Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 501

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Hearing Qin Feiyu’s words, Qin Duhuang’s gaze was slightly fixed, and his eyes were looking down the outer wall of the base. At the end of the field of vision, there could be dark clouds converging, and wind and rain were coming.

“When you step into the minefield, you will officially go to war!”

“Submit the order and prepare the remote Thunder Flame Sniper Cannon to warm up!”

Qin Duhuang took the overall situation and gave orders.

“Yes.” Qin Feiyu nodded, immediately subpoenaed.

There are several Titled ranks who came to reinforce the Dragon river next to them, all standing next to Qin Duhuang, they directly followed Qin Duhuang’s dispatch, and there was also a tough Titled Limit.

They are also quite familiar with Qin Duhuang, an old Titled, who is more convinced and recognized by him.

“Are there be King beast traces detected in the beast tide?”

Qin Duhuang asked the municipal staff around him.

This municipal staff member is in front of a small instrument, and the information behind it will be transmitted to his instrument in real time. Hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, he quickly replied: “Old Patriarch Qin, currently only one King beast is detected in the east. The trail, the other few King beasts are not on the east side, maybe they are separated to other places.”

“One end!”

Several other Titled are vision freezes.

Even though they have only one head, they also feel pressure.

However, no one has the fear of retreating. Before they came, they knew the situation of the Dragon river. This battle is not for killing, only for salvation!

Qin Duhuang’s eyes did not relax, but he became more dignified. He hoped that there would be 2 King beasts in the east, so that the pressure on other defense lines would be lessened. Now he just got the King that Su Ping sold to him. Beast, although I haven’t had time to test the battle strength of this King beast, it is King beast in the end. It should be a king grade Demonic beast. It should not be a problem.

“How is the swamp area completed?” Qin Duhuang asked.

At the moment, outside the base’s outer wall, outside dozens of li, there are a lot of high rank Battle pet masters, with their pet beast, they are transforming the outside wasteland, causing different environmental traps such as swamps, thunder pool, etc. , When the Demonic beast hits the city, it can also play a buffer and ambush role.

Ambush is second, buffering and containment are the main ones.

“Almost finished, the lava layer behind is being reinforced.” The city staff quickly replied.

Qin Duhuang felt a little reassured, and then mobilized other personnel to deploy all over the outer wall, and assigned their combat positions according to the type of battle companion they reported.

Everyone who takes part in the war gets supplies and potions, which can supplement the star force. These all are Five Great Families are provided free of charge and cost a lot.

As time passed, the beast tide got closer and closer.

From reporting the situation of the beast tide every ten minutes, to once every 5 minutes, and later, every 3 minutes! When it is reported once every 3 minutes, Qin Duhuang and other Titled ranks can pass through the outer wall of the base under their feet, and they can feel the extremely shallow vibration, and the beast tide is coming!

“Coming soon!” Qin Duhuang’s eyes were solemn.

All Titled stood beside him, looking into the distance, with a solemn look.

hong long long ~~!

The faint vibration came from the horizon.

“Old Patriarch Qin, the beast tide is already close to the minefield!” City officials urgently reported.

Everyone looked stern.

Boom ~~! !!

A violent explosion sounded loudly, and came from the horizon, hong long long joined together, the momentum was huge, and there was faint smoke that could be seen exploding.

The explosion continued, and hong long long kept ringing. Although I did not see the specific situation, it is not difficult to imagine that the countless Demonic beasts in the beast tide were blown up by the minefield all split up and in pieces, enough to cause Not a small number of casualties, and can buffer the amazing beast tide.

In the explosion that lasted for several minutes, soon, the city government staff reported again: “Old Patriarch Qin, the animal tide has come to the thunder-fire zone!”

Qin Duhuang immediately picked up the Telescope next to him and looked forward.

In the circular hole of the high-power Telescope, you can gradually see the black beasts swarming. Although after the explosion of the minefield, the tide of swarming beasts is still amazing and seems not to be affected.

However, it can be seen from the report of the municipal government personnel that the minefield has been fully detonated. Such a blast will never have no casualties. It can only be said that there are too many animal tides behind. In large numbers, there is still not much shrinkage and wear.

Qin Duhuang’s facial expression grave is incomparable.

With the animal tide stepping into the thunder-fire zone, countless lava jets, there are immediately some Water Element, Wind Element and other Demonic beast, all will be killed in the thunder-fire zone, and some Fire Element Demonic beast is like a fish back In water, it stands out from the beast tide and runs faster.

This is also helpless, including the ambush of minefields. Although minefields can kill a lot of Demonic beasts, there are also some Demonic beasts that will be stimulated by mine explosions and unknown mutations occur. This is also one of the disadvantages, but it is relative to the disadvantages Said that the benefits are more, it is a matter of choice.

