Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 528


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After hearing this, Su Ping was curious and asked, “What do seafarers generally do?”


Su Yuanshan asked him when he saw him, and said with a smile: “It is to follow the sea boat to find some scarce materials in the Sea Territory. You know that there are Starry Sky cracks appearing in wasteland, in fact, they also appear in the Sea Territory zone. No one is fighting for these Sea Territory’s Starry Sky rifts. After all, on Sea Territory, there are sea beasts everywhere, whoever finds it is who.”

“The materials inside can be moved at will. Of course, some Starry Sky cracks are extremely dangerous, and some are desperate, hiding the existence of King Beast grade, so we must rely on our professional seamen to detect them. “

“How to detect?”

“Very exquisite, such as sending pet beasts with temporary contracts to explore, without pet beasts, sending seamen.”


Su Ping is speechless, isn’t this life-or-exploration, is this exquisite?

Su Yuanshan laughed and continued to tell Su Ping some things that happened when the seafarer encountered, as well as some strange Starry Sky rift Secret Realm.

Su Ping sat by the bed, listening quietly.

Although the dad said casually, he could feel the danger inside, and sometimes he couldn’t help but squeeze cold sweat for him.

When the two had a similar conversation, Su Ping glanced at him and said, “So, as a seafarer, the stronger the battle strength, the better, so why would an ordinary person do?”

He can feel that there is no star force fluctuation on this dad, not Battle pet master, but an ordinary person that’s all.

“Don’t talk about being a seafarer, doing other things is also the higher the cultivation base, the better, but those who have a high cultivation base, who would like to be a seafarer, is it easy to earn some money on land, this This kind of life-threatening thing can only be done by talented people who have no value in their lives.

“Seafarers are also divided into levels, Battle pet master is a senior seafarer, like me, it is just ordinary seafarers.”

Su Ping was slightly startled, a little silent.

At this time, Mother downstairs came up and called the two to go down to help make dumplings.

Su Yuanshan pats the thighs and gets up to greet Su Ping to go down together.

When downstairs, Su Yuanshan put on an apron, went to the kitchen to chop meat traps, Mother was washing vegetables, Su Ping was sitting in the living room, watching them busy, this picture felt like home, he suddenly felt lack Something, think carefully, there is a certain object that can be bullied.

I don’t know that guy, I learned something at True Martial Academy.

Su Ping shook the head.

Soon, the minced meat is chopped, the parents make dumplings, Su Ping sits and waits to eat.

Some dumplings are prepared. Mother cooks in two pots. The first pot starts with the father and son Su Ping and Su Yuanshan. The second pot cooks her own.

Father and son sat at the table and ate, chatting casually while eating, Su Yuanshan asked about Su Ping things, such as when they awakened, why cultivation reached such a high realm and so on.

Go back to the store.

Su Ping saw several people standing in line in front of the counter, sweeping his face, and found that they were all acquaintances.

When these people saw Su Ping, they immediately greeted each other, and their eyes were full of admiration. During the two days of Su Ping’s coma, his name had spread throughout the Dragon river.

In the post-war news of the Dragon river, there is a picture of everyone defending the city.

There are people with Five Great Families who have left their lives and forgotten their deaths. There are also Titled who came to the reinforcements and rushed in the beast tide. The most striking one is the battle between Su Ping and Paramita, heaven-shaking, earth -shattering.

In the first wave of beasts before, Su Ping’s name spread throughout the Dragon river, and now it is completely famous again.

Countless people with broken families are known to be Su Ping, as well as Five Great Families and those reinforced Battle pet masters, who died to save the Dragon river.

Su Ping greeted them, then turned to the corner of the shop, took out the communicator, and contacted an acquaintance, Blade Venerable.

“Boss Su?”

Blade Venerable was a little surprised by Su Ping’s communication.

Su Ping heard the whistling wind from the side of the communication and asked, “Where are you, is it convenient to come to the store?”

“I’m on my way to the base of the cold city. Is Boss Su having trouble?” Blade Venerable asked.

Su Ping was stunned, nodded said: “I asked you to come to the Dragon river to help you before, didn’t you say, I will give you a gift when the war is over, you go to the cold city base, to help resist the Demonic beast, I Gifts for you can just help you.”

“Boss Su also knows about the cold city base? Well, I’m here now.” Blade Venerable said.

When the communication hung up, Su Ping contacted another communication number, Wu Guansheng who taught Su Lingyue therapy, the latter was also the person he agreed to come to the Dragon river to help after his invitation.

“Old Wu, thank you for the Dragon river. When is free, come to my shop and I will give you something.” Su Ping said.

“Boss Su is very kind, and I will go without you. I’m in the base city of Whale Sea, and I’ve got a lot of Titled and their battle companion injured here. I’m still waiting for treatment and rescue. Go again.” Wu Guansheng was surprised by Su Ping’s newsletter, but he still smiled.

Su Ping thought of the news he just watched, his eyes shook slightly, nodded.

When the communication hangs up, Su Ping returns to the counter to receive these old customers.

Actually, without his personal reception, Tang Ruyan can also receive it for him. Unless Professional training is required, he needs to go out in person.

These old customers have been here many times. Although they want to choose Professional training, their financial resources are not allowed. In addition, this time the Dragon river was hit and the economy plummeted. This impact has radiated to everyone, not just civilians. Those rich and wealthy people are also facing the crisis of bankruptcy, especially some companies that engage in foreign trade business with other base cities. In the current closed stage of the Dragon River, they want to jump off the building.

