Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 532


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“die for me!!”

Su Ping roared, and there was no show mercy anymore this time. Following the huge blood hole, gathering all the power of the whole body, a punch slammed into the skull of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon.


The violent fist burst instantly. The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon’s eyes were full of horror. He opened his mouth to ask for mercy, but as soon as his mouth opened, the top of his head burst suddenly, leaving only half of his head, and his brain splashed.

Seeing this scene, the other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons are stunned, surprised and angry.

Su Ping actually dared to be a killer!

Here is the Holy Mountain of Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon!

It’s their home!

Someone dared to hit the door and kill them clansman!

The sin is unforgivable!


One after another dragon roars in anger, and the surrounding purple blood Heavenly Dragon immediately displays the legendary dragon skills of one after another. I saw energy boiling in the air, space agitating, and chaotic energy storms condensed on Su Ping’s head, like A purple cloud, but it is full of violent energy, any strand is enough to easily kill Legendary!

This is the energy of all the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragons present, and the racial group skills released through resonance!

“Kill him!”

“Let him die!!”

The Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon all roared angrily.

The strong purple storm smashed against Su Ping, and wiped him out to ashes!

Su Ping raises his head, his eyes are bloody, here he no longer has to worry about consumption and repercussions, at this moment he is screaming in the heart, and he needs more power! !

Break my blood and give my strength! !


Behind him, a huge illusory shadow of the Skeleton King appeared, and roared thousands of years ago.

Su Ping’s covered white bones are shrinking, and a large amount of blood bursts out of his body. The whole person is like a bloody man, but his imposing manner is unprecedentedly prosperous. Murderous aura boils and sacrifices. The power exchanged by the blood is all concentrated in the fist.

“break for me!!!”

Su Ping roared, and the dazzling Subduing Devil Divine Fist burst out, his fist slammed upwards, like a group of dazzling golden scorching sun gradually raised, crashing into the sky of Purple Qi energy.


Heaven and Earth silent huge earthquake, hot and dazzling rays of light erupted, like a mushroom cloud, but there was no sound, that blazing rays of light was also swallowed in an instant, the space collapsed into a huge dark vortex, Like a black hole, it is full of torn dark storms, as if leading to another world.

Su Ping, who was covered in blood, killed the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon on the ground!

“die for me!!”

Su Ping screamed, violent fists were thrown out, and every punch shattered the space. These purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons belonged to Vast Sea realm and Void Cave realm. At this moment, although they are in Formation, they face Su Ping’s brutal punch came, but he was unable to resist, and his body was instantly punched out of a huge hole.

bang! bang! bang!

Su Ping is like a madman, infiltrating into the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon, beheading all the way, all the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon is not the enemy of a punch, either death or serious injury.

Seeing that Su Ping is so cruel, the Dragon Beasts of other races next to them are scared witless. No other creature has dared to make such a noise on the Holy Mountain of the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon and kill so many Purple Blood Heavenly. Dragon, this is going to be chased until the end of the race!

Looking at Su Ping, who is as fierce as Demon God at this moment, these Dragon Beasts are hesitating to consider whether to help.

While they hesitated, Su Ping had killed more than a dozen purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons, among them the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon of Void Cave realm. Although they used the Dragon Race defense skills, they failed to catch Su Ping. Punch!

At this moment, Su Ping’s Subduing Devil Divine Fist has already unconsciously stepped into the 2nd floor. With his strength at the moment, it is enough to compete with Destiny Realm. Those who deal with these Void Cave realms can completely crush. Pressure.

Kill Kill Kill!

Su Ping had no mercy on the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon from the previous show mercy, and he was unrelenting in killing at this moment. He tried his best with every punch, and he simply didn’t care about the opponent’s attack and didn’t think about defense at all!

Soon, his body was attacked by a Heavenly Dragon sneak attack with purple blood, and his head was blown up.

But at the next moment, Su Ping was resurrected immediately, and after the resurrection, he entered the peak state when he first cultivated the world. He once again became a bone demon, burned blood, raised his power to the limit, and continued to kill.

“It’s you, don’t even want to run!”

In the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, Su Ping saw the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon that came from the previous one. His black hair was thrown away, and he was bathed in blood, like Demon God, swaying other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons. Step out and chase it directly.

Seeing Su Ping coming straight to him, the scales of this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon were almost white, and a pair of cold dragon eyes while hunting was full of fear.