“coming soon!”

There is Titled next to see the thunder-fire area that was triggered, said solemnly.

These words have been said several times, but at this time, the animal tide is finally here!

“Is the trace of King beast detected?” Qin Duhuang immediately asked the city officials.

“Reporting back to Old Patriarch Qin, the electromagnetic radiation in the mine area interferes with the signal, imperceptible to the trace of King beast.” City officials hurriedly said.

Qin Duhuang’s complexion slightly changed, but he didn’t say anything. He glanced at the thunder-fire area. At the edge of the thunder-fire area is the swamp area. The Demonic beast rushing to the front at this moment has stepped into the swamp area. Lurking some pet beasts of Battle pet master, they attacked at this moment and immediately fought together.

“Ultra-long-range Thunder Flame Sniper Cannon is ready to bomb Rank-9 Demonic beast first!” Qin Duhuang immediately instructed.

When entering the swamp area, the situation of Demonic beast can be monitored again. If a Rank-9 Demonic beast is infested, you can also give priority to killing. It is not necessary to wait for the King beast.

And there is King beast that Su Ping sold to him. Now facing King beast, his pressure is not so great, but he is worried about Paramita who has no news so far.

If Paramita appeared to the east of them and broke the east direction, he felt that it was difficult to face the father and father of the Dragon river, as well as Xie Jinshui and Su Ping.

Soon, the two ultra-long-range Thunder Flame Sniper Cannon erected on the east side slowly rotated through the Rank-2 Demonic beast position sensed by the instrument.

The huge barrel, which is more than ten meters long, even the Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast can be seriously injured, unless it is some defensive beast with thick skin and thick defense, it can resist it.

But this type of Demonic beast has a weak offensive ability, but it is not necessary to ignore it first.

As more and more Demonic beast rushed into the swamp area, the thunder-fire area was also completely leveled and filled with the body of the Demonic beast. The Demonic beast on the back stepped on the thunder-fire area that had lost its function and attacked Go to the swamp area and fight with many pet beasts lurking in advance.

These all are good pet beasts fighting in the swamps, but now they are trampled down by the army of Demonic beasts who are going to succeed, and soon countless deaths and injuries, until they are all slaughtered!

Countless pet beast bodies were scattered in the swamp, some were directly bitten, and some were torn, failing to preserve the bones.

The masters of these pet beasts are all stationed on the outer wall of the base. Seeing this scene, their eyes are red and their eyes are splitting, but they can only clenched their fists tightly and restrain the urge to rush down.


Roar! !

one after another The roar that sounded through the battlefield sounded, and a huge demonic beast stepped into the swamp area, releasing their respective abilities, some of them were rock abilities, directly solidified the swamp into rocks, and some were ice, directly frozen the swamp, very Quickly open up roads and move forward quickly.


Qin Duhuang saw this scene, his eyelids beating, and said coldly.

Bang! bang!

The ultra-long-range Thunder Flame Sniper Cannon was launched suddenly, and two thunder-fire beams were irradiated from the outer wall instantly, traversed the entire battlefield, arrived in an instant, and bombarded on two huge Rank-2 Demonic beasts, one of which was Rank- 2 Demonic beast was penetrated by the body on the spot, crashed to the ground, and the other body was also injured, screamed, and supported himself, and did not dare to move forward.

The other Rank-9 Demonic beast beside them felt the danger and released their defense skills to protect themselves and continue to move forward.

When the beast tide ran across the swamp area, Xie Jinshui, who had done other things, also rushed over the outer wall of the base. He flew up to the outer wall of the base. As soon as he saw the situation of the beast tide, he immediately issued one after another command, some low altitude Missiles and thunder cannons were fired immediately, blasting into the demonic beasts on foot.

Seeing Xie Jinshui coming, Qin Duhuang was also a little relieved. At this moment, he could not ask about the defensive situation of the other side, and said to the Qin Family Titled around him: “When the Demonic beast steps out of the swamp area, we should go!”

After the swamp area, there is a lava rock zone, and then the stone forest spiked area, they must block the demonic beast in the stone forest spiked area, otherwise they will be attacked on the outer wall, once the outer wall is forced Under the countless Demonic beast charge, it is inevitable that a fish that escaped the net will rush into the base city, and then it will be more difficult to turn back and defend!


Hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, Qin Family’s many Titled are all solemn.

Some of them are Qin Family clan elders, and they are about the same age as Qin Duhuang. Others are Titled, younger generation. They are fighting side by side with their father at the moment, both to protect the Dragon river and their children!

With the missile bombing, the beast tide was blown out of the huge blood hole of each and everyone, and those Rank-9 Demonic beasts were also seriously damaged, and more than a dozen have fallen!

