Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 522


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“Stop it!”

A Void Cave realm Legendary quickly screamed and stood up, struck Su Ping across the sky, and the violent Space Power shocked out, trying to save the Legendary old man.


The surging space is oppressed by a giant mountain, but when it is suppressed on Su Ping, it is destroyed by the horror power emitted by Su Ping. His bone-covered fists press forward, and a bright divine might erupts, like a round The dazzling little sun burst, crushing towards the Legendary old man.

The Legendary old man’s eyes widened. At this moment, he felt that the entire world had disappeared from his sight.

Only the huge golden fist in that field of vision is expanding indefinitely!

The fist has not arrived yet, but the throbbing wind seems to blow his soul to death!

No, impossible!

Legendary old man was chilling, and the murderous aura was gone, and he was frightened. He didn’t dare to imagine that such an imposing manner would appear on a non-Legendary ant.


In the blink of an eye, he instinctively only wanted to save life.

In an instant, one after another defensive skill emerged on him, the most dazzling of which was a golden clam-like illusory shadow, exuding the breath of evil beasts. This is a Legendary mystery, not only able to resist physical damage, Even some special energy attacks can be resisted, including missile radiation and poison qi.

Depending on this skill, even in the Armed Forces, the old man can gallop.


The golden clam illusory shadow collided with Su Ping’s fist, and suddenly the golden clam’s head collapsed, and when it collapsed to the extreme, it burst suddenly.

Su Ping’s fist press forward, many of the defense skills after the golden clam broke in an instant, just when the fist was about to hit the Legendary old man, a few strange breaths suddenly appeared, followed by a few Dao energy illusory shadow appeared on Legendary old man, resisting Su Ping’s fist.

But the illusory shadow was not tolerated before 0.1 seconds, and suddenly torn, Su Ping’s fist hit the Legendary old man’s chest unhindered.

Legendary old man’s back protruded instantly, and even with his eyes, he protruded with great shock, full of horror and panic.

He tried his best to defend, but he lost to Su Ping?

What’s more, his many years of history, his entire body of defense, hidden treasure, could not be defended?

You know, one of the defenses is hidden treasure, but it can withstand a blow from Void Cave realm!

bang! !

As the sound of a balloon explodes, the body of Legendary old man suddenly bursts, all split up and in pieces, and turns into a group of blood mist in midair.

As soon as the blood mist appeared, it was swept by the fist, pulled and dissipated, and only some black shadows flew from the inside and scattered everywhere.

Some of the sharp-eyed Legendary have seen these scattered black shadows, which are impressively the body organs of Legendary old man, with fingers, hard teeth, knee bones, etc.

This old Legendary was actually beaten by Su Ping with a punch in the face of confrontation!

At this moment, Legendary, who was still somewhat angry and despised, was all startled, his face became horrified, and even horrified. Was their perception wrong or hell?

Is this person really a Legendary? !

The most frightening thing is the Northern King. He had seen Su Ping on the League of Kings before. Although Su Ping at that time had the power to kill Legendary, the hidden family of Qing Family Old Ancestor, Legendary, only had trifling. A King beast can’t be compared with this Legendary old man, and Su Ping at that time, it was not so easy to kill the Qing Family Old Ancestor!

One punch!

Explode with just one punch, spike!

He saw that Su Ping’s fist is more terrifying and powerful than before.

This boy’s growth rate is too fast, so horrible!

“Ah!” Titled screamed and fell into the Legendary old man’s broken hand.

Some of the bloody teeth dropped on the top of Titled’s head, the Legendary old man, scared the soul flew away and scattered.

When this Legendary old man was beheaded, the pet beast that was with him was also beheaded together. Among the wreckage that fell was the pet beast’s sharp claw and pointed beak.

On the ground, King Beast, who is fighting with Er Gou, has a short stagnation, which is caused by the break of the contract.

Er Gou seized the opportunity and immediately tore off the neck and neck of one of King Beast, and then turned to pounce on the other King beast, and soon beheaded.

In a blink of an eye, the bodies of the two King beast also fell into the pool of blood on the ground.

The bloody smell in the air becomes stronger.

The whole mountain was a little quiet. Legendary people looked at Su Ping with shock. Previously Su Ping’s unpredictable shot struck the Yuanhai with a punch. Apart from shock, they were more angry.

Angry Su Ping dared to shoot Legendary.

But now, there is only horror left in their hearts.

In the case of a head-to-head contest, Su Ping can kill Legendary in one move, and at the moment Su Ping looks like a pet beast fit!

Is Su Ping not Legendary?

They don’t believe it now!

Obviously, this teenager has some extremely special hidden secret technique that deceives their perception and hides the real cultivation realm.

Otherwise, the Su Ping cultivation base they sensed is only trifling 7th grade. This fuck is just too fake!

Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang both looked at Su Ping in a daze.

Although they knew that Su Ping had repulsed Paramita, they didn’t see it with their own eyes, and didn’t expect that Su Ping’s power was so terrifying.

