Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 504

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“He is your strong pet, you send it out, wait for 10000 Paramita to appear later, how do you keep it?”

Seeing the Darkness Dragon Dog leaving the shop, Tang Ruyan who had been watching Su Ping suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“Yeah, Master.”

Hearing Tang Ruyan’s words, Zhong Lingtong also reacted and quickly looked at Su Ping with anxiety. From the mouth of the intelligence personnel next to her, she knew that Su Ping had a heavy responsibility on her body. Paramita was the strongest. Su Ping was going to stop Paramita from talking. , And now also send battle companion to the frontline of reinforcements, which is too bad for Su Ping.

Zhong Family old man’s eyes flashed, silently looking at Su Ping.

Su Ping said nothing.

It is helpless to send Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast and Er Gou to the reinforcements. Now that the situation in the east and north is urgent, he cannot sit back and watch, otherwise the Dragon River will be over before Paramita has come out!

“If I could bring that King beast here, I would be able to help.” Joanna came over from the pet beast room door and said to Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced at her, why didn’t he want this, but whether Paramita would be fooled, he wasn’t sure.

Seeing Joanna, Tang Ruyan immediately said: “Aren’t you Legendary, why don’t you go to the front?”

Joanna glanced at her, her face indifferent, without answering.

Zhong Lingtong and Zhong Family clan elders were all frightened by Tang Ruyan’s words, a little stunned, looking at Joanna, this girl is Legendary? !

“System, can you keep the Dragon river?”

Su Ping in the heart asked silently that at this critical moment of helplessness, he could only hope for the system of great magical power.

system whispered: “I can only keep the security within the store area.”

“Is there no other way?”

system fell silent.

There is no way to see the system, Su Ping’s heart is also sinking, he intends to enter the summon space, seeing that the blood cocoon outside Little Skeleton is still there, but it has been reduced to a height of less than 2 meters, and can be seen faintly To the silhouette of Little Skeleton, it is estimated that the awakening will be completely absorbed in a short time.

It’s just that he couldn’t grasp this time.

If the beast tide is one day later, he can enter the Training plane and stay in it for more than ten days, when Little Skeleton will awaken to recover, and add battle strength to him!

But right now, he can’t run to the Training plane anymore. As soon as 10000 enters, Paramita appears. When he comes out, it is estimated that the Dragon river has been leveled.

At this critical moment, Su Ping felt a little powerless, or too weak. If he is Legendary now, the situation is completely different.

When the atmosphere was depressed, suddenly, a vibration came from outside the store.

This vibration caused several people in the store to feel the ground under their feet trembling slightly, as if the entire ground was shaking!

“What’s the situation?” Zhong Family old man was startled in a horror.

Su Ping is also a complexion slightly changed.

“Not good, Master Su, the south is broken!!”

Several intelligence personnel in front of the monitoring equipment in the store suddenly changed their complexions, and one of them called out to bear in horror.

“Break through?” Su Ping complexion changed.

“Yes, it is Paramita!” Captain’s eyes widened, as if something stuck in her throat, her face was terrified: “It was Paramita’s life detection, Paramita appeared!!”


The air in the store seemed to be frozen.

Everyone felt a cold rush from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, straight into the brain.

Paramita appeared!

Paramita, who has been waiting for a long time, actually appeared! !

These two words seem magical, making it hard for everyone to breathe.

Su Ping’s pupils contracted slightly, and Paramita appeared to the south!

The south is where Mu Family and Liu Family Town guard, but there is no King beast pet, this Paramita actually picked the weakest defense to the south to advance!


Su Ping stood up immediately and was about to leave.

“Where are you going?” Tang Ruyan hurriedly stood up and pulled Su Ping: “Are you really going?”

Su Ping glanced at her, turned her wrist, and opened her slender palm: “At this time, only me is left, I must go!”

Tang Ruyan looked at him blankly, and tears suddenly shed in his eyes.

“Master ……” Zhong Lingtong also opened to bear, wanting to persuade Su Ping.

“wait for me!”

Su Ping glanced at Tang Ruyan and suddenly turned around, only saying: “I will definitely come back!”

After he finished speaking, he stepped out, and the silhouette flew directly out of the store and whistled away from the sky.

