Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 505

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Su Ping glanced, his eyes chilled, and a vortex appeared behind him.

Roar! !

The roaring and daring dragon roar suddenly sounded, and the vicious dragon claw of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast tore the vortex and roared out from the inside, and its great shore dragon body fell on the outer wall, bringing a huge oppression to the surrounding battle pet master, Including Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong were shocked.

Feeling Su Ping’s icy extreme killing intent, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast rewinded with flames, angered roaring towards the battlefield in front, with the body’s surging dragon force vented out.


Su Ping’s eyes were sharp, and he rushed out first.

Lightning sprinted on his feet, stepped out one after another lightning ripple in the sky, and his silhouette traversed the battlefield void of several thousand meters in just a few seconds, and directly greeted this 1000-wing demon King beast!


This 4-winged demon King beast’s roaring face under his scattered hair, his mouth cracked, his mouth full of fangs, more and more brutal, and his body suddenly shook, divided into 5!

In a blink of an eye, it becomes 5 4 winged demons, all holding dark giant swords!

At the same time, the dark power that broke out within the body instantly deprived the surrounding light!

Deprived together, there is perception!

Including the perception of sound, touch, etc., are deprived!

This is the demon Legendary skill, the dark realm!

In this field, Su Ping can’t see and can’t hear, but when the darkness shrouds, Su Ping doesn’t panic, but a bloodthirsty killing intent erupts in his eyes!

In countless battles and deaths, he has long been accustomed to darkness.


Su Ping punched suddenly, and slammed towards a spot on the left.

The darkness around them was torn like a curtain, and the golden golden fist seemed to have the power to subdue all evil in the world, exuding a very strong divine aura, and the hazy fist illusory shadow on the fist was also fiercely violently smashed. On the chest of the 4-wing demon King beast in front.

With a loud bang, the chest of this 4-wing demon King beast collapsed suddenly, a mouth full of fangs and a roar of pain and anger, and his body fell fiercely like a cannonball into the tide of a beast, hitting a huge pit.

There are 4 other silhouettes of 4 wings demons rushing to attack next to them. Their bodies dissipate like smoke, and they are all afterimages!

Although the afterimage is extremely realistic, it disappears when the body can no longer be maintained.

“You shouldn’t show killing intent!”

Su Ping’s eyes are fierce, and his capture of killing intent far exceeds his vision and other senses.


With one punch, Su Ping’s body swooped down quickly to catch up with the 4-wing demon King beast!

With a loud bang, the ground suddenly cracked, and the silhouette wings of the 4-winged demon rose, and there appeared to be one after another muscle like an insect in its collapsed chest, which quickly recovered the collapsed position and smoothed its face. He also raised his anger and roared towards Su Ping to kill again.

Several dark annihilation rounds waved out in succession. The annihilation rounds were extremely fast, and the air traversed had faint dark traces. It seemed that both the air and the light were annihilated.

Su Ping did not dodge, but killed head-on!

Bang bang bang!

Several dark annihilation rounds that can instantly erase the Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast hit Su Ping, but they stirred up a golden energy protection. This is an old Dragon King hidden treasure on Su Ping, which can resist Void Cave realm. All energy attacks under!

This is the confidence that Su Ping dares to play against King beast directly!

He is not afraid of injury, he just needs to attack with all his strength!

And his attack power has already exceeded the limit of Rank-9, it is King Beast grade!

Subduing Devil Divine Fist with the fleshly body strength of his Golden Crow Devil Body First Layer, plus the star force within the body increased to Rank-9 high grade, and the increase of the divine force, enough to punch the Rank-9 extreme Demonic beast The bombardment is in vain, even King beast will be injured!

Seeing Su Ping resist the attack of the dark annihilation bomb, the 4-wing demon was stunned. It seemed that Su Ping had such a hidden treasure. At this moment, Su Ping was approaching and immediately slashed away with an angry sword.

One after another dark sword energy is staggered, and its sword technique is extremely strong. Many sword energy layer upon layer, rolling like a stormy sea towards Su Ping.

Su Ping is still ignoring and killing.

Bang bang bang!

One after another sword energy exploded on him, and his body was unscathed, passing through countless sword energy, the fist in his hand once again burst out with a bright golden light, oscillating the air around the fist into ripples!

Subduing Devil Divine Fist! !

Su Ping roared and punched out.

4 Winged demon surprised and angry, hurriedly waved his sword to resist.

The fist hit the dark giant sword, with a loud sound, like the morning bell of the twilight drum, hitting a huge sound, spreading around the battlefield nearby.

Under this impact force, Su Ping and the 4-wing demon flew out of each other.


Su Ping’s body fell into the beast tide below.

roar! roar!

The beast tide around seemed to see fishy beasts, and roared with bloodthirsty brutality, each and everyone rushed at a speed.

Su Ping’s ears heard the roar of the beast roaring, shaking the eardrums, and the blood within his body seemed to be simmering and boiling hot, his body burst suddenly, and he slapped on the ground with a palm.


The ground collapsed beneath him, the turtle cracked a pit several meters deep, and his body popped up from the ground instantly, watching the beast tide that rushed forward and back, and the strong killing intent made his eyes red.


Endless killing intent erupts, and the dark field emerges behind Su Ping. In that field, one after another reckless ancient silhouette emerges, that is what Su Ping has seen and heard!

The sphere reflects the inner world.

The stronger the heart, the stronger the potential!

In this brief moment, Su Ping’s inner world is fully revealed through the potential area.

It was a world of rashness, desolation, and corpses!

“roar! !”

Su Ping opened his mouth suddenly, and his ancient anger roar broke out in his throat!

Anger like madness!

Under this roaring shock, the surrounding beast tide was stagnant, some of the lower ranks, the killing intent was suddenly frightened, and directly crawled to the ground, shiver coldly.

Su Ping slammed his fist suddenly, and the bright golden god fist flew out through his fist. It was a huge fist shadow, blasting into the beast tide like a plowed field, and immediately there were countless Demonic beasts screaming that their bodies were knocked off and some were annihilated on the spot. !

Bang bang bang!

Su Ping punched furiously, one after another giant punch illusory shadow blasted out, the beast tide around him was instantly cleared by the sky, and two of the Rank-2 Demonic beast were terrified, turning back to Su Ping to escape.

When Su Ping stopped, only the body of Demonic beast remained around him, and the nearby nearby hundred meters were cleared. The number of dead and injured Demonic beast was countless.


In the distance, the 4-wing demon roared with his sword again.

Su Ping looked up.


Flames have swept through, the silhouette of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast has arrived, a huge body stepping on the battlefield, hong long long vibration, a giant dragon charge, fiercely hit the 4 wings of the demon like a giant tank.

4 The dark giant sword in the wings of the demon was also fiercely cut on the head of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, but was bounced away by the red gold dragon scales above it!

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