Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 516

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“really have?”

Hearing Xie Jinshui’s words, Su Ping was immediately agitated and immediately said: “Okay, let’s go now.” While speaking, he lifted his body hard, but he almost didn’t rush in.

Seeing Su Ping’s face turned pale again, Xie Jinshui didn’t expect Su Ping to be so anxious, and quickly supported him: “Boss Su, are you okay, or else, you cultivate yourself, I see your body, It seems that the overdraft is very serious.”

“I don’t care…”

Su Ping gasped, as soon as he finished speaking, suddenly his eyes turned black, and bursts of black appeared in his sight. Like a ghost, intense fatigue struck. Su Ping couldn’t bear the fainting past.

“Boss Su !”

Seeing Su Ping fall, Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang both turned pale with fright and quickly helped.

When Su Ping seemed to pass out, both of them were shocked. Didn’t expect Su Ping’s overdraft was so powerful that he was in a coma.

It is not difficult to imagine how much Su Ping contributed to the Paramita.

2 Everyone had a complex complexion and looked at each other. Qin Duhuang took Su Ping’s body and said, “I immediately sent someone to send Boss Su back to his shop, and then called the therapist to take care of it. is you.”

Xie Jinshui was immediately nodded, this time Paramita could be driven away, and the Dragon river was kept, all by Su Ping. The biggest task now is to take care of Su Ping without mistakes.

“Go ahead.”

“it is good.”

Qin Duhuang immediately left.

After Qin Duhuang took Su Ping away, Xie Jinshui also withdrew his thoughts, took a deep breath, and immediately learned about the other aspects through wartime communications.

After learning that both the north and the west were stable, Xie Jinshui was relaxed, and he was more grateful to Su Ping. In the place where Ye Family guarded in the north, the dragon dog beast of Su Ping was able to suppress it. Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be the first place to be broken through. After all, relying on Ye Family and the military power there, it is almost impossible to resist the 3 King beast.

“Everyone, kill all!”

Xie Jinshui drew his sword and roared into the beast tide.

Other Battle pet masters also responded loudly, with countless skills invested in the beast tide.


As the news of Paramita’s eviction spread, in addition to the east, the north and west were also full of morale. Everyone was very excited. Some Titled, who had originally planned to keep their lives, were also excited and killed again. Entering the battlefield, the beast tide was quickly destroyed.

The beast tide that besieged the Dragon river from 4 sides collapsed on a large scale and was killed leaving countless corpses.

One by one, the Titled Battle Pet master, rushed through the beast tide.

The other Battle pet masters form the Formulation, which integrates forces and also plays a great role on the battlefield.

Demonic beast roar, human roaring, base all around are blood flowing into a river, corpses like mountains.

This defense lasted from the morning to the afternoon. After Paramita left, it lasted for a full 3 hours. In the case of casualties every minute and every second, Demonic beast was finally completely repelled!

When all the beast tides in the base all fled and could not flee, Xie Jinshui also announced the news with firm adherence.

Upon hearing this news, all Battle pet masters who stood by the Dragon river burst into tears.

There is no white blood!

Finally, they still hold on!

In the attack of Paramita, in the attack of King beast, he fought to the death!

Everyone is proud of themselves, proud, and at the same time, also mourn for those comrades and relatives who died in the battle.

Five Great Families are all silent.

Many of them also lost a lot of Battle pet masters, there are elites in the family, there are Titled, these people are relatives to them.

Although this battle was won, the casualties were fierce. Outside the base city, all the blood and corpses were counted. The corpses of Demonic beast were countless, and the human corpses mixed inside were also countless!

After a few adjustments and breaks, Xie Jinshui sent people to track the fate of the defeated beast tide. By the way, the Intelligence Section continued to monitor the wasteland situation outside the base city, so as to avoid the escape of Paramita, and return in a swirl of dust. Kill it back.

On the other side, Xie Jinshui sent a team to locate and recover the dead body of Battle pet master outside the base city.

