Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 502

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Looking at the Qin Family Titleds charging away, the other Tittled reinforcements of the Dragon river are shocking and moving, is this the Qin Family of the Dragon river?

“Father, now that you and Mayor Xie are in charge of the overall situation, the child has gone!”

Qin Family’s contemporary patriarch, Qin Feiyu and Qin Duhuang bowed deeply, and then resolutely turned around, bursting out the star force atmosphere of the Titled high grade, summon produced 9 battle companions, and stepped out of the base’s outer wall.

He followed the back of the Qin Family clan elders and killed towards the far away Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast.


As the Qin Family’s Titled and battle companion were killed, the breath they burst out together immediately attracted the attention of the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast and Azure Flame Tyrant Dragon King in front of them, and the two King beasts were all roaring. Directly rushed towards them, of which Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast flew faster, there were no traps in the air, and in a blink of an eye came to the Qin Family Titled.

Seeing this scene, Xie Jinshui felt his eyes flushed. He could not bear to growl and said: “Missile cover, try to cover them!”

The missile on the outer wall of the base immediately reversed its direction, aimed at the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, and unified the salvo.

Bang bang bang!

A round of missiles flew out like an arrow of rain. When it was about to hit the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, it suddenly detonated in midair. A special transparent force field isolated these missiles.


Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast exposed his fangs, made a spiky sizzle, and suddenly shook its wings, flying in the air condense 4 5 tornadoes!

The tornado is getting bigger and bigger, any tornado hurricane is the power of Rank-9 Wind Element skill, but at the moment with the rolling, it has exceeded the size of the ordinary Rank-9 tornado technique, and the tornado is transformed from azure. Dark black, there is one after another evil Demon attribute energy blade.

This blade can directly strike into the body through scale armor, armor, etc., and has the ability to penetrate and strike!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s face changed.

King beast!

This is the power above King beast’s proud Rank-9. The skills beyond the power of Rank-9 can be released at will, and the energy intensity is more than ten times that of Rank-9!

4 5 huge dark Black Dragon rolls, such as long dragons swaying in between Heaven and Earth, even if they are far apart, the violent wind of the scroll also makes everyone on the outer wall of the base feel the wind blade.

Qin Duhuang took a deep look and suddenly said to Xie Jinshui next to him: “Old Xie, you use gunfire to attract the other King beast, this Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, let us Qin Family!”

Xie Jinshui felt a shock in his heart and couldn’t help looking towards him: “Leave it to them… is it okay?”

But Qin Duhuang did not answer him, but looked at those Qin Family Titled decisively.

At the moment, many Qin Family Titled are close to the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast. At the forefront are Qin Shuhai and a highly-identified Qin Family clan elder. This Qin Family clan elder is Qin Duhuang’s brother of the same generation because of competition for patriarch He lost the election and became the oldest in the family. At this moment, he stood on the top of a Rank-9 blue frost winged beast, his eyes full of killing intent.

“Qin Family Titled listen to orders, follow me, line up!”

The Qin Shuhai next to him looked stern and quickly reduced his speed.

The other Qin Family Titled shot out killing intent in the eyes, quickly changing their positions and dispersing.

“Fight Divine Formation, sleepy!”

“Fighting !!”

More than a dozen Qin Family Titled, including their battle companion, spread out like a star, spreading like a nebula, with a tendency to envelope Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast.

They use battle companion as a bridge between each other, like a big net, to trap Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast inside!

“This is Qin Family’s battle with Divine Formation?”

“I have heard of it for a long time, and it is rumored that with this mysterious Formation, even King beast can be matched!”

“This is the power of Dragon river Qin Family…”

On the outer wall of the base, many generals and some Titled who came to reinforce were shocked.

hiss! !

Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast murmured, and five dark Black Dragon rolls of condense beside him swept out at a rapid speed and slammed towards Qin Family Titled.

The Qin Family Titleds burst into star force, and all of their Water Element pet beasts launched their skills at the same time. The temperature between Heaven and Earth dropped rapidly, one after another, the frost and fog sprayed out, forming a cloud of white clouds. .

This white cloud was quickly sucked into the dark Black Dragon roll. Then, the dark Black Dragon roll was actually bleached. The rotating roaring noise suddenly slowed down and became slower and slower. Finally, a dark Black Dragon roll was completely The solidification turned into a dark black stone pillar!

The dust in the tornado was all frozen!

At the same time, one after another chain was released from Qin Family Titled’s hands. This is the Star Lock. At this moment, some of their other battle companion within the body’s energy quickly coordinated to themselves, making the energy extremely powerful and released. The star’s chain is lasing out. According to the formation, some chains are wrapped around the wings of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, some chains are wrapped around their necks, and others are bundled on their sharp claw.

In an instant, Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast was strangled by one after another Star Lock.

