Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 525


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Hearing this voice, many Legendary are obviously startled and their face changed.

“Is the tower owner!”

“Is the tower owner actually going out?”

These old Legendary who joined the Pagoda in their early years were shocked towards all around the void.

The tower owner in their mind is the undisputed Number One Person on Earth, the most powerful house! It’s just that the tower owner couldn’t close the gate all the year round, didn’t expect actually broke the mark today, could he be shocked by the war here?

The Legendary who joined in within 100 years were somewhat stunned. They didn’t react until they heard the words of the old Legendary. They were all stunned. Didn’t expect to have the honor to meet the tower owner today. Head of the Divine Dragon But Not The Tail, they have always heard legends about him, but they have never seen them.

“Tower Master!”

Complexion changed, the deputy pagoda master who is brewing the gods of emptiness, the sword energy in his hand immediately collapsed, the convergence faded away, he felt, he turned his head towards towards a void next to him, his eyes changed somewhat, but he still arched his hand Tao: “Master, you are out of the customs.”


Hearing the name of the deputy tower owner, many Legendary and Titled have wide eyes.

The tower owner is actually the master of this deputy tower owner? !

Some old Legendary were not too surprised. They all knew how amazing this genius was, and also knew the relationship between the deputy prince and the prince.


The empty sky is rippling and suddenly showing ripples, and slowly a middle age person in a white robe walks out of it.

The eyes of this middle age person are as bright as stars, deep, with Asian faces, dark hair and shoulders hanging down, very elegant. Some ancients have no shoes, a pair of barefoot feet in the sky, all covered Exudes a restrained and soft breath.

Su Ping glanced at it, his eyes fixed, and felt that in the sky around the middle age person, there seemed to be a snow-white lotus blooming, exuding a pure breath, able to purify the soul and wash and kill.

He felt the inner tyranny and became a lot quieter.

“Destiny Peak?” Su Ping narrowed his eyes, not much waves in his heart.

At the moment, he is still in the state of covering bones, not afraid of Space Imprisonment, if he wants to go, the other party can’t keep.

“See the Tower Master!”

“See the Tower Master!”

At this time, when other Legendary saw the tower owner, they all bowed and saluted, with a very respectful attitude, like facing senior elders.

Although everyone is Legendary, the latter and they are two realm, incomparable.

The Lord of the Pagoda, who walked out from in the sky, looked around everyone, and when he saw the Twilight Mountain, which was beaten down and broken, a bit of heartache flashed in his eyes, he seemed to sigh gently , Looked up towards Su Ping, and after a few glances, his expression suddenly became weird.

“surnamed Su name is flat, uncommon.”

Su Ping also sees that there is no killing intent on this tower master, but he did not relax his vigilance. Previously, a character like that deputy tower master was regarded as the second leader of the peak tower. Without faith, identity is never linked to good or bad life.

Ji Yuanfeng slightly nodded, said: “Your Excellency is enough, you want to stay and join our peak tower, or leave?”

Su Ping said: “I’m here to seek medicine. I heard that you have Soul Raising Herbs here. Give me this medicine. I will leave immediately, so I don’t need to join.”

Ji Yuanfeng was not surprised, and expected that Su Ping would not join, he said to the side tower next to him: “Take this medicine and give it to Mr. Su.”

The deputy tower master froze.

All Legendary and Titled were stunned.

Medicine delivery?

Don’t look into Su Ping’s beheading of three Legendary and destroying Twilight Mountain? !

The deputy tower master is also hesitant. He can feel Su Ping’s killing intent to him. If he let this dangerous guy leave today, it would be extremely unfavorable to him, and it must be a big problem in the future!

“Master…” He opened his mouth slightly.

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him and said, “You said earlier that when someone catches you with a sword, you will let the family leave. As the deputy master of the peak tower, your identity, what you have said will be implemented In the end.”

The deputy tower master’s face seemed to be slapped with a slap, a little ugly, so he had to promise and turned away.

The other Legendary said that the deputy tower master was silent, and he dared not persuade him.

Su Ping stood idly by and said nothing. If the other party was unwilling to take the medicine, he was already ready to rob it directly and stolen into the treasure trove of the peak tower. They were all looted. He had scrolls and storage space, as well as the old Dragon King’s space hidden treasure is not afraid to be installed, but in this case, the price paid is extremely high, and even serious overdraft of lifespan.

However, with the appearance of Ji Yuanfeng, Su Ping is not too sure to grab it.

If it is only the deputy tower master, he is not afraid, the latter is not even as good as Paramita, and Paramita has been killed by him. If he fights really, he may not be able to kill the opponent!

After a while, the deputy tower master returned and came directly to space teleportation.

He has a black golden box in his hand, which was directly dumped to Su Ping.

Su Ping’s eyes were dignified, he took it seriously, and quickly opened it. I saw a fairy grass with a hazy gray mist. The fairy grass was translucent and could see the structure inside the rhizome.

“This is the Soul Raising Herb?”

Su Ping saw it for the first time, and he didn’t dare to admit it, but he could feel that it was probably this thing, because this spiritual grass contained extremely rich spiritual Qi, and also very rich spiritual Qi, these two A very different kind of breath is in the same spiritual grass, but it is totally different, very magical.

Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang in the distance also flew over at this moment, Xie Jinshui raised his head and immediately nodded and said: “Yes, this is the Soul Raising Grass.”

Su Ping nodded, completely relaxed in my heart.

He looked up at this Ji Yuanfeng, nodded and said: “I Su Ping my life gratitude and grudges are clear, I have collected this thing, you are a small favor, if you need it in the future, you can come to the Dragon river Come to me, of course, don’t bother with things that are too troublesome, you know it yourself.”

Ji Yuanfeng raised his eyebrows slightly, indifferently smiled, and said: “No need to be polite, this thing is not mine originally, but the Legendary you beheaded by you. “

Su Ping whispered, said: “Take it from his hand, I’m robbing, I can rob others, and I don’t owe anything, but if someone wants to send me, I will still thank you and take note of the feelings .”

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him and said nothing.

“Let’s go.” Su Ping put away the Soul Raising Herb, and without further ado, he turned away.

Xie Jinshui immediately followed Su Ping. He came with Su Ping. Su Ping wanted to leave. He didn’t dare to stay here, and he wouldn’t dare to step into this peak again in the future.

Who can think of asking for medicine today, which resulted in the death of three Legendary, including the powerhouse in Legendary, the level of Pluto.

The casualties are no less than the losses caused by several beast attacks.

Thinking of the Dragon River’s beast tide, they didn’t let Legendary fall. Instead, three of them are now dead. Xie Jinshui felt regretful.

But he didn’t think Su Ping was doing right. In other words, he had the power of Su Ping, and he also showed his anger. After all, this kind of thing is too annoying.

“Boss Su, wait for me.” Qin Duhuang shouted and followed.

Su Ping was surprised and couldn’t help but glance at him, “What are you?”

Qin Duhuang laughed at him, and then respected to the Jifeng wind respectfully a salute, said: “Tower owner, under the Dragon river Qin Duhuang, I just joined the peak tower, but I plan to withdraw, but, in the future if The peak tower needs my words, such as guarding the Abyss cave. What should I do, I will still fulfill my obligations, I hope the tower owner will be accurate.”

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him, slightly nodded, “Yes.”

Qin Duhuang was stunned, didn’t expect that he promised to be so happy, relaxed in his heart, feeling that the tower owner was quite easy to speak, he cupped the hands again, and then caught up with Su Ping, said with a smile: ” Boss Su, I will be with you in the future.”

Su Ping glanced at him, said nothing, and took the lead to fly away.

The Legendary faces in the front changed, but they still gritted their teeth to avoid them.

Looking at Su Ping and Xie Jinshui, Qin Duhuang and the others leaving, all Legendary are ugly and have complicated eyes.

Let such an outsider come to the tower to show off his power, and finally let it go.

Some Legendary looked towards the tower master, some of them were agitated, but did not show it.

Watching the back of Su Ping and the others leave, Ji Yuanfeng smiled softly and said to himself: “It’s such a cute little Brat.”

When the Su Ping silhouette completely disappeared, the indifferent smile on his face also converged. He looked around the crowd and said, “What the boy said, but is it true? The base outside was attacked by a demonic beast, you all gather What are you doing here, who will explain it to me.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face was transient, and his back was cold and sweating.

It’s enough to say from this that the tower owner has been here long and knows everything!

If this is the case, then Su Ping beheaded the three Legendary…that is, the Tower Master acquiesced!

The reason for this makes them feel a little trembling.

“At the beginning, when the peak tower was built and the Earth Peak powerhouse was gathered, it was hoped to hold up an umbrella to protect Earth!” Ji Yuanfeng’s eyes were cold, and he said: “Our Earth is the original star abandoned by the Federation. If you don’t save yourself, who will save it? Waiting for Starry Sky to crack more and more, waiting for the things in Abyss cave to crawl out?”

“Those outside are weaker than you, but they are hope and fire!”

“Who knows that there will not be a second first generation in it?”

“The young man you saw today is a miraculous fire. Who knows that there will be no second such fire in the destroyed bases?”

Everyone is trembling with fear and dare not say anything.

The deputy tower master also changed his complexion, realizing that the other party came out of retreat this time and it was time to rectify the peak tower.

Ji Yuanfeng’s gaze swept to all the Legendaries, and all the Legendaries he had seen bowed their heads.

The cold in his eyes suddenly converged and shook his head slightly. He knew that some fine divine light is meaningless by saying. Everyone has their own way of living, saying that no more can be changed. Only established rules and order can regulate .

“Paramita ……Dragon river ……”

Ji Yuanfeng raised his head slightly, looking at the sky of the ten thousand li cloudless peak tower, with a touch of worry in his eyes.

Suddenly, he seemed to react, forgetting something.

Paramita appeared in the Dragon river, and the result was… was it captured or failed?

“With the ability of that teenager, you should be able to hold it…”

He said silently in his heart.

“I can’t hold it, the Skywalker there should also be shot.”

“Speaking of it, did I feel wrong, this young man’s Life Aura is only more than twenty, the cultivation base is only 7th grade, strange guy…”


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