Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 508

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“You can’t run away.”

Paramita’s voice rang in Su Ping’s mind and said indifferently.

The next moment, the space around Su Ping suddenly became tight and heavy. Su Ping felt like suddenly hitting a very thick wall, the speed immediately slowed down.

Space Imprisonment? !

Su Ping’s pupil contraction, this feeling is not like the gravity field exerted by the previous plant plant King beast, but from the spatial power of all directions!

He spent a lot of time in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, and had a lot of exchanges with Heavenly God of Destiny Realm. He is familiar with the capabilities of three realms in Legendary field. Vast Sea realm Legendary and star force are Rank- 9 Ten times the limit, can directly suppress and kill Rank-9 by star force!

Void Cave realm is able to master the secret of space teleportation.

In Destiny Realm, the star force becomes more and more vast, and the understanding of space is deeper, which can imprison one side of space!

Right now this Space Imprisonment is the unique ability of Destiny Realm!

However, very few amazing Void Cave realm Legendary can also master, just like a few Vast Sea realm Legendary, can also master the teleport secret.

Genius is always breaking the rules.

However, this amazing genius, rare for 100 years, is extremely rare.

In front of me, is Paramita the Perception Void Cave realm Demonic beast or Destiny Realm?

Su Ping felt a little quivering, and soon he noticed that Paramita’s Space Imprisonment range was terrifying!

The Heavenly Gods in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds are the elite Divine Race of Destiny Realm, but the scope of imprisonment is only the area within 100 meters of their own body!

At the moment, the distance between him and Paramita is less than 1000 meters!

The higher the cultivation base, the more space there is for imprisonment, but this is too incredible!

sou sou!

At this time, several blood-red thorn vines sprang from the ground, entangled quickly, Su Ping could only watch them approaching, desperately wanting to dodge, but the space around his body was very close, he exploded with full strength, and was as slow as Like a trot, there is no room for dodge in front of this fast as lightning vine.

With a loud bang, his body was hit and the golden light appeared outside the body. It was the hidden treasure of the old Dragon King who resisted the impact for him.

But Su Ping’s body was still slapped to the ground by the vines, and fell into the ground. At the same time, a large number of small blood vines suddenly appeared around the ground, with thick wrists, climbing up and entangled like blood pythons, and soon Su Ping’s body Entangled.

Golden light emerged outside his body, resisting these vines and not allowing them to cause damage to Su Ping, but this was only a defense against hidden treasure, and he could not get rid of these vines.

“These blood vines…”

Su Ping looked at the blood vines around the ground, and his face was suddenly difficult to see. He understood why Paramita could be separated by several thousand meters, and could also use Space Imprisonment to affect the space around his body.

It turned out that it was already under the battlefield and covered with its own limbs.

These vines are the extension of its body!

Space Imprisonment is generally about 100 meters or less, but Paramita uses its huge size to extend the scope of this field!

He flew in the air, although some distance from the ground, but only the height of several hundred meters, the same height as the outer wall.

The Space Imprisonment he had received before was incomplete. A complete Space Imprisonment would make his body useless, even in the blink of an eye!

Due to the distance limitation, he just suffered space oppression, which is the weakened Space Imprisonment, but this is enough to affect him and let Paramita catch him.


I understood the reason, but Su Ping’s heart kept sinking. He threw his fist violently, and the deified Subduing Devil Divine Fist burst out, immediately breaking the several blood vines around his body. The bright red slurry is sprayed out, which is the same as the color of human blood, and has a very strong smell.

Several blood vines were bombed, and immediately a new blood vine extended.

Tattered Tattered!

Su Ping was furious in his heart and waved punches one after another.

He knew that he must not be caught by Paramita. The hidden treasure of the old Dragon King could protect him from blood vine attacks, but did not affect his attack release. At this moment, the blood vines around him were bombed one after another, blood splashed.

This blood vine is the same as Su Ping thought, it is not the core body of Paramita, defensive power is not so tenacious, his deified Subduing Devil Divine Fist is just the attack power of Vast Sea realm King beast, it can also destroy it.

“Rucourting death!”

“Get lost !!”

As soon as Paramita’s voice rang, Su Ping roared in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and an old Dragon King roared out of his way, stunned in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The dragon roar is loud and reckless, dispelling Paramita’s voice directly in his mind!

In the distance, red light suddenly flashed from the vertical pupil of Paramita, becoming cold from the previous indifferent color.


From the Blood Lotus under the vertical pupil, two thick limbs with a diameter of several meters were suddenly shot out. At first glance, they were also two blood vines, but the difference is that the surface of this limb is accompanied by a sharp bone blade. At the top, there are The crack in the cross was slightly stretched at this moment, revealing the fierce fangs inside.

2 blood-red limbs straddled the battlefield and were killed by Su Ping, who was crushed to the ground in the distance!

Su Ping punched the blood vine in front of him, saw the body shot from the storm, and immediately wanted to dodge, but the blood vines around him seemed endless, no matter how he bombarded, he could fill it immediately.


Su Ping roared, star force raged violently, poured into his fists, his fists waved wildly, each punch was a deified Subduing Devil Divine Fist.