It didn’t expect this creature to be so crazy, instead of kneeling down and apologizing, it’s still killing it here!

Moreover, the power of this Low rank creature is beyond its imagination.

The most frightening and puzzled thing is that Su Ping can be resurrected. It was killed twice before and was resurrected on the spot. It all doubted whether Su Ping was a Starry Sky-class creature.

But if they are Starry Sky-class creatures, they use time power directly in battle, how can they resist?

“You, don’t come here!”

Seeing Su Ping’s striding meteor chasing, this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is no longer unable to bear, and cried out in horror.

In their lair of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, where Holy Mountain is, it is afraid of a foreign creature, and even feels pleading in its words, which itself feels incredible.


Su Ping roared, and his body Tearing the Void flashed instantly. He stepped out and stepped directly on the back of this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon. The power on his feet was like a mountain. Heavenly Dragon trampled on the ground, and then he raised his fist, moved towards its head fiercely and smashed it.

There was a bang, and as soon as the pleading sound came out, the head of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon burst open.

The hot brain splashed Su Ping all over, and he didn’t use the star shield to resist it at the moment, unscrupulous, like a wild beast.

After slaying this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, Su Ping turned around and looked towards other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around him with crimson eyes.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons who originally planned to rush over to fight Su Ping to death were all shocked by the monstrous baleful qi in Su Ping’s eyes, and they were shocked by the impossible to bear.

They never thought that a Low-rank creature could shock them.

They are Dragon Race!

Among the heavens and all the races, they are all first-class races, the king of beasts!

At this moment, I was shocked by Su Ping?

Some purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons felt ashamed when they were horrified, but seeing Su Ping with blood and similar brains, the anger inspired by that shame was extinguished in an instant. This is simply a demon, crawling from Abyss The demons who came out, they are all backing away, just waiting for the great character shocked by Su Ping to come and execute him.

The other Dragon Beast next to him saw Su Ping standing in a pool of blood, surrounded by a circle of purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, but no one dared to step forward. I couldn’t help being shocked. This scene was too impactful. In this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon Holy Mountain, this kind of picture is simply unimaginable. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes and killed them, they couldn’t believe that such a thing would happen.

“Tell me, where is Long Yuan!”

Su Ping’s eyes are blood-red, murderous aura is surging, and his eyes are fixed on the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon in front of him.

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was stunned by Su Ping’s imposing manner. It trembled and said: “Low rank creature, you won’t be fierce for long. When the saint of my race comes, you are ready to wait for death!”

“You die first!”

Su Ping strode out, Tearing Space, and appeared directly in front of the purple blood Heavenly Dragon. His body was only as large as the dragon scales of the purple blood Heavenly Dragon, but at this moment, with his silhouette descended on the purple blood In front of Heavenly Dragon’s head, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon trembled when it was equal to its pair of dragon eyes.


Su Ping punched in an instant, and the dazzling fist light illuminated the pupils of this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon. Next moment, its head was flooded with fist light, and the huge dragon head burst forth.

In the place where its head burst, there was a shattered void, and the space there was shattered!

Su Ping suddenly turned around and looked towards the other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon: “Tell me, where is Dragon Origin!!”

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon shivered when it saw the tragic death of its companions. The one that was just killed by Su Ping was the Void Cave realm purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, but it was the Vast Sea realm, and its strength was weaker.

Even the Void Cave realm had no ability to fight back in front of Su Ping. It felt the shadow of death. Although Su Ping’s silhouette was small, it occupies the entire world in its sight at this moment.

Watching Su Ping approaching, it retreats from the impossible to bear, and trembles: “Dragon, the source of the dragon is on the top of the mountain, you, don’t be afraid of death, go!”

“Top of the mountain?”

Su Ping stopped and looked up at the summit of this huge mountain.

Beside this mountainside, there is a huge ladder leading to the top of the mountain.

No more nonsense, Su Ping immediately turned around and flew directly to the top of the mountain.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon around are all frightened, without blocking.

After flying to a few thousand meters, Su Ping suddenly felt that there was some power in the air, oppressing his body, and he burst out of his whole body strength, but as he kept flying upward, the restraint of that power became greater and greater.

Su Ping had to land, and when he landed on the giant ladder, the oppression disappeared.

“Can fly as high as 7000 meters!”

