Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 515

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Whether Su Ping is true or not, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, he has to catch it.

“I’m going to find Old Xie now.”

Su Ping said.


He broke out with the body star force and was about to act. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in the body. Unable to bear spit out a mouthful of blood and the whole person fell down.

Everyone was shocked, and some discoloration was awkward. Qin Duhuang’s eyes were fast and he quickly supported Su Ping: “Boss Su, be careful.”

Su Ping felt that his sight was a little blurred, and his body was so painful that he could not bear it. He said weakly: “Take me… to find Old Xie.”

Qin Duhuang quickly said: “Boss Su, you are very weak and need to recuperate now.”

“take me to……”

Su Ping looked at him with a violent red blood in his eyes.

Qin Duhuang was shocked by Su Ping’s eyes. Even if he was promoted to Legendary, there was a feeling of have one’s hair stand on end at the moment, which was hard to bear Su Ping’s attention.

He changed color slightly and quickly said: “Okay, I will take you, I will take you here.”

After he finished speaking, he exploded with star force and immediately supported Su Ping, rising from the sky.

“Everyone, I’ll leave it to you to guard, I will go back to the east first.” Qin Duhuang said to the rest of the crowd.

Everyone is nodded, those Battle pet masters guarding the south, and Mu Beihai and the others, but they have complex faces. They all know why Su Ping is so eager. In this battle, Su Ping’s extreme famous Purgatory Candle Dragon beast battle companion was blown up by Paramita.

Many people saw that scene.

Pet beast is the lifeblood of Battle pet master, but they didn’t expect, Su Ping can be so crazy for his battle companion.


Qin Duhuang immediately broke out the star force and headed east of the base.

The Purple green bull python on the ground immediately swam and followed.


Base city, east of the battlefield.

There was a lot of artillery fire, hot weapons on the outer wall of the base kept bombing the beast tide, and a large number of Battle pet masters controlled their battle companion and were expelled from the edge of the beast tide.

At the very center of the beast tide, there is a giant crocodile with a huge physique.

The huge crocodile, violent bite, no Demonic beast can resist its bite force.

“Boss Su’s mount is so cruel.”

“That was, it was one against two before, killing two King beasts in a row, it was incredible.”

“I heard that Boss Su’s store sells King beast. When will we be caught up?”

On the outer wall of the base, some battled Titled sitting exhausted on the wall, looking at the magic crocodile slaughter all sides in the beast tide, were trembling and envious.

If only they could have such a battle companion.

However, they just think about it, not to mention the magic crocodile this level, even if it is an ordinary King beast, they are all extravagant hopes.

“I don’t know what is going on in the east.”

“I heard that Paramita was in the east, Qin Family Old Patriarch hurried away.”

Some Titled’s faces are worried, the current situation in the east is stable, King beast in the beast tide is killed, and the remaining beast tide is still surging, but there is a magical crocodile blocking the beast tide like a tank In the meantime, the offensive of the beast tide could not be gathered. Now it is a piece of sand, and it has been slaying and killing.

It’s just that the situation on the east side is the best. If the south side is broken, it’s meaningless.

As long as Paramita is still there, the battle will not end and there will be no victory.

Xie Jinshui stood on the head of the city and did not participate in the battle in person, but directed others to fight, reducing the casualties to a minimum index.

“How is the situation to the south?”

He used wartime communications to contact the generals in the south.

Soon, the communication side told the situation again, and the voice was full of excitement.

After listening to the words over there, Xie Jinshui’s eyes were fiercely convex, and he doubted his ears.

Paramita was actually run away? Being chased by Su Ping and running away?

The south has been kept?

This series of good news made him feel like a dream. These are the things he hopes for the most in his heart, but he dare not expect them.

He repeatedly confirmed several times, only to realize that he heard correctly, and the other party was not fake, all the news is true!

Paramita ran…

The news was terrifying, but Xie Jinshui thought of Su Ping’s previous mysteries, which made it difficult for him to see through, and there was a little hope in his heart, thinking that the news is very likely to be true.

Maybe that teenager can really do this anti-natural thing!

