Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 529


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From Ye Hao, Su Ping has got the answer.

Su Yanying, the first girl who visited his shop, really passed away……

Even her memorial service, Su Ping, was missed because of the previous coma and it has ended.

Su Ping feels in a trance.

Life is so fragile.

He felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

He has seen countless lives and deaths, countless blood, but didn’t expect it will be like this when the people around him really die.

He seems to remember that the girl’s goal is to become a Pioneer, make a lot of money, improve the family, and want the whole family to migrate from the slum area to the Shangcheng district and live a good life…

The Lightening Mouse he cultivated gave her hope. She had a bright future, but didn’t expect everything was shattered in this beast attack.

Looking at the Lightening Mouse on the doorstep and looking up at the street, Su Ping already knew why it appeared here. It did not find its owner. He thought that when he came back here, he could wait until the owner came to pick it up again.

But I don’t know its owner, he has completely fallen asleep.

This is destined to be a wait without results.

Su Ping stepped forward, squatted down, and touched Lightening Mouse’s head.

Lightening Mouse turned around abruptly, and immediately grinned at Su Ping, flashing lightning all over his body, bounced Su Ping’s palm away, and was very alert to him.

Su Ping felt the palm of the electric anesthesia, but did not respond. He just looked at it silently and said: “Your contract has been disconnected, and the memory has been erased. You know who you are waiting for Huh?”

Lightening Mouse bared his teeth with a ferocious face.

But looking at Su Ping with no intention of attacking, its erect hair gradually softened again, showing a dazed look on its face, and then an unspeakable sadness slowly poured out.

That’s a kind of sadness that doesn’t know why it is sad.

It raised its head and looked out at the street.

It feels like an extremely important person will appear over there.

But it doesn’t know what that person looks like or what face it is.

Perhaps when the opponent shows up, it understood.

Its body is very agile, and it quickly jumped to the Dragon Beast sculpture next to it, turning a blind eye to the invisible coercion from the Dragon Beast sculpture. It stood in a higher position with the two small paws in front shrinking. Got up, squatted there, staring silently, waiting.

Seeing the appearance of Lightening Mouse, Su Ping felt a little heartache. He didn’t know why the contract broke and Lightening Mouse would still behave like this.

But he knows that the person it is waiting for will never come.

“Little Brat, follow me from now on.” Su Ping slowly put these words into Lightening Mouse’s mind, conveying his emotions and meanings.

Lightening Mouse’s ears moved slightly, but did not look back, as if they were sculpted together with Dragon Beast, looking out at the street.

Su Ping was silent, did not say more, he already understood its intention.

Perhaps for the Battle pet master, there can be many battle companions, but for the pet beast, the Battle pet master is the only one.

Looking at the back of the Lightening Mouse, Su Ping thought of his Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, thought of the back that burned a dragon’s blood and blocked him in front of him, and thought of the sentence that it roared back to the owner, never The fallen unyielding dragon body.

Su Ping clenched his fists slightly, turned around and entered the shop.

“Master, this Lightening Mouse…” Zhong Lingtong opened his mouth slightly, a little moved by this magical Lightening Mouse without a master, and wanted to subdue it.

Su Ping saw what she was thinking, but also knew that with her battle strength, she couldn’t forcefully tame this Lightening Mouse. After all, under his cultivation, the latter’s battle strength reached the 7th grade Peak, and then cooperated with the top ten secrets. Thunder Flash, one of the skills, has the ability to escape even in the face of Rank-8 Demonic beast.

There is no battle strength at the Grand master level, and it is impossible to forcibly subdue it.

“Don’t worry, let it stay, go back to another pet beast store and buy some Lightening Mouse favorite pet food for him.” Su Ping said.

Zhong Lingtong was stunned, and he let out a cry, but then he was puzzled: “Master, don’t we just open a pet beast store? I remember there seems to be Thunder Element spiritual grass that Lightening Mouse loves in the store.”

Su Ping twitched the corner of his mouth slightly. He did have them in the store, but they were only available for sale or pet beasts that signed a contract with him.

Lightening Mouse is now a wild pet beast without an owner. Naturally, there is no way to pay. He can only spend money to buy its pet food from other pet beast stores.

“Just let you go, there are so many questions.” He said ill-humoredly.

Zhong Ling shrank her tongue and didn’t dare to ask any more. She felt that Su Ping was not in a good mood. Thinking of the catastrophe encountered by the Dragon river, she quickly understood.

In the two days when Su Ping was in a coma, she saw the devastation after the war with her own eyes. On the street, she saw the silhouettes of those dilapidated homes drifting away, and the numb expressions on their faces moved her a lot.

“I understood.” She said obediently.


It didn’t take long for a whistling sound to come.

The silhouette of Blade Venerable walked in from outside the store. He saw Su Ping and the second girl in the store at a glance. When he saw Tang Ruyan, his eyes waved, slightly nodded, and said to Su Ping on the other side. : “Boss Su, I am here.”