Seeing this scene, everyone on the outer wall of the base was shocked, and then excited. Didn’t expect Qin Family Titled, under the joint force, actually had a fight with King beast!

But at this moment, suddenly, several of the star chains broke down suddenly, and a dark black flame suddenly burned on the back of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast. These flames burned along the star chain!

Seeing this scene, the oldest Qin Family clan’s complexion suddenly changed and hurriedly said: “Broken lock, turned into star gun array!”

The other Titled were also frightened by the strange magic fire burning on the star chain. Through the star chain, they had a feeling of being burned and the pain was unbearable.

At this moment, under the old order of this family, each and everyone decisively broke the chain, and the energy turned into a sharp lance, which suddenly burst out and shot at the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast wings, neck and neck, etc. throughout.

Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast screamed in anger, suddenly wings rolled, waving one after another dark magic blades, these magic blades are more than ten meters huge, released chaotically and disorderly, some Qin Family Titled battle companion are not Being cautiously hacked, the body suddenly burned a Demonic flame, screaming in pain.

“Can’t trap it!”

Seeing this scene, Qin Shuhai’s pupils contracted, and the power of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast was too strong, and the defensive power was also scary. Their star gun array had the effect of blocking the star force after being hit, but at the moment this Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast was shot more than a dozen times on his body, but such a vast energy can still erupt, which is completely unaffected!

The Qin Family clan of Qingshuang Fengwing Beast’s head was also ugly, gritted his teeth and said: “Drag it and lead it away from the battlefield!”

The other Qin Family Titled immediately changed their direction, changed their imaginary formation, and flew towards the edge of the battlefield. While leaving, their respective battle companion released one after another skill, all of which were long-range energy attack skills, and they were thrown madly. For Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, there are Thunder Element, Water Element, Fire Element and so on.

But Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, who has endured many Rank-9 skills, is completely unharmed. It seems to be completely immune. It is just a pair of cruel eyes. They are completely attracted by Qin Family Titled, screaming, and waving the Wings. They chased away.

Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast is extremely fast, and soon Qin Family Titled’s battle companion is caught up, and some of the smaller ones are swallowed!

This also caused some Qin Family Titled eyes to crack.

On the other side, after hearing Qin Duhuang’s words, Xie Jinshui used missiles and other thermal weapons to attract the other green fire Dragon Beast and guide it to the other side of the battlefield to avoid two King beasts attacking together In this case, no one can stop it, and the outer wall will be broken immediately.

Qin Duhuang took a deep look at those Qin Family Titled who were fighting against the Winged King Snake King, his old fists clenched tightly, but he still looked away and focused on Storm Poison Scorpion King and that During the battle of the Mammoth Colossus King beast, I saw that the sandbags there had dissipated, and these two huge King beasts were fighting together.

Mammoth Colossus King beast has released many Legendary skills. The main attribute is the rock system. At this moment, a variety of rock skills that are far beyond Rank-9 power appear one after another. The ground shakes, splits, and one after another appears. The destructive power is amazing and bombards Storm Poison Scorpion King from all angles.

The main attribute of Storm Poison Scorpion King is Wind Element. Although its body is huge, it is very sensitive. It is inseparable from the mammoth giant King beast, causing great damage to the surrounding ground. Other beast tides dare not approach them directly from Their outer edge of the battlefield evaded.

“Kill! Kill it!”

Qin Duhuang clenched his fists tightly and stared at the two king beasts.

“Not good, the beast tide behind rushed up!” At this time, a municipal Titled exclaimed.

Everyone looked forward, as many of the artillery powers were attracted by Azure Flame Tyrant Dragon King, there was no suppression of artillery, and the ground traps were filled with corpses by the beast tide. The following beast tide has gradually poured into the stone forest area, here Although there are sharp and chaotic rocks, it only serves as a buffer. After passing through the stone forest area, Demonic beast can directly attack the wall!

Xie Jinshui’s face changed and he gritted his teeth and said, “All Battle pet masters are ready to fight!”

Some municipal governments, Titled, are all facial expression graves, and have summoned out their respective battle companions.

Those Titleds from the reinforcements are also mobilizing energy, ready to participate in the war.

Seeing the beast tide stepping into the stone forest area, Xie Jinshui never waited again, angrily roared: “Kill!!”

roar! roar!

The roar of one after another battle companion sounded, and the city government’s Titled took the lead in rushing out, leading their respective battle companion, and rushing into the beast tide in the stone forest area.

The Titleds from the reinforcements were also follow closely from behind, and a head of Rank-9 pet beast fell under the outer wall of the base, roaring to meet the beast tide.

Other high rank Battle pet masters also summoned their respective battle companions. Some battle companions with the same attribute came to the array area under the outer wall of the base, using the characteristics of attribute resonance to release unified skills.

