Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 512

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Paramita fell to the ground, and the surrounding ground burst suddenly. It stood in the deep pit with a cold face, and the strength killing intent was exposed in the face of use strength to bully the weak.

King beast is also dignified!

It has lived for thousands of years, and has been in Earth. Apart from some dangerous places and very few dangers, it has never existed. It can make it so embarrassing!

The most unbearable thing is that Su Ping is in front of me, and it is obviously just a trifling cultivation base 7th grade garbage!

With a pet beast, dare to call it roar? !

Kill you! !

The ground beneath it suddenly rioted, one after another sharp stone pillar extended, each one was more than ten meters long, very thick, within a square hundred meters, all turned into this sharp stone pillar jungle, some unavoidable Demonic The beast was pierced by the stone pillar in an instant, and the rest of the demonic beast fled.

Such a wide range of attack skills makes everyone on the outer wall defensive.

If this attacked the outer wall directly, it would be a disaster!

Whiz whiz whiz !

With Paramita’s intentional order, the stone pillar in several hundred meters suddenly erupted from the ground, shooting at Su Ping in midair like an arrow, with Thunder Strength attached to the stone pillar.

Su Ping did not dodge, but carried the dark field behind him and swooped straight down!

In that area, the shadows danced in disorder, exuding a terrifying atmosphere. From inside, a fierce silhouette crawled out, grabbed Su Ping’s shoulder, and borrowed Su Ping’s body as a lever to pull his body from the potential. Drag and drop out of the field, and then shrink numerous times, turning into a dark air, surrounding Su Ping.

Su Ping’s imposing manner has exploded again!


He was loudly roared, his fist was thunderous, and he waved continuously.

One after another Subduing Devil Divine Fist came out, there is a prestige of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, which will smash the oncoming stone pillar to a blast!

Su Ping at this moment is like the Demon King in the world, bone covered body, the power is monstrous!

“How can it be!”

Paramita’s eyes showed a look of shock.

It is not that Su Ping can shake its skills, but that Su Ping, a 7th grade trash human, not only leads the comprehend Momentum domain, but also enters the 1st floor of the potential domain, and can borrow the power of the potential domain!

Even Destiny Realm is hard to master!

Bang bang bang!

The stone pillar of Su Ping was exploded into the sky, and all of it was shattered.

Su Ping is like a dark magic star, swooping down, roaring punch towards Paramita.

The fist strength came out through the body and turned into a huge golden fist illusory shadow, with the power to suppress 10000 things!

Golden fist illusory shadow has not yet reached the ground, like a rocket lifted off, the dust on the ground is rolled up, and the horrible oppression force brings the ground around Paramita to sink.

“I’m afraid of you?!”

Paramita was also angry, with a roar, her body suddenly puffed up, twisting from a delicate woman’s appearance into a sprawling blood-red giant flower.

It was originally a magic flower in Asura Abyss, which evolved from Abyss demonic energy.

At this moment, the flower stems transformed from the legs pierced into the ground, and the huge blood-red flowers transformed into the upper body of the body had large teeth with large teeth. At the moment, the mouth suddenly opened, and a giant sword was spewed out from the teeth!

This is a gigantic sword with a simple style. It is several meters wide and more than ten meters long. It is covered with blood patterns and is filled with monstrous baleful qi.


The giant sword buzzed and poured the power of Paramita, slashing towards Su Ping in the air.

The golden fist shadow collided with the giant sword, with a bang, like a nuclear bomb exploding, deafening, spreading throughout the battlefield.

The giant sword was knocked out and fell back in front of Paramita, but after turning a corner, it was bombarded again towards Su Ping.

Su Ping lingered around thunderbolt, his body suddenly flashed, space teleportation, and immediately shortened the distance with Paramita, he wanted to fight close, torn this Paramita!

Paramita saw Su Ping’s intentions and issued an angry scream. The surrounding space suddenly oscillated and became solid. It released Space Imprisonment again. This time it was released after it revealed the body. The oppression was ten times the previous!

Su Ping’s movements stopped immediately, but next moment, he roared forward again, breaking away his imprisonment, and his whole bones brought him infinite strength.


His body rushed straight down, and he couldn’t use space teleportation at this time. Although he could get rid of Paramita’s Space Imprisonment, after the space was confined, it was difficult to split open space teleport.

However, without teleportation, Su Ping still wants to kill.

He was not used to teleportation. At this moment, thanks to the Thunder Strength blessing, his speed is as fast as thunder. In this imprisoned space, he sprints at full speed!

That’s right, it’s running, not falling!

During Space Imprisonment, the gravity in this area was confined. The dust and mist that were oscillating in the air were all in a solidified state. The stones floating in the air also remained in place and were still intact.

Every space is general on the ground.

This bizarre scene also made everyone in the distance look shocked and confused, not knowing what this ability is.

“Ant, you must die!” Paramita said angrily.

On the giant sword, blood energy burst into the sky. At the same time, Paramita’s giant mouth also spouted a thick blood mist, covering Su Ping. Its Paramita blood mist contained highly toxic, even if Void Cave realm King beast touched, Will be immediately poisoned, the body will rot, and even the soul will dissolve!


Su Ping is like a giant war chariot, knocking the imprisoned space into a dull thunderbolt sound, showing invincible power, facing the blood mist on the face, without escaping, directly penetrating into it.

The giant sword slashed, Su Ping single fist smashed out, and bounced it away.

The shocking force from the giant sword, and the sharp sword edge, are resisted by the white bone covered by Su Ping’s fist!

This giant sword leaves only a few millimeters deep scratches on the bone!

In a blink of an eye, Su Ping came to Paramita, facing the huge mouth that Paramita had swallowed, he punched in, and the violent golden fist blasted out, breaking the sharp teeth in Paramita’s mouth. Then, Su Ping grabbed its giant mouth with both arms, and a roaring roar burst into his throat.



Paramita’s giant mouth was torn apart, blood was splattered, and Su Ping was covered all over.

He has white bones and is stained with blood!


Paramita screamed. In the ground around its body, it suddenly burst out countless blood vines and slapped Su Ping randomly, trying to push Su Ping away.

In addition to anger, it also has shock and panic.

What is happening to this human being? !

The giant sword hidden treasure that can actually resist it, this giant sword is no stronghold one cannot overcome, even the existence of Destiny Realm can be cut!

At this moment, I can’t hurt Su Ping?

What is the hardness of this human bone!

Moreover, this power… it is helpless!

This is just 7th grade garbage ants!

The blood vine that had previously entangled Su Ping and caused him great trouble. Now he was entangled in Su Ping, but he was directly broken away and shattered!

Su Ping tears Paramita’s big mouth and keeps going down, he wants to tear Paramita whole!

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