Roar! !

At this moment, behind the beast tide came a roar that shook Baili.

The roaring roar was fierce, and immediately afterwards, he saw a Demonic beast like a mammoth, walking on the ground, his body was as high as 40-50 meters, just like a walking giant mountain!

What is the concept of 40-50 meters, ten floors high, and it is not the kind of slender Demonic beast, at the moment each step goes down, the ground is deeply collapsed!

“King beast!”

On the outer wall, many Titled and soldiers heard this trembling roar, and the huge silhouette standing in the tide of countless beasts, their eyes were full of surprise, and some faint fear.

King beast came out, and in this imposing manner, too terrifying!

Qin Duhuang also changed his complexion and felt great pressure.

Roar! !

Suddenly, the king beast like this mammoth giant, lifts the head, a huge elephant trunk suddenly inserted into the ground, and then rolled up a 7-8 meter diameter boulder, suddenly thrown out.

The boulder made a hu hu sound, and actually straddled a dozen or more li and threw it towards the outer wall of the base city!

Many Titled are pupils shrinking, the volume of this boulder plus the thrown power and acceleration force, the momentum carried at this moment is shocking, just like a meteorite!

“Quick, smash with a sniper cannon!”

Xie Jinshui said quickly.

One of the doors, Thunder Flame Sniper Cannon, immediately locked the boulder and launched it with a bang. The boulder was smashed in the air at the several hundred meters of the outer wall of the base, and the scattered stones were like rain, and some spattered on the outer wall. I hit some lower level, but the Battle pet master of 4 Rank-5 actually shattered its body protection star shield directly and killed it!

Qin Duhuang’s eyes were deep, and he saw that the mammoth giant King beast suddenly accelerated and rushed towards the outer wall of the base. The huge body stepped on the ground, and it seemed to shake the ground.

Bang! bang! bang!

“Damn it, it’s going to punch hard!”

“Quick kill, missile launch!”

Xie Jinshui said quickly.

The rest of the Titled are discolored, both shocked and angry.

A round of missiles capable of hitting Rank-9 Demonic beast erupted out uniformly, just like a volley of fighter jets, slammed into this mammoth colossus King beast. The latter is huge, but it is also a good target, it is easy Can hit.

With the explosion sound of one after another, the smoke diffused, but as soon as the smoke diffused out, it was dispersed by a great force!

The vibrating sound of the ground stepping did not stop at all, the silhouette of the mammoth colossus King beast rushed out, his body was completely unharmed!

Everyone was horrified, even the hot weapon didn’t work?

“Mayor, let me go!”

The Titled Limit who came to reinforce his face changed and changed, suddenly said.

Xie Jinshui looked at him slightly, and just promised, Qin Duhuang next to him opened the mouth and said lowly: “I’m coming!” After that, a vortex emerged from behind him, and then, from the inside, there was a sudden The shares are extremely deep and reckless, this aura is like coming from another distant time and space.

With this aura, a huge mountain-like silhouette appeared, it was the Storm Poison Scorpion King that Qin Duhuang had just purchased!


Qin Duhuang’s eyes were high, and he growled.

As soon as Storm Poison Scorpion King appeared, he felt a threat of the same level as himself. A pair of dark brown eyes fell on it. After receiving Qin Duhuang’s instructions, he immediately flew down the outer wall, his body suddenly escaped, following the soil Dive in.

In less than half a minute, in the stone forest area behind the swamp area, two King beasts crashed!

Storm Poison Scorpion King’s huge body burst out of the ground, its length is 100 meters, although the height is not as good as the Mammoth Colossus King beast, but at the moment suddenly burst out, a pair of poison forceps directly poked into the abdomen of the Mammoth Colossus King beast, this poison forceps sharp Incomparably, a huge blood stain was drawn directly.

The mammoth colossus King beast was attacked by sneak and sent out an angry roar. The four sturdy teeth fiercely arched toward the Storm Poison Scorpion King. At the same time, the ground protruded under his feet, lifting the body of Storm Poison Scorpion King. Its sharp ivory must be presented.

Storm Poison Scorpion King’s body was extremely flexible. He twisted his body suddenly, coiled around his body, and turned around on the back of the mammoth colossus. At the same time, the huge scorpion tail in the back was thrown off, on the hind legs of the mammoth colossus King beast. Make a wound.

Roar! !

The mammoth colossus King beast took pains and uttered a violent roar, and an energy storm suddenly set off around his body, turning into a sand and dust tornado, covering his body.

“Old Qin?”

Xie Jinshui saw this scene and looked towards the Qin Duhuang beside him in amazement. Just now, is this King beast? Qin Duhuang actually has King beast?

