Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 520


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“Yuanhai is here, hey, is this this?”

All Legendary were present. Someone immediately noticed Yuan Hai and greeted him. At the same time, he also felt Qin Duhuang’s breath, a little surprised.

As for Su Ping and Xie Jinshui, it is not Legendary at a glance, and it is directly ignored.

“This is Brother Qin who just came to report.”

Yuanhai introduced Legendary to several familiar Legendary, which was considered to be the official acceptance of Qin Duhuang into the peak tower. He turned to Su Ping behind to point at will.

“The one over there is the Pluto in Northern Europe. You have a better attitude. This Phantom Senior Wang is not a general Legendary. You don’t understand it. In short, the ordinary Legendary you see, He could kill in seconds while raising his hand, and a hundred Titled Limit could not hurt him…um?”

Speaking of which, he suddenly saw Su Ping’s complexion, and he was a little stunned.

Qin Duhuang and Xie Jinshui next to them also felt that they were both complexion slightly changed, feeling a strong murderous aura that emanated from Su Ping.

The intensity of this murderous aura shocked them.

And this undisguised murderous aura also makes the Legendary present feel it. Those Titled who are waiting for Legendary are also not weak. They are all surprised.

Who is so angry that it will explode on such occasions?

When I saw Su Ping, I felt that he was not Legendary. All the Titled were stunned, but Legendary was not, so dare to spread wild here?

The Legendary are also frowned, with unpleasant expression on their faces.

Where are the servants, so undisciplined?

The two king beasts squatting on the ground were also stimulated by this murderous aura, and they all turned around.

And their master saw his pet beast was affected, his face changed suddenly, looked towards Su Ping angrily, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Is it him?”

In the crowd, a middle-aged Legendary saw Su Ping and was suddenly startled. He was a little surprised. He recognized Su Ping. He had seen it before on the League of Kings. He was responsible for the League of Kings at that time. Northern King.

didn’t expect here, actually saw Su Ping again, and he is not Legendary, how come?

Thinking of Su Ping’s performance on the League of Kings, Northern King is a bit memorable, but here is the peak tower, not League of Kings, the two are incomparable, Su Ping dares to erupt such a large murderous aura, this can It’s not just a simple indemnity that can calm down.

“Is this what you are busy with?” Su Ping lifts the head, gazing at the audience, fingers slowly clenching.

Xie Jinshui came to ask for help, but was told that Legendary was not available.

And on the League of Kings, he was also told that Legendary is currently nervous, and Abyss Cave is in desperate need of Legendary guard.

However, this scene is unbelievable.

Legendary, not to mention eleven-twelve people!

So many Legendary, but drinking and having fun here, and watching pet beast doing such boring things as counting.

This is the quantity shortage? Is this called free? !

Yuan Hai was slightly stunned, and his face sank, saying: “I say it again, pay attention to you manner, pay attention to you manner, figure out your own identity, is this something you are qualified to question?”

“Where’s the servant, so undisciplined.” In the distance, there was Legendary said with displeasure, and even looking at Qin Duhuang didn’t look good, and regarded Su Ping as his servant.

When I first came to report, I brought such an arrogant servant, and I owe it to me.

Qin Duhuang and Xie Jinshui are also a little nervous. They know Su Ping’s temper, and they can’t stop Su Ping.

“Boss Su.” Xie Jinshui pulled Su Ping, trying to persuade him.

He knows why Su Ping is angry, and why does his heart feel angry? When he came over, he knelt down and asked, but no Legendary was willing to go. He heard Paramita and changed his face. If all Legendary went, he wouldn’t believe it and really couldn’t resist Paramita!

If this can’t be resisted, Paramita has long been invincible, enough to cross the Earth everywhere, and humans can’t build so many bases.

“The one who happens to be in charge of you.” Legendary indifferently said.

Qin Duhuang’s face was ugly and he didn’t explain it. In fact, when he saw the scene here, he was also shocked in his heart, not a taste.

