Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 500

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Hearing Su Ping’s words, several people were awake and realized that Su Ping was not kidding, but was really selling King beast!

King beast…

Legendary captures guys who are quite strenuous, and they are sold directly to them!

Where does Su Ping come from so many King beast?

Catch it in the wild?

“Su, Boss Su, this King beast…how much does it sell?” Ye Family patriarch fiercely swallowed a bit and asked Unable to Bear.

Other people have thought about this problem, all complex slightly changed.

King beast, this is priceless!

If you want to ask the Legendary in the Peak Tower to help you catch it, you have to pay an immense price. Their large family business may all be involved!

“No more than 200 million.” Su Ping said.

He naturally knows the value of King beast and how “charitable” the system pricing is. He usually feels painful, but now, it is important to sell them to defend the city, and he is used to it. Anyway, he has already paid back. After all, Nurturing costs Only 1,000,000 energy is needed, which is a 100000000.

These few King beasts are all small gains, but the other 2 Rank-9 Demonic beasts have lost money, but if they are complementary, in general, they will not lose money.


Hearing Su Ping’s words, several people were dumbfounded and looked at each other.

Which is selling, it is simply giving away!

“Boss Su…” Qin Duhuang opened his mouth slightly, but the gratitude came to his mouth but stopped. This kind of gratitude, just the verbal thanks, was beyond words.

He looked at this teenager deeply and said, “Boss Su, wherever we need our Qin Family in the future, despite your orders, Qin Duhuang will do the same!”

Hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, several others came back to his senses, noticing his wording and glancing at him with some surprise.


Qin Duhuang was known as Rage God, the old Titled Limit in the Asian land, before several decades ago!

Once famous, it is no less than Blade Venerable, and it is also a terrifying eye-catching powerhouse.

didn’t expect He actually would respect Su Ping in front of him, is he grateful?

Mu Beihai’s eyes flickered slightly, he had been dealing with this old fox for the longest time, at this moment he felt a strange smell in it.

With this Old Guy’s arrogance, he won’t be so humble because of a King beast.

“Qin patriarch said it seriously,” Su Ping said.

Qin Duhuang didn’t say anything, did Su Ping take his business seriously, but his promise would not change, he turned around and looked towards the few King beasts next to him, his eyes looked back and forth, and finally, his His eyes were still on King beast, the huge scorpion in front of him.

“Boss Su, I want this one, can I?”

“no problem.”

“it is good.”

Qin Duhuang is nodded.

This Storm Poison Scorpion King sells for 16310000 energy, which is similar to its battle strength.

After Qin Duhuang paid, Su Ping asked him to conclude the contract.

Several other people saw that Qin Duhuang came to King Beast and signed a contract. They were all jealous. This is the real King beast. There is King Beast’s Titled Limit, and there is no King beast. It is completely 2 levels!

The Ye Family patriarch and Zhuo Tianlin in the back are both overwhelmed by emotions, and they are both excited and excited.

Although they are also the Titled Limit, they just barely reached the limit. They are not strong in the Titled Limit. They walked out of the Dragon river. There is a lot of Titled Limit outside, which can make them feel pressure. But now, King beast is in hand. In other words, their battle strength can even be comparable to Blade Venerable and the Titled Limit like the sun at high noon!

Even beyond!

Liu Tianzong and Mu Beihai who stood behind changed their faces. Although they tried their best to keep Su Ping from seeing their jealousy, the jealousy in their eyes was difficult to hide, and there was a bit of regret in their hearts, if they did not choose to leave If so, maybe Su Ping will follow the previous rules and let them pick first-come first-served!

In this case, they have the hope to buy it.

The difference between a thought and a missed King beast!

2 People’s hearts are shaking.

Soon, Qin Duhuang completed the conclusion of the contract, the process is very smooth!

He is Titled Limit, signing Vast Sea realm King beast not at all too much pressure, but Void Cave realm will not work, a realm gap is enough to crush his spirit sea!


Qin Duhuang’s thoughts moved, and this huge Storm Poison Scorpion King was immediately included in the summon vortex. As he released his thoughts, he fell again.

Qin Duhuang leaped to the top of his head, standing against the wind, his eyes excited with excitement.

In a trance, he seems to have recovered his passion and impulse when he was young!

Stepping on King beast, what a gesture this is!

His yearn for something even in dreams scene!

I thought that only become Legendary, it is possible to do, didn’t expect surprise came so suddenly.


