Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 524


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Seeing these King beast battle companion looks, all of them are eyes shrank, they look so familiar, it is clearly the contract break.

Hades are dead?

Everyone was horrified. Under the punch just now, Pluto was actually bombed directly?

This is Void Cave realm Legendary, but it’s actually a blow to Su Ping? !

Some Legendary rushed into the ruins of the fragmented mountain to feel the breath of Pluto. Soon, some people felt the breath of Fleshy body of Pluto, contaminated in the depths of the ruins, and immediately set off and flew away. The rock is turned away.


When I saw the scene in the rock, everyone was fiercely stunned, and the horror in my heart reached its extreme point. The body of Pluto fell on this rock, the head had burst, and the chest collapsed, leaving only the body. It was barely preserved, but the whole body was covered with blood, and the skin was cracked, terrifying.

It’s gone, and it looks like it’s dead!


Everyone looked up at the silhouette of the young boy in midair, as if looking up at a flamboyant Demon God, whose upright posture was like a god in the dust, pressing the audience.

Northern King and the bald old man are both speechless and stunned.

Pluto is the same Void Cave realm powerhouse as them, but even beat Su Ping with a punch. This gap can be calculated using toes!

They even suspect that Su Ping is already Destiny Realm!

After all, even if they watched the fierce power of the punch just now, they could feel the courageous courage and the space was torn. They could not manage this kind of power!


The realm of ethereal fairyland behind the old man of Fan Yin has faded away in an instant, he was converged, he was shocked by his heart, and he had no idea to fight Su Ping again.

The battle strength of Pluto is a few points better than him. He has studied with each other, he is not an opponent, but Pluto is killed by Su Ping, he is cold and sweaty at the moment, and he has reached the bottom of his heart, only to thank him Impulsive, otherwise it was him who was bombed at the moment. This monster boy, even if it is not Destiny Realm, is not a match they can match.

Other Vast Sea realm Legendary, at this moment are all dull.

The Pluto who was in awe was killed by Su Ping, which was completely beyond their imagination.


Su Ping was standing in midair, and the shadow of the power field was shaking behind him. His blood eyes were cold and full of murderous intention. Seeing the previous Brahma King who released the power field, he now put away the power field and disappeared. Fighting intent, instead of relaxing and contempt in his eyes, he showed a more gloomy killing intent and anger.

He did not know where the killing intent and anger came from, but he felt a disappointment that he could not restrain.

Yes, it is disappointment.

This is the most Peak powerhouses on Earth.

In his blood-red with both eyes, a shocking and slightly frightened face is reflected.

Is this the face of the strongest group of people?

His fist squeezed ka ka, and at this moment, he suddenly understood why they would not dare to go when they heard Paramita.

Even he was afraid of a 7th grade, not to mention Paramita facing Destiny Realm.

He opened his mouth slightly, his voice hoarse and low, and said: “Give me what I want! From now on, I will Su Ping and your peak tower, everyone minds their own business!”

When I heard Su Ping, all Legendary and those Titled came back to his senses. These Titled were terrified. They have been in the Pagoda for so many years and have never seen anyone dare to make such a big noise in the Pagoda Even the Twilight Mountain, whose existence is unknown for many years, has been shattered. If this news spreads, the world will have an earthquake!

Su Ping’s words fell, but the audience did not respond.

All Legendary are looked at each other in blank dismay, those of Vast Sea realm, looked towards several Void Cave realm, and several Void Cave realm, they looked at each other, they all saw the hesitation in each other’s eyes .

If Su Ping is just a Void Cave realm similar to them, they can now work together to capture it, but Su Ping shows more power than them, and they don’t know how to take Su Ping for a while.

If you agree with Su Ping, give it to him, the face of the Pagoda will be lost!

With the noise of Su Ping here, impossible made him go away like this, but… they were present, no one could keep Su Ping, so no one dared to speak harshly, so as not to cause it again Su Ping.

If you don’t agree with Su Ping, there is obviously another conflict. No one dares to open this mouth first, so as not to be targeted by Su Ping.

Everyone thought differently, and for a moment they were silent.

Su Ping’s killing intent is emerging, and cold electricity is radiating from the blood, “Why, is there no one who can make the call?”

Several Void Cave realm Legendary’s faces are ugly, especially when they feel the eyes of those Vast Sea realm Legendary, they are even more annoyed. Watching the fuck, you have the ability to speak for yourself.

