Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 523


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In this piece of Asura space with five senses, there is only darkness, including the pain, which cannot be sensed. Here, I don’t even know that my body has been attacked.

At this moment, with the penetration of Pluto’s potential, the blood and tyrannical breath are constantly pressing against Su Ping, who is like being in a sea of ​​blood for thousands of years.

This feeling…I miss it so much.

The rich blood makes Su Ping’s eyes slightly red.

His gaze turned slightly in the dark Asura space, as if glancing around.


The Pluto is about to attack, and suddenly started.

He suddenly felt a chill in his heart. It seems that in this Asura space he is most familiar with, an invisible evil animal is hiding inside.

He looked right away. In this, his vision was not affected. Soon, he saw Su Ping in front of him, and suddenly turned his eyes towards towards him. It was a pair of bloody eyes, which were straight. Stare at him.

Can he see himself? !

Phantom shocked.

At this moment, Su Ping’s body suddenly burst into lightning, just like Divine Thunder roared, with a bang, in the dark and silent Asura space, his body turned into a strong and bright purple thunder, and he was killed towards Pluto.

Hades is shocked, at this moment he no longer doubts, Su Ping can really feel him!

And he has no time to doubt him.

It’s too fast!

“ghost shadow blood corpse!” Pluto growled and cast a terrifying Legendary mystery. In the Asura space, there seemed to be countless ghosts crying, and suddenly, a huge shadow appeared behind Pluto, and At the same time, his pale, bloodless skin was slowly reddening.

He had dark eyes without white eyes. At this moment, red light appeared, and the whole person was covered with magic patterns, exuding an unusually grim and cold atmosphere.


He turned into a blood corpse and roared to greet Su Ping’s attack.

next moment, the whole Asura space oscillated, and there was a humming noise, and then the dark space suddenly torn and shattered.

The dazzling golden fist shadow seems to be able to shake the entire Twilight Mountain, and it is necessary to beat this mountain to the bottom!


Space tearing, the mountain shook, the silhouette of Pluto fell like a meteorite, plunged down, hitting the ground fiercely, bursting a huge crater.

Legendary at the top of the mountain, both eyes widened and their pupils contracted.

They only saw Pluto’s angry shot, and they merged with their strongest battle companion to display the famous Asura space.

This Asura space can not only isolate the senses of Su Ping inside, but also block the perception and penetration of other people outside, but before everyone can guess what is inside, they see space tearing and Pluto falls down.

Is actually defeated? !

And so fast?

Everyone is incredible.

Pluto is Void Cave realm Legendary, even if it meets the same level, it is impossible to score the victory so quickly?

Several other Void Cave realm Legendary, including Northern King, looked at the void in disbelief. I saw Su Ping’s silhouette standing there, like a monstrous Demon God, exuding a bloody fierce flame. Those blood-red eyes seemed to engulf all the creatures in the world, which made people feel terrified.

The murderous aura how many kills this can bring up!

Northern King’s heart is the most shocking. In the League of Kings, he saw Su Ping shot before. How can there be the power at this moment, which has only disappeared in a short time, and has grown to such a point?

The speed of this improvement isn’t this too ridiculous, it is faster than being a rocket!

The other Vast Sea realm Legendary are all speechless. At this moment, I can’t look down on this young man any more. This strength is far more than their Vast Sea realm Legendary. Bombing, this boy is clearly a wolf in sheepskin, definitely the battle strength of Void Cave realm!

Also, in Void Cave realm, it is close to Peak level!

too terrifying!

I have never heard of such a existence, and it would be no exaggeration to say that it was born out of nowhere!


In the deep pit of the ground, the silhouette of the Pluto climbed out of the broken rock debris, the chest collapsed into it, and the blood of the black purple overflowed from the corners of his mouth and his nose. The genes within within the body are changed accordingly, and belong to variants.

Seeing the appearance of Hades, everyone is complexion slightly changed.


I feel that the skeleton of the chest seems to be broken, and the pain is paralyzed. Pluto both shocked and angry, looking up at Su Ping in midair.

At the moment, he had a sense of smelling death, this guy was too scary.

Su Ping stared down at him coldly, and moved his mind to take Er Gou back to the summon space, so as to prevent Er Gou from being attacked by other Legendary sneak attacks while he was fighting.