Qin Duhuang jumped from the head of Storm Poison Scorpion King and landed in front of everyone with a high-spirited and vigorous face, arching to Su Ping: “many thanks Boss Su!”

Su Ping nodded: “Is it still docile?”

“A little emotion, but I can communicate well.” Qin Duhuang said.

Through the contract concluded, he can feel the violent idea of ​​this Storm Poison Scorpion King, but this fierceness is strong, but it is not directed at him. There is repression of the contract. As long as he does not abuse the other party, the current relationship still exists. It is considered to be gentle, and to get along well in the future, the relationship will only become more intimate.

Hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, the color of jealousy in Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong’s eyes became more intense.

He clenched his fingers into fists, and his finger bones were crushed!


Zhuo Tianlin, who is in the back, also has some hot eyes, impatient.

“Boss Su, can I choose?” he asked of unable to bear.


Su Ping nodded.

Zhuo Tianlin was overjoyed, and immediately selected the Dark Flame Fury Lion King on the other side of the Middle Ages. This is a king beast with evil Demon attribute and Fire Element bloodline. It has 2 abilities, but mainly Fire Element.

The price is 1.43100000000, which is 14310000 energy.

After payment, see Su Ping nodded, Zhuo Tianlin immediately approached impatiently, and signed a contract with this Dark Flame Fury Lion King.

Looking at Zhuo Tianlin also got King beast, Liu Tianzong and Mu Beihai’s complexions were difficult to keep calm, and the corners of their eyes kept twitching.

The last King beast left is from Ye Family patriarch. He is a little regretful. In fact, he is looking at Storm Poison Scorpion King selected by Qin Duhuang. The King beast imposing manner is the deepest and the most powerful at first glance. Character.

However, he has been selected and he has no choice but to accept the remaining King beast.

Although it is the rest, it is King beast after all.

Ye Family patriarch glanced at Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong, and the unhappiness in his heart immediately became superior.

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong have nothing to say, they can only buy the remaining 2 Rank-9 extreme pets. Before they changed, they could buy such Rank-9 extreme pets. They were already overjoyed, but now they are not happy at all. The damage caused by the comparison is too great, but they did not dare to show their emotions to their faces, but still politely thanked Su Ping.

Su Ping didn’t care what Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong thought. There were so many King beasts, there would always be no one, and he could take care of everyone.

“It’s up to you to defend the base. You go first.”

When the pet beast is sold, Su Ping said.

Everyone thanked Su Ping again and again, and did not wait too much, and left in a hurry.

At present, the big problem that is pressing on everyone is still the beast tide that is about to come. If it can’t survive the beast tide, it is useless to say anything.

After they left, Su Ping returned to the store and glanced at the accounts. There were more than 400 10000 energy on it, close to 5,000,000!

3 King beast sold close to 4 million, 2 Rank-9 extreme pets, add up to 90 more than 10000!

Su Ping suddenly found that he had missed a little bit earlier, he can use this 4 million energy, again Nurturing!

If Nurturing sells King beast, they can continue to sell! Then use the sold shallow, again Nurturing!

Theoretically, as long as good luck, you can continue to Nurturing and selling, in this way, there will be a continuous King beast!

Of course, this is only the best luck in theory.

In any case, more than 700 and 10000 were used before, and Su Ping is not worse than this 4 million.

Nurturing again!

Su Ping enters the Chaos Spirit Pond room, without hesitation, directly Nurturing.

The first pet beast appeared, and it was also a Rank-9 pet, Peak.

Continue to Nurturing.

Soon, the second pet beast appeared, this time a young pet, and it was also the King beast of Void Cave realm bloodline!

If cultivated to the Peak stage, the price is at least 2-3 Million!

It’s a pity that Su Ping is a little sorry and can only accept it now.

Then continue to Nurturing.

The third pet beast is another king beast!

battle strength 11.2!

Moreover, it is an ancient pet that is quite old, but although it is from Great Ancient Era, the battle strength is only the degree of King beast. It is no problem to deal with some Rank-9 Demonic beasts, but it is not enough to see other King beasts.

This is an Azure Thorn Worm, not very big, only 4 five meters in height, like an enlarged dragonfly.

“It’s the first time I saw such a small King beast. In the ancient times, this guy should be considered a weak insect?” Su Ping couldn’t help but guess.

Next, Su Ping again Nurturing.