Su Ping has already sensed the breath of Blade Venerable, turned around and glanced at him, nodded and said: “You are going to the cold city for reinforcements, and I will not delay you. I have a pet beast here that can be sold to you. Need?”

“pet beast?” Blade Venerable was startled slightly, didn’t expect Su Ping to come to him to sell him pet beast.

“Well, it’s the King beast of the Dragon Ze demon when defending the city before, you have seen it.” Su Ping said.

Although this Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast is quite good, Su Ping still intends to sell it. After all, he signed a slave contract, and he cannot bring it to the cultivation world for cultivation. The latter’s cultivation base is destined to stay In Vast Sea realm Peak, unless you surpass the past with your own perception.

Now that Little Skeleton is recovering, Su Ping does not lack the help of Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast for the time being.

“…Is that giant crocodile King beast?!” Blade Venerable heard Su Ping’s words and suddenly stared wide-eyed.

The Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong next to him were also taken aback. They knew the name of the pet beast. Didn’t expect Su Ping actually wanted to sell such a powerful King beast!

Selling, but this is King beast, it is priceless, there is no difference between selling and giving away!

“Yes.” Su Ping nodded, “It happens to be useful when you go to the cold city for reinforcements.”

Blade Venerable stared at him blankly.

He didn’t expect anything. Su Ping said that he would give him a gift. It was such a generous gift!

This is King beast!

Furthermore, in the previous defensive battles, he saw with his own eyes, this giant crocodile King beast one against two, defeated the two king beasts who came to attack the city, and belonged to the cruel level in King beasts.

Didn’t expect, Su Ping is actually willing to sell this pet beast to him!

“The current valuation is 200 million, would you like it or not?” Su Ping asked.

Blade Venerable was caught by Su Ping’s words. When he heard his offer, Unable to bear was astonished and said: “Two, 200 million? Boss Su, did you miss a hundred characters?”

200 million to buy the King beast?

This is King beast, trifling 200 million is not worth mentioning in front of King beast!

Even if two zeros are added at the end, he gritted his teeth and is willing to buy it, even if he will use up all his savings for many years!

After all, the King beast of this level may come by with luck, but not by searching for it. It is absolutely impossible for him to catch one head by his own strength. He can only spend money to ask Legendary for help. .

But Legendary’s shot fee…If you don’t start with tens of billions, you will always speak sorry.

“Only 200 million.” Su Ping said. He just met Lightening Mouse and he doesn’t even have the mood to talk about it. Calmly said: “If you want to, just pay, I will transfer it to you now. “

Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast signed a slave contract. If he terminates the contract, it will have no effect on himself and will not be weak for a few days.

“Yes, of course!” Blade Venerable impatient said authentically.

200 million bought King beast, he didn’t want to hell, thinking of the gift Su Ping said, he was a little touched, this gift is actually a King beast gift bag!

He looked at Su Ping deeply.

For many years, he has followed the original old man, and what he asked for was nothing more than the hope that the other party could give him some inspiration, so that he could step into the Legendary realm. In addition, the other party could capture a King beast for him and make him an Inverse King. level existence.

However, he has followed Yuan for many years. Although the other party has expressed the idea of ​​catching King beast for him, it has not been implemented. Didn’t expect has now obtained a King beast from Su Ping, and it is still extremely cruel. King beast!

“Boss Su…”

He spoke, wanting to say thanks, but in the end the words came to his lips, but he didn’t say anything.

Thank you. Compared with King beast, the weight is too light, and he is a little hard to tell.

Su Ping saw his eyes and understood his intentions, pats his shoulders, and said: “It’s a friend, you don’t need to say it, and this is what I will return to you. You are willing to risk the mortal danger. Dragon river, this is what you deserve, but there is a small condition for buying this King beast.”

Blade Venerable stunned slightly, and quickly said: “Boss Su, but it’s okay for you to say.”

“The condition is that if you become a Legendary in the future, you must not abandon it easily. It will take at least ten years before you can terminate the contract! If your cultivation base exceeds it and you want to terminate the contract in advance, you must come to my shop. It can be done under my witness, can it be done?”

Blade Venerable was stunned. He thought it was a very difficult condition. Didn’t expect it to be such an insignificant little thing.

“Of course!” He not even think authentically: “Boss Su, you value me too much. This is King beast. Even if I become a Legendary, I have to rely on it, let alone become a Legendary. I haven’t found my way yet, I haven’t even seen any hope. Maybe in this life, I may not be able to step into the Legendary realm…”

He was telling the truth. Even though he is still young, it seems that he is very likely to enter Legendary, but he has seen many geniuses, who became Tilted Peak when they were young, and finally failed to set foot in the end of his life. Joining Legendary can only be unwilling to die of old age.

It’s just a realm, but it didn’t find the door, but it was hopeless for life.

“You can, don’t be discouraged.” Su Ping encouragedly said.

Blade Venerable laughed, then asked: “Am I going to transfer the money now?”

“en. ”


Blade Venerable immediately completed the transfer and payment. Although he has not seen the battle companion Su Ping said, he has no fear that Su Ping will deceive him.