These Battle pet masters, who died for the Dragon river, are heroes!

Heroes should not chill their bones.

Those teams searching for dead bodies are in a mixed mood.

They saw a lot of Battle pet master’s bodies, some were in Demonic beast’s mouth, were bitten into 2 segments, but still made an attack posture before death, their arms were stuck in Demonic beast’s head, and some were in Demonic Beast’s belly, but Demonic beast’s belly is scratched, the internal organs slip out, and there is only time to digest the epidermis, and the flesh is blurred.

On the ground, hands and feet are everywhere, bloody.

Some corpses were filled with fear on their faces, and others were gritty and crazy.

Every casualty means a family’s incapacity.

In this battle, I do not know how many families will face the pain of losing one of them!

Dragon river saved it.

But it was saved at the expense of countless people.

After the joy, everyone was shocked by the number of casualties after the war, and the whole Dragon river was sad and hazy.

Before the first wave of beasts, Xie Jinshui was also in a mood to hold a celebration feast, because there were very few Battle pet masters killed and injured at that time, Su Ping rushed back in time, but this battle, he did not mean the celebration.

With so many people dead, what is worth celebrating?

After settling the post-war situation, Xie Jinshui visited the foreign aid forces who came to reinforce the Dragon river, and thanked them one after another with a sincere attitude.

The help of these foreign aid forces is not small. Without them, it is difficult to say whether Dragon River can keep the beast tide.

Although Su Ping drove away the biggest threat, the remaining beast tide was not to be underestimated. It was only with their help that they stopped together.

Among these foreign aid forces, some forces have quietly left.

Dragon river was able to keep it, and their purpose of coming here was also achieved without much stay.

After seeing Xie Jinshui, the remaining forces also left.

Now that the Dragon river is guarding, they have no reason or need to stay here.

Xie Jinshui opened the treasury and took most of the city government’s savings over the years and gave them away to these foreign aid forces. There are many treasured hidden treasures, kiwis, and rare pet beast eggs.

After thanking these foreign aid forces, Xie Jinshui came to the Rogue shop immediately.

The biggest hero is Su Ping.

Without Su Ping, no matter how many people they sacrificed, the Dragon river was all finished.

No one can stop Paramita, a realm crushing people, let alone Paramita’s realm, there is more than one difference from them.

The previous situation of Su Ping made Xie Jinshui quite worried. After he came to the door, he suddenly found that Su Ping had a lot of familiar faces in the store.

There is Blade Venerable, which is extremely famous, and Wu Guansheng, who is also famous for his rebirth.

Xie Jinshui thought that they first came to the Dragon river and followed the original old one, but later, it seems that they were left by Su Ping.

Seeing Wu Guansheng, Xie Jinshui hurriedly said: “How is Boss Su, have you woke up?”

Wu Guansheng shook his head slightly and said, “I haven’t awakened yet. Boss Su’s situation is a bit… some weird. The blood within the body has been evacuated. Some of it has just bred in the bone marrow. I gave birth to him with the Great Saint coagulation technique. Some blood is currently in stable condition. It should be reasonable to wake up now, but Boss Su’s consciousness seems to have been severely worn out, and he is still in a coma.”

“Blood within the body?”

Xie Jinshui froze.

When I think of Su Ping, the look pale looks like white paper. It is shocked and incredible. People without the blood in the body can still survive?

It’s definitely not possible to change to an average person. Even Battle pet master doesn’t have this kind of situation. Su Ping can survive, which is a miracle.

“Boss Su…”

Xie Jinshui clenched his fists slightly, and his heart was silent. In order to fight Paramita, Su Ping fights for this kind of share, and he does not know what to say.

As the mayor of the Dragon river, he should have sheltered the Dragon river, but he did not do anything to help.

Thinking that he even failed to ask for the help of Feng Pagoda, Xie Jinshui felt that he was full of failures and was useless. It was like a waste.