Although Er Gou’s battle strength is quite strong, it is only Vast Sea realm after all, and here is Void Cave realm Legendary, there are five!

“Void Cave realm Legendary that I know, you are the weakest one.” Su Ping’s eyes looked cold and cold, saying: “Give me what I want, and I will spare you a life.”

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Pluto’s face suddenly turned red and his body shivered.

He is the weakest Void Cave realm Su Ping has seen?

What a joke!

In the other Void Cave realm, his battle strength can be ranked in the top three!

When I heard Su Ping, the faces of several other Void Cave realm were not very good-looking. Two of them were sullen. They had studied with Pluto and could not beat Pluto. Now Su Ping stepped Pluto under his feet, no Is it equivalent to stepping them down?


Su Ping’s words spread all over the mountain. All Legendary and those who are waiting for them are feeling the domineering arrogance of this young man.

However, the terrifying power and imposing manner displayed by the other party made everyone unable to speak.

Hades are defeated. Su Ping’s status is absolutely extraordinary if he joins the Peak Tower.

It’s a pity that Su Ping chose to be against the Pagoda.

Thinking of this, a lot of Legendary and Titled are frowning, and I feel that they don’t understand this teenager.

Just for the people at a trifling base?

Is it worth it?

Where is the Peak Tower, Earth’s day!

For those ordinary weak lives, to provoke the peak tower, not to mention their future, let alone set up such a super enemy.

This is too stupid.

Everyone has a different mind, but the mountain is a little quiet.

“I want my things, you dream!” Pluto gritted his teeth slightly. If Su Ping hit him, he would hand over things. He wouldn’t have to mix up anymore and his reputation would be lost.

Cold light flashed in Su Ping’s eyes, “You don’t see tears and don’t enter the coffin!”

“Then give it a try!” Pluto is also cruel, gritting his teeth.


At this time, a coldly snorted sound sounded, and another red lotus stood up with a bald old man. At this moment, the whole body exuded the sun-like radiance, like the waves and the ocean, Haoyue was in the sky, making everyone feel like the soul It’s just washed, and there’s an ethereal moment in my mind.

“The Peak Tower is not a place where you can spread the wild!” The old man looked at Su Ping coldly.

Behind him, the outline of the potential area also emerged. It was an ethereal fairyland with picturesque flowers and birds, and divine spring gurgling, which looked extremely beautiful and peaceful.

“It’s the King of Fanyin!” Those Titled, when they saw this bald old man, all shivered slightly. This is also a Void Cave realm Legendary, from another South China Sea, where the climate is hot and there are many gods. Every base city there is named after a deity.

Su Ping looked towards this talking bald old man. When he saw the ethereal fairyland behind him, his eyes were slightly cold. He said, “They all say that the power domain evolves from the heart, and your power domain is so clean. But it’s just that’s all. You really have a compassionate heart, you won’t sit here and talk about wine, and the base that encounters beast tide outside, is not only our Dragon river!”

His voice is clanging and his words are like swords.

When the Dragon river faced the beast tide, all parties reinforced.

All came from other base cities, and Su Ping also followed the news at that time. In addition to the Dragon river, several base cities were also attacked by beast tides.

However, those base cities do not have Peak King beast like Paramita, so they are not as eye-catching as the Dragon river.

“Compassion is about wisdom. If you know you are not invincible and hard, then it is not compassion, but stupidity.” Bald old man coldly snorted and said: “That Abyss cave needs Legendary guarding at any time, no one knows for a while The child breaks a few Legendary, we must always maintain the battle strength, how can there be extra manpower to help those bases.”

“You have more than fifty base cities in the Asian and Continental regions, but what about one or two fewer?”

“What is the big picture, do you want us to ignore the whole world for this trifling one or two base cities?”


When Su Ping heard this, he smiled angrily: “What a lifeless person, take the weight of the world’s life as a weight to weigh one or two base cities, right? The Abyss cave needs people, this is what you are serious about The reason here? I really doubt that there are Legendary guards in the Abyss cave!”

