Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 521

“Want to punish my whole family?”

Su Ping looked towards that Legendary old man, with no emotion in his eyes, a dark and deep luster appeared, as if the light in front of him was swallowed!

He is not like Qin Duhuang and Mu Beihai. He has a Great Family, but his family has parents and a younger sister. That is his closest relative.

“old dog, you try it.” Su Ping stared at him.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, this Legendary old man’s face changed abruptly, no longer calming, surprised and angry said: “What do you call me? Old man My age, when your Ancestral Grandfather is enough!”

“That’s just an old dog that has lived too long.” Su Ping coldly said.

“you are courting death!” This Legendary old man was furious, stood up suddenly, and exploded into a vast star force. It was also Vast Sea realm Legendary, and it was close to the peak, which was comparable to the strength of Yuanhai.

bang! bang!

Two vortex emerged behind him, and a terrifying breath slanted from inside. It was a terrible King beast crawling out of both ends. The huge body was full of coercion, so that those Titled who were waiting for Legendary were complexion greatly changed , A little frightened and pale, worried about being affected by the war.

Legendary battle, they are beside, just trampled ants that’s all.

“Bring me to death!”

Legendary old man said angrily that he was insulted by Su Ping in public. He didn’t show his face anymore if he didn’t shoot. Although Su Ping had just slashed Abyss, but it was Abyss’s defenseless, and now he is doing his best. These are two probabilities.

Two king beasts landed on the field, shaking the ground, stepping on huge footprints, roaring and killing Su Ping.

Su Ping looks down indifferently.

Behind him, there is also a vortex, which is a silhouette of Er Gou.


The idea of ​​Su Ping came out, and Er Gou’s eyes were immediately stern, roaring and rushing to the two king beasts, exhibiting the Grand Expanse True Dragon skills, and bursting into a shocking imposing manner, quickly knocking down one of the king beasts. Suppress, bite out a large piece of blood.

At this time, the other king beast rushed quickly, attacked by the side, Er Gou could not directly bite and killed, he could only fight with the two king beast, one against two.

Su Ping didn’t watch the following battles. He was very familiar with the breath of King beast. After fighting, he knew a few things. At a glance, the two king beasts. Er Gou is enough to suppress the beheading, but the speed of the problem is only solved. .

He looked up and looked towards Northern King in that crowd, with cold colors in his eyes, loudly said: “Northern King!”


Northern King saw that Legendary old man shot, but did not, otherwise two Legendary shot at the same time to attack Su Ping, and lost his identity.

“Previously you searched for the hidden Legendary on the League of Kings. You told me that the Abyss cave should be guarded. I now ask you, what are you, Legendary, what are you doing here?”

Northern King changed color and sullenly said: “This is our Legendary business, and it is not our turn to explain to you!”

“Is it?” Su Ping continued: “What are you doing when my Dragon river is waiting for you, the legendary Legendary rescuers, all of you? Trifling can’t squeeze out half a day?”


Another Legendary said, coldly said: “How can the life and death of tens of millions of trifling be comparable to that of Legendary? Of the tens of millions of people, can a Legendary be born? What is it, do you want us to lose a few Legendary for these people?”

Su Ping stunned, looked towards him.

The coldness and anger in his eyes suddenly converged.

“So you guys counted that way.”

He whispered and laughed when he finished.

“Stop talking nonsense and die!”

The Legendary old man, a terrible imposing manner broke out at the moment, and it rolled over like a bright sea, his posture also became tall, feathers grew between his arms, and scales also appeared on his face. It was awesome with pet beast.

In the case of pet beast fit, his battle strength exploded several times, and his imposing manner also reached the peak of Vast Sea realm.

Su Ping closed his laughter and glanced at him indifferently: “Dead!”


He with the body suddenly oscillated, showing a monstrous fierce anger. Behind him, the air became distorted, the brilliant sunlight was swallowed, one after another Evil shadow emerged, and the potential area evolved like Tai Chi. Out, in that dark realm, countless ghosts faintly discernible.


At the same time, a tiny vortex emerged behind Su Ping, a white shadow flashed out from inside, next moment, Su Ping’s body appeared with white bone.

Facing the oncoming Legendary old man, Su Ping clenched his fists and burst out.

“Not good!”

In the distance, several Void Cave realm Legendary, when they saw Su Ping of the bone covered body, their face changed abruptly, they all felt a terrifying killing intent and danger.

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