He was full of annoyance, self-blame, and pain.

“Does that adult have a way?” Xie Jinshui suddenly thought of the Legendary in Su Ping’s shop and immediately looked up. Soon, he saw Joanna leaning on the door at the door of the pet beast room in the shop. Kong Qingcheng’s peerless girl, like a god who doesn’t eat fireworks, has an indifferent expression that is hard to get close to.

Hearing Xie Jinshui, everyone else looked towards Joanna.

When Su Ping was just sent back earlier, it was the girl who took it, and no one was allowed to come close, so Wu Guansheng said so, plus some of the healing capabilities revealed, he let him look closely.

“He can’t die now, but the overdraft is too heavy, you don’t have to worry about anything.” Joanna said coldly.

Hearing Joanna, everyone is relaxed.

“It’s okay if it’s okay, it’s okay if it’s okay.” Xie Jinshui also exhaled in his heart, his face gray and frustrated, said: “It’s all me, too incompetent, if I can ask Legendary to come over and help, Boss Su will not be isolated and helpless, at least Legendary can help him play against Paramita together.”

Hearing his words, Qin Duhuang was silent among the crowd.

He just broke into Legendary. It is the only Legendary in this group except Joanna. However, he didn’t play a big role. Instead, he gave monsters like Paramita to Su Ping. Legendary is not the same. People deal with.

“If it’s okay, you are all gone, and it won’t help you here.” Joanna said to everyone and placed the Expulsion Order.

When everyone heard her direct words, her face slightly twitched, and the frustration in her heart was a bit heavier, and she retreated one after another.


Pet beast indoor, in the Fostering seat.

Su Ping’s body was lying inside, moistened with Spirit Qi, and his eyes were closed, no movement.

“The injury is so heavy, the existence behind you, haven’t you planned to come out yet?” After Joanna dismissed everyone, he sat in the pet beast room and looked at Su Ping in the Fostering seat, his eyes flashing slightly.

She could see that Su Ping’s injury was caused by occult techniques, plus she knew Su Ping’s skull, she already guessed a few points.

It is rumored that the Skeleton King family has a bone-covered magical skill. That Little Skeleton was previously awakening, and now he has come back with it, and he has already awakened.

The breath on his body is also obviously beyond King grade, the existence of the Starry Sky level, indicating that Bloodline has fully awakened and became the Skeleton King Bloodline.

“You little thing, almost killed your master.” Joanna looked at the little Skeleton scattered in the other Fostering seat, angrily.

Lying quietly inside Little Skeleton, 2 groups of red light appeared in the eye sockets, gave her a glance, and the upper and lower jaws moved slightly.

Joanna raised her eyebrows: “Dare to refute? If you were not so indulgent to your master, why would he overdraw to such a point that he almost died, that is, his health is good, it seems to be some kind of lost ancient Divine Physique, otherwise If you change, someone else has already died.”

Little Skeleton heard her say, her mouth stopped moving, and the red light in her eye socket disappeared.

Joanna lightly snorted and ignored it.

“This guy is really dead, there is such a strong existence behind it, he is still so desperate, how steadfastly cultivation is good, and in the future it must be Starry Sky, and maybe even a god, it is really stupid.” Joanna looked at Su Ping in a coma whispered whisperlessly.


in the dark.

Su Ping seemed to have a long nightmare.

He dreamed that the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast died before his eyes, except for the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, Little Skeleton and Darkness Dragon Dog, Purple green bull python, they were all killed.




Su Ping unable to bear roar, next moment, his eyes suddenly opened, his body sat up suddenly, the light reflected on the eyelids, and his eyes restored.

Immediately afterwards, there was a drowsy pain, which came from all over the body.

Su Ping looked around and saw immediately that it was in the Fostering seat.

That being said, he is already in the store.

Su Ping froze for a moment, suddenly his eyes shrank, ignoring the pain in his body, he quickly rushed out of the Fostering seat.