In the Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, he soaked the divine force accumulated in the divine spring, and at the moment was like a running water to vent.

Bang bang bang!

Under the continuous mad fist, the blood vine was smashed by a large smash, Su Ping immediately turned to escape, but the surrounding space was still sticky and tight, even heavier than before. Although not a real Space Imprisonment, Su Ping has no solution.

To deal with Space Imprisonment, only use stronger Space Imprisonment!

But he will not!

Su Ping can only run wild, but his legs are like lead pouring, even lifting it is very difficult, and there are a few blood vines pulling on it.

Around, densely packed countless blood vines rushed in at the same time, at the same time, the roar behind expanded, like a divine arrow shot from 1000 Baili, with a devastating impact.

No way to run, no way to hide!

Su Ping also felt hopeless.

In the face of despair, I know how weak and powerless I am!

“Boss Su, let me help you!!”

Suddenly, a roar sounded and screamed from the side.

Su Ping turned her head and saw that it was a middle-aged Titled with a rugged look, and shouted to Su Ping at the moment.

While he was talking, his body burst out with a dazzling star force, cooperating with a bizarre element battle companion beside him, rushing towards the two bloody limbs.

That battle companion condense a huge wind blade, the Wind Element compressed to the extreme tremble in it, chopped out instantly.

With a loud bang, the wind blade passed by, and the space was slightly twisted, showing light black scratches.

But in the next moment, the two bloody limbs extending from Paramita’s one eye suddenly swayed, and more bone blades permeated above it, and the huge wind blade was scattered, and then a few bone blades were suddenly ejected from above. With a snap, the head of the elemental battle companion was cut directly.

Another bone blade passed the middle-aged Titled, and a head flew up!

This middle-aged Titled who helped quickly died instantly!

Su Ping looked stunned.

After the two bloody limbs beheaded the middle-aged Titled, they still attacked Su Ping straight.

“And I!”

“Boss Su, we are here to help you!”

In the distance, several roars sounded again, and then a few Titled silhouettes flew by, each and everyone driving their respective battle companion, all Rank-9 battle companion, madly rushed towards the two bloody limbs , One after another Rank-2 skill exploded, chaotic elements enveloped 9 bloody limbs.

At the same time, several missiles also flew over and bombarded this bloody limb.

A violent explosion sounded, and the sparks covered the bloody limbs.

Su Ping couldn’t help looking at the hole in the outer wall. I saw that there were few Demonic beasts there. The hole was guarded by the soldiers!

“Boss Su, let me help you!”

Suddenly a voice came, Su Ping saw that Mu Beihai rushed over.

He controlled a Rank-9 extreme ghostly finches, dishevelled hair at the moment, his armor was covered with blood, but it seemed to be the blood of Demonic beast, not much harm.

At this moment, the ghostly flamingo chirped, and sprayed out a large black Netherworld’s Fire.

Flame is the nemesis of plants.

However, after the lethal terrifying Netherworld’s Fire swept through, the blood vines on the ground were still intact!

Seeing this scene, Mu Beihai narrowed his eyes and was shocked.

This is the core ability of the ghostly finches, and it is also a skill that makes other demonic beasts of the same level afraid of fear. At this moment, it can’t cause damage to this blood vine? !

Earlier he saw Su Ping breaking up these blood vines, thinking that it was just a hindrance. Didn’t expect was so strange and horrible!

Su Ping was also a complexion changed. When he saw him approaching, he hurriedly said: “Don’t come!”

However, it was still late. The body of the ghostly finches flicked suddenly and fell down. Fortunately, it responded extremely quickly and quickly stabilized its body, but the wings of its wings were obviously slowed down.

And the Beibeihai on the back of the ghost bird is also complexion greatly changed. He feels that the air in all directions is squeezing his body, and he feels hard to breathe.

What the hell is that thing!

He was a little frightened, and when he looked at Su Ping, who was so entangled in blood vines, he finally understood why Su Ping couldn’t help it.

Not only a large number!

It is a blood vine alone, it is estimated that it will kill Rank-9 Demonic beast!

Is this the horror of Paramita?

Fear in his eyes, a moment of retreat, but next moment, the retreat in his eyes suddenly disappeared, he gritted his teeth and said: “Boss Su, I will pull you out!”

He drove down the ghostly finches and swooped down, bursting into a fierce star force all over his body. He poured all the star forces within the body into the body of the ghostly finches, which greatly increased the speed of the latter.

Whiz whiz whiz !

It seemed to feel that Mu Beihai was a bit obstructed, and some of the outer blood vines suddenly turned and rushed towards Mu Beihai.

Hey! !

The ghostly flamingo uttered an angry tweet and danced at low altitude, attracting the attention of many bloody vines.

Su Ping stunned, he saw it, Mu Beihai wanted to help him attract firepower.

This Mu Family patriarch, who has always been calm and considers the pros and cons of his affairs, will actually risk himself for him at this moment!

At this moment, a scream came suddenly.

Su Ping looked up, his eyes suddenly turned red, and I saw those Titled who had come to help. At the moment, 2 people and their battle companion were killed.

