Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 531


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During other Dragon Beast discussions, the surrounding purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon has surrounded the Su Ping group, all of them are extremely angry, exuding intense killing intent.


The few purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons closest to Su Ping suddenly burst into an astonishing imposing manner, overbearing, and rushing towards Su Ping at swift speed. The huge body is like thunder, approaching like a purple cannonball, pushing out the air. Sonic boom.

Su Ping frowned, quickly raised his fist, within the body energy surging into his arm, Subduing Devil Divine Fist slammed out, exploded with a bright divine light, and pushed forward.


The space was pushed into a burst of layers, and accompanied by a loud noise, a dark gray space collapsed and appeared, and energy was involved in it, continuously annihilating.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons that rushed towards Su Ping were all shocked by the exploded fist strength. The dragon body shook and flew backwards, but didn’t suffer much injury. It was Su Ping show mercy. .

“Stop, I don’t want to be an enemy.” Su Ping said solemnly.

Seeing the power of Su Ping this fist, the surrounding Dragon Beast was shocked.

“Crushing the void, is this the power of Heavenly Dragon?”

“This Low rank creature is actually Heavenly Dragon rank, how is it possible!”

“His breath is obviously weak…”

A group of Dragon Beast looked towards Su Ping, surprised and suspicious.

Heavenly Dragon rank is already considered a first-class predator in the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss realm.

“hmph, can Heavenly Dragon level come here to go wild, trifling ant creatures, dare to seek the dragon source of our clan, and prepare to die!”

The burly purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon in front suddenly took a step in coldly snorted, a pair of dark purple dragon eyes coldly looked down at Su Ping, exuding strong energy fluctuations, and dark gray around its body The traces of, extend all around like tentacles, cutting the space around them.

Only the overflow of energy can turb the void. This scene makes the Dragon Beast of the other races look serious.


It lifted the dragon claw, and did not see how to act, the void in front of its dragon claw was suddenly shattered, and at the same time, a shocking force suddenly rushed out through the annihilated void.

Su Ping’s gaze moved slightly. Although he did not sense the fluctuation of energy, he felt a dangerous invasion based on his extremely rich combat experience. His body flashed suddenly and disappeared instantly, appearing outside several hundred meters, next moment , The afterimage in his place was suddenly penetrated, and was shot by a gray dragon claw of nothingness.

This dragon claw smashes the afterimage and the surrounding space to pieces.

Seeing that his attack was dodged, this purple blood Heavenly Dragon complexion slightly changed, anger and killing intent gushing from the dragon’s eyes, its energy is turbulent, and it gathers into a dark purple giant hand in front of it. This hand is not like a dragon claw, but like the palm of some ancient god and devil, it is 100 meters long, and it penetrates into the sky, and it disappears.

Su Ping suddenly felt that the void around his body was imprisoned. The formidable power was extremely strong, like a solidified cement, which fixed his body firmly, unable to move and flash.

At the same time, the surrounding void shattered, the purple giant palm that had previously disappeared appeared, and Su Ping happened to be in the palm.

Grasp the giant palm and crush Su Ping.

Su Ping’s eyes burst with blood light and murderous aura, and his whole body exploded. Behind it, a chaotic field of chaos emerged. Inside, there were two ghosts wandering. It seemed Freed from a certain kind of control, he leaped towards Su Ping’s body, using his body as a straw to grab it.

With the entanglement of the two demon dao shadows, the blood light in Su Ping’s eyes is booming, and his whole body is climbing up again in an imposing manner. He roars and explodes into the sky, suddenly breaking free from the shackles in the purple giant palm, and towards the purple Blood Heavenly Dragon kill.

“Take my punch!!”

Su Ping roared.


One punch exploded, and the dazzling punch light resembled a small sun, extremely blazing.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon has a look of shock in his eyes. Su Ping’s this fist is too fast and too fierce. The space in front of him is cracked, and there is a feeling of being unable to resist.

But it still instinctively raised its hand and displayed the Bloodline defensive skills of the Purple Heavenly Dragon clan.