With the resonance of energy, although they are all 7th grade or Rank-8 Demonic beasts, the skills are integrated together, and the lethality is close to the Rank-9 skills, thrown into the front of the beast tide.

As the beast tide approaches, the first head-to-head confrontation between all the city defenders and the beast tide begins!

Qin Duhuang noticed the situation here, without hesitation, and immediately summoned his other battle companion.

Roar! !

Roar! ! !

Rank-9 battle companion appeared, including Dragon Beast, demon pet, and Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast previously purchased from Su Ping. Qin Duhuang did not use them to fight King beast because the gap was too large, But at the moment, he jumped off the outer wall of the base, but in this beast tide he could greatly show divine might.

As several of his battle companion joined, the stone forest area was destroyed by the rushing beast tide, and several gaps were quickly torn apart, and several pet beasts roared and killed inside.

Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast killed the wildest, dashing all the way, like a wolf entering the flock, and quickly fell into the beast tide, leaving a lot of corpses and blood around him, and every second there is a Demonic beast Falling under its skill and Iron Fist, some of the Rank-9 Demonic beasts are also difficult to resist under its fierce battles, and some of the Demonic beasts that have just arrived at Rank-9 are directly torn by them and have no ability to fight back .

Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast is Rank-9 extreme pet, battle strength is extremely strong, aptitude is not inferior, but Upper-middle rank, the general pet beast needs to be cultivated to have such aptitude, which means its battle strength Stronger than ordinary Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast!

An old man standing next to Qin Duhuang also released his pet beast, and then said to Qin Duhuang: “Old friend, the old man first went hunting!”

This old man is a friend of Qin Duhuang, who specially came to reinforce the Dragon river. He was the one who bought Su Ping battle companion with Qin Duhuang before.

“Be careful.” Qin Duhuang glanced at him and said lowly.

“haha ……”

This old man laughed heartily, and then there was a long scream, and his body seemed to become straight, carrying a boundless imposing manner, and killed the beast tide.

Other Titled from the reinforcements, after obtaining Xie Jinshui’s consent, also rushed out of the outer wall of the base and into the city!

Roar! !

Just then, an angry roar came suddenly in the distance.

Qin Duhuang quickly looked at it, and his pupils contracted suddenly.

The roar is Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast. At the moment, it is led to the side edge of the battlefield by many Qin Family Titled. However, the number of Qin Family Titled and battle companion around it is obviously one of 30% less than before!

Under the roar at this moment, Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast turned out to have an incarnation of 2 and rushed into the Qin Family Titled array from both sides. A Qin Family Titled was instantly bitten by him with a ball-like star on his body The shield immediately broke, and his body was directly bitten off by his full mouth and fangs, and blood was spilled!

This Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast screamed and seemed to be irritated, rammed into the Qin Family Titled array, a Rank-9 battle companion was hit by his body, or the giant tail was thrown, and immediately plunged Next, fall into the beast tide below.

The formation has been broken, being forcibly breakthrough!

The Qin Family Titled around Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast at this moment is like a group of ants, under the collision of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, there is no stopping power!

Qin Duhuang was stunned and quickly asked Storm Poison Scorpion King to support him, but when he turned around, Storm Poison Scorpion King was still entangled with the mammoth colossus King beast. After all, the other party was also King beast. It’s easy to tell the difference, he looks ugly, his eyes fall on the beast tide in front, seeing Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast and a dragon pet are killing crazy, immediately let them rush to help.

The ordered Tyrant Spirit Fire Ape beast and the dragon pet roared and immediately shook off the beast tide around them, rushing towards the direction of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast in the distance.


Qin Shuhai looked at an uncle beside him who was hit by the dark blade wielded by Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast. His eyes were red with blood dripping and he roared wildly. The sword energy in his hand was like a rainbow, turning into a length of more than ten meters. Sword glow, its body flashes rapidly, close to the brain side of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, and wield a sword.

Bang! !

azure sword energy chopped down, press forward, but soon it hit the stone like a knock, making a loud noise.

A huge recoil force shocked Qin Shuhai’s body.

“Sea of ​​books.”


A silhouette came flying behind, it was Qin Feiyu, he caught Qin Shuhai, looked at him, suddenly changed color, hurriedly pushed away Qin Shuhai, star force broke out to dodge.

But his dodge was still too late, a giant tail was thrown from the sky, the speed was very fast, with a bang, Qin Feiyu’s star shield burst, almost broken instantly, and his body raised his hand to block, but the next moment, but Suddenly the whole person burst into a mass of blood mist!

Instant kill!

In the distance, Qin Shuhai pushed away staring blankly at this scene.

“Patriarch !!!”

He sent out sorrowful roar.

