beast? !

Are all King beast? ! !

Several people opened their mouths and were shocked to speak.

This scene is so impactful that 3 king beasts came out at once!

If they didn’t see these pet beasts coming out of Su Ping summon, they thought they were invading King beast!

“Su, Boss Su…” Qin Duhuang came back to his senses, looked up at a huge giant scorpion with a volume of dozens of meters in front of him, his throat rolled, and said hardly: “Here, this is the pet beast to be sold to us? ?”

Everyone else came back to his senses, staring blankly at Su Ping.

Sell…King beast? !


too crazy!

“Yes, choose the one you like, sign the contract immediately, and make good use of it when keeping the city.” Su Ping said seriously.

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