There was a loud bang, and the mountainside was shaking.

A large amount of dust and mist gushed out, the dust was filled, and then was swept away by the strong wind.

in midair, Su Ping’s silhouette stood panting, and in front of him, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was unharmed, but beside it, there was a deep pit of several hundred meters.

“I just came to seek Longyuan, not willing to be an enemy.” Su Ping gasped, and he showed mercy.

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was stunned, seeing the big hole next to it, the dragon’s eye contracted slightly.

After hearing Su Ping’s words, its eyes flickered slightly, and then stepped back a certain distance. Just as Su Ping was about to talk, suddenly, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon angrily roared: “Stop it, kill it !”


The other Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon roared.

The purple blood around the Heavenly Dragon are all bursts of Purple Qi. These Purple Qi are connected to each other, like some kind of ancient array.

Among them, Purple Qi gathers the most intensely, it is the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon who is fighting Su Ping. At the moment, it is in the formation eye, and its strength is rising, bursting out a more terrifying and powerful imposing manner than before.

“Looking for the source of the dragon? You are also worthy of an ant creature like you?”


This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon loudly roared, with Purple Qi all over the body, physique skyrocketing, in a blink of an eye it is 4,500 metres huge, like a huge mountain.

It waved the dragon claw, and the turbulent energy gathered on its chest and turned into the dark purple giant palm again, but this time is not only the giant palm, but the forearm behind the palm is condensed, and the forearm is wrapped around. The ancient spell.

This palm exudes a fierce imposing manner, as if it is going to sweep across the sky, with an unparalleled pressure, it quickly grabs Su Ping.

Su Ping froze.

He didn’t expect to be merciful twice, but he didn’t get a chance to exchange and negotiate.

Looking at the ancient giant palm that was flying fast, his fists slowly clenched, and a rich blood light poured out in his eyes. He knew that peace talks were already impossible, only…kill!

Knelt down until they trembled! !


Su Ping soared into the sky, bursting out with a deafening roar, blood burned all over, igniting an overbearing and invincible force. In the potential area behind him, the 3rd evil shadow climbed out.


Su Ping’s imposing manner increased again, and he roared up to the sky, greeted the ancient giant palm.


This giant palm seems to have been suppressed from the sky, to crush Su Ping.

Su Ping roared and shot up against the sky.

The subduing Devil Divine Fist’s coercion broke out, and the golden fist shadow rushed out and hit the ancient giant palm.

The ancient giant palm is extremely strong, its momentum is slow, and it still shoots down straight down. In its palm, the space is confined, and in it, Su Ping feels that the power within the body seems to be creeping away. , Although very weak, he felt deprived of time.

This ancient giant palm is actually a Starry Sky level skill!


Su Ping stays true to each other, roaring and bumping his head.

next moment, his body shattered unexpectedly and exploded into blood mist. The Little Skeleton that was attached to him was also shattered, but Little Skeleton was not dead and condensed in the sky again.

And Su Ping’s body condensed in the same place at the same time.

When he came back to life, the ancient giant palm that had fallen from the shot had already passed from here, and at this moment, it hit the ground directly behind Su Ping.

Su Ping’s eyes were filled with murderous aura. Without looking back, he called Little Skeleton to cover his body again. When he was covered with bones, his blood burned again, and the raging power continued to gush out from Abyss.


Su Ping roars, press forward, and kills the purple blood Heavenly Dragon.

A sneer just appeared on the face of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, but when he saw Su Ping appearing out of thin air, he couldn’t help but eyes shrank, showing a deep shock.

The Dragon Beast of the other races around are also stared wide-eyed, and their scales are trembling, and there is a sense of horror.

This is… the flow of time?

Power of Time that can only be mastered by Starry Sky? !


Su Ping at the moment when the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was shocked and absent-minded, he flashed in front of it, and hit the soft part of its chin and neck with a punch. The turbulent fist strength erupted, and the scales on its lower neck cracked and melted. Make a huge blood hole.

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