Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 509

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Su Ping rushed to the sky like a falcon on the ground.

After breaking away from the deep pit, the space constraints around it quickly weakened, and by 4 more than a hundred meters high above the sky, it was already very small.

Su Ping did not stop, and continued to rush up two hundred meters to prevent this Paramita from disguising the limit distance of Space Imprisonment.


Not far away, sad and powerless pleading came, Mu Beihai knelt in midair, as if kneeling on the ground, star force supported him, and now he was full of despair and pain.

On the ground, the black flames in that deep pit were still burning.

Each black flame is fueled by the body and soul of the ghostly flamingo.

When the flame goes out, everything is gone!

Seeing Mu Beihai’s uncontrollable painful appearance, Su Ping was a little shocked, and it was hard to imagine such an expression appearing on the face of this calm Mu Family Helmsman.

He looked towards Paramita in the distance, feeling that the blood in the body was burning and was angry!

But at this moment, several screams suddenly sounded.

Su Ping looked away quickly, and suddenly his face changed.

In the distance, bursts of blood mist burst into the air!

The Titled powerhouses who rushed to help earlier were attacked by Paramita’s 2 bloody limbs, and even their battle companion was beaten to burst their bodies!

No resistance!

The Space Imprisonment ability attached to these two bloody limbs is stronger than the blood vines on the ground. These Titled bodies seem to be coagulated and can’t even escape!

Watching the Titled bodies burst one by one, Su Ping’s fists squeezed ka ka, almost crushing his gums, he wanted to rush over, but he knew that in that case, he was very likely to be caught by Paramita here .

Once caught, he couldn’t lead it to the store.

“Boss Su, you don’t want to go!”

The sound of Mu Beihai came, and the numerous battles of Titled in the distance made him have to withdraw his gaze from the ground. The sadness on his face was desperately put away and restrained, but his eyes grew crazier and gritted his teeth: “Now Dragon river The last hope is only you, Boss Su, what do you do, all the battle strength of our Mu Family here, listen to your dispatch, although there is no regret!”

Su Ping froze, looked towards him.

He wanted to speak, but it was speechless.

There is no way in his mind.

If he has a Titled rank realm, he may be able to properly deal with the situation in front of him, and he can drive away Paramita without paying too much.

But his cultivation base is too low!

Right now, he has only 2 options left.

The first is to introduce Paramita to the store and use the power of the system to kill it.

Number 2 …

It’s with this Paramita, perish together!

He has this ability, really!

Only the price to be paid is his life.

He can unlock all the seals of Er Gou!

All 9 seals are unlocked!

In that case, Er Gou’s battle strength will directly reach the peak of Destiny Realm, infinitely close to Starry Sky!

However, in that case, through the squeeze of the power of the contract, his Sea of ​​Consciousness will also quickly explode, directly headshot!

Before his Sea of ​​Consciousness is exploded, he can let Er Gou kill the Paramita, but once he dies, the contract with Er Gou will be released. When Paramita is killed, Su Ping cannot confirm, Er Gou will not Will attack Dragon river.

Without the bondage of contract, Er Gou is also a Demonic beast.

And the memory of the time when the contract was signed with him will be erased, and then there will be a Paramita missing from Earth, but there is more terrifying King beast like Er Gou, and no one can subdue it.

“I’m going to lead this Paramita into the city!” Su Ping said lowly.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Mu Beihai was stunned, but soon, he thought of something and quickly said: “The lore you said earlier was in the city?”

Su Ping glanced at him, didn’t expect him to keep this in mind.


Mu Beihai is a little shocked, what didn’t expect Su Ping said can kill the Demonic beast such as Paramita is actually inside the Dragon river!

He believes that Su Ping will not be boasting, aimlessly.

Sou! sou!

At this moment, two sky-splitting sounds flew rapidly.

Strong coercion swept through, and the surrounding space quickly became thick.

Su Ping looked at the two bloody limbs.

The Titled who went to contain it were all beheaded and rushed towards him again at this moment.


Su Ping shouted to Mu Beihai.

His eyes were full of killing intent, but he turned around and ran.

There is no hope of head-to-head battles. Although he is angry, he can only hold back.

Mu Beihai also discolored her face and hurried into the air.

Paramita’s bloody limb ignored the North Sea and flew straight towards Su Ping. This limb seemed to extend infinitely and at a very fast speed.

Seeing the space around him getting closer, Su Ping knew that he would soon be caught up.

It’s too fast to run away!


Su Ping suddenly backhand threw away a black ring.

It is a high-level beast trap ring!

This is barely one of his methods, but he is not regarded as a plan. Although the high rank trapping ring can capture King beast, the probability is only 10%!

Capture the demonic beast of the king, it is 100%, even if it is the Rank-9 limit.

And this captures a 10% probability of King beast, Su Ping found that it will change implicitly with the realm and state of King beast.

If King beast is weak and dying, the probability of catching becomes much higher.

But if King beast is normal, the probability of catching is only 10% of normal, or even slightly lower.

“Can it succeed?”

At the same time as threw away, Su Ping also had a glimmer of hope in his heart, but he did not put his life entirely on this 10% hope.

The ring shattered and collapsed into a space vortex, seeming to inhale Paramita.

But as soon as the space vortex appeared, it spun and dissipated, and it seemed that the construction was not stable enough.

The slightest expectation in Su Ping’s heart fell short. The 10% probability is still too low.

He still has 6 high-level capture beast rings in his hand, for a total of 7.

But this is not a 70% probability.

If it is wrong, even 100 will not succeed.

far away.

Paramita’s vertical pupil shrank suddenly, and the indifferent contempt in his pupil looked down, turning into a shock, the first time he was truly moved.

Although it is only a trace, but just now, it actually felt Death Aura!

There is an irresistible, indescribable feeling that has just appeared, but it is fleeting.

However, although the feeling disappeared, the palpitations made it impossible to ignore.

Its pupil directly locked Su Ping in the distance, and his eyes were chilling. This human really has great secrets. If it can get it, maybe, it has a way to deal with the other ones.

Thinking of the guy with 2 heads, he hated gnash the teeth in his heart.

In the front, the first beast ring failed, Su Ping did not hesitate, threw away 2 more times.

Bang bang bang!

The 2 high rank trap rings broke apart in the air, and 2 vortex spaces collapsed. One just emerged and suddenly dissipated. The second vortex was about to form, but eventually dissipated.

All failed!

Su Ping clenched the teeth, threw away the remaining 4 tracks.

The sound of 4 ring cracks sounded, and all the rings hit the 2 bloody limbs, and 4 vortex collapsed and emerged. Su Ping looked at it, and the lingering hope in his heart disappeared instantly.

Two of the vortex dissipated as soon as the outline emerged, and the remaining two dissipated when condensing to the middle.

7 beast traps, none succeeded!

Although Su Ping did not expect this, but at this critical moment, fortunately Goddess did not give him a little bit of favor, still let him feel extremely disappointed.

Sure enough, he just picked up the passerby of the system, not the protagonist of any luck breaking the watch.


Su Ping can only continue to carry out according to the original plan, without putting all his life on the table.

Although 7 beast traps were unsuccessful, they still brought some help to Su Ping. The 2 bloody limbs seemed to be quite afraid of the space vortex that the beast trap collapsed, dodge left and right, causing Su Ping to throw away a big cut.

“Will it come?”

Su Ping turned to look towards the Paramita, but saw that its huge body was still rooted in the battlefield, and did not want to move, which made it complexion is gloomy.

Isn’t temptation enough?

“Are you waiting for me?”

Just then, suddenly a cold voice appeared.

Su Ping eyes shrank, suddenly turned around.

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