Hearing Qin Shuhai’s voice, the other Qin Family Titled glanced at them, and their faces all changed wildly, and some elderly clan elders called to Feiyu!!

Although Qin Feiyu is a patriarch, some of them are old, but he grew up watching him.

In the distance, on the outer wall of the base, Qin Duhuang heard a roar from a distant place, and suddenly his heart shook. When he looked, this look seemed to be eternal.

He saw a burst of blood mist burst.

It is Qin Feiyu!

his son!

Qin Duhuang froze, his mind seemed blank.

His eyes quickly turned red and his eyes were splitting.

“Ahhh …”

Qin Duhuang suddenly burst out into the sky star force, rushed into the battlefield like crazy, and killed towards the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast.

In his early years, he broke out of Rage God’s Titled, and then returned to the Dragon river to inherit his family business. He retreated to the front line to fight, planning behind, and waiting for a long time, he forgot the feeling of fighting.

Later, he no longer wanted to fight easily.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t talk to anyone, but he knew that when he was old, he was courageous.

But at this moment, he felt like something was cracking from the bottom of his heart. Once the young impulsive soul, in this brief moment was back again!

“Old Qin!”

Xie Jinshui saw Qin Duhuang madly rushing out, unable to bear wanted to hold him, but did not have time.

Watching him growl madly, he was a little stunned. When he looked towards Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, his face suddenly became ugly. He had previously delayed the Qin Family Titled of Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast. Only 7 is left at this moment. 8 people, the battle companion around is more than half of the casualties, the rest are no longer procrastinating, but under the killing of this King beast, struggling on whilst at death’s door!

King beast is King beast after all!

“Old Qin ……” Xie Jinshui opened his mouth slightly, but in the end he held back, clenching his fists, clenching his teeth, and continued to direct others to deal with the tide.

In midair, Qin Duhuang rushed out like a shell.

He was terrifying with a terrible face, but in the crazy killing thought, he was not completely mad.

“Secret skill, the body of Ancestral Dragon!”

“Secret skill, Dragon God 8 steps!”

The star force of Qin Duhuang’s whole body was burning like a fog, and the golden star force mist was dimly reflected. His old face contracted rapidly in this brief moment and returned to his middle-aged appearance. This was his full-fledged battle after many years of silence.

“Secret skill, Qin Wang’s sword technique!”

When we approached Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast and felt the breath of King beast that oppressed the whole body, instead of fear, Qin Duhuang’s whole body was beating and trembling, it was a boiling trembling!

He shed tears in his eyes, and suddenly turned a quaint sword blade in his hand, as dark as ink, and the golden sword energy suddenly burned on the blade.


Qin Duhuang roared out in one step and came to one of the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beasts in an instant.

puff! !!

Splashing blood, the neck and neck scales of the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast were cut open and a spatter of blood spattered.

Other Qin Family Titled see this scene, it is shocking, this is their Secret Skill of Qin Family, just didn’t expect, Qin Duhuang this Old Patriarch, actually cultivated to this point!

This is already Peak Realm of Secret Skill!

“Dead! Dead! Dead!!!”

Qin Duhuang roared wildly with his sword, and his star force was released like an explosion, one after another sword energy. At the moment, he was extremely furious and extremely furious!

Even the King beast deterrence in front of him was not felt at all.


Suddenly, fiercely shocked Qin Duhuang’s mind.

There seemed to be something broken, and at the same time, he faintly felt a power, which came from in the sky, like a line, he saw it, and he was able to catch it!


When Qin Duhuang grabbed it with his thoughts, he felt that the entire Sea of ​​Consciousness was shaking.

hong long long ~~! !!

Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast in the sky above, suddenly a dark cloud hauled in, making a hong long long sound.

Hearing the rumbling sound, the Dark Wing Void Snake King Beast, who had just been injured and hurt, hadn’t had time to get angry. A pair of snake pupils shrank suddenly and looked up in horror.

This kind of oppression that makes it unforgettable will never be forgotten.

Yes… Heavenly Tribulation!

The blood-red rage in Qin Duhuang’s eyes also had a moment of sobriety, and he looked up at it, but at a glance, he would have clear comprehension in his heart, which is a natural clear comprehension.

He actually wants to break through!

Stuck in Titled Limit for many years, actually in this brief moment, he is about to break through!

Breakthrough again is Legendary!

Qin Duhuang was stunned.

But soon, blood shed in his eyes.

Although he wants to become Legendary, he has no joy in his heart. Why should he become Legendary in this brief moment? Why can’t it be earlier?

If earlier, his son, Qin Feiyu will not die!

Pain, anger, regret!

Qin Duhuang raised his grief and screamed in heaven.

This roar spread throughout the battlefield, and some Titled in the distance noticed that it was also discolored, stared wide-eyed.

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