Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 514

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The white bone that fell off Su Ping was reorganized into Little Skeleton. At the moment, it is also extremely weak. When the Purple green bull python came out, it immediately flew on its snake head. Skeleton fell apart. This is where it rested. appearance.

Purple green bull python grasped the meaning of Su Ping, immediately contained Su Ping, concealed aura for him, swayed the snake body, and returned quickly along the original path.


On the south side of the base, on the outer wall.

As Paramita fled, the leading King beast was also beheaded by Su Ping. The rest of the beast tide had lost its core. Although it still attacked the outer wall of the base on a large scale and went on to succeed, the imposing manner was not as turbulent as before. .

On the outer wall, many Titled reinforcements came.

“I heard that Paramita appeared in the south, so let’s help!”

“Don’t you say there are several King beasts here, the news is fake?”

“What about Paramita?”

Titled from the reinforcements was surprised when they saw the situation in the south. In the beast tide in the south, not at all saw the silhouette of King beast. Could it be that the war report they got was fake?

Among the reinforcements, there are Blade Venerable and other famous Titled who have come to the Dragon River for reinforcements, and Qin Family Titled led by Qin Duhuang. At the moment, among the other defenses, only they can free up to the east. Reinforce other places.

In the east, Su Ping’s Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast joined the battlefield, and the situation was immediately reversed. Together with Qin Duhuang, who just broke into Legendary, and Storm Poison Scorpion King, which he bought from Su Ping, he had controlled the situation in the east. Live, leaving only the remaining beast tide, and leave it to Xie Jinshui to settle there.

After learning about the terrifying news in the south, Qin Duhuang led others over.

Although the south does not return to his defense, if the south is broken, does the Dragon river make sense?

when the nest is upset no egg is left intact!

However, after coming to the south, the situation here made all the reinforcements confused.

Although the outer wall of the base was broken, the beast tide here seems to be the weakest, and the silhouette of Paramita is not seen at all.

“Paramita is really south?”

“Did your Dragon river news go wrong, or did you lose the tiger away from the mountain?”

The reinforcements came to find Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong, who were responsible for the defense in the south, and General Titled, the municipal government who took command here.

Hearing this, Mu Beihai and the others are bitter smiles.

How could the message go wrong!

“The news is true, it’s just that Paramita just left and was hunted down by Boss Su and they left the battlefield together.”

“Yes, there are 3 King beasts here, but they were all killed by Boss Su!”

Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong explained to everyone.

After speaking, Mu Beihai glanced at Qin Duhuang, and he suddenly felt that this old rivals for many years seemed to have a different temperament, and his body actually exuded terrifying aura that made him palpitate.

Although he was quite afraid of Qin Duhuang before, he was not at the point of fear, but now, just standing in front of him, there is a feeling of trembling in fear.


“Paramita left the battlefield? Being chased?!”

When everyone heard their words, they all stared at them in amazement.

Kill Paramita?

Did you say it wrong, or did we hear it wrong?

This is Four Great Heavenly Kings of Demonic beast, King of King beast!

After 1000 years on Earth, no one can cure, but now Su Ping is killing him? !

“Who is Boss Su?”

Some of the Titled who came to reinforce the Dragon river were dismayed, and asked to disable to bear.

The powerhouse of the Dragon river is in shock, no one answers them.

Who is Boss Su?

Boss Su is Boss Su!

The Boss Su that nobody can see through!


Blade Venerable opened his mouth slightly, but was shockless and speechless. Eventually he could only smile bitterly, full of endless bitterness. He thought that at the League of Kings, Su Ping greatly showing divine might singled out the audience and had already shown the strongest power.

As a result, Su Ping actually ran away Paramita!

This is Paramita!

Others don’t know, but he knows that even Legendary is a bite in front of Paramita!

Otherwise, why wouldn’t there be Legendary for reinforcements here?

Those Legendary are scared!

No 7 or 8 Legendary came to siege, it is impossible to help such kings as Paramita!

He remembered that Su Ping was not Legendary, it was just Titled.

With Titled, against Paramita?

Blade Venerable can’t imagine it anymore. Some people have subverted his view of the world, feeling that his cognition is almost broken, too horrible.

In the shock of the crowd, the beast tide kept charging, and the surrounding artillery and roars made them wake up. Qin Duhuang took the lead in putting away the shock in his eyes. Although the news made him shocked and unbelievable, but now it is the suppression of the beast tide. It is the most important, so it can also reduce the casualties of other Battle pet masters.

“Everybody, follow me to kill and demolish these demonic beasts!” said Qin Duhuang, who burst into an imposing manner, showing the vast power like the sea.

Everyone is shocked.

Legendary !

Especially for some Titled Limit powerhouse, the most obvious feeling is that such a terrifying power is by no means Titled. They looked at Qin Duhuang and raised their awe in their hearts.