“hmph, you are also Legendary, but you hide your identity and don’t report it. What kind of face is there to talk about compassion?” The bald old man said with a cold face: “You cultivation to this extent, become Legendary, say less than 4,500 years, In order to avoid service, you have been ignoring for four and a half thousand years. Now that your hometown has been forced to a desperate situation, do you know that someone needs to stand up?”

Su Ping Yangtian laughed heartily, said: “Who tells you that I am Legendary? If I were Legendary, I have to give you a big mouth today!”



Bald old man is angry.

The other Legendary also angered again, Su Ping’s words are too arrogant, although they admit that Su Ping is very strong and has arrogant capital, but you are too much!

One person with a big mouth?

What do you mean by Legendary?

Northern King said angrily: “Su Ping, you should pay attention to your attitude. This is the Peak Tower. Don’t think that you are a little capable, you are really rampant here. You are Void Cave realm, you know On top of Void Cave realm, there is Destiny Realm? If you wait for the Peak Master in the tower to come, you will definitely die!”

Su Ping sneered slightly, saying: “I naturally know that Destiny Realm exists in your peak tower, if I really want to go, no one of you can keep it, otherwise I will not be here, and I will spend more time talking with you. ! Now give me what I want, and I will leave immediately, and talk to you guys, it’s useless to say more, in my mind, there will be no more peak towers in the future!”

“Although I can’t use the spirit-cultivating fairy grass, I just won’t give it to you!” Pluto gritted his teeth and said coldly with a smile: “You just wait for Peak Master to come and cut off your head. !”

Su Ping’s eyes are blood blazing.

“Damn you!!”


Blood light broke out all over his body, and there was a lot of blood in the bones of his body. Previously, when he was fighting against Paramita, he had a lot of overdraft, and he was fainted afterwards.

In the two days of sleep, his body has not fully recovered, but at this moment, Su Ping completely ignores the other, and the continuous burning of the blood within the body turns into a violent force.


Suddenly a dragon roar spread all over the field, shaking Heaven and Earth.

Thunder is rolling in the air, it seems that Heaven and Earth should respond.

Su Ping roared into a thunderbolt, exuding terrifying pressure, like a meteorite near Earth, a bright divine might burst out of his fist, and the Pluto moved towards the ground slammed down.

This fist is like a meteorite, like a comet, with an invincible imposing manner!

The sneer on Pluto’s face froze and his pupils tightened. As Void Cave realm Legendary, he was already involved in the realm of space. At this moment in his sight, the uncontrollable space power was under Su Ping’s fist. , Actually broken and broken!

The place where the fist roared, the space collapsed with black marks.

“No, impossible!”

Pluto’s heart beats, his eyes tremble.

He roared wildly, calling the surrounding King beast to his side to explode his strength. One after another’s Legendary-level defensive skills appeared, splendid, layer upon layer.

However, under that invincible magic fist, these Legendary-level defensive skills were broken instantly and torn directly from the level of space!

These skills are like exquisite paintings on the scroll. At the moment, Su Ping’s fist has directly torn the painting, and it’s useless to be exquisite!

“I will not die!!”

Pluto roars in horror.

next moment, his body was suppressed by the fist and drowned.

A loud bang, a tremendous noise, the whole Twilight Mountain was a fiercely shock, running from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, trembling from top to bottom.

The mountain suspended in the air was beaten down by life!


The mountain fell, causing a loud noise again, and the Quartet vibrated. The giant mountain burst under the impact of the plunge. All the people on the top of the mountain were kicked back by the impact of the impact, except for Except for the very few Titled who responded slowly, no one else was injured.

Looking at Twilight Mountain being hit and falling, everyone in Soaring in midair was shocked and dull.

This ancient mountain that stands in Secret Realm is actually all split up and in pieces, and was blown up alive!

A complete mountain, now split into several petals, a pavilion built on the mountain, and many exquisite carved fence structures, are now destroyed into ruins.

Everyone is shockless. I dare not think about such things.

“What about Hades?”

“Look, his pet beast.”

Sometimes, someone thought of Pluto, but did not find the silhouette of Pluto. It seemed to be drowned in the ruins of Broken Mountain. At this time, some people saw those King beast battle companion of Pluto.

These King beasts are huge, and standing in the ruins at the moment is extremely conspicuous, but they seem to be a bit dull.

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