Just when a few people were in trouble, a sudden roar of noise came quickly from a distance.

The sound is far and near, and there was only a faint sound before, and in a blink of an eye it has roared like a thunderbolt.

Everyone looked up, and soon saw the flying silhouette, all with joy in their eyes.

“Is the deputy tower master!”

“The deputy tower master is here, this guy is going to be finished.”

“The Twilight Mountain actually broke, this guy is dead!”

Many Legendary’s faces are full of joy. Under the pressure of Su Ping, they did not dare to breathe. At this moment, they did not hide the surprise on their faces, and their tight bodies also relaxed.

Void Cave realm Legendary, such as Northern King and Fanyin King, are also deeply relaxed in their hearts, and they won’t be able to live in a real town anymore.

Su Ping also heard the movement and turned to look around.

Flying is a middle-aged person with white hair, white hair like a long silver silk waterfall, a handsome face, with a somewhat indifferent color, at the moment, his hands are carried on his back, and his body is flying at the same time, from time to time The flash of the flash, every time it is a distance of thousands of 100 meters, just a few breaths, has already come to my eyes.


Seeing the broken Twilight Mountain that fell to the ground, this gray-haired middle age person slightly frowned, looked around the audience and quickly fell on Su Ping.

When he saw Su Ping’s appearance of a bone covered body, there was a look of surprise in his eyes.

A curious pet beast fit!

He saw the peculiarity at a glance. This is not an ordinary pet beast fit. He can feel that Su Ping’s breath is not truly integrated with his pet beast, which is more like a “wear “a feeling of.

“Who are you?” The gray-haired middle age person said, his voice was solid and a little majestic.

Su Ping heard the previous Legendary words and said, “Are you the deputy tower master? Under Dragon river Su Ping, come to your peak tower today to seek medicine.”

“Seeking medicine?”

The white-haired middle age person raised his eyebrows and glanced at the Twilight Mountain below which turned into ruins. A cold color appeared in his eyes and said, “Since it is for medicine, why is there trouble here?”

“Without him, others you think you can kill me, I will fight back!”

Su Ping coldly said.


A Legendary immediately stood up and said angrily: “It is clear that you are complaining that we did not take action to save your base, so come here to make trouble!”


“old man can also testify.”

“You are the deputy tower master. You are the master of this cultivation base. You have already killed three Legendary here!”

The other Legendary immediately stood up, all with anger on their faces, not to mention Su Ping’s previous rants and contempt for them. The three Legendary beheaded by Su Ping alone were their acquaintances. The bodies killed by Ping were not fully preserved, making them very angry.

Hearing these Legendary words, the gray-haired middle age person’s eyes shrunk slightly, his face covered with frost, staring at Su Ping and saying: “You said you are from the Dragon river, I have some impressions. I said Paramita earlier The base city to be attacked is the Dragon river. The Peak Tower did not send Legendary. It is our consideration, whether we are willing to rescue. This is our voluntary thing, not something we must do!”

He said coldly: “Willing to save is our compassion, not willing to save, you can’t blame us, who said that powerhouse must shoulder the task of saving the weak?”

“That’s it!”

“Yes, it makes sense!”

The other Legendary immediately echoed loudly and looked at Su Ping with hatred.

When Su Ping heard the deputy tower master, instead of being angry, he also laughed and said, “I agree with this! I did not say that you must be saved, but you received money from our Dragon river, Every year, half of the Dragon River’s taxes are honoured to you, that is all the money squeezed out of the Dragon River’s fingers!”

“Since you have taken the money, you have to do something. If you really don’t have the ability to do something, then listen to me and say a few words, it should be!”

“And I kill people, it has nothing to do with you, it has nothing to do.”

“The three killed by me are all holding killing intent to me because of my words. I think I am not worthy to blame you. Whoever kills me in killing intent in my arms, I will kill to kill, this is my Su Ping Rules of conduct!”

“If it’s because of complaining that you, Legendary, are dead to the Dragon River, hehe, then I am going to kill, not just those three!”


Legendary is irritated by Su Ping’s words and shouted in anger.

“The deputy tower owner is here, so arrogant, so arrogant!”

“Why, you still want to kill us all? Simply impossible, this must be blamed!”

“He must be killed. Such a vicious person is not worthy of mastering his strength.”

