Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 513

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“Damn it, get me off!”

Roar! !

Feeling the pain and Su Ping’s killing intent, Paramita roared, its flower neck swelled up suddenly, and a deafening low roar suddenly broke out.

This roar is like coming from the Underworld Abyss. It is extremely scary and breathtaking.

The fierce tide of beasts on the battlefield was affected by this deterrent roar. Some Demonic beasts woke up immediately, terrified, and prostrate on the ground shiver coldly.

Some of the more recent Demonic beasts were so scared that they were pissing on the spot.

But the Battle pet masters defending on the outer wall of the base are not much better. They have soft legs and look pale. They seem to see extremely horrible things. They are all shadows in their sight. Spiritual Power is affected. There is only fear in my heart, no morale at all.

If you have little courage, you can be scared to death on the spot, this is the murderous aura deterrent of Paramita!

But Su Ping, who attacked Paramita, remained unmoved in the slightest. The killing intent in his eyes was more brutal, and he ignored the deterrent in this roar.

In addition to deterrence, this roar also has terrible sonic boom damage, but Su Ping’s whole bones have resisted this sonic boom, leaving him completely unaffected.


Su Ping face looks sinister, tearing with both arms, tearing Paramita’s giant mouth apart a few meters long wound, revealing the tongue and throat behind the sharp teeth.

He lifted his feet, moved towards fiercely stepped inside!


Paramita’s body was a tremor, and the fairy’s stamen was stepped on the ground by Su Ping. The surrounding ground was a sudden tremor and the ground was split.

“impossible !!”

Paramita was shocked and could ignore his murderous aura deterrence? What does this boy’s heart do, is it a machine without emotion?

Feeling the monstrous power of Su Ping, Paramita felt a little quivering, and the idea of ​​retreating suddenly appeared.

When this idea emerged, it was also frightened by itself, and then even more angry. It dignified Demonic beast King, will today be run away by a trifling 7th grade human?



The ground burst suddenly, Paramita burst into a violent blood mist, manipulate the giant sword, and fight with Su Ping again.

One after another sword shadow flashed on the giant sword, as if the sword technique powerhouse was wielding an attack. This is a peculiar mystery practiced by Paramita, obtained from a certain Mysterious Land.

The giant sword is covered with a sharp space force, where the area is crossed, the air is cut with black marks. In this battle area, the space is chaotic and broken, even if Void Cave realm King beast stepped in, Being scratched by this chaotic space, and changing to Vast Sea realm King beast, it will be instantly killed and the body Shattered!

But in this chaotic battle area of ​​space, Su Ping is like a Demon God, and it is not affected at all. That one after another space blade from all over the place is resisted by the bones outside his body, like a An invincible armor!

Bang bang bang!

Su Ping’s fists flew again and again, one after another Subduing Devil Divine Fist smashed out, smashing all the sword shadow of the giant sword.

He stepped on a big step, approaching Paramita step by step, without weapons in his hand, directly grabbed its body, and then violently tore it apart.

“You’re dead! You’re dead!”

Paramita roared in his heart, and was rarely so angry. At this moment, he killed Su Ping’s killing intent, even overriding the two headed guys he hated most.

It wields rhizomes and resists Su Ping’s attacks. It is procrastinating and waiting. In the case of the same rank, it is not the kind of powerful frontal attack, but it is definitely the kind of protracted warfare.

The longer the battle, the deeper its blood mist erosion. Staying in its blood mist, even in the presence of Destiny Realm Peak, will slowly be corroded, and finally become vulnerable to withstand a single blow.

Bang! Bang!

Su Ping punched and kicked, blasted Paramita’s rhizome, rushed into its flowers, slammed fist, cracked Paramita’s petals, and there were many punch holes in it.

He has never tried his best to release Subduing Devil Divine Fist, especially under the support of the monstrous power at the moment with the body, there is a heartfelt feeling, the kind of feeling that he had not been able to achieve before, but it is easy Do it, the understanding of Subduing Devil Divine Fist becomes more profound.


Suddenly punched, punching through the sound barrier, making a horrible sonic boom.

Paramita was horrified, feeling a vast divine aura, which made it smell of death.

how come?

It roared and tried its best to parry, but in the next moment, its stamen was smashed directly into a huge hole, blood splashed, and it was seriously injured by a blow!

Paramita has a kind of thrilling feeling of the soul flew away and scattered. The human in front of him is only 7th grade. How can it be so seriously injured? !