The fourth pet beast, but Su Ping was a little disappointed, is a Rank-4 pet.

“The luck this time is too bad, only this Azure Thorn Worm can be used.” Su Ping secretly sighed in his heart.

Other pet beasts are not bad. On the contrary, young pets are more valuable. In the process of breeding, there are more probabilities. However, the immediate disaster clearly does not give these young pets a chance to develop.

“This Azure Thorn Worm, find someone to sell.”

Su Ping’s brain turned and thought of the mayor, but also of his probability of participating in the battle in this battle, and then thought of another person, Blade Venerable.

He immediately communicated with the communicator and quickly connected.

“Inverse King.” Blade Venerable called.

Su Ping was uncomfortable, uncomfortable and familiar when he heard this title, saying: “You still call me Boss Su, I have a pet beast, do you either?”

“Pet beast?” Blade Venerable wondered, and asked, “What pet beast, but my pet beast seems to be full. If you want, you have to first dismiss one.”

“…Never mind.” Su Ping can only give up.

If you terminate the contract with pet beast, the owner will have a weak period of several days, which is the same as the weak period of the woman. At this time, except for the battle strength of the quarrel, there is no use. The moment is the critical period. How can Blade be Venerable is weak.


Blade Venerable is a little ignorant, refused to be so decisive?

In other words, what is pet beast you haven’t said yet, if it’s rare, I’ll be fine if I cancel it!

Su Ping said nothing and hung up the communication.

He thought about it, and suddenly thought of a person, Wu Guansheng!

The former Legendary came over and provoked him, and he was left with the Titled Limit to teach Su Lingyue therapy.

It can also be regarded as half of Su Lingyue Teacher!

At this time, Su Ping sent him a newsletter. After the invitation, this person also came over.

Thinking of this person as a person who stayed at home and rubbed his meal, Su Ping was still more optimistic and immediately sent him a message.

“Old Wu?”

“Inverse King?”

Wu Guansheng was doubtful, but his attitude was quite respectful.

Su Ping singled out the whole game at League of Kings. He also heard that although he didn’t participate, he had a wide range of sources.

“Can you still sign pet beast?” Su Ping asked.

“Uh, yes, there are 2 positions.” Wu Guansheng said that his selection of pet beasts is more demanding, so there are only 7 pet beasts, and he doesn’t like fighting, so there is no sign up, and there is no need to expand the battle strength. Limitation, after all, his main cultivation secrets are all related to treatment and adjuvant.

Su Ping relaxed, “That’s good, I have a King beast, do you either?”


Wu Guansheng was a little ignorant, unable to bear said: “You just said, King beast?”

“Well, King beast, but it’s weaker,” Su Ping said.

Wu Guansheng’s throat is rolling, a little dumb, weak? Is there a weak saying about King beast, as long as it is King beast, it is a scary guy!

“Yes, yes!” Wu Guansheng said quickly.

He can’t be picky about King beast anymore!

Not to mention what is weak and strong, as long as it is King beast, suppressing those Rank-9 Demonic beasts, is it not easy?

“Okay, so you come, my shop.” Su Ping said.

“Okay, right now!”

The communication hung up, and within a few minutes, Wu Guansheng, who had a big belly, hurried to the Su Ping store, just looked around at the store, and then said to Su Ping: “Inverse King, do you really have King beast to sell?”

He was thinking about whether Su Ping was playing him on the way, but at this juncture, Su Ping should not be so boring.

Su Ping didn’t explain, summon Azure Thorn Worm directly in the store.

The size of Azure Thorn Worm is not large, it can be displayed in the store. Without looking at the battle strength and cultivation base, it is difficult to imagine this is a King beast!


Wu Guansheng saw Azure Thorn Worm, eyes shrank, and immediately felt a reckless and fierce breath from this jade-green bug.

This is a very difficult feeling, let him have one’s hair stand on end.

King beast!

This is the breath of King beast!

Although it is a bit small, he will never admit that such coercion.

“This…King beast, do you really want to sell me?” Wu Guansheng unable to bear asked again.

Su Ping nodded, directly said: “Give a 100000000, directly sign a contract and take away.”

“…” Wu Guansheng was dumbfounded and sold a 100000000? And seeing Su Ping’s attitude is like selling something worthless, which is King beast!



After repeated confirmation by Wu Guansheng, Su Ping was almost impatient. Finally, Wu Guansheng paid the money, and under Su Ping’s watch, he quickly concluded a contract.