“Yes, if you let it go, there will be endless disasters!”

All Legendary are condemning Su Ping and think he is too rampant.

Su Ping couldn’t help but look around the talking Legendary, he couldn’t bear to laugh.


“I don’t deserve to master this power? You gave this power? It’s not my own hard cultivation?”

“I am endlessly suffering? Indulge in the demonic beast raging, and enjoy the ease here, but now worry about the endless troubles? You are really good people who worry about the country and the people!”

The deputy tower owner heard Su Ping’s words, complexion is gloomy, and said: “You know, this is the peak tower, the highest temple in Earth, and your lord is also Legendary. You come here to make a big noise, have you thought about the consequences?”

Su Ping put his laughter away and looked at him with a sneer. “Why, this is the highest palace, can’t you blame it? I came to ask for medicine today, now give me what I want, I will leave immediately, and I will never step into your peak tower again! If you want to avenge the three dead Legendary, I will follow!”

Deputy Tower Master face turned cold, said: “It is not easy for you to become Legendary, but you must destroy your own way here. If you can receive my sword, I will let you go today. If you can’t catch it, you are ready to go. Abyss cave will serve for life!”

Su Ping coldly smiled, “Then try it.”

When the deputy tower owner first came, Su Ping had already seen that the latter was not Void Cave realm, but Destiny Realm Legendary!

Although he is only a 7th grade cultivation base by himself, it is imperceptible by perception, but the key is that he has seen too many Destiny Realm Legendary!

The Heavenly God in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds are all Destiny Realm Legendary.

He is so familiar with the unique breath and coercion that he can know without perception.

Destiny Realm is still very difficult for Su Ping at present, but Su Ping has no fear, he can feel that this deputy tower master is not a very strong Destiny Realm Legendary, compared with those Heavenly God, It’s more than ten times worse, it should be the one just after entering Destiny Realm, which is slightly weaker than the Paramita I encountered earlier.


“Vice Tower Master, slash him with your All-God Devouring Void Sword!”

The other Legendary are all cheers. They know that the deputy tower master said this, not the big one, but the strongest attack secret of the deputy tower master, which is a sword!

If you can catch even that sword, basically other attacks can also be easily caught, and it makes no sense to fight more.

The deputy tower owner did not speak, but two spaces of vortex emerged from behind, and from the inside, two figures emerged from the tower, both of which were King beast at the peak of Void Cave realm.

One of them is Dragon Beast, which exudes a detached breath of Dragon Beast. This is Void Cave realm bloodline’s Dragon Beast. Compared with Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Five Clawed Golden Dragon, it’s noble to be distinguished. Times.

At that moment, Dragon Beast, like a giant mountain, had not landed, so he flew directly to the deputy tower master and merged with his body.

In an instant, the tower master’s body was raised several times, seven or eight meters high, covered with golden dragon scales, and his eyes became dark gold and full of majesty.

He shook his palm, a Space Crack emerged, and a snow-white sword was drawn from inside.

The sword is three meters long and inlaid with seven strange skeletons. At the moment when it was held by the deputy tower master, the sword body exploded with dazzling divine light.

A potential area emerged behind the deputy tower master. There was a phantom god shadow shaking in that potential area, and it seemed that there was a god suspended behind him, exuding great coercion and sacred majesty, which was unstoppable.

Feeling the increasing pressure of the other party, Su Ping’s eyes also became dignified, no support, and the back of the area slowly turned. Several of the vague shadows seemed clear.

At this moment, the two are standing on both sides of the sky. Under the blessing of the back ground, they are like a divine confrontation.

A god-like bright rays of light ten thousand zhang, a devour-like rays of light, and the evil ghost crying behind!

In the blade of the deputy tower master, a flaming holy flame was burned, exuding invincible power, which seemed to cut off all things in the world, and the space was split on both sides of the blade.

Feeling that great pressure, Su Ping’s blood eyes became redder, and he could feel that his skin was torn and felt a kind of tear.

At that moment, he smelled the smell of death, but this stimulation made his brain crazier!


In the area behind him, a ghostly figure twisted out and wrapped around Su Ping. In an instant, his strength within the body surged!

Next, the 2nd evil figure crawled out and wrapped around Su Ping.

With the blessing of two evils, Su Ping’s imposing manner has exploded again!

And seeing this scene, the tower master’s cold eyes behind the Excalibur were fiercely shrunk, revealing a look of shock.

But he didn’t hesitate, at this moment his whole body of strength and spirit was poured on a sword in his hand.


Sword out, time and space concussion!

The space has a distorted black mark, which is torn apart. At this moment, it is like the sun is falling. All the rays of light are dimmed and concentrated to the extreme.

Su Ping also roared and roared out of Subduing Devil Divine Fist.

Golden’s huge fist shadow suddenly blasted out. Behind him, Gigantic Skeleton King sat like Heaven and Earth. On the huge throne, he also punched.


Heaven and Earth shock.

One punch and one sword collided, Heaven and Earth was silent for a moment, and all the sounds seemed to be involved in an instant, and they were swallowed.

After a few seconds, a sudden burst of hong long long sounded, and then everyone’s eyes were swallowed. The dazzling rays of light erupted, causing some Titled to feel stinging in their eyes, unable to straighten Seeing, some eyes can see bleeding water directly, has blinded.

Even some Legendary had to raise their hands to resist.

After the dazzling rays of light erupted, there was a surging energy tide that swept across the crowd, and everyone felt a tremendous and powerful force, pushing their bodies and flying backwards.

bang!! !

The crackling sound of Heaven and Earth echoed throughout Secret Realm!

The sound rolled like a nuclear explosion, and it didn’t go away for a long time.

I don’t know how long I waited. It seemed that everything was silent. After everyone’s eyes were gradually restored, they looked impatiently.

At this point, everyone is stunned.

I saw two figures standing there in midair. It was Su Ping and the deputy tower owner.

Both are there?

Everyone stared wide-eyed, looked carefully towards the teenager, but found Su Ping to be bathed in blood, like a bloody person.

And the deputy tower master on the other side was also a little embarrassed. The flowing white hair was completely missing at this moment, and he was very bald.

Blood stains also appeared at the corner of his mouth, seeming to be injured.

Su Ping gasped deeply and felt a sharp pain all over his body. This pain was not hurt by the other party, but he was over-consumption. After all, he was only a 7th grade cultivation base, the special ability awakened by Little Skeleton, and his The strength of the territory can barely fight this Destiny Realm.

On the opposite side, the deputy tower master looked at Su Ping with a shocked expression.

His sword-shaking hands are shaking, and his entire arm is a little numb, and the shocking power is transmitted to his body through the sword, and he feels that the energy in the body is boiling, making him feel sick. feel.

This boy actually caught his strongest sword?

Even if this sword is for Four Great Heavenly Kings, it can cause considerable damage!

Seeing Su Ping’s bloody forest appearance, the deputy pagoda owner came back to his senses. His eyes suddenly showed Morihan’s killing intent. He could see that Su Ping’s injury was not light, and he seemed to have internal injuries.


He raised his sword again, ten thousand zhang Haoguang gathered on the blade again!


Feeling the killing intent on the opposite side, Su Ping looked up, and his face suddenly became icy and cold. As I said earlier, he let him go after catching a sword, but now he came out with a sword. Obviously, he was in poor condition. Want to cut weeds and eliminate the roots!

He is angry that didn’t expect people of this status are so unbelievable!

“If you want to kill me, it’s up to you… also worthy!!”

Su Ping is really angry. His eyes are blood red. He also has a hidden treasure in his hand. He is an old Dragon King. It can be random transmitted to any place, but it can only be used once.

This hidden treasure, he is useless when facing Paramita. Unless it is a mortal situation, otherwise, once used, he is very likely to send out the area of ​​the Dragon river. If he is not there, the Dragon river except the Rogue shop In addition, it is bound to be destroyed, even if Paramita finally stepped into the Rogue store and was killed by the system, it will not be able to recover the destroyed Dragon river.

If there is only one Rogue store in the big Dragon river, Su Ping wouldn’t want to see it. After all, there are many of his customers, those familiar acquaintances.

The other Legendary and Titled, seeing the 2nd Phantom Devouring Virtual Sword brewed by the deputy tower master, were all stunned. Some Legendary faces showed a happy look, while others Legendary’s eyes flickered.

“Stop it.”

Suddenly, an indifferent sigh came from in the sky.

This sound seems to have come down from the sky dome, and it sounded from in the sky in all directions, with a rumbling sound.

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