“The Rule Power under the stars can actually defy!”

“It’s horrible!”

Those purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons and Dragon Beasts of other races were all shocked by Su Ping’s actions just now.

This Holy Mountain is covered by Rule Power!

Up the mountainside, foreigners are prohibited from flying. This is the rule!

Su Ping unexpectedly flew out 7000 meters under the pressure of this rule. This is an unimaginable height. Destiny Realm Dragon Beast of other races may not be able to do it.


Su Ping landed on the huge ladder to the sky. After feeling that the binding power disappeared, he immediately exploded and sprinted forward, his feet swimming electro-optically, stepping out one after another afterimage.

On the giant ladder, Su Ping is like a light purple smoke, rushing out 1000 meters in a blink of an eye, faster than flying directly upwards.

“On the top of that mountain, there is a Starry Sky class seat…”

Su Ping thought of the words of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, and looked up at the top of the cloud-covered mountain. The huge mountain was too high to see the peak.

However, even if there is a Starry Sky class, Su Ping must go!

Su Ping keeps burning blood, allowing Little Skeleton to transform it into power and deliver it to him, and keep sprinting at full speed at all times. His silhouette has reached nearly ten times the speed of sound, 2,000-3,000 meters per second, a normal Tilted rank Even his silhouette at the moment can’t be seen clearly, but despite this, it took more than ten minutes before Su Ping came to the top of this huge mountain!


When he stepped onto the last huge step, Su Ping immediately felt a heavy pressure oscillate over his head, his body trembled and he was almost knocked down and flying down the steps.

Fortunately, he has extremely rich combat experience, and immediately stabilized his body as soon as his strength turned.

Looking up, Su Ping saw an extremely wide and flat place. At the end of his sight, there was a huge purple lake like a waterfall.

The purple water in the lake exudes bursts of fragrant fragrance and a strong Dragon Qi.

Su Ping’s eyes condensed, and he immediately asked system in his heart, “Is that Longyuan?”


Su Ping nodded, inexplicably relaxed.

Finally found it.

Just in front of you.

He took a deep breath, retracted his gaze from the Longyuan Lake, and turned his eyes to the one after another on both sides of the huge silhouette that cannot be ignored like Abyss.

All are Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon!

There are eight in total, and each of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons is much larger than what Su Ping sees below. It is 4,500 metres in length, which is extremely difficult to deal with than the one Su Ping killed. Destiny Realm Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon is even bigger!

Su Ping feels the extremely vast aura from these purple-blooded dragon bodies, but from his experience in Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, these purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons are the peak of Destiny Realm. The very extreme one is not the Starry Sky class, and there is no such ethereal and vast aura of the Starry Sky class.

next moment, Su Ping saw a purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon again!

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon lies next to the dragon source lake. His body is as large as 1000 meters, with purple scales all over his body. The color is darker than the surroundings, and it seems to be covered with dust, but it is half open and closed. pair of dragon eyes, but with an extremely deep breath of nothingness, looking at Su Ping indifferently without emotion.

Su Ping felt the pores all over his body shrink slightly, and he felt shivering just by being looked at.

Starry Sky class!

There is no doubt that the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon 1000 meters in front of you is definitely a Starry Sky-class creature!

Su Ping’s face changed slightly, but he didn’t step back, he was already here, just the last step.

“How to use Longyuan to revive Purgatory Candle Dragon beast?”

Su Ping asked System in his heart.

System replied: “Just let the dragon soul of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast soak in the dragon source, and the dragon body will automatically reorganize the dragon body for it. This is the characteristic of the dragon source. Cherish all the dragon beasts.”

Su Ping got it.

He lifted his foot and stepped forward.


A void of power instantly suppressed it. It was a spatial secret skill, which not only confined the space around Su Ping, but also turned into a spatial giant hammer, fiercely smashed it down.

Su Ping exploded with all his strength and withstood the blow, but the bones outside his body cracked.


The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon on the right has a slightly surprised expression on its indifferent expression. It seems that didn’t expect Su Ping can actually catch its attack.

“Low-rank creatures, trespassing on our Holy Mountain, they can be exterminated!” This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon indifferently said, next moment, the space around Su Ping’s body suddenly split, and numerous voids appeared from inside. The sword smashed towards Su Ping instantly.