This child must die!

It has a strong killing intent in its heart, but what makes it anxious is that Su Ping has been fighting in its blood mist for a long time, how come there are no signs of weakness?

For other Destiny Realm King beasts, the battle strength has been reduced by several levels.

If it is Void Cave realm, even the body is rotting at the moment!

Soon, Paramita found the reason, and was shocked. Its blood mist was actually resisted by the bones of Su Ping. This bone was incredible. It could completely resist the erosion of its blood mist. This is not resistance, but like a complete Immunity!

Its most proud ability actually failed in front of Su Ping? !

That skull species, what the hell is that thing?

After being shocked, Paramita immediately understood the situation in front of him. It suppressed the anger in his heart, and he could not keep it anymore. His body shrank suddenly. When he restrained Su Ping with the giant sword, Tearing Space immediately disappeared.


Its silhouette appears beyond a few thousand meters, in a pile of beast tides.

The Demonic beast in this beast tide was suddenly approached by it, and it was a little frightened, but before they were too scared to kneel, the body collapsed and collapsed, and was contaminated by the blood mist around Paramita’s body, directly decomposed, and became a nutrient in the blood mist .

Paramita didn’t stop, flashed again, several times in a row, cleared several big pits from the animal tide, but it didn’t care.

In its eyes, these demonic beasts are just food that’s all, and they are also low-rank unpleasant ingredients.

Through continuous teleportation, it returned to the huge Blood Lotus standing on the battlefield. This is its outer body. At this moment, its body immediately rushed out and united with this outer body.


A breath of detached peerlessness suddenly erupted, rippling the entire battlefield.

At this moment, the real Paramita is back!

This unimaginable imposing manner spread throughout the audience. At this moment, whether it is the Demonic beast or the Battle pet masters of the Dragon river, they are awakened by the imposing manner that is on the head, each and everyone looks amazed With the huge horror silhouette in that battlefield, this is Paramita’s real gesture?

Su Ping also felt the strong oppression in this imposing manner, but the killing intent in his eyes was even more crazy. Compared with the Heavenly Gods in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, this kind of coercion is nothing!

Too weak!

But it was this weak Destiny Realm that actually killed the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast!

“Die for me come !!”

Su Ping roared, his body rushed, and the speed of the sound barrier broke out in an instant, and a deep burst of sound in the air.

His body couldn’t help but enter teleportation, and a series of teleportation and sprints caused continuous sonic booms to sound like a float in the sky above the battlefield, making the sound of one after another thunderbolt, which made everyone stunned. , How unimaginable this is!

Paramita also roared, and the vertical pupil in his Blood Lotus suddenly shot a beam of sturdy orangutan red light, with a breath of annihilating space.


The light beam irradiated instantly, traversed the battlefield and hit Su Ping.

The violent impact and destruction power made Su Ping feel pain and want to knock him off.

Feeling the resistance, Su Ping became more and more violent, his head full of black hair was rooted like a mad, he roared and punched his fist with all his strength, slammed, and behind the potential area behind him, there was a huge shadow sitting in Heaven and Earth. It emerged that it was a silhouette of an extremely great shore, which was relatively vague, but could see blood and bones, sitting on the ancient throne.

At the moment, when Su Ping waved his fist, that great shore giant shadow also raised his hand and waved his fist forward!

Weng weng!

The whole Heaven and Earth is shaking, feeling shocked.

The surrounding space is like boiling, shaking violently, unbearable!

The golden fist shadow erupted by Su Ping overlaps with the fist shadow of the King of the Skeletons behind him at the same moment. At that moment, Heaven and Earth is silent, and an unimaginable giant fist illusory shadow is pushed out!

Paramita’s orangutan red light beam, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, immediately before the giant fist illusory shadow, this giant fist has the power to push the mountain and split the ground, with boundless power, covering the huge body of Paramita.

“impossible !!”

Paramita was frightened, this time, it really felt have one’s hair stand on end!

What is this?

It rushed to condense the space forces around it, and at the same time, the ground in front of it was lifted up entirely, and the ground was lifted up like a blanket to resist it in front of it.


The rocky wall of the earth burst instantaneously. This is Destiny Realm’s defensive skill, but at the moment it is impossible to withstand a single blow. At the same time, the many space barriers behind the wall of the earth are also bursting, and countless space fragments are flying. , As unusable to withstand a single blow as paper glass!