They just came from the pain of the Dragon river, but here they saw a luxury, this contrast makes him angry, but he knows that he can’t show it, and the Dragon river has passed, no matter what In this way, those who died will not be resurrected.

He is well-established and knows forbearance. Although his temper is growing now, he hasn’t really fainted yet.


Su Ping’s shoulders twitched and he chuckled.

Gradually, his laughter grew louder.


He could not bear to laugh, but the laughter was full of sorrow.

“We, Dragon River, come to ask for help. You said that you were not available. At the speed of your Legendary, you rushed to the Dragon River from here, and you haven’t been there for a long time!” Su Ping said with a smile on his face, “I said before, Abyss There are movements in the cave, and Legendary is needed to guard it. I thought you, Legendary, are really breaking your heart for humans, and the result is…”


“It turns out that this is the Peak Tower.”

“This is Legendary…”

He couldn’t bear to laugh again.

When I heard Su Ping’s words, the Titled who were on the scene were all stunned. Was this man crazy? Dare to say such crazy words, no matter who the master behind him was, he couldn’t save him. But group mocking!

And even the Legendary behind him will be pulled into the water. Who dares to offend so many Legendary at once!

Legendary, who was present, looked dull.

Yuan Hai’s face changed, and he fell cold, icily said: “I just gave you advice, you don’t cherish it, how can we take your turn to comment and kneel!”

While speaking, the surrounding space shook slightly. Like the thunder, the invisible space force came out and exuded the coercion of Legendary.

Su Ping’s body didn’t move, but lifts the head, looking directly at him, “I can’t say, who can say? Only someone stronger than you? The truth in this world can only be said by powerhouse, Is that reasonable or fist?”


Yuanhai complexion slightly changed, and found that Su Ping was not affected by his coercion, and the space force was also resisted. He thought about what Qin Duhuang said before, and his eyes were more gloomy.

“I really think that I am Inverse King, can I despise Legendary!” He was a little bit angry, Legendary was despised by Titled, it was unbearable.

“My words, you haven’t answered yet.” Su Ping stared at him.

“Less nonsense, kneel down to pay guilt, and then die!” Yuan Hai furiously shouted, his body burst, this time showed a terrifying star force like the sea, he will directly suppress Su Ping down.

He is not Void Cave realm, but it is also the pinnacle of Hanhai. If he really shots at this moment, it is more than enough to suppress a Titled.

Su Ping stared at him, then withdrawn his eyes indifferently. The anger in his eyes also closed at the same time. In an instant, his eyes became deep and dark, leaving only endless killing intent and coldness.

“It turned out that I almost admired it, but it was just a group of borers.”

Su Ping whispered.


Yuan Hai’s star force came down to suppress him. He had to shoot Su Ping directly on his knees, and kneel down on all Legendary to compensate.

But in the next moment, suddenly his star force was penetrated, and a bright golden fist suddenly appeared, shining on the audience and hitting Yuanhai’s head directly with a bang.


Yuanhai’s head burst on the spot!

This scene is so fast that the other Legendary is too late to respond!

Several Void Cave realm Legendary on the scene, although they felt dangerous in the moment of Su Ping’s shot, but they were too late to wait for the shot. Waiting for a second, they saw Yuan Hai’s head burst and his body fell.


The entire Twilight Mountain is absolute silence.

All Titled, all Legendary, are stared wide-eyed, watching this scene in a daze.

It feels like a dream in front of you.

Yuanhai Legendary, was actually hit headshot?

This old Legendary, who has lived for seven 800 years, died like this?

In an ordinary time and place, it was so abruptly killed!

“When I use the identity of the weak to reason with you, you ignore it. When you are the weak, you also have no chance.” Su Ping flicked his fist, and his eyes fell from in midair without emotion. Going down to the Yuanhai body back, lifts the head, looking at all Legendary in front.

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