Su Ping complexion changed, he hurriedly threw his fist to resist, but the imposing manner of these void swords was extremely amazing and sharp, and he tore his body instantly.


The blood exploded.

But next moment, the blood dissipated again, and Su Ping was resurrected in place.


Seeing the resurrected Su Ping, the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon’s originally indifferent eyes like an ancient well, all opened for it, showing shock.

“Go back in time?”

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon lying next to the Dragon Source Lake also squinted the dragon’s eyes. This is the power that the Starry Sky class possesses, but the human in front of him does not seem to be of the same class.

“It doesn’t seem to be released by itself.”

“Could it be some hidden treasure?”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is whispering. When it comes to hidden treasure, the dragon’s eyes are full of light.

Starry Sky level hidden treasure!

Even for them, this has a fatal attraction.

“There was such a big noise at the foot of the mountain, and I dared to come and die. Sure enough, there are some hole cards, but now I have to hand it over.” The purple blood Heavenly Dragon said with a sneer that was shot earlier, in it while Speaking, Su Ping’s body once again condense countless swords of the void.

Su Ping ignored the Sword of Nihility next to him. As soon as he was resurrected, he immediately merged with Little Skeleton, bursting out with all his strength, and sprinting forward!

His goal is Longyuan!

In any case, send the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to Longyuan!


These sharp void swords immediately killed Su Ping’s body. This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is the limit of Destiny Realm. It is only one chance of sudden enlightenment from the Starry Sky realm. Its power is far more powerful than Su The Destiny Realm who Ping fights on the mountainside is stronger. Although they are all Destiny Realm, they are like two realm.


Su Ping appeared again, and then continued to sprint forward!


This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is slightly startled, didn’t expect Su Ping to be resurrected.

It immediately shot again, this time is from the front of Su Ping condense Wandao sword energy, to kill Su Ping to pieces.

“fuck off! !”

Su Ping roars, punched out!

He can not resist the attack from behind, but at this moment, no one can stand in front of him!

With a bang, a violent shock sounded, the sword energy was shattered for thousands of times, and the remaining sword energy cut out the bones of Su Ping’s body one after another crack, along with the places that the bones did not cover. , Was also torn apart, and suddenly became a blood man.

Su Ping roared and rushed forward.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was a little angry, and once again condense a large piece of sword energy strangling.

Su Ping couldn’t stop him, his body was cut to pieces, but just after being cut to pieces, he came back to life again, and then continued to sprint.

Every time he is killed and every time he is resurrected, he can advance for several thousand meters.

After death again and again, Su Ping is sending Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to Longyuan continuously.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is completely angry. Even if it is a Starry Sky hidden treasure, it is not so shameless, right? He killed Su Ping more than a dozen times, but he still kept resurrecting? There is no end!

“He wants to be near Longyuan!”

“Stop him, how can this Low rank creature allow him to pollute the Dragon Source.”

Seeing Su Ping’s intentions, the other Purple Blood Heavenly Dragons all looked coldly and shot.

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons at the top of Destiny Realm shot at the same time. Su Ping was bombarded with no resistance or suspense, but at the next moment, he was resurrected again.

As soon as he was resurrected, he merged with Little Skeleton and rushed forward for a few thousand meters.


next moment, his body burst open again.

“Damn, how can there be endless resurrection?!”

“What level of hidden treasure is this, is it not so exaggerated by the star master?”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon are all angry and keep attacking, but Su Ping keeps resurrecting. Their attacks are not without effect. They can kill Su Ping every time, but what makes them angry is to kill It’s useless to die, Su Ping is still resurrected like a ghost, ignoring them at all.

After dying hundreds of times, Su Ping finally came to the Longyuan Lake.

At this moment, the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon of the Starry Sky class slowly spoke, and said: “You are not our Dragon Race, why do you have to get the source of our dragon?”

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around all stopped their attacks and looked at Su Ping coldly.

“If I want to resurrect my dragon pet, I must use the dragon source.” Su Ping said.

After finishing speaking, he was shocked in his heart. He felt that he had answered subconsciously. This old Starry Sky dragon, in his words, could allow him to answer it involuntarily.

“Dragon pet?”

Old Long looked at Su Ping quietly, and said: “Is it a descendant of my clan, let me see, maybe I will agree to give you some dragon source for resurrection.”