Paramita’s huge vertical pupil contracted slightly, and Space Power surged again.



The folded space hides its huge body, but at the moment of hiding, Su Ping’s fist shadow pushes horizontally, smashing the folded space directly, hits its body, and knocks it out from the inside!

Paramita’s huge body just disappeared, but it appeared on the battlefield again. As soon as it appeared, fiercely hit the ground. At first glance, it seemed to be like a porcelain. It actively crashed into the ground, causing a Level 12 earthquake. Violent shaking, the whole battlefield including the outer wall of the base can feel this shock!

Su Ping step by step approaching quickly, the endless killing of the tape is coming.

Paramita in the deep pit, the giant lotus outside the body is broken, and the whole body is bloody. The horror of Su Ping this fist is more terrifying than a nuclear bomb. It has been injured in the whole body!


Despite suffocation and anger, Paramita looked at Su Ping from the sky and looked at the other party’s brutal imposing manner with resentment despite his terrible physical injury. Although it was angry, it was equally trembling. This human being is definitely a monster. At this moment, he doubts whether the Su Ping cultivation base he perceives is really true?

Who can explain that this is a 7th grade cultivation base human being, what can be done? !

Paramita’s huge body contracted, spanning the space, and immediately appeared outside the ten thousand meters, and came to the back of the beast tide.

And Su Ping took the invincible killing and chased along the way.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

Su Ping actually killed Paramita? !

Facing Four Great Heavenly Kings, Su Ping actually gained the upper hand? !


Many Battle pet masters who came to the reinforcements were stunned and quickly came back to his senses. Unable to bear issued a surprise cry, and the entire defense line was cheered and excited.

As long as Paramita is gone, and the beast tide left behind, they will keep guard even if they fight hard. This Paramita is the greatest horror, and it is also the shadow of everyone’s heart.

Mu Beihai was also stunned. He was not too excited, but suspected that the scene in front of him was too unreal and an illusion.

This is Paramita, one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings. It was actually chased and killed by Su Ping at this moment. It feels like a dream, a dream.

“You can’t run away!!”

Seeing Paramita going to escape, Su Ping’s eyes were bloodied and roared. The revenge of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was reported. He must be sacrificed and buried for Paramita’s life!


Su Ping’s body also exploded at a very fast speed, non-stop space teleportation, at this moment he felt a sharp pain all over his body, and there was a feeling of tearing.

He felt that the power of within the body seemed to be weakening and passing away!

This strange state of bone covering does not seem to last. Su Ping’s heart is more furious. Once this power subsides, even if he is angry, he will never be Paramita’s opponent.

“Stop me!!”

He chased and roared.

Paramita heard Su Ping’s roaring behind and felt stumped, but flickered at full speed to escape, and it was not necessary to fight desperately with this monster human here, and it was not certain that this base city, except Su Ping’s monster, There is no other guy, after all, there is a special existence here.

Paramita ran all the way.

Space teleportation, folding, and space vortex, and Paramita illusion, etc.

Various skills are released one after another.

Destiny Realm’s teleportation distance is extremely far, and can easily span ten thousand meters, and some demonic beasts under the king, even mastering the teleportation of one of the ten secrets, can only teleport ten meters, or several dozens meters, but even so, it is enough to change the situation on the field, and it is a terrifying assassin killer.

While Paramita escaped, it also created obstacles for Su Ping, one after another space vortex, to pull Su Ping’s body into it.

Su Ping roared, his fists waved, shattered the vortex, and a black crack appeared in midair.

The misty illusion left by Paramita was also directly roared by Su Ping.

Su Ping killing intent is like mad, bloody eyes.

He crossed the entire battlefield, chasing Paramita.

Paramita has left behind the beast tide under continuous teleportation and appeared in the wilderness. Their speed is too fast. They just left the base city within a blink of an eye.

Seeing Su Ping still chasing behind, Paramita was a little shocked and angry. This crazy man, the beast tide didn’t care anymore. He came to chase desperately, do I really want to leave me unsuccessful?

What a joke!

It is also Destiny Realm anyway, how can it be kept if he wants to run?

But to think about it, Paramita found that the obstacles it created for Su Ping had no effect. This guy is like Demon God at the moment, rushing all the way, regardless of anything, it is crazy.

“Damn, won’t it really be caught up?”