After the contract was concluded, Wu Guansheng really confirmed that this is King beast!

And he really bought it for only 100000000 million!

Wu Guansheng also had some simple understanding of the skills of this pet beast through the idea and some abilities passed through the contract concluded. Specifically, it needs to be tested again to know.

“When defending the city, it is mainly to save lives.” Su Ping said to Wu Guansheng.

Although he invited the other party to come to help fight, Su Ping did not want to see these people who were willing to come to help because of the fighting and died.

If they are unable to fight the enemy, let them save their lives first.

Wu Guansheng immediately understood the intention of Su Ping, no more doubts and speculations in his heart, and said aloud: “Inverse King, you can rest assured that since I came, I will definitely go all out, whether it is the Dragon river or other base cities, as long as it is difficult , I can help Wu Guansheng, I will definitely help!”

He was willing to come, not only for the invitation of Su Ping, but also for those who did not want to see this city.

This is all human!

All are similar!

If you can’t help each other, who else can you expect?

When he came, he also invited his friends, but some people were scared when they heard Paramita 2, and they refused directly, and persuaded him not to drip the muddy water.

He didn’t blame these friends. Some people don’t want to come, he can understand, after all, who is not afraid of death?

“The Inverse King, I’ll say goodbye first.” Wu Guansheng arched to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded.

Saying goodbye to Wu Guansheng, Su Ping stood at the door of the store and looked up, faintly seeing that there seemed to be dark clouds coming down from the horizon, and his eyes could not help revealing sadness.

At this time, he was really unsure.

If Paramita is King Beast of Destiny Realm, he may not be able to stop himself. Dragon River may really be destroyed!

“If the city is really broken, Demonic beast will invade here sooner or later, here is the final barrier, but unfortunately, the area of ​​the shop is too small to accommodate too many people, but if Paramita attacks here, it is it Of death!”

Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart, this is the worst case, he doesn’t want to see it.

If Paramita destroyed the base, swept everything, and then stepped on the nail of the shop, although he could kill Paramita, the Dragon river was gone.

Although it can be rebuilt after a disaster, no one can count how many people will die inside!


at the same time.

On the other side, Xie Jinshui has found all the powerhouses that reinforce the Dragon river.

There is an adventure group, a separate Titled rank, and some families in other base cities. They have formed some friendships due to trade with the Dragon river, and rushed to reinforce.

Xie Jinshui was grateful for these reinforcements.

After co-ordination, the forces from these parties have been able to match the strength of a half-family of Dragon River!

Among them, there are dozens of Titled rank!

Titled Limit, in addition to those invited by Su Ping, such as Blade Venerable and Wu Guansheng, have volunteered to come to Dragon River for reinforcements, there are 2 people!

They are all well-known Titled Limit!

The rest of the high rank Battle pet master has reached 1000 people!

At this critical moment, knowing that there is King beast, they are willing to come to aid the Dragon river. They are all passionate men. Although this force is still weak in front of the beast tide, no one flinches.

Xie Jinshui’s mood is full of excitement and complexity, and these people are all arranged in East, South, West, North 4 to help guard the Dragon river family and army there, and resist the tide.

During the emergency assignment on this side, the other side, Chief-In-Charge arranged by Xie Jinshui, is also evacuating personnel.

2 hours passed.

The entire Dragon river is operating at a high speed, and personnel from all parties are rushing to their respective positions to formulate a strategy for combat.

But everywhere on the streets of the Dragon river, silhouettes are rarely seen, most ordinary people have left the office building and the construction site, in the usual crowded jobs, at this moment people go to the building, most of them are arranged to take refuge Hide in the place.

The rest of the people had nowhere to go. They could only stay at home, praying while looking at the sky outside.

Countless eyes, with despair, anxiety and fear of the unknown.

On the other side, outside the base city, except Baili, the ground was rolling and shaking, and some of the city government Titled, who was searching for information on the front line, kept a safe distance from the beast tide and transmitted the situation back to the base city.

According to the current speed of the beast tide, within 2 hours, we will arrive at the Dragon river!


Inside Su Ping’s store.

Some people from the city government moved some instruments to the Su Ping store. Through these instruments, Su Ping could keep abreast of the situation of the 4 outer walls of the base city.

In this way, he can also reinforce any external wall at any time.

If Paramita appears, he will receive the news as soon as possible.

Su Ping sits in the store and waits.