Pet Nurturing for them. These people said a few words to thank Su Ping for the Dragon River. Su Ping sent them out of the store one by one.

After they walked away, Su Ping returned to the store and felt a little empty. The war had some impact on his store. Many old customers, it is estimated that there is no mood to cultivate pet beast at this moment.

Su Ping wondered if it was time to inform Old Qin and let them Five Great Families come to take care of the business, so that he could prepare enough energy early to revive the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and upgrade the store.

Just when he was thinking, something suddenly came out of the shop.

Su Ping turned his head to look at the silhouette.

But not human.

It’s a fat little mouse.

Su Ping was startled when he saw the purple hair of that purple. This is a Lightening Mouse.

However, they are raised a little bit fat. At first glance, the food is excellent.

When I saw the lightening mouse’s small eyes, Su Ping recognized it all at once and couldn’t help but stunned. This was the Lightening Mouse, Su Yanying’s pet beast, which he cultivated in his shop.

But at the next moment, Su Ping’s face suddenly changed, a little pale.

He feels that this Lightening Mouse is the pet of the unowned at the moment, he can sign a contract with it at any time!

A thought that made Su Ping feel very uncomfortable and a little trembling surfaced. He suppressed the thought and quickly came to the Lightening Mouse.

At this moment, Lightening Mouse squatted on the steps in front of the store, looked up and looked around, seeming to be puzzled.

Su Ping came to it.

Lightening Mouse also saw Su Ping.

When Su Ping saw it, he suddenly thought of something in his mouse eyes, his hair covered with cold hair, his teeth grinning, and he made an attacking gesture.

Su Ping didn’t expect For so long, this Little Brat’s shadow on himself is so deep.

He squatted down and touched his head and asked, “How come you came here, your master?”

Lightening Mouse fangs and wants to dodge, but it seems to be afraid of nothing. Eventually, he did not avoid Su Ping’s palm, just the flashing of the electro-optical crawler, his teeth snarled, showing a vicious look.

When Su Ping heard it, it seemed to be understood. Suddenly, the erected hair softened instantly, and the electric light of zi zi also disappeared. It raised its head and looked blankly. With Su Ping.

Seeing it, Su Ping’s heart twitched slightly.

Lightening Mouse looked blankly from side to side, shook his head away from Su Ping’s palm, turned around, and looked left and right on the street outside the store, as if looking for something.

Su Ping was startled, his face caught in a shadow, making it difficult to see his expression clearly.

“Where is this pet beast.” Tang Ruyan also came out and was surprised when he saw the Lightening Mouse on the ground.

Zhong Lingtong walked out, and at a glance, he saw out of the ordinary of Lightening Mouse, surprisedly said: “This seems to be an unowned pet beast, this is Lightening Mouse? How do I feel its within the body, which contains very much Horrible Thunder Element energy.”

“Unowned pet beast? Isn’t that wild, right? There is a necklace on the neck of this Lightening Mouse, and it should be the owner.” Tang Ruyan observed carefully and said immediately.

Su Ping heard Tang Ruyan’s words, and then noticed that there was a chain in the fluffy purple hair on the neck and neck of Lightening Mouse, with a heart-shaped silver medal in front. He reached out and picked it up. Lightening Mouse seemed to suffer Excitingly, he bounced back suddenly, his teeth grinning at Su Ping, his face full of murderous aura.

This time is an undisguised murderous aura, and it is full of strong Thunder Element energy, terrifying matchless, which is comparable to many high rank Thunder Element pet beast.

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong both opened their mouths in surprise when they saw this exaggerated Thunder Element energy.

Tang Ruyan seemed to think of something and immediately recognized it. She remembered that Su Ping’s customer had a little girl who was a lightening mouse customer.

What she thought at the moment, her face suddenly changed, a little ugly.

Looking at the fierce Lightening Mouse in a fighting stance, Su Ping was not angry and took no further action. When he squatted, he already read the words on the heart-shaped silver medal with a Ying character engraved on it.

You are here…

Do you want to wait until your master?

Su Ping has a dark cloud on his face, fingers clenched slightly.

He knows that Su Yanying impossible abandons Lightening Mouse, which is her strongest battle companion, unless she has an accident.

Before the beast tide came, Su Ping remembered Su Yanying and Ye Hao who had passed the shop and said goodbye here.

didn’t expect That time was the last goodbye.

Su Ping’s fists clenched ka ka, teeth clenched.

The reason why he is willing to face Paramita is that he does not want to see those close acquaintances in trouble, but didn’t expect that he still has no ability to protect all people.

Seeing that Su Ping did not move further, Lightening Mouse looked at him angrily for a moment, and slowly converged to lightening, then the fat body jumped back and forth at the door, looking around from time to time, looked towards the street, and seemed to be waiting for something .

On the left and right streets outside the store, it is empty, and there are no pedestrians on the road.

Su Ping lowered his head, took out the communicator, rummaged through it, and quickly found Ye Hao’s name. He immediately contacted him. There was a blind voice in the communication. He was suddenly nervous and worried that he heard something else. A voice, but soon, the communication was connected and Ye Hao’s voice rang.

“Boss Su?”

Su Ping quietly relaxed in his heart, and said in a low voice: “You went to the city before, how about Su Yanying?”


The silence in the communication, the last hope in Su Ping’s heart slowly sinks.

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