“Boss Su bought it.”

Qin Duhuang said quickly, but his eyes were fixed on the sand dust tornado. From the Storm Poison Scorpion King, there was no dangerous idea other than anger. This made him feel at ease, but for do It quickly, he still transferred one of 30% of the energy of the body to it within the body. Although these energy are not worth mentioning compared to King beast, but they can play some role.

“Boss Su?” Xie Jinshui froze.

Su Ping told them to buy pet beast before, but they sold King beast to them?

He is a little shocked.

The other Titled beside them were also frightened by Qin Duhuang’s shot. They knew that this Rage God was the old Titled, but didn’t expect to hide so deep, King beast has it!

Qin Family’s many Titled did not have much surprise, they have heard about this in advance.

When everyone looked towards the two King beasts in the sandstorm with concern, suddenly, on the other side of the battlefield, two roars came suddenly behind the beast tide!

This time is 2 different types of roars, but they are full of grim killing intent.

This roar is as loud as thunderbolt, and even the roar of the beast tide of countless raids is difficult to hide!

Everyone had their scalp exploded, their eyes wide open, and they looked towards behind the beast tide.

I saw 2 giant shadows flying out, one of them was Dragon Beast, but it was not Dragon Beast of Titled rank bloodline, but King grade Dragon Beast! The body is huge, with a size of 40-50 meters, covered with azure-red scales, each of which is half a meter long, as tight as a armor.

The other giant shadow, flying in midair, resembles a flying snake, with extremely long body and huge wings.

“Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast!”

“Azure Flame Tyrant Dragon King!”

Some Titled can’t help but lose their voices, they all recognize the identity of these two king beasts. They are not unknown King beasts, but King beasts that have long been known to humans, but didn’t expect them to come and go to this battlefield. !

In addition to the previous Mammoth Colossus King beast, here are 2 more!

This east, there are 3 king beasts! !

Qin Duhuang’s complexion has also changed. He is a King beast. It is good to hold one of them. Now there are 2 more. Do these demonic beasts intend to concentrate on breaking from the east? !

Qin Duhuang couldn’t help looking towards Xie Jinshui.

Xie Jinshui also looked towards Qin Duhuang. When he saw Qin Duhuang’s discolored face, he immediately knew that the previous King beast was already his hole card.

When these two king beasts appeared, many Titled on the outer wall were a little suffocated, and the soldiers were even desperate, and many people were frightened.

Qin Duhuang opened his mouth slightly and wanted to say something, but in the end he still didn’t say anything. He wanted Xie Jinshui to call Su Ping, but he thought that Paramita, who hadn’t appeared in the dark, was speechless. His eyes looked again. Towards Storm Poison Scorpion King, who was entangled with the Mammoth Colossus King beast, clenched the teeth.

“Qin Family Titled, listen to my orders and lead away from the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast!”

Many Qin Family Titled are color-changing.

Lead away?

What to quote?

Only flesh and blood!

“Uncles, Shuhai is willing to take the lead and kill!” Qin Shuhai gritted his teeth, his eyes showing decisive killing intent, his wrist turned, and three feet azure edge appeared in his palm.

Once, he used only one sword to kill wasteland alone. Without relying on pet beast, he even cut a few Rank-9 Demonic beasts, which is famous for Yalu!

At this moment, he seemed to return to the moment of pride, when his blood was boiling.

No one knows that the reason why he hunted down the Rank-9 Demonic beasts was because they looted in a wasteland and killed a team of Pioneer.

He chased and killed in order to avenge the Pioneer who died in that team!

Because of the Pioneer team, there was a smiling girl pointing to him!

The way you showed me is the direction of my killing!


Qin Shuhai roared, his handsome face was so ugly, summon out his battle companion, and flew towards the battlefield.

Among other Qin Family Titled, many of them are Qin Shuhai’s elders. He grew up watching him from an early age. Hearing his words at this moment, the hesitation in his eyes instantly became decisive.

When they stayed, they were ready to die.

To lead King beast?

This sounds like death, but this kind of thing always needs someone to do it!


“Where my Daqin Titled, follow me-kill!!”

An elderly Qin Family clan was pulling out their weapons. In an instant, Rick’s body seemed to become straight, and a strong and powerful atmosphere broke out. He roared and flew towards the beast tide in front.

Battle companion came out from their side summon, seemed to feel the tragic belief that the master was going to death, and all roared like weeping, rushing out with their respective masters!

Dozens of Qin Family Titled, all admission!

Dozens of Rank-9 pet beast accompanied them, moved towards the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast that flew in midair, like a large group of moths, rushing to the fire!


kill! !

The roar resounded, and under the watch of countless soldiers, one after another shouted and rushed away.

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