In another Fostering seat sit cultivation, take care of Su Ping’s Joanna, and was immediately shocked by Su Ping’s movements. The silhouette flickered and walked out of the Fostering seat, saying, “Why are you awake, why?”

“I’m in a coma? How long have I been in a coma?” Su Ping asked hurriedly.

“Two days in a coma.”

Joanna said, looking at him so anxiously, frowning: “You need to take a good rest in your current state. You almost died before.”

2 days!

Su Ping felt a shock in his heart, both fortunate and frightened. Fortunately, it was only 2 days. If one day later, he would probably hate himself.

He immediately asked for the communicator and contacted Xie Jinshui, but he saw that the communicator was not on his wrist and his clothes seemed to have changed.

Su Ping was stunned and said quickly: “What about my communicator?”

Joanna raised her eyebrows and passed a very light blush on her cheeks, indifferently said: “In the storage compartment.”

Su Ping didn’t notice much, hearing this quickly ran to the store compartment in the store, and found his communicator in it.

He immediately dialed Xie Jinshui’s newsletter and connected with a few beeps.

“Mayor, I am Su Ping, do you have time now, we will go to the peak tower now!” Su Ping said eagerly.

“Boss Su, are you awake?” Xie Jinshui on the other side was a little surprised and didn’t hesitate to hear Su Ping’s eager voice, nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll be here soon.”

When the communication hung up, Xie Jinshui immediately handed over all the things in front of his secretary to deal with. Now it has been 2 days since the beast tide retreated. There was no cheering after the robbery in the Dragon river. Tribute to those heroes who died in battle.

These 2 days, the ordinary survivors in the Dragon river also spontaneously mourned the heroes on various social platforms.

Settling these post-war events, it was very busy, but Xie Jinshui did not hesitate to choose to accompany Su Ping to the Pagoda first.

Su Ping was restless in the store when he hung up the communication. He checked the Dragon Soul of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in the summon space and saw that it was still pale-gold, and it was still able to survive, so he was not so anxious.

“Teacher, are you going to the Peak Tower?”

Zhong Lingtong in the store saw Su Ping awake and was very pleasantly surprised. After hearing Su Ping’s words, she couldn’t help but be surprised.

Although she is not a Battle pet master, she has also heard the name of the peak tower. This is the Peak place where Legendary gathers. Su Ping is going there?

Tang Ruyan had also heard about the Peak Tower, and was also stunned. Didn’t expect Su Ping just woke up and was about to go to the Peak Tower.

Seeing that they are still in the store, Su Ping is also relaxed, saying: “How about the Dragon river these 2 days, has the animal tide completely retreated?”

“Retired.” Tang Ruyan nodded, briefed Su Ping about the situation of the beast tide.

After listening to Tang Ruyan’s words, Su Ping was also silent. Although the beast tide retreated, the casualties caused by it could not be erased and recovered.

Thinking of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, Su Ping’s mood was a little bit lower, he was very aware of the pain of losing the cherished.

Without letting Su Ping wait long, Xie Jinshui arrived at the Su Ping store.

“Boss Su, let’s go now?” Xie Jinshui came to look at Su Ping, and found that his face had returned to some blood, and he felt a little relieved in his heart.

Su Ping immediately nodded, “At the fastest speed, how long will it take to reach the peak?”

“Half a day.” Xie Jinshui saw Su Ping’s eagerness and immediately replied.

Su Ping felt the time was running short and immediately said: “Then let’s go now.”

Just then, a silhouette came in outside the door, it was Qin Duhuang.

“Are you going to the Peak Tower, just by the way, I will also go there.” Qin Duhuang said.

Su Ping looked towards him suspiciously, but Xie Jinshui suddenly said, “Yes, you should go too, you just became Legendary, you should go to the peak tower to report, otherwise when they come to urge, you should say you don’t All right.”

Qin Duhuang is slightly nodded.

To become Legendary, you need to report to Peak Tower, which is a rule for many years.

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