Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 518


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“This is a Secret Realm thousands of years ago, which was later developed, and the peak tower was built in this Secret Realm.”

Xie Jinshui leads the way.

Su Ping also took Er Gou back to the summon space, glanced at this vortex, and can feel the power of the space that is constantly sinking into the overlap, but it is not violent and has no lethality.

Xie Jinshui stepped out first, and the silhouette was hidden.

Su Ping and Qin Duhuang also quickly followed.

It feels like the body is going through a waterfall, but there is no trace of wetness. Su Ping and Qin Duhuang are surprised when they open their eyes again.

The world in vortex is so vast!

The vast sky, the clouds are flying, and the palaces in front are suspended in midair!

Su Ping can feel that the gravity inside is different from the outside, and the star force is rich, which is several times that of the outside world. If cultivation here, it will also be faster than the outside world.

No wonder some Titled ranks are willing to be “waiters” here. Just staying here can be of great benefit.

“This is the peak tower?” Qin Duhuang was shocked. He first came to the peak tower. Didn’t expect is such a scene. Feeling the rich star force here, his first thought was to think, If they let the Qin Family geniuses come here to live, the growth rate will be greatly increased several times!

Even the genius of is innate talent Middle-Upper grade, in such an environment, can be comparable to the peak genius of other families!

I don’t know. In his current role as Legendary, can I bring Junior from the family here?

When Qin Duhuang’s thoughts rolled, Su Ping already came back to his senses.

He has seen too many Holy Mountain treasures, not too surprised.

The temple where Joanna lives in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, the environment is not comparable to here, it is more than a hundred times stronger, there are not only star force, but also rich divine force, exotic flowers and rare herbs everywhere, this It’s also because Su Ping wants to exploit all the time… “taking care” of Joanna.

“This is Star Sea Secret Realm, how many are you?”

At this time, two figures flew not far away. They were all dressed in purple clothes and had the same clothing. At first glance, they were standard. The breath of the two was not Legendary but Titled.

However, it is also the Titled Limit, which is even more extreme than Xie Jinshui and has a much stronger imposing manner.

“Xie Jinshui?” One of them immediately recognized Xie Jinshui, who had just seen it not long ago, was a little surprised at this moment, and actually came again?

Can’t you still give up?

“Is your base city still there, and would you like to ask Legendary for help? Useless, the base city that Paramita is attacking can’t be kept by anyone. Isn’t it to persuade you to move away from the residents as soon as possible? “This Titled was persuaded immediately.

Xie Jinshui complexion slightly changed, and said sullenly: “Xie Mou came here this time, instead of asking Legendary for help, we Dragon River has already guarded!” When it comes to guarding the word, he bite heavily, with anger.

He is really angry.

The last time I came over, I didn’t invite anyone, and I knelt down. If it weren’t for Su Ping’s strength, I would show divine might. Now the Dragon river is gone.

Even with Su Ping’s help, King Beast, and Paramita resistance, the inventory after the war revealed that the number of casualties on the Dragon river was still horrible to see, and he couldn’t bear to watch it.

If there is no Su Ping, it is even more unimaginable.

“Stop?” Both Titled are stunned, can they hold in Paramita?

Soon, they came back to his senses, and this Titled showed relaxed looks, saying: “Just hold on, it seems that Paramita has not come, I will say, Paramita has disappeared for many years, how come suddenly Attacking your base is because you worry too much. Fortunately, Legendary has not gone, otherwise go on an errand for nothing, you have to suffer a lot.”

“Yes.” Another Titled is also nodded, feeling the same way.

Xie Jinshui complexion slightly changed, anger burst out, but Qin Duhuang first spoke, shouted: “you two, how to say, who told you that Paramita did not come? What is go on an errand for nothing? Thousands of people’s life and death, how about a trip, how precious can Legendary fuck?!”

In exchange for Qin Duhuang before defending the city, the anger is hidden in the heart, and he will not be directly angry and shouted.

He has changed from Rage God to old fox.

But when he was guarding the city, he went back to the chattering time again and said whatever he wanted to say, not wanting to hide again.