Paramita’s bloody limbs, under the previous missile bombing and numerous skills, were not injured, but turned around and killed them!

“Boss Su, let’s contain him!”


Another whistling sound passed over the head, a Titled coming from the hole in the outer wall, and rushed straight towards the bloody limb.

“You are not its opponents, don’t go!!”

Su Ping unable to bear shouted.

“Boss Su, you don’t care, you rush out, only you can find a way to deal with this Paramita.” The shepherd Beihai, who is driving the ghostly flamingo next to him, shouted anxiously.

The ghostly flamingo that he sat down was quickly caught up by the blood vine and was in danger.

Su Ping opened his mouth slightly, but his throat seemed to be blocked.

He has no choice, he cannot bear such hope!


Su Ping exploded with roar, madly punched and killed, the blood vines around him quickly collapsed, and a series of blood punches hit Subduing Devil Divine Fist and fell off.

Seeing Su Ping emptied a lot of blood vines in an instant, Mu Beihai was a little shocked, and suddenly there was hope of surprise in his eyes. Su Ping was indeed stronger than he thought, or more powerful than he thought!

At this moment, suddenly his body shook.

The nether fierce finches groaned as he sat down, with blood vines wrapped around its feet.

It exploded with ghostly flames and burned the blood vine, but it had no effect at all, and the blood vine seemed to be immune to fire.

Under the pull of the blood vine, other blood vines were more and more entangled, and soon the wings were also tied, and the ghostly finches struggled to fall.

Mu Beihai looks pale without blood, he pulls out the hidden treasure of the sword and helps to slash it, but his cherished no stronghold one cannot overcome sword is cut on the blood vine, but like a dull knife cut on the cowhide, Did not cause a little wound!

“no no!”

Mu Beihai showed despair and fear in his eyes, as well as nostalgia for his life.

At this moment, suddenly a long blast broke out.

At the foot of his feet, the ghostly flamingo bird burst into flames, and at the same time, a strong star force appeared on the Mu Beihai on its back.

“this is……”

Mu Beihai froze.

He can feel the star force, pouring into the body continuously in a continuous manner!

It is converted through energy contract through energy contract!

This is the star force of the ghost bird!

The vastness of this star force, beyond his imagination, poured the Star Sea that he had almost dried up, instantly poured into full load, and under full load, it also overflowed outside the body.

In a trance, Mu Beihai suddenly had a kind of sudden enlightenment.

He realized the opportunity of Legendary!

The power in Heaven and Earth seems to be within your reach!

But in the next moment, a mourning sounded, endless nostalgia, let Mu Beihai came back to his senses.

Mu Beihai looked down suddenly, but he saw the ghostly flamingo burning an unusual flame all over him. This is the flame of the Hades, the strongest ability of the ghostly flamingo, which can only be released once in a lifetime!

Once released, it will definitely die!

When released, it will burn everything, including its own body, spirit, and soul, all burning!

The majestic star force before was the result of the ghostly flamingo finch burning itself. Without the consent of Mu Beihai, it took the initiative to feed Mu Beihai.

Under the contract, after years of fighting and tacit understanding, Mu Beihai instantly understood the thoughts and intentions of the ghostly phoenix.

Burn everything in yourself, just to send him power, so that he can escape with hope!

His eyes suddenly turned red.

“Stop, stop!!”

He roared into the sky and resounded through half the battlefield, but Pluto’s Flame could not be reversed. Once it burned, it could not be stopped.

In Mu Beihai’s mind, the contract between him and the netherworld phoenix suddenly broke apart and broke off. At that moment, the contract between him and the netherworld phoenix completely disappeared.

He can no longer directly feel the emotions and thoughts of the ghostly finches in his mind, as if suddenly a large piece of material is missing.

Under him, the nether fierce finches looked up, and there was a moment of confusion in his eyes, but soon revealed a clear color. It glanced at Mu Beihai with nostalgia, which was the eyes of many years old friends, extremely gentle.

The next moment, it flutters its wings suddenly, even if there are blood vines winding, it still oscillates its wings high, with unparalleled pride.

A powerful force erupted from it, flying Mu Beihai’s body into the sky.

And its body fell into the jungle of blood vines under the anti-shock, and was immediately covered by countless blood vines.

“No !!!!”

Mu Beihai’s roar is full of despair.

With a loud bang, the body of the phantom flamboyant bird burst and turned into a very dark flame, sweeping away, burning all the blood vines that had previously wrapped around its body.

This Pluto Flame has exceeded Rank-9 strength, even King Beast will be injured!

The blood vine was burned by Hei Yan, twisted and burned to ashes!

Su Ping, who was constantly killing blood vines, heard Mu Beihai’s sorrowful roar before he noticed the situation on the other side. When he saw the burning body of the ghostly finches, he couldn’t help but complexion slightly changed, he gritted his teeth, Increasingly violent and violent, soon, the blood vines wrapped around his body were smashed.

The rest of the blood vines continued to pounce, but before being part of Mu Beihai’s lead, Su Ping didn’t wait for them to wrap up again, so he squatted on both knees and jumped up.

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