Several people chased outside the shop, but only saw Su Ping’s back.


The news that the outer wall of the south base was breached also reached Xie Jinshui in the first place.

After learning that Paramita appeared in the south and the outer wall of the south base was breached, Xie Jinshui felt dizzy and had a feeling of fainting.

Paramita is finally out!

His look pale was scary, looking at the battlefield in front of him. At this moment, countless Battle pet masters are fighting with the beast tide, forming a torrent of melee. In terms of the situation, here has already prevailed.

It took a lot of blood to barely prevail!

But if the south is broken, the advantage here will be meaningless!

He raised his hand tremblingly and dialed Su Ping’s newsletter.

“Boss Su…”

He spoke hard, and now he can only ask Su Ping for help.

“I’m rushing to the south, how is the situation to the east?” Su Ping’s voice came from the communicator.

Xie Jinshui burst into tears in his eyes, he took a deep breath and gritted his teeth: “It’s stable in the east, and I will keep it even if I die!”

“Okay! Give me the south!” Su Ping said forcefully.

When the communication hung up, Su Ping, who was on his way, looked very ugly. He didn’t have confidence in his words, but he said this because he was worried that Xie Jinshui sent people to reinforce the south, causing the east to collapse. Defeated!

To the south… there is Paramita.

Can he overcome?

Or, can he delay?

Su Ping was unsure, unprecedentedly unsure, but there was no one behind him, but himself, and he had become a towering tree for countless people.

Just like Xie Jinshui said, even if he is dead, he must hold on to it!

This is not a question of whether it can be done, but a must! !


To the south, outside the base.

The towering and thick outer wall of the base, at the moment at the location of the main city gate in the center, burst into a huge hole!

The hole has a width of 100 meters. The wall around the hole cracked one after another huge scar. At this moment, many Demonic beasts have followed the hole and rushed into the base.

On the outer wall, Liu Tianzong and Mu Beihai are all terrified. On the outer wall of the base, there is a huge silhouette of unimaginable standing among countless beast tides.

This is a bright red Demonic beast like Fire Lotus. It has countless touches. It is blooming in the battlefield at this moment. The diameter is more than two hundred meters in diameter. Even if King beast stands beside it, it is like a little Kitty is petite.


“Why, why did it appear in the south?!”

The two patriarchs are both fear and despair.

Unprecedented despair.

Roar! !

Beside this Paramita red lotus, 3 King beast stepped out and roared, like 3 generals, led the nearby beast tide moved towards the outer wall of the base to charge.

On the outer wall, countless soldier generals are in despair.

This huge gap in battle strength made them lose the courage to fight desperately, but stood on the outer wall blankly, even forgetting to resist.

“Request for reinforcement, request for reinforcement!!”

A general arranged by Xie Jinshui to assist the 2 Great Family’s general, the communicator will be roaring at the moment, he yells crazy, it seems that this is the only way to relieve his fears.

The other end of the communicator did not respond.


“Can’t hold it!!”

2 The children of the Great Family and the fighters of the city government, including some reinforcements, have been completely defeated, leaving only howling and despair.

Roar! !

A giant tiger-like King beast jumped on the outer wall first, a huge body spitting flames on the outer wall, many of the star shields outside the Battle pet master were melted instantly, and even the body was directly burned and dissolved, and there was no ashes Stay and completely disappear in this world!

Other defensive people were terrified when they saw this scene. Even in the face of Rank-9 Demonic beast, they felt pressure and fear, let alone face King beast!

The entire outer wall was in chaos.



“I can’t help it!”

All the defenders lost their helmets and armor and fled in panic.

After Liu Tianzong and Mu Beihai reacted, they were all frightened and commanded the combatants of their families, and immediately retreated!

In front of this Paramita, in front of this terrifying King beast, they are just dead end!

Only escape!

Everyone is escaping their lives and giving up defense completely!

But at this moment, suddenly a roaring wind came through the air!

This roaring sound went from far to near, from small to large, and finally sounded deafening like a missile meteorite, resounding through the entire south base!

Hearing this roar, many people looked up in horror and thought it was a Flying Monster Beast attack!

But this one has discovered that it is human beings!

It is reinforcements! !