Putting it that way, Dragon river is now saved.

All Dragon river people are saved!

Xie Jinshui’s eyes are moist.

Someone next to him asked why he was crying, but he laughed heartily, but he burst into tears.


Before the war, Xie Jinshui did not dare to imagine.

He stayed in the war with the heart of being buried with the Dragon river.

In the face of Paramita, he did not have half of the confidence. In his deep understanding, he did not invite Legendary of the Pagoda to come over. With their probability, they only had zero!

But now, a miracle happened.


Xie Jinshui laughed in the sky and released the tight terror and clenched fists in this brief moment.

The laughter was loud and stirred the sky.

The other Battle pet masters around were all shocked. I wonder why the mayor, who had been calm and stable before, was suddenly so happy.

However, at this moment, obviously only good news will be the case.

This has also let many people see hope in their eyes.

“Mayor, what’s the news?” Titled unable to bear asked.

Xie Jinshui finished laughing, looked towards the doubtful people around him, he took a deep breath and shouted suddenly: “Paramita was run away, we won! Everyone, let me kill with all my strength!!”

After he finished speaking, he rose into the sky, broke out his star force, and fell into the beast tide.

Everyone else was shocked, and then each and everyone thrilled with excitement.

Paramita was run away?

Who was run away?

But no matter who was killed, since Paramita ran, didn’t the Dragon river really hold it!

They actually guarded the base from Paramita’s hands!


Everyone was excited and excited. The morale of the entire outer wall rose to the zenith. Countless rushing sounds sounded. Some of the previous power-consuming Titled were also excitedly supplemented with potions and entered the battlefield.

Kill Kill Kill !

The offensive is like a rainbow, the beast tide is defeated more and more quickly.


Before long, Qin Duhuang brought Su Ping and his battle companion to the east.

Qin Duhuang saw Xie Jinshui rushing in the beast tide at a glance. He was a little surprised. Didn’t expect that he would commit suicide. Is this Old Guy also unable to bear?

He put Su Ping on the outside wall and said, “Boss Su, you wait a moment, I’ll call Old Xie over here.”

Su Ping is extremely weak at the moment, just barely nodded.


Qin Duhuang immediately rushed out of the outer wall and rushed to Xie Jinshui in the beast tide.

Xie Jinshui, who had killed Zheng Huan, saw Qin Duhuang coming and immediately invited him to fight together, but Qin Duhuang told Su Ping about him. Xie Jinshui turned back and saw Su Ping on the outer wall.

He complexion slightly changed, immediately stopped, without any hesitation, and returned to the outer wall with Qin Duhuang.

“Boss Su.”

Xie Jinshui looked at Su Ping with a look of surprise in his eyes.

He had never seen such a young boy look so weak. At this moment, Su Ping looked pale like a piece of paper, without any trace of blood, like blood within the body, all was drained, and standing there was kind of laborious. The feeling, on the verge of collapse, seems to fall at any time.

Thinking of the news he had just received, Xie Jinshui’s eyes turned slightly red, and he suddenly saluted a military salute to Su Ping.

“Boss Su, you are tired!”

His voice choked slightly.

“It’s okay…” Su Ping gasped slightly and looked at him directly, saying, “I heard, you know Soul Raising Grass?”

Xie Jinshui learned from Qin Duhuang’s words just now that Su Ping came to find him when something happened. Hearing this a little bit, he immediately nodded and said, “I heard that Boss Su means?”

“I want it.” Su Ping quickly said: “Do you know where?”

Xie Jinshui saw Su Ping’s so urgent appearance, unable to bear complexion slightly changed, and looked at Qin Duhuang beside his eyes, and immediately saw some meaning from his eyes.

He knows that the effect of raising spirits is to warm the soul. Only when the body is broken and the soul is lucky, will it be used.

Seeing Su Ping’s eager appearance, he could vaguely guess what happened.

“Boss Su, don’t worry, the Soul Raising Herb is in the treasure trove of the Pagoda. If Boss Su wants, I can take you to ask for it at any time.” Xie Jinshui said immediately.

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