When I heard the sound of the transfer, Su Ping realized for the first time that it was not so beautiful.

Although Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast is not his own battle companion, he has fought with him after all, and he feels a little bit reluctant.

Sighed secretly, Su Ping didn’t think much about it. He came to the store and brought out the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast summon.


The huge demon crocodile’s body is cast with mixed gold, exuding domineering and arrogant power, and each scale is full of primitive ferocity, reflecting cold luster.

Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast is very big, filling the whole street.

Seeing this King beast again, Blade Venerable was a little shocked. Previously on the League of Kings, he saw Su Ping riding the king, leaving behind a crowd of Titleds and leaving, didn’t expect this King now. beast will become his battle companion.

His eyes are shining, as if admiring peerless beauty, he can’t put it down to look at the dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast all over his body.

Su Ping stepped forward and stroked the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast lightly. The idea passed, giving it a farewell thought.

Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast gave a low growl, and the ferocious within both eyes showed a bit of confusion.

Next moment, Su Ping cut the contract.

With the break of the slave contract, the confusion in Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast’s eyes dissipated, it suddenly felt that something was missing in its mind, and something imprisoned in it seemed to be broken, it had a kind of release Feeling like, unable to bear, raise up to the sky and let out a long roar.


The beast roars loudly, running through several dozen li.

Countless people were shocked, thinking that Demonic beast would strike the city again.

But when I heard the sound coming from the direction of Rogue, some old Rogue customers suddenly appeared in a daze. If it came from that place, most likely it was the pet beast in the Su Ping store, even if it wasn’t. That’s okay. With Boss Su sitting there, even the invading King beast can be killed.

Outside the store.

Su Ping said to the Blade Venerable next to him: “You can sign a contract with it.”

Blade Venerable heard this loud and powerful roar, and felt blood boil all over his body. Hearing Su Ping’s words, he immediately impatiently stepped forward to the ground and signed a contract.

There is the suppression of the power of the shop. Although the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast perceives the intention of Blade Venerable and wants to resist, it is suppressed by the power of the system and can only be described by the contract.

When the curse of the contract sinks in the minds of both parties, a permanent connection also appears in the two lives that are strange to each other.

Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast is quiet. It has just signed a contract and is bound by the contract. It maintains initial loyalty to its master, unless the is Master does something that makes it extremely angry. The resistance to the master consciousness.

“From now on, you will be my partner.” Blade Venerable stepped forward, with an incomparable tenderness in his eyes, stroking the rough scales of the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast.

Through the idea of ​​the contract, he can feel the emotion of the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast, and he can sense that this battle companion has a lonely soul.

But at this moment, he came to accompany and guard this lonely soul.

Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast lowered his head, looked at him, and let out a low growl as a response to his words.

Seeing that they completed the contract, Su Ping was relieved and said: “Take care of it.”

“I will.”

Blade Venerable put away the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast, looked at Su Ping, and said: “There are some things, I won’t say much, Boss Su, I will go now.”

“en. “Su Ping nodded.

Blade Venerable cup one fist in the other hand, then turned around and took off, waiting to fly into the sky, calling out a flying battle companion, and then whizzing away, disappearing into Su Ping’s sight.

Su Ping also retracted his gaze. There is Blade Venerable and Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast. If they go to Cold City for reinforcements, they should be able to keep Cold City, unless Cold City is also like Dragon river, with Tian King grade hidden behind it. Demonic beast is planning.

Turning around, Su Ping was about to enter the store. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the little purple silhouette. It was still looking out at the street, including the huge movement of the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast, but failed to turn it away. Sight.

Su Ping’s eyes flashed, he retracted his gaze, and turned to enter the store.


The Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast has just been sold, and 200 million of income has been converted into 2 million of energy.

Su Ping entered the store, without hesitation, gave the store to Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong, and then came to the pet beast room, he looked at Joanna, the cultivation in the Fostering seat, and let her take care of the store.

This time he is going to the Dragon Realm, and Joanna can only stay in the store.


Turning out the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, Su Ping has a firm gaze and directly teleports in.

Joanna in the Fostering seat looked at the space vortex and swallowed Su Ping with rays of light flashing in her eyes. Su Ping had previously promised her to go to Immemorial Divine World. She still didn’t believe it, but now she believes it more and more Su Ping has the ability to do it, but she has not accumulated enough points to become an excellent employee.

She felt a little eager and expectant in her heart.


Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm.

In a dark brown rocky jungle, with a scream, a tiny silhouette suddenly appeared, falling on the rock like a tiny ant.

Su Ping raised his head, looking up all around.

This is the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm?

This is…the world of dragons?

When Su Ping was looking at it, a reckless dragon roar suddenly appeared from a distance, shaking the void. The dragon roar was behind a giant tree forest.

next moment, Su Ping saw a giant dragon with a huge body and several hundred meters, soaring from the giant tree forest in the distance, a pair of giant wings spread out, covering the sky and the sun, covering a large area. Shadows.

Su Ping saw that there was still a Dragon Beast in the mouth of this Dragon Beast, dripping with blood.

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