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong, who were fleeing, both looked up when they heard this huge whistle. When they saw the silhouette of the flying, they were both dumbfounded.

It’s him!

He actually came!


Roaring Heaven and Earth-like roar, resounding through the clear sky, Su Ping’s silhouette oppressed the air, bursting into a huge sonic boom, and a bright divine light bloomed on his fist, that’s his within the body savings of the divine force!

Subduing Devil Divine Fist! !


In the sky, a horrible sound burst exploded, Su Ping’s body fell from the sky, waving his fist towards the giant tiger, the king beast who first attacked the outer wall!

The reaction of this King beast was not slow. He felt threatened, looked up, and suddenly his body was fury, spitting out a thunder-fire entangled shock wave!

Bang! ! !

The entire Heaven and Earth violently oscillated!

This loud blasting sound made many people feel deaf in their ears. In their sight, Heaven and Earth were also fully illuminated. The shock wave spit out by King beast was even broken by forcibly and burst in the air!

And Su Ping’s silhouette press forward, from the collapsing shock wave, slammed down and hit the King beast with a punch!


The entire outer wall was shocked, followed by an extremely loud scream, this King beast’s body actually fell upside down and fell off the outer wall of the base!

The huge body fell from the outer wall of several hundred meters, hitting the ground heavily, the body did not move for a moment.

The nearby Battle pet master saw this scene and was shocked to see his face deformed.

King Beast? !

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong see this scene, they are also stared wide-eyed, and their faces are incredible!

They knew Su Ping was strong, but they never thought that he would be so exaggerated!

This is King beast! !

In the dust of the impact, the silhouette of Su Ping rose slowly. He turned his back to everyone, but his young back was like a majestic giant wall, exuding an indescribable strong breath.

Some people who fled in panic were unable to bear and stopped.


Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong came back to his senses. They looked at each other, and they all saw the hesitation in each other’s eyes. Although Su Ping was very strong, it was not only King beast, but Paramita!

The power demonstrated by Paramita before, they saw with their own eyes, completely beyond their cognition.

With just one blow, the outer wall was punched out!

This is difficult even for King beast!

When they hesitated to continue to retreat, or remained, Su Ping’s silhouette rose to mid-air, and his voice spread throughout the battlefield: “Everyone, follow me to the south, and die back!”

Some Battle pet masters who are still running are stunned.

Everyone looked up at the silhouette, with a complex and ugly complex face. When facing Paramita and King beast, would they still have to stay to the south? !

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong froze, eyes blank.


They can’t figure it out.

Why is Su Ping so desperate.

He has the ability to leave the Dragon river. Why should he stay with those who can’t walk away to die? !

Clenching his teeth slightly, Mu Beihai slammed his fists and shouted: “All Mu Family troops, kill me!”

After that, he turned directly and rushed towards the outer wall.

Liu Tianzong froze, then smiled bitterly: “Having lived for half a life, he was compared by a little devil. That’s all, the old man will lay down his life once, and this time in his life!”

After he finished speaking, he expressed the whole expression and immediately ordered the children of Liu Family to rush to the outer wall.

Following the orders of Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong, many of the former fugitives once again joined the defensive battle.

Seeing Mu Beihai hurried back with Liu Tianzong, Su Ping glanced at them and said, “Paramita hand it to me, you keep this cave, you must not let Demonic beast step in!”

Mu Beihai felt a shock and immediately said: “I Mu Family vowed to stay here!”

“Me Liu Family too!” Liu Tianzong said the same.

Su Ping slightly nodded, looking up at the battlefield in front of the outer wall of the base. There is a silhouette of Paramita. Its huge body is extremely conspicuous in the beast tide, there is no other Demonic beast around it dare to approach, and it is extremely evil strange demonic aura.

Is this Paramita?

Su Ping’s eyes are very dignified. From the other party, he can feel a strong oppression, far superior to the ordinary King beast.

As he stared, Paramita’s two King beasts in front of him seemed to be irritated, and they suddenly rushed towards Su Ping at full speed. One of them was an evil Demon attribute King beast. The body looked like a human. It had 2 wings on its back and was held in hand. A dark giant sword, dishevelled hair, just under the scattered hair, is a rotten face.

His eyes were blood red, staring at Su Ping, and the sword flew by.

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