Legendary was all killed in seconds, this is the battle strength that repels Paramita? !

In this silence, after half a minute, a Void Cave realm Legendary looks like a young man, gloomy face stands up, he is the one who previously tried to block Su Ping.

It’s just that his shot was instantly cracked by Su Ping, and Su Ping killed the Legendary old man again. He can only now believe that Su Ping is also Void Cave realm Legendary!

“Who the hell is you, with your strength, the time to become Legendary is not short, if it is hidden, for so many years, we are impossible unaware that you are really a person on our Earth?” Youth Void Cave realm Legendary opened the mouth and said, the eyes flashed, and there was a hint of obscurity hidden in it.

I heard his words, the other Legendary were awake and couldn’t help but eyes shrank.


Strength like Su Ping, they never heard of it.

It’s difficult to say that Su Ping is becoming Legendary, but has been hiding obscurity.

There are indeed a lot of hidden Legendary like Qing Family Old Ancestor, but if you want to hide Legendary, you have to reduce the activities, including cultivation and restraint.

This leads to hidden Legendary, such as Qing Family Old Ancestor, whose battle strength is extremely low, and it bullies and bullies the Titled rank, and encounters other Legendary who let go of their cultivation and are not opponents at all.

But Su Ping is different now.

Never heard of his name, but his power shocked everyone.

The monster that came out of this way, if it comes from other places, it can be explained.

There is only one “other” place, the interstellar federation.

Thinking of the interstellar federation, all Legendary’s faces are not very good-looking, that is a Legendary is not counted and so on the place, if it is from there, then there are probably other forces behind Su Ping, it is not that they can afford of.

However, after all, Earth is also the jurisdiction of the interstellar federation, and it is the place of origin. Most people want to be wild in Earth. They can also report to the federation, and send someone to the federation to punish severely.

“Who told you that I am Legendary?”

Su Ping looked at him coldly, looking at him indifferently, “As for whether I am a person on Earth, you are not worthy of asking this! Demonic beast is ravaging outside, but you and everyone are in the mood to play here, Unwilling to hunt the Demonic beast and unwilling to clean up wasteland, even if the lives and deaths of thousands of people come to you for help, you will turn a blind eye!”

“Since your peaks and towers were not built for the weak, then don’t greedy the respect and money that the weak give you!”

Speaking of this, Su Ping turned to Xie Jinshui around him: “Mayor, from now on, I will guard the Dragon river! Don’t give Dragon River money any more things that are greedy for life and death!”


Some Legendary heard Su Ping insults in the face, his cheeks flushed, his beard trembling.

But Su Ping beheaded two old Legendary in a row, and they were all punched in a punch. Divine might still be there, so some Vast Sea realm Legendary suffocated, but they dared not blame them.

Several Void Cave realm Legendary also have discolored faces and are somewhat angry.

The king didn’t expect Su Ping. From the previous big words, he suddenly turned to seeking medicine. He felt the sight of other Legendary around him, and said to Su Ping sneered, “I do have it, but well, I I’m not going to sell it to you, but it’s even more impossible to you. You’re already dying. It’s ridiculous to try to leave here.”


The murderous aura on Su Ping’s body that just faded out came out once again. He looked directly at the Pluto and said, “Are you really thinking about this?”

“How do you want to do it with me?” Pluto raised his eyebrows, sneered. Although he did not have the confidence to defeat Su Ping, he was not afraid of Su Ping. Besides, there are other Legendary here. When Su Ping is injured, he will inevitably gather Attack it.

“Since you don’t give it, then you… die!”

Su Ping said slowly, a sudden imposing manner broke out all over his body, the still picturesque potential behind him turned suddenly, and a dark and terrible murderous aura broke out in his eyes.


A monstrous imposing manner erupted from Su Ping, shaking the space.

next moment, Su Ping strode out like a meteor and killed the Pluto sitting in Legendary.

Hades eyes shrank, didn’t expect Su Ping actually dared to take the initiative.

He was a little surprised and angry. Without hesitation, he summoned out his battle companion immediately, one after another vortex emerged. There were nine vortex in total, and nine King beasts were freed from them, all exuding an invincible imposing manner. Among them, there are three heads of King beast, none of which are ordinary King beast, which has reached Void Cave realm!


A King beast that is covered with dark mist, has no body, like a black mist, and now emits a low voice, turning into mist and pouring into Pluto.

In an instant, Pluto’s eyes burst into black light, and the whole body exudes a strange and fierce Death Aura, and the skin color becomes pale, just like dead skin.

Behind Pluto, the scene of the potential area also emerged. It was a sea of ​​blood. There seemed to be many dead bodies in the sea of ​​blood, which was quite scary.

“Asura space!”

Hades growled, and the sound was different from before. It seemed that there was another sound hidden in his throat. Around his body, black light spread and swallowed the light, and the dark space immediately engulfed Su Ping.

“Let you see, real Death World!”

Pluto’s eyes were cold and chilly, and the blood sea behind him waved up, and the bloody smell inside seemed to pass out, pervading the Asura space.

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