Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 517


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Qin Duhuang wants to follow, and Su Ping has no opinion. He let Xie Jinshui lead the way, and then called Er Gou to let it exhibit the dragon shape, turning it into a Grand Expanse True Dragon.

Huanghuang dragon body, full of golden-bright and dazzling scales, full of vast dragon prestige.

Su Ping jumped up and landed on Er Gou, so Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang hurried up.

Both people know that Su Ping’s pet beast is extremely brutal and comparable to King beast. At this moment, when he heard Su Ping’s invitation, he was a little hesitant and was afraid of the power of this pet beast.

But the two did not delay much, and they quickly flew on this pet beast’s back.

Su Ping conveys Er Gou and sets off at full speed.

Er Gou uttered a low growl without frivolity. He exhibited the Grand Expanse True Dragon clan’s imperial dragon technique. With his body shaking, he left the slum area in a blink of an eye and went straight to the base.

“Mayor, you come to show the way.” Su Ping said to Xie Jinshui around him.

Xie Jinshui was amazed by the speed of Su Ping’s pet beast, hearing this immediately nodded: “No problem.”

After waiting for the base, Su Ping stood on the dragon body and looked down. Immediately, he saw a large number of Demonic beast corpses remaining outside the base. Due to the hot weather, there were already signs of decay.

The ground is covered with dried blood, dark brown, like deep scars burned by fire.

This land seems to be filled with blood and can no longer be drunk.

Su Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly, flashing a sharp color.

“Mayor, these Demonic beast corpses must be cleaned up as soon as possible. If they have no time to clean up, burn them with fire, otherwise they will rot and cause plague lesions.” Su Ping whispered.

Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang also saw the scene outside the base, they were both silent, and when they heard Su Ping, Xie Jinshui nodded, said: “I know, these two days are constantly being cleaned up, the rest, It’s really time for the fire to be burned. It’s just too late to move and bury. Some of the dead bodies in the high rank Demonic beast are full of treasure. Although it’s a pity, if it really causes a plague, it will be blown into the base with the wind. A disaster.”

Qin Duhuang agrees.

The reason for the slow cleaning is to select and remove the precious materials on the Demonic beast body.

There are too many high rank Demonic beasts falling in the beast tide, and it is too late to count them in just two days. This is also the reason why there are still dead bodies outside the base.

Er Gou’s silhouette whizzed away at high altitude, and left the base in an instant.

After seeing the beast tide corpse, Xie Jinshui immediately pointed the direction, Su Ping promptly told Er Gou, soaring at full speed.


Peak Tower.

The most sacred place to gather all Legendary in the world.

The Peak Tower has no branch and only one headquarters. This mysterious headquarters is rarely known to anyone. It is located on the Snow Mountain, a plain near the Nordic region in the Asian region.

This Snow Mountain is snowy all year round, and it does not change all year round. There are very few Demonic beasts on the outside plains, but there are no other signs of life, like a wasteland.

Across half of the Asian continent, Su Ping and the others came to this Great Snow Mountain.

“This is where the peak tower is.” Xie Jinshui looked up at the unreachable Snow Mountain in front. The pointed Snow Mountain peak seemed to be inserted straight into the sky, surrounded by a large cloud of black clouds at the peak, and it was snowing at the moment.

Qin Duhuang looked at it, and there was also an astonishment in his eyes, saying: “The peak tower didn’t expect is just in our Asian land area. I have heard before that the peak tower is the closest to our Asian land. .”

“I heard that the original founder of the Pagoda was our Legendary in the Asian region, so this is the location.” Xie Jinshui explained, and looked towards Su Ping.

“Let’s go.” Su Ping glanced at some impatient and immediately urged Er Gou.

Er Gou flipped out and flew out. The Great Snow Mountain in front approached rapidly in the field of vision, getting bigger and bigger.

Soon, they also entered the snowfall range of the Great Snow Mountain, gray in the sky, falling huge snowflakes, one piece of feathers like birds and beasts.

“That’s the Tianmen Gate of the Peak Tower.” Xie Jinshui raised his finger.

Su Ping and Qin Duhuang looked at the peak of the Great Snow Mountain, with a huge gate standing in ancient times, with a strange charm.

Before the huge gate, there was a mountain road that stretched down. It was amazing that the snow was so heavy that there was not much snow on the mountain road.

“Where are the ignorant children, this is not where you can come.” Suddenly, a drunken indifferent voice sounded, although the voice was intoxicated, but the indifferent color was better.

The sound seems to be heard in Snow Mountain all directions, echoing on the top of the mountain, with a feeling of vibration.

“It’s Legendary!” Qin Duhuang’s eyes showed a look of surprise. He could feel that the other party was the same order as him. Didn’t expect just came here and encountered the rare Legendary outside.

Xie Jinshui seemed to be anticipating, and quickly hurriedly said: “I have seen Legendary Zuixian Legendary, the mayor of Dragon River in Xia Yalu, Xie Jinshui, come to visit.”

“Dragon river?” The voice was a little dissatisfied: “You seem to have been here a while ago?”

“Yes, Junior was here for help, this time for medicine.” Xie Jinshui nodded, referring to the previous thing, a slight haze flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, the surrounding snow and wind suddenly rolled into a ball, and then suddenly released, revealing an old man sitting on the giant gourd from the inside.

The old man was wearing ragged clothes, his chest was open, and he squinted at the three people. His eyes suddenly stopped on the Grand Expanse True Dragon under the feet of the three people. beast some out of the ordinary, imposing manner is terrifying.


Soon, the old man noticed Qin Duhuang and immediately sensed that the other party was Legendary.

“Are you a new Legendary?” the drunkard old man asked directly.

Qin Duhuang slightly nodded, said: “In the lower Qin Duhuang, just sudden enlightenment breakthrough.”

Drunken old man nodded, he can see that the Legendary breath on the other side is still very young, and it is just a good promotion.

He was accompanied by Legendary, and his face eased a lot, saying: “Come here to report it, yes, and have the courage to take on a great responsibility for humanity.”

Qin Duhuang quickly and humbly.

“Okay, come in.” The drunkard old man didn’t say much, glanced at Xie Jinshui, and said: “This time accompanied by Legendary, I won’t remember you. Last time you came, it was quite good. Obey the rules and know that walking uphill will make you a little sensible this time.”

Xie Jinshui smirked, but dared not refute.

He naturally knew the need to walk before Great Snow Mountain.

But he knows that Su Ping is in an eager mood, and there is Old Qin, Legendary, and it’s okay to ride a pet up the mountain.

The drunk man old man silhouette flickered and disappeared again, hidden in the space, and the breath disappeared without a trace.

Qin Duhuang secretly perceives carefully, but still can’t find out how the other party left. He couldn’t help but feel secretly shocked. The confidence that was promoted to Legendary in his heart was also a little bit of a blow. Didn’t expect this peak tower The guards here have such terrifying methods. Legendary and Legendary really have a big gap.

“Let’s go.” Xie Jinshui whispered.

At this time, a bright radiance emerged from the sky gate on the top of the mountain. Inside the gate was a vortex, and the headquarters of the peak tower was located in the world inside that vortex.

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