Su Ping startled, he hesitated for a while, but the matter was over, he didn’t think much about it, and brought out the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast summon, along with its parasitic soul-raising fairy grass.

The hazy red soul energy gushes out, and the illusory shadow of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast appears on the crystal clear and near-transparent soul-raising fairy grass. It saw the surroundings and was taken aback for the first time. To so many powerful Dragon Beast.

“This is, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast?”

“It seems to be…”

When I saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon around was obviously stunned and a little surprised. They thought that Su Ping was going to summon the Dragon Beast, either from their purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan or something else. Those few vassal clans, but didn’t expect, they are actually a Dragon Beast clan that is not a Legendary bloodline.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, inhabits this purple blood dragon abyss realm, but it is only the extremely weak Dragon Race inside.

Bloodline can’t reach Legendary. In the eyes of their Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan, they are completely ants, and they are not treated as their own clan at all.

Starry Sky old dragon is also slightly startled, didn’t expect to use this kind of low rank Dragon Beast as a pet beast with a battle strength like Su Ping.

“You actually want to use the dragon source of my purple blood Heavenly Dragon clan to resurrect this lowly thing?”

“This is also called a dragon pet?”

“I use it as food, I feel dirty!”

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around are very unhappy.

Starry Sky old dragon also put away the strange color in his eyes and restored his calm. It looked down at Su Ping and said: “You just want to resurrect it?”

Su Ping heard the words of other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around him, he clenched his fists slightly, looked up at the old dragon in front of him, and said: “Yes, you have so many dragon sources here, if you can divide me some, I am willing to exchange things with the same price, and I will never let you lose.”

Starry Sky Lao Long saw a mocking rays of light in his eyes, saying: “It’s not necessary anymore.”

The words fell, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in front of Su Ping suddenly showed pain, the next moment the soul energy all over the body was suddenly torn apart and annihilated.

Su Ping froze.

The dissipated soul energy passed by, and Su Ping felt that time had stopped.

This moment is like a moment of 10,000,000 years, frozen here.

He lowered his head, feeling his body tremble uncontrollably.

“Your purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan, should be annihilated…” He whispered, neither roaring nor roaring, as if it was just for himself.

next moment, he silently recites the resurrection.

The dissipated Purgatory Candle Dragon beast dragon soul is resurrected again.

But only the appearance of Jackie Chan’s soul resurrected.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is still his battle companion today, where he cultivates the world and can still be resurrected again and again!


Seeing the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, the old Starry Sky dragon was slightly startled, and the eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around were also stunned, somewhat shocked.

They didn’t expect, not only Su Ping himself can be resurrected, but also his pet beast!

Previously, they attacked Su Ping and killed them again and again, but Little Skeleton, who combined with Su Ping, was almost immortal and could not be killed by them, so they didn’t expect this scene to happen.

“Go, enter Longyuan!”

Su Ping passed on to the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast reacted, seeing the dragon source lake ahead, and immediately flew over.

Starry Sky Lao Long reacted, a cold light flashed in his eyes, “You dare!”


Its 1000 meters dragon body stood up suddenly, its stalwart body, like a giant peak, exuding a monstrous imposing manner. The dim scales on its body also fade away like dust at this moment, blooming a bright purple divine. light.

It didn’t attack again. Since Su Ping can resurrect this pet beast, it’s useless to do it again. It just uses an imposing manner to oppress, so that Su Ping knows that such a lowly thing is not worthy of entering Longyuan.

Under the coercive shock of this old Starry Sky dragon, the body of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast could not stop, and the virtual incarnation body of the soul fog structure trembled violently.

Although it has seen a lot of Starry Sky level existence following Su Ping, even in Primal Chaos Dead Spirits world, even some unspeakable existences have been seen, and the courage has been tempered, but at this moment, the old Starry Sky dragon is Using the imposing manner of the Starry Sky level, it directly suppressed the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

This is completely different from ordinary deterrence. It originated from the dragon prestige of Bloodline, which made Purgatory Candle Dragon beast tremble and fear from in the depth of one’s soul, and seemed to face what I fear most.

Seeing the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast stopped, Starry Sky old dragon snered and said: “This is your lowly dragon pet?”

Su Ping’s eyes widened suddenly, blooming with blood light, and he let out a deafening roar: “Go! Go forward!! Why do you fear it, one day, I will let you be this between Heaven and Earth, The strongest dragon!!”

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