And now he is also Legendary. For this kind of Titled Limit, simply ignore it. In his sense, he can kill them with a single thought!

Even if he is not Legendary, he was originally a Titled Limit. Under Legendary, he is not afraid of anyone.

And because of his arrogance, he will not come here as a “waiter”, even if there are many benefits, he is unwilling!

Titled is dignified!

If you want to humiliate yourself in exchange for strength, don’t let him Qin Duhuang!

Although his heart is old, his bones are not old!

When they heard Qin Duhuang’s words, both of them were stunned, and they were all scared and their hairs stood up, looking at him in amazement.

This is too arrogant, even Legendary dare to humiliate? !

next moment, the two suddenly discovered that Qin Duhuang in front of him exudes endless power, like a big mountain, pressing them to unable to move, even breathing hard.

This feeling is Legendary!

They have seen too many Legendary here, and they are already Titled Limit, others of the same level, impossible give them such a big oppression.

It turns out that this person is also Legendary, that humiliates Legendary…it’s all right.

“Are you a new Legendary?” The two changed their attitude quickly, and their faces suddenly showed a humble smile, a little flattering, but deep in their eyes, they also had suffocation and annoyance.

No one likes to show humility and please others.

When dogs are pleased, they tend to hide their teeth, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have teeth!

“hmph!” Qin Duhuang answered coldly snorted.

The two are more respectful and apologize quickly. One of them quickly said: “If you are here to report, thank you Mayor, is this the Legendary that your base was born, gratifying!”


The two have changed their attitudes.

Xie Jinshui coldly snorted, the Titled here, has no arrogance, only to hold the arrogance in his stomach, but what is the arrogance?

After a long time, it will only distort your heart and be irritable.

“I came here this time to ask for medicine. Please lead the way. I will find Yuanhai Legendary.” Xie Jinshui said directly, too lazy to talk to these two more.

“Seeking medicine?” Both were surprised.

But Qin Duhuang was deterring beside him, but he didn’t dare to ask questions curiously, but he respected the promise and immediately led the way ahead.

A white jade step, suspended in the sky, supported by space forces, leads directly to a great hall at the front. There is a garden, a spiritual field, and some maids outside the great hall.

Several people glanced and found that the maids here were all Titled.

Sure enough, only the Titled is qualified to serve in the Peak Tower, which is lower than the Grand Master of Titled.

These maids felt that someone was coming, and they looked up. They soon noticed the difference between Qin Duhuang and each and everyone showed surprise, quickly saluted, and secretly remembered Qin Duhuang’s Breath and appearance, this one is the new Legendary at first glance, they have basically seen other Legendary here.

“Legendary’s doorman in Xiayuanhai, this Legendary Senior, do not know how to call it?”

A middle-aged Titled outside of this great hall flew over, first of all, he gave a salute to Qin Duhuang, respectfully said.

Qin Duhuang glanced at him, and suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly, and said, “Are you from the Yu Family at the Zhangjiang Base?”

This middle-aged Titled is stunned and said, “Senior, do you know our rain house?”

“In the early years I played against a Titled of your family.” Qin Duhuang said indifferently, “It’s just a friendly discussion. I heard that your Yu family has been mixing well these years. Didn’t expect someone here.”

This middle-aged Titled heart startled, could not help but glance at Qin Duhuang.

Have you consulted with Titled in their family?

Legendary can’t learn Titled, it’s definitely a level match, but they didn’t get Legendary from their Yu family, which means that the two people they learned from were originally Titled, but this one was promoted.

“It turns out that this is the case. Our Yu family is really lucky to get the previous guidance from Senior.” The middle-aged Titled quickly said with a humble attitude.

Yu’s family has indeed mixed well over the years, but part of the reason for their good mixing is that some people in the Yu’s family are working in the peak tower, and there are others besides him. The advantage of working here is that they can In making Legendary, others have to weigh their rain homes, they also have to weigh up.

Especially him, the Yuanhai Legendary he served was quite popular with each other. If other families want to build a rain house, they have to look at the face of Yuanhai Legendary.