Although he was not on the front wall at the moment and stood at the forefront, Su Ping’s mood was even heavier.

He found that he had fought countless times in the Training plane and died countless times, but he has never been so nervous.

This time, it will really die!

Moreover, this time is very likely to kill or injure countless people!

“Teacher.” Zhong Lingtong looked at Su Ping with a frown on her face, and she just stopped talking. Too many things happened today. She saw Su Ping selling several King beasts in a row. She was dumbfounded, but she still saw Su Ping. Without frowning, she felt even more worried.

Tang Ruyan also sat on the sofa, silent.

She is more mature than Zhong Lingtong and knows how severe things are.

Paramita 2 is despair.

She glanced at Su Ping, but couldn’t see the young man’s thoughts.

From a sensible point of view, she thinks that Su Ping chooses to stay is a very stupid way, but she can’t persuade anything. Perhaps, Dragon River is Su Ping’s home. There is no reason for a person not to leave the house.

In the silence in the shop, some footsteps suddenly came to the door.

Su Ping looked up and found some familiar old faces.

“It’s you?” Su Ping was stunned.

It was Su Yanying and Ye Hao and the others.

They are the earliest customers of Rogue.

“Boss Su.” Su Yanying saw Su Ping and glanced again. She found that she hadn’t come for a while, and there was another waitress in Su Ping’s shop.

She withdrew her gaze and showed her with a smile: “Boss Su, long time no see.”

Su Ping couldn’t help but stunned, said: “Why are you here?”

“We are about to go to war, and just by the way, let’s take a look at Boss Su.” Ye Hao lightly said with a smile.

Su Ping complexion slightly changed, “Join the war? Are you?”

Although they have already graduated, they are only fresh graduates!

“It seems that Boss Su has no confidence in us!” Su Yanying smiled and immediately expressed seriously: “We are also part of the Dragon river. The Dragon river is difficult. Of course we have to come forward. Boss Su should not underestimate us. Oh, even if you want to underestimate, don’t underestimate the pet beast you nurtured for us.”

Upon hearing her playful tone, Su Ping was speechless.

He is of course confident in the pet beasts he cultivated. Although they are all fresh graduates, there are still a few of them, but their battle companion is comparable to the battle strength of high rank Demonic beast, especially Ye Hao and Su Yanying, Su Yanying’s Lightening Mouse is enough to compete with Rank-8 Demonic beast!

This is the low rank favorite of Rank-3 bloodline and cultivation base!

However, this time is not an ordinary battle, but a war!

The war between man and Demonic beast!

King beast will appear on the battlefield, and Titled may not be able to retreat, they go?

“I heard that Boss Su is willing to stay. Sure enough, we read the right person.” Ye Hao said with a smile. He knows that Su Ping is different from them. They can’t leave, but Su Ping has a choice, anytime. Can leave!

All Titled ranks, it is not difficult to leave the Dragon river!

But willing to stay, it is difficult!

“Thank you Boss Su for your previous care.” Su Yanying bowed slightly and smiled.

“Time is running out, I heard that Demonic beast is coming soon, let’s go first.” Ye Hao said, waving to Su Ping with a smile, then glanced at Zhong Lingtong on the sofa next to him, his eyes brightened, yes Su Ping said: “Boss Su, such a beautiful Little Sister, is it a new waiter in your shop?”

Tang Ruyan next to him suddenly looked at him with a complexion is gloomy.

Zhong Lingtong blinked, a little dazed.

Su Ping glanced at them and said, “If you have to join the war, fight and shrink a little. Do you understand life first?”

Several people nodded again and again, waved their hands and said goodbye to leave.

Looking at them, Su Ping wanted to say something, but in the end he still didn’t say it.


Dragon river base city outer wall, east.

Qin Family’s black flag fluttered on the outer wall and hunted in the wind!

A big “Qin” character is full of majesty.

There are many Qin Family children on the high wall of the base city, including the Titled rank and the young high rank Battle pet master. Next to them, there is the Battle pet master of the city government and the reinforcements sent by Xie Jinshui.

These reinforcements have also joined the east defense establishment to obey Qin Duhuang’s assignment.

“Father, the beast tide is coming.”

Qin Family’s current patriarch, steward, and Qin Feiyu’s 2 son Qin Feiyu, the family chores in the normal, are all managed by him. It is the Qin Family patriarch on the surface. Only some real choices are major events. Hand over to Qin Duhuang to control.

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