Blade Venerable was also stunned. He knew Qin Duhuang, didn’t expect this old guy who had been quiet for many years, and actually became Legendary.

The most shocking is Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong. They and Qin Duhuang have been fighting for years on the Dragon river. Didn’t expect today, but the other party has become Legendary!

Mu Beihai was shocked in his eyes, but soon, he thought of the hint of power he felt, he felt that he could step into this realm soon.

But, thinking of the traction in that meditation, he thought of his battle companion, the ghostly phoenix.

Thinking of it incarnation Hei Yan, burning himself and feeding him back with strength, his heart felt like a tear.

“Kill! Kill these beasts!!”

Mu Beihai gritted his teeth and snarled. After he finished speaking, he didn’t care about the others.

There is no King beast at this moment, the highest beast tide on the battlefield is only the Rank-9 limit, and he is fearless.

Everyone was surprised by the sudden outbreak of Mu Beihai’s anger, but when they heard the screams around them, they were all bloody, and each and everyone broke out in an imposing manner, roaring and killing into the beast tide.


With the addition of Qin Duhuang and other Titled, the beast tide at the gap was immediately bombarded, and there were countless casualties.

Blade Venerable holds a giant knife and traverses the battlefield in a vertical and horizontal direction. It exhibits terrifying Blade Technique. Each knife can kill Demon Beast. Even the Rank-9 Demonic beast can be directly killed under his knife. Can’t live!

The other Titled also exhibited their own housekeeping skills. For a time, the morale of the base rose and the situation reversed, pushing back the beast tide that rushed to the base’s outer wall!

With the massacre, the beast tide quickly collapsed. Without King beast sitting under the command, the number of beast tides in the south was originally less than that in other sides. At the moment, with the addition of many powerhouses, a large area was immediately pushed out horizontally. After some of the Rank-9 Demonic beast fell a lot, the beast tide completely changed from attack to escape!

Demonic beast 4 fled, leaving only a large number of similar bodies.

Blood on the battlefield is like sea, and bones are like mountains.

This desolate scene made those who survived both luck and sadness.

Among these corpses, apart from the Demonic beast, it is their comrade-in-arms, and there are also excellent friends.

“Look, it looks like Boss Su’s battle companion.”

Liu Tianzong, who was sweeping the battlefield, chasing and escaping the Demonic beast, suddenly had a certain gaze, looked at the distance, and showed a shock on his face.

Everyone else looked at it and saw a python swimming with several dozen meters in length.

Only a few Titled, who have paid special attention to Su Ping’s information, know that Su Ping’s less common battle companion.

“Boss Su is back?”

The people who recognized the battle companion were all stunned. Su Ping came back after hunting down Paramita. What about Paramita?

Sou! sou! sou!

one after another Titled silhouette greeted up.

Blade Venerable and Qin Duhuang saw that they also bombed the Demonic beast in front of them, and immediately rushed to the python.

In the face of numerous Titled rushes, this python still swims forward, ignoring it, even the Legendary breath of Qin Duhuang has not let it stay and look at it more.

When everyone came to the front, Python seemed to hear something, and suddenly stopped and opened his mouth.

In his mouth, Su Ping sat up from the inside and recovered slightly on the way back, making him barely able to move at the moment.

Su Ping flew from the Purple green bull python’s mouth, landed on the top of its head, and looked at the Little Skeleton scattered next to his eyes. His eyes were gentle, and he touched its white skull.

“Boss Su !”

“Boss Su, you are back.”

Everyone was excited.

Mu Beihai also hurried over and quickly said: “Boss Su, what about Paramita?”

Hearing what he said, the others were also vision freezes. Those who came to reinforce the Dragon river, who had previously asked Boss Su who was the Titled, looked at the teenager in front of him, didn’t expect the Boss Su in their mouth, It was such a teenager, they thought it was an old Legendary who was not born.

“It’s Inverse King!”

Someone had participated in the League of Kings, and immediately recognized Su Ping, suddenly eyes shrank, terrified, didn’t expect the Boss Su in their mouth, that is the Inverse King of the League of Kings!

Even Legendary beheaded on the spot, actually in this Dragon river.

“Let it run.” Su Ping said lowly, with a deep killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Everyone is stunned.

Seeing Su Ping’s unwilling look, they were a little speechless.

dignified 4 One of the kings was actually chased and run away by human beings, and he was still Su Ping alone!

This news is really shocking. If it spreads, let alone the Dragon river, the world will shake!

Even those Legendary will be stunned when they hear it!

Everyone was shocked and speechless. Those who knew that Su Ping was Inverse King’s identity, the heart was cold. Su Ping was just Titled when he previously participated in the League of Kings. Could it be that in just a few days, the breakthrough became Legendary? Otherwise, how could it be possible to fight against monsters such as Paramita with Titled?

Su Ping glanced at the battlefield around him and found that Demonic beasts were all fleeing and had been killed almost. There were blood and Demonic beast corpses everywhere on the ground. The bodies of King beast inside were more eye-catching.

There was a flash of anger in his eyes, but he quickly converged, but clenched his fists slightly.

Thinking of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, his teeth were about to bite.

“the host……”

At this moment, a faint voice suddenly appeared.

Su Ping as if was struck by lightning, the whole person froze.

Is this… the voice of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast? !

Is it dead? !

Su Ping’s eyes widened and he stood up suddenly, looking around hurriedly.

Everyone was amazed by Su Ping’s move and was a little confused.

But Su Ping didn’t even have them in his eyes at the moment. After watching for a while, he finally saw a pale-gold illusory shadow in a place in midair.

This illusory shadow looks exactly like Purgatory Candle Dragon beast!


Su Ping within the body concussion, although at this moment he was running out of the body star force, but he was squeezed out by him, bursting out the fastest speed, rushing towards the pale-gold illusory shadow.

He could feel a very strong sense of intimacy, that is Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, it is still there!

This pale-gold illusory shadow in midair, floating here, seems to be unable to move, even turning the body, it is extremely slow, it looks at Su Ping flying, a pair of dragon eyes show peace of mind.

Su Ping had some tears in his eyes, but he resisted. At this time, he noticed that although the contractual power in his mind with the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was weak and was about to break, there was still a weak bond.

However, the state of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast at this moment makes Su Ping a little unable to judge.

Without a body, it is like a mass of energy.

This is the soul?

Su Ping doesn’t know, and what to do.

“This is the Dragon Soul.”

The sound of the system suddenly sounded in Su Ping’s mind, and the voice was a little deep, similar to the usual indifferent stereotypes, and it seemed to have some emotions.

“The Demon Beast just squeezed its body. Among its previous skills, there is the Secret skill of cultivation soul, which is probably caused by getting along with your Little Skeleton. Let it be in the desperate situation and put its own dragon. The soul has been retained, and with the divine force warm up, its dragon soul has not dissipated.”

Su Ping froze, he quickly asked in his heart: “So what should I do now, can it return to its original state?”

“Its fleshy body is gone, and now the dragon soul is directly exposed to Heaven and Earth. If it is not for divine force, its dragon soul will be quickly drawn into Dead Spirits world, and the contract with you will be cut off. , Which is the’death’ in your human cognition.”

The system said: “If you want to restore it, you can only go to the Dragon Realm, look for the dragon source, and help it reshape the dragon body and Bloodline. In addition, you’d better find the soul-cultivating fairy grass for it, otherwise, its divine force It won’t last long. Judging from the current rate of dissipation, it will dissipate completely within a maximum of 3 days.”

Su Ping’s pupils contracted slightly, so to say, he would find the Soul-raising Herb within 3 days?

Only, where to find this thing?

He immediately questioned the system in his heart.

“This, you can only rely on yourself, not within my scope.” system said lowly.

Su Ping gritted his teeth.

But he didn’t blame system, system can help him answer, he has been very grateful.

“Can you earn summon space? If you are there, will you stay longer?”

“You can earn, and there are 3 days in there.”

Su Ping complexion slightly changed, but still chose to bring the Dragon Soul of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in front of him to the space.

“Wait for me, I will find a way to resurrect you, and I will never let you dissipate!” Su Ping said to the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast who entered the summon space.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast also made a faint voice, responding to Su Ping: “I won’t…fall down…”

Su Ping’s eyes were red, his fists clenched, and he was even more crazy about Paramita’s killing intent.

After the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast entered the summon space, Su Ping immediately returned to the ground. He came to Qin Duhuang and the others and immediately asked: “Have you ever heard of something called Yangxianxiancao?” “

Right now the system has no choice, Su Ping can only pin their hopes on them and Joanna.

If they didn’t know, he went to Joanna.

“Soul-raising fairy grass?”

Qin Duhuang and the others are stunned, looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Never heard of it.” Someone cautiously replied.

The others shook their heads.

Su Ping looked towards Blade Venerable, he was next to Legendary, experienced and knowledgeable.

Blade Venerable saw Su Ping’s eyes. He had never seen Su Ping’s eyes full of such urgency and expectation. His mood was a little heavy, and he shook his head slightly.

Su Ping’s heart sank.

“I seem to have heard it.” Suddenly, Qin Duhuang looked thoughtful.

Su Ping startled, divine light burst out of his eyes instantly, and he quickly said: “Where?”

“I heard it from Old Xie’s mouth, seems to be… Peak Tower?” Qin Duhuang was also a little uncertain, said: “At that time drinking together, he drank more casually, specifically, you have to find Old Xie only knew.”

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