Paramita was shocked and sprinted with all her strength. For this reason, she abandoned some limbs. The bang bang sounded along the way, and a large body of limbs fell down. These all are regenerable, but at this moment they will be dragged down to them. Energy is also absorbed into the core, and only the waste body is abandoned.

Under the continuous abandonment of limbs, Paramita’s speed is also accelerating.

Su Ping felt the tear in his body getting stronger and stronger, and he felt he could not hold on.

Is it really to the limit?

Looking at Paramita in front, Su Ping’s eyes were red, he was about to cry blood, he was unwilling!

Roar! !

In the area behind him, a ghost seemed to feel summon, and suddenly broke free from the floating posture, stretched out the sharp claw, and grabbed Su Ping’s body.

Like a wicked ghost, lingering towards Su Ping’s body.


Su Ping within the body’s imposing manner exploded again, suddenly shortening some distance again.

Paramita, who just breathed a sigh of relief, felt that Su Ping was drawing closer again, and it was horrified, this guy, hasn’t reached the limit yet?

Sou! sou!

They one after the other, escaped and chased, and ran wild in the wilderness.

Every ten thousand meters, Paramita’s body emerged from the teleport, leaving a huge crater on the ground.

I don’t know how long it took to escape, and a sea suddenly appeared in front.

Arrived at Sea Territory?

Paramita stunned, didn’t expect to be chased so far!


A trembling roar sounded and screamed from behind. Su Ping’s body was like a cannonball, and there was blood pouring out all over him. The pain of tearing had reached its limit. Even King beast would instantly faint and faint.

Paramita turned around, a little shocked, and quickly performed Space Imprisonment.


Su Ping exploded in front of him with a violent impact sound, and his whistling silhouette slowed down, but quickly accelerated again, and the Space Imprisonment was knocked open by his body.

“die for me !!”

Su Ping roared and punched out.

The Wei An illusory shadow behind him also blasted a huge skull fist.

Bang! !

Paramita waved the rhizomes to resist, but the rhizomes were all burst and blood spattered, and its body was blown out with a punch and fell to the surface.

The blood flowing down from it immediately stained the sea red.

Seeing himself so embarrassed, Paramita was also very angry and growled: “Don’t think I really can’t beat you, want to kill me, you are crazy!”

Su Ping loudly roared, striding forward, and punching out again with a punch.

This fist erupts into a divine light, divine might mighty, rolling towards Paramita like a giant mountain.

With a loud bang, Paramita’s body burst suddenly, but in the burst of flesh, a blood-red flower flew out of it, which is the deity of Paramita.

The bursting body dropped on the sea surface, splashed the sky, and stained the nearby 1000 meters Sea Territory in red.

“@ # ¥ …”

Paramita was so angry that he sweared, and felt distressed and angry.

This body has been condensed on its 1000 years of cultivation, so it was scrapped by Su Ping!

It is about to lose its senses, but in the end it is still restrained, and it does not fight hard with Su Ping. That is even more loss. If you let the other guys know that it is injured so badly, it will definitely be bad intentions.

He gritted his teeth and swallowed in his stomach, turned and continued to run, and he didn’t believe that Su Ping could keep chasing on. If he really wanted to catch up, it would lead this human to a dangerous place, and use the dangerous force to trap him !

Seeing the blood-red flower detached from the huge body, Su Ping’s eyes were breathing fire, and he was about to punch again, but just raised his hand, and suddenly the violent burst of sensation made him slow down, and suddenly felt that his mouth, nose and ears Blood spewed out, the entire line of sight became blood red, and there was a feeling of blackening.

Under his pause, Paramita has teleported ten thousand meters.

Su Ping raised his energy and wanted to catch up again, but just put out a breath and rushed out of several hundred meters, then he coughed up a lot of blood again.

The white bones on the surface of Su Ping’s body were also trembling, and some white bones gradually fell off.

Su Ping feels that the power of continuous decline in the body disappears like a tide.

no, do not want!

Su Ping is desperate in his heart, he needs this power, he hasn’t avenged yet!

However, this power is still fading, and in his sight, Paramita is also disappeared in a continuous teleport.

Su Ping’s face is full of sadness, but he knows that he has no power to fight Paramita again. He turns his mind and calls out the Purple green bull python in the space, letting it carry himself and evacuate quickly, so as not to be detected by Paramita. Turn around and kill.

He can’t die. Since there is no revenge, he must survive. No matter where he flies, Paramita will definitely kill him in the future. This is his next biggest goal!

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