“Brother Qin is here to report. Under Xie Jinshui, I came to Yuanhai Senior for medicine.” Xie Jinshui said beside him.

I heard Xie Jinshui’s name, and the middle-aged Titled glanced at him. He didn’t dare to despise it. He could call Legendary his brother. That relationship is definitely very good.

“It turned out to be you. Haven’t you just been here before? I remember you came before. It seems that your base encountered a beast tide. Is it still Paramita?”

Middle-aged Titled was impressed with Xie Jinshui, mainly because the latter had come over before, the facts were too exaggerated, and they were not afraid of death to find the place where each and everyone Legendary lived. Which Legendary, who abandoned the cultivation base, has nowhere to file a grievance.

“Well, that’s already over. Please tell me Xiayuanhai Senior. We are in a hurry.” Xie Jinshui said, not wanting to mention more beast tide, just like he said, the war is over. It’s a permanent scar, and there’s nothing to chat with them.

Middle-aged Titled was stunned. He wanted to ask if the guard didn’t hold it. After all, the news came from Paramita before. Paramita wanted to attack a base. Then there were seven or eight Legendary, how could it be kept.

But there is Qin Duhuang next to him, he doesn’t delay much.

“Okay, I will give you a briefing here, but I will not be understood if I would like to see you.” The middle-aged Titled glanced at Xie Jinshui with some worries. Kneel down and he will be held accountable when he stops.

Xie Jinshui nodded.

The middle-aged Titled flew in quickly, and soon came out quickly.

“Sorry, Yuanhai Senior is resting, I don’t want to see you.” Middle-aged Titled said apologetically, after finishing, with the body star force surging slightly, worrying that Xie Jinshui would break in.

If it’s really hard, will Xie Jinshui be shot to death? He doesn’t know, but he doesn’t want to involve himself.

“Resting?” Xie Jinshui froze, looking towards Su Ping.

Su Ping’s complexion also went dark.

“Is that the soul-raising fairy grass in the hands of this Legendary?” Su Ping said to Xie Jinshui.

Xie Jinshui shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I only heard that it is in the treasure house of the Peak Tower. It is unknown who is in whose hands. This Yuanhai Senior is responsible for the treasure house. He knows these things, so he Come to him.”

Su Ping understands it, and says seriously to the middle-aged Titled: “Could you please invite that Legendary Legendary to come out and tell me that I will remember his kindness under the Dragon River Su Ping!”

This middle-aged Titled froze, looking at Su Ping, looking like a teenager.

He is speechless.

Remember his kindness?

Who do you think you are talking to?

Others are Legendary!

Will you need to remember kindness?

“This…” Middle-aged Titled had to speak, and Qin Duhuang beside him also said solemnly: “Could you please invite this Yuanhai Senior to come out and see, we are in a hurry.”

The middle-aged Titled’s words immediately took hold. Qin Duhuang, Legendary, could not refuse, and the Legendary behind him would probably not give other Legendary a face.

He immediately respected the promise and immediately turned around and hurried in.

After a while, he came out again and said, “Yuanhai Senior is waiting for you inside, please inside.”

Sure enough, Legendary has a good face!

Xie Jinshui succumbed in his heart. It would be nice if he could become Legendary anytime.

“Boss Su, let’s go.”

Su Ping nodded, already impatient took the lead to go in, Qin Duhuang follow closely from behind.

In the great hall, gold and jade in glorious splendour, all kinds of priceless and unique rare treasure, and hidden treasure, are also placed on the table as decoration.

Beside the great hall, which leads directly to the backyard, the middle-aged Titled takes Su Ping and the others to the backyard.

As soon as I arrived here, a few people felt a breath of King beast. When I looked up, I saw a red scale python, entrenched in the open field of the backyard. The length of this Python King beast is 100 meters above the full length , The waist of the python is as huge as an ancient tree, vomiting attention, and his head is hanging down on top of a large tree, as if staring at the tree.

Under the big tree, sitting in